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    Day8 progress: Absolutely chuffed, bar a few seized bolts on the old turbo and exhaust that I needed a hand getting off it's all my own work and it's now ready to go to Andy Forest for mapping! Over the moon it's all running ok. It's been a busy weeks work. Picture below of it stripped out last week and the end result!
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    Just a few pictures of japfest silverstone 2017
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    First Impreza I've owned and absolutely love it has a few mods what were already on only had it a few days and already got loads planned! Taking it up to Andy Forrest in the coming weeks hopefully to get a map on it should be running just over 300bhp I hope!
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    Went away for the weekend with the Mrs only 150 mile round trip but having the "rev limiter" (mrs in the scoob) managed the whole trip on about a 3rd of a tank 😎. My antique sat nav did find a really bumpy short cut which the meister r zeta-r coilovers coped with really well ...... however I almost stuck the scoob in a ditch [emoji15] But that was the Mrs fault as she had a low cut top on which was far too distracting [emoji23] Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk
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    did'nt take to many pics of this stage of the build but, made a fair bit of progress instead ;) cleaned the cams and cam caps , plastigauged the clearances on the bearing caps (which were fine) coated them in fresh oil/lubed the bearings with graphogen paste and fitted them with the cam lobes at base circle (lobes not pushing on the valves) .Set the cams in postion acording to the manual fitted the rear cambelt covers ,cam pulleys,all the new rollers and new hydrolic tensioner all that was left to do at this stage was fit the kevlar timing belt ,untill i Could free up a long weekend to fit the engine,because i dont have the suitable auxilairies,pipes,fuel lines water pipes ect ... due to the v1 long engine componets not being compatable with my v3 scoob .So i'll have to strip and clean them off my car and fit them to the forged long engine before i fit it into my scooby ;) chucked the inlet on top and poked the 550's and caps on top to see the finished look (again lol) excuse the !Removed! pink dipstick it was on the long engine when i got it ...:o honest as for the dog its always under my feet
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    Headlight restoration, courtesy of my first try of my meguairs DA polisher drill attachment and megs plast-rx restorer. Not sure if the pics do it justice.... Before After Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Update: went for a set of Prodrive GT1's- vibration completely gone! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I agree if some idiot is caught I want to be a keyboard warrior and belittle him without him even knowing ;)
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    Finally got round to booking my car if for a new map , on 2nd June with Martyn Jeffries at engine tuner [emoji16] , will probably be the hottest day of the year knowing my luck lol , got 4 new tires today too , went for Uniroyal rain sports they get awesome reviews and have are great value , getting them fitted tomorrow will put some pics up tomorrow in my build thread they have a sexy tread pattern on them. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Yeah I'm keeping it offline for now, have handed it over to the police to decide what they what to do with it. Thank you again everyone, you've helped keep me level headed about this. all this was from a local garage in the tailgate area of Crawley, I'm not naming and shaming just yet as that could make me liable under some law somewhere, and could be taken to court over it. Going by what I've heard or read about with similar situations around the country... and yes, all these cameras and sat navs use gps, so if anything did need calibrating it would be the satellite tracking me 🤣
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    I always use a two bucket method as if your car is relatively dirty you end up rubbing dirty grit all over your car and end result can leave new scratches and marks that can be avoided Autoglym stuff is good from my experience had a 2.5l body shampoo bottle and a 1l super resin polish from them that's lasted nearly three years which should last me to the end of this year Having a plenty of microfibre cloths is useful, I use separate ones for each step My break down of a full works wash, polish and wax is: Hose car down 2-3 bottle caps of body shampoo with hot water in two bucket method wash from top to bottom, do wheels last with wheel cleaner from front to back Hose car down again Clay bar the whole body using soapy water or detailer spray to keep the areas being worked on wet Hose down car once more Dry car off with microfiber towels and shammy leather Work super resin polish into the bodywork and allow it time to haze up being careful not to get it on headlights or plastic trim, badges etc as it tends to be a pain to remove it if you get it on these parts Buff off with clean microfibre towels Apply meguiars ultimate wax allowing 10 minutes for it to haze up and dry or in your case the autoglym extra glass protection doing two panels at a time so once you buff off the first of two panels, apply wax to another panel then buff off the second one and so on so you always have a panel hazing up while you are buffing another one. Once all the main graft is done next I use the glass cleaner round all the windows inner and outer Use wheel protector and back to black tyre dressing to get them nice and shiny Use back to black bumper shine on the plastic trims Lastly if it needs it I hoover all the footwells and mats and use an interior seat shampoo and dash cleaner to get all the inside clean and that's it I'll only do the clay bar, polish and wash every 2-3 months as it's a lot of work and takes me about 3 hours start to finish then just periodically just use the body shampoo and detailer spray
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    Great turn out for the track walk at thruxton for billy monger who lost his legs in the horrific crash at donny raising another £7499 towards the cause #billywhizz #forzabilly
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    I know they aren't exactly engine bits, but had to have em 🙈
  15. 3 likes Absolutely fantastic weather, good turn out Enjoy
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    This is the sellers picture it's filthy now
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    Hey everyone. I picked up a 2004 Legacy estate a couple of months ago. Only the 2.0i as I'm not too bothered about thrashing it around and getting better mpg with my 2 dogs in the boot is more important for me. That said, am loving driving it and can see why folks do go for the bigger turbo engines ;-) My ma had an old H-reg 2.5 Legacy years ago while I was at uni and I got to drive it when back at holidays. Always enjoyed driving that and getting my own newer one has reminded me why. I reckon I'm pretty sold on Subarus now. The one mod I've done so far is to get the boot windows tinted for privacy and to help keep my woofers cooler.
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    Got a reply from Andy Forest to go get my car mapped by him after I do my big parts fitment day in late may
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    And after a lot of graft it's done 😜🚗
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    So it's arrived, and then there were 3 hahaha
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    Having fun with my new dashcam and found it hard to contain myself after spending the evening watching the grand national in town then headed for my car by the river to go home and had this female driver entertain me for a few minutes with her husband getting very embarrassed
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    @Rps The xenomorph from the alien films. It adds an extra 30bhp 😁 lol.
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    Hey! Just bought myself a nice Scooby! WRX, 300bhp, stage2 with lots of mods! Just thought i'd meet fellow Suabru owners/get ideas! Only things iv done to her so far is side lights..healthcheck..mudflap stickers.. small things make big difference ;)
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    Oooh UPS man turned up today with my alloys! 😬😊
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    $119 dollars in the US, so i expect we'll be gang raped and it will be £500
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    Have you removed the battery and washer bottle from one side and the air box from the other ? Little trick is to lessen off one side of the engine mounts and put a Jack underneath then raise it slightly till the block tilts and you get a bit better access, change plug remove Jack tighten mount and repeat on the other side Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
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    Haven't got a clue, I'll give it a week before the law have had him and his cat for not declaring mods 😂 Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
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    Put the vid up in YouTube and link it here
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    I just keep getting moaned at about when I'll be getting the parts out the house and out the way what's not realised is all the old parts will be coming back till I sell some of them
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    Might work out cheaper to just buy some stickers for the scoob. I got 13hp just from my forum window sticker.
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    Wasn't clinic again was it? [emoji23] [emoji23] [emoji23] Just a joke peeps [emoji8]
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    Day3 progress from yesterday, fitted the uprated fuel injectors and 3port boost solenoid then sorted out the wiring loom on the inlet manifold. Afternoons job was getting the exhaust headers, up-pipe, down pipe and turbo off - every single bolt was seized and needed heat to get off which was a pain but no broken studs or threads which I was relieved for. Got the ported wrapped headers and decat up-pipe on then swapped the turbo out for the new better vf35 and got the decat down pipe on. Finished the night by fitting the Cobra Race exhaust.
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    Started a big part of my performance mod project today and made a good bit of progress... started with the fuel pump first as wanted to know the new one was running fine before stripping out the engine bay which all went smoothly then progressed to dismantle and remove any big parts restricting access then began dismantling pipes and cables and labelled them up as I've been going along so I know what they are all for when it comes to rebuilding. Drained out the coolant and removed the rad and front bumper then dismantled the timing belt assembly and water pump and stopped at tea time as want a new thermostat o-ring so going to just get a full new thermostat tomorrow morning. Also debating removing the aircon rad and piping too as I don't use it much and the rad looks tired and has the reminisce of a bird imprinted on it
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    To add to this for anyone who has a membership. Halfords currently have 20% off all Autoglym products, I haven't tried yet but the 15% coupon should be applied after.
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    If we're going the whole hog just get an h6 and shoehorn the f**er in 😂 Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
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    Hi all, I have a Hawkeye WRX 2.5 that I've owned for about 18mths. Pretty much standard apart from a 3" S/S decat exhaust from turbo back, Pipercross panel filter, Forge DV and intake resonator delete. Interior toys include a Clarion double DIN touchscreen headunit + reversing camera, Juice door speakers, Juice 12" sub, single pillar pod with boost gauge and some detailing. I'm currently in the process of refurbishing some 2004 OEM WRX alloys to replace the knckered OEM ones I have. On the lookout for someone nearby that can do a remap to sort out a few niggles with overboosting due to the decat.
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    Clinic also have a reputation of charging over the odds and creating work that doesn't need doing. Regardless of if you've had dealings or not. We could use the same arguement that tidgy has had no dealings with duncan. It shouldn't be used to make anyone's point no longer credible.
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    Think you miss read tidgy, kershaw says £1000 for turbo back. £600 for ecutek map. Punctuation would've helped lol
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    Maybe worth getting in touch with them, I'm sure they can give you a replacement
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    Tbh, if you read enough, all makes of coilover are rubbish unless you pay 2 grand, it's the same ole thing, people say bc are great, people say they are rubbish, same with tein, and tbh, same with toyo tyres, induction kits, blow off valves etc etc etc..... @Tidgy, pedders emailed me, they've just finished the wagon specific kit, just not up on their site yet
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    Yes well into the 5 figures unfortunately lol. Well worth it though. Yeah I have the best of both worlds, always wanted a hawk but wasn't a fan of the 2.5.
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    Thread revival time...... First bit of footage from the WRX - have to see if the mount needs tightening up by the look of it ;) Nearly a year in now and still haven't lost that boost-induced grin
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    Ok got some more bits towards the build Williams racing headers harvey uppipe kelford valve spring set:- KVS1847-BT VALVE SPRING & TI RETAINER SET Manufacturer Kelford Cams SUBARU EJ20/25 2000 - Current. Ovate wire, PACALOY Beehive valve spring set with Titanium retainers. Nano-peen and gold nitride surface finishing treatments for superior endurance. High frequency, increased seat pressure, low open pressure. Designed specifically for the Subaru flat four. 100lb seat pressure at 35.50mm installed height. Coil bind is at 23.00mm. 12.00mm maximum lift. A pioneer avh-x8700bt Some bits from icp:-
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    Welcome aboard mate Id keep the civic past to yourself mate lol
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    My god, we might get a turn out 'up north' [emoji54] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Well after a great weekend having a car weekend and mini meet, I got some pics of the fozzy. showed up an St and overall still loving and learning the sf's abilities. Loving the hill stop aswell!!!! What an awesome gizmo! 😀 Here are a few pics
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    Hi Guys, So we have been having a chat about getting some show plates made up. These will be real number plates just printed with the SOC logo and info. Its a good way to advertise the club and keep you reg out of photos when at events. Using real plates will make them water proof and last, you can also drill them to be fitted the same way you fit your current plates. We have 2 sizes UK Standard and 12x7 for people who want the JDM sized plate. Cost will be £20 a set so you get front and back plates. I can bring these to an event or arrange postage for the cost of shipping. It takes about 2 weeks from ordering to get these out to people. This should give everyone an idea what they look like. Thanks Alex
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    Received mine in a few days, spot on
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    I have been quiet but busy since my last post; Treated her to new wheels & tyres, the sti style wing, front winglet spats, new plates and a new buddy inside. Next plans are to tinker with the camber and ride height and a few small cosmetics (front splitter, fog light covers & front wing canards) then start moving onto performance parts.