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    Setting off in an hour to Andy Forrest it's the big day at last! :D Little pray that the car makes the 3.5 hour drive there safe and sound and the mapping goes well. Will report back later and we will let you guys know if we can meet up at all on the way back if your free.
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    A few snaps taken up in the hills... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Bummer [emoji107] Here's a few snaps to make you feel better....great to meet you all [emoji106] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Few more pics from the scooby city stand 😁
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    Interesting tid bit from Andy Forrest today in a email about the fuel pump issue I was having with the stutter: "If the car has been tuned to match a low performing fuel pump, then a high flow pump is fitted, it is likely that the car will run too rich at high rpm/load and could misfire as a result."
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    Mrs is draging me shopping soon [emoji57] She doesn't know it's gonna cost her a copy of this for the ps4 though [emoji39]
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    Gave it a good coat of wax before going to knockhill tomorrow, can't be seen to be letting the side down lol 😅😅
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    This [emoji6] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Soz for late reply been a busy weekend. Unfortunately where I live it's a shared parking area, you don't get your own particular space so would be unable to build a car port otherwise I absolutely would. I ended up giving her much needed wash and wax and decided I'll try cover out for a bit. Looks much better cleaned up. Very happy with the cover, fits really well!! Only wing mirrors look odd but that's because mine are folded in. It is a right pain messing about with taking off and putting on though, it's easy but still more faffing than I want to just head out in it. We'll see. Need to keep checking it isn't getting moisture in too.
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    Slide the new mechless radio in quickly before meeting up with a few of the lads @david1972 @Fastboy67 @Hudson At the Angel of the North. Good few hours chatting and got some photos (!Removed! bus! Haha) Nice to meet you lads! Shame the weather wasn't a little bit weather but it is a bank holiday after all. My favourite photo is of all the wings! Snagged a few cheeky photos of David as well on the way out in the mirror too haha. Just wish they were zoomed in a bit more.
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    @Rps The xenomorph from the alien films. It adds an extra 30bhp 😁 lol.
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    You do have to pay a licence fee to use ecutek but it is probably the most tried n tested way of remapping bug's and blobeyes oe ecus . So although i use a mapper thats good with all marques of cars (not just scoobies ) he knows and owns what software is needed to map each type of ecu's . Maybe try getting a quote off a mapper who already has experience with ecutek and scoobs .
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    Half way through the film he gets ringland failure....
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    A lot of money to ask for a car being sold as spares and repairs. To aid your chances at getting a sale I would suggest you write a reasonable advert covering why it's spares or repairs and also list why it still warrants £3000
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    Cheers mate. Will post some soon.👍
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    Got my car back on the road, new discs and pads all round, new threads in the o/s/f caliper, and mishimoto rad fitted 😁 Sent from my HTC One M9 using Tapatalk
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    Today i mostly be at cars on the green with my local club
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    Very nice unusual colour like it a lot. Par for the course wanting to do so much stuff these cars are soooo addictive.
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    I don't think Halfords can do much for the poor maths unfortunately, lol Still being resolved at the moment but glad you got a result when you visited there.
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    Hi n welcome . Is the suspension stock or has it been lowered/upgraded ? By "good tyres" do you mean just the amount of tread or that they're quality sticky ones ? Tyre pressures correct ? Otherwise Maybe take it for a 4 wheel alignment check
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    Not strictly production but looks like it's gonna set a quick time, the car that ran in last weeks n24 was putting in a strong performance before it retired Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
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    so couple things done this weekend,getting it ready for scoobyfest which i won a pair free entry ticket and some killer wax in a competition thanks to flitspeed for that .so i fitted the side skirt extensions and rear quarter extensions from htautos,then i debaged the rear,i left the wrx on think it looks ok and will be easyer to clean.
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    Yeah exactly the problem I have most days noise =speed apparently? They'd be stunned if they saw wide open throttle. The other car didn't stop. Two people turned up and said he always drives fast. I told them to mind there own! Insurance said they are certain it's non fault on my part. Even had car hire company's ring and offer me cars saying I don't pay anything because it's not my fault.
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    If you request that they use the Executive Discount Code on their printout sheet at the till then the discount can still be used. Will get back with more information once Halfords have sorted this glitch.
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    Removed some forestry products! 8 runs to the dump in total...
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    Not sure if it's just cuz I'm really old, good area, or I'm plain lucky. My insurance isn't due for a while but I thought I'd get a quote just to keep up to date, I've heard a lot about it going up quite drastically. Driving an unmodified '14 sti, £100 voluntary and £195 compulsory... Screenshot of my emailed quotes.
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    Booked in for an oil change and to get my wheel bearing replaced... Can't wait to get rid of the whining noise! (not my wife unfortunately....)
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    Buy a v1sti ... .. No airbags or abs , made just for men with big nads [emoji6]
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    Hi all, Have looked into this situation earlier and it seems like Halfords have changed their barcodes. As far as we can tell, the card is still valid and there is now another code that they have to scan from their sheet but otherwise it should all work as before. Will get back to you all with more information later Cheers Trevor (Admin)
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    We're fine, thanks mate. Heading home later this afternoon. Feels quite subdued walking round here this morning. Life still going on though [emoji106] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I would swap my gf for one of them Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
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    Had to get up super early today to get here and it's raining which I think will be better for making power [emoji4] Managed to get this fitted in the car park before the rain started just waiting for them to open now [emoji16] Hopefully this should be a good day Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Made a lower grille this morning and got lots left over to make 3 or 4 more at least if anyone's else wants one making as didn't fancy paying so much money for one of them zunsport grilles, think they are way overpriced for what they are.
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    Looks good mate With regards to the opening post Always remember do whatever you like to your car looks wise fu ck what every1 else says is right or wrong lol Get some more pics up 😊
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    450 miles later and I'm home! It's been a long day 15hours! Was great to meet a few of you and put cars to faces. Was in a blue suby sandwich at the Angel of The North. Love the pics we all just need a set of coilovers now Group buy anyone?
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    Had a mate pop round and run me through the datalogit ,still plenty more research to be done before im happy to start "tweeking " . Have found that I'm definitely maxing the oe green maf  as I'm getting the same 5115v peak reading on the maf voltage @1 bar as i am @ 1.45 bar. Its still fueling fine as the afr is on point  The tomei maf plug is already in situ ,as i spliced that into the loom last year , so the bigger z32 maf will just plug in when I'm ready  . Got to get a bit of maintenance out the way first  when i did the 6 speed conversion ,although i decided to use the 6 speed clutch,flywheel and starter motor i retained the 5 speed clutch slave cylinder. ....... which promptly spat it dummy out after 5k mls  Luckily enough i have a spare 5 speed slave and a 6 speed slave cylinder that come with the 6 speed box. I opted to fit the y speed slave cylinder as it looked slightly bigger and was newer [emoji41] . All has been good with the clutch since but i noticed that the bigger bodied 6 speed slave had caused the clutch fluid feed pipe to rub on the heater matrix hose . I searched the net for months trying to find replacement samco heater matrix hoses separately but most tuners/shops only sell full kits [emoji57] Finally found merlin motorsport who kindly contacted samco and had them make 2 for just over £60 delivered. I know i probably could've found another brand cheaper but samco have a lifetime warranty and are made in the uk [emoji6] Pic of the area i had put hose repair tape on to stop the rubbing on the bigger clutch slave and the new samco hoses
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    Gladly , but it will cost you a bit more than the few resupply crates you've given me on battlefield [emoji23]
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    I was shocked when I 1st got Dirt rally on how hard it was and that was with a wheel as I originally brought it for project cars which is another great great racing sim and roll on PC2 [emoji41] It certainly is a head banger and it took me months and months to master the rally stages and the different array of fwd rwd awd cars and there characteristics. I agree rally cross is a handful even on a wheel so can only imagine on a controller it's rock hard so good on u and anyone that hasn't got a wheel. Hope you get back into dirt and you have dirt4 on order as I think it's going to be something special [emoji2] [emoji106] Sent from my SM-G901F using Tapatalk
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    Power is still 300hp, but good luck with GTI eating STI. Golf R yes, not GTI ;) Talking about Golf Rs and Ford RSs of the world, you cannot beat STIs drivers car mentality. You can have all the power in the world, yet fail to be drivers car, where you feel, hear everything. When I got my STI, I was amazed on how I can feel every gear change, feel and hear every turbo spool up. Feel every every corner taken. With all the added weight these days, you wouldn't think STI could be so agile around corners. It might be just me, but I do not buy cars for 0-60 times (well, if I had money, I would get GTR, just for that, but after couple of clutch changes, I would probably give up that habbit :D ), I do not buy cars for maximum speed (not in UK roads anyway). I bought STI because of super ecosystem in place to mod, super community (family) and most of all fun to drive factor. While Golf R and ford RS are fun cars to drive, they feel too artificial and in some places to gimmicky, while STI is pure RAW experience. I had VW before, and will never come back to VW again.
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    Ooooo parts stolen from my gt4 project Sent from my HTC One M9 using Tapatalk
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    @Jay762. Thanks pal. @Rps Took your advice. What do you think?
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    Thanks Stants - you were correct - the holes have a nut welded to the inside of the inner wing. (M6) The Tegiwa brake stopper (New Age Subaru Impreza) is now fitted. A few things I noted: The length of the original bolts is too short to use with the bracket. Luckily you get some in the kit - sadly they are the same length as the original (20mm x M6)!! so bought some new flange headed M6 x 25mm bolts The rubber mounts contain a metal insert. The bolts in the bracket fit through the metal insert which is designed to keep the bracket mounting rubber from being crushed. Sadly, the insert will fit through the mounting holes in the bracket so would allow the rubber mount to be squashed. Fitted a 6mm penny washers between the brake stopper bracket and the rubber mount. (top and bottom). This prevented the metal insert from travelling too far and made for a more secure fit The M8 cheese head hex bolt was too long for my car and fouled the wiring harness to the engine. Cut 10mm off the bolt which made for a much better fit. Not sure how much it matters but my car has a small black earth wire under the bottom bracket fixing which connects to the back of the engine. After fitting, I made sure that there was still earth continuity between the earth wire and the engine/chassis.. First impression? I can tell the difference - the brake pedal feel is better - the braking performance remains the same. Worthwhile? I think so.
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    Slap a flat head screw driver in there if you're desperate. Those pins don't usually stay there long with a bit of force [emoji8]
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    Vtec kicked in yo,,,,, hahahaha
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    Yay I win whats the prize I been painting today as this right hand rear window panels black paint had worn away and you could see the silvery metal underneath it in places. Been meaning to do it for ages and got it done today since it's my day off and it was lovely outside, serviced and rebuilt my brothers bike out in the sun in between coats too.
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    Bringing back a dead thread 😂 But there's really no excuse for this bag of !Removed! Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk