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    Btcc at brands on Sunday... gotta love a meet at the racing 😊😊
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    Just received my owner club stickers thought I'd share a pic :) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Went to the Grill on Federal St here in Auckland last night with friends and this nice pair of Italian artistry were parked outside...
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    Taken her camping for one last hurrah before the stripping begins next week Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
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    Been really busy working and working on the car put new arches in all done and painted and wax oiled. Put one of my sparco seats in love the red
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    This is what my engine looks like now
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    Did the first detail of the year 😎
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    Been busy again today fitting the remaining silicone pipes and fitted a shiny new mishimoto ally radiator too
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    strip't brembos at weekend and gave them a new coat paint,fitted new seals this morning,will get them on car at weekend
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    I was advised to look at a cosworth panel filter which I did and got.
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    Under seat subs? Might be good for the ladies :) ... checked for stains? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Wheel gaps are like fannies. .... The more fingers you get in em the worse they are [emoji23]
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    I've just recently purchased a Levorg (love it) and recently got a front on picture of it parked next to my friends WRX STi. Both are '16 models.
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    So it's arrived, and then there were 3 hahaha
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    Cars come along way in 2 years not with out its set backs glade to so say after a bad year for me last year in a number of ways the cars back on track and if i do say so looking amazing now 😊here a few pictures for the car as it was and how it sits now still got some great stuff to come not finished with the car by a long way the cars seen a number of upgrades since you guys last see it now has a 10.1" screen now installed in the car a 32" light bar new 19" wheels lowered on tein coilovers cars been wrapped and the cars soon to be back on the rollers so hopefully this time i can see some more power i will update with engine mods and pictures soon but for now here's the car 😊
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    I know a couple of Polish, what are you looking for them to do though? Prices do vary.
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    Fitted the rear vinyls. 😊 Went from this... To this...
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    Fitted new header tank and a few more hoses
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    Fitted the larger sti intercooler on that I spent some time cleaning up yesterday, half a mishimoto hose kit (ran out of time) and re-fitted my resprayed hella horns then drove down to squires cafe jap meet along with my friend with his very clean Honda Accord TypeR dc5
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    Hi All Have been away from Subaru for about 5 years last being p1 and had a new 2003 STI prodrive so a late midlife something so the wife says Pick this up on Saturday can't wait .
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    My opinion but nothing looks better than a clean original engine bay: Being fussy i need to get the toothpick out on the intercooler but ill leave that until i really have nothing to do with my time lol.
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    I have started cleaning under the bonnet, here is what it looked like before I started. now it looks like this but got more parts to put on it yet.
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    A productive first day of my 'man-time' week off work.... ...the wife is away on a hen do today, so I took the chance to fit my new horns and swap the wheels over to my summers.. Before and after pics
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    After moving back to the Scotland from the US I grabbed a sub 1k Bugeye Wagon, unfortunately it needed too much work at its inspections in December to justify the running costs; I cover around 80 miles a day in commute. But I was Subaru Smitten and the basic reasoning behind the bugeye purchase still held true. Somewhat reluctantly I traded my Bugeye in against a year old Impreza at my local Subaru dealer, with 7k on the clock by and elderly local it seemed perfect. The XV or Levorg outshine it but I'd hoped with a little creativity I could personalise and elevate the humble Impreza; so heres the mods to date and a round up of plans for future. As I picked the Xpreza up from the dealer; optional OEM cross bars, rubber front mates, bumper protector and full lined rubber boot and seat backs and OEM fold out neoprene mat First thing I have done is upgrade as many as the lights to LED. Functionality and utility are my motivations and the stock lamps were useless. Next up it was time to get the racks on and wind fairing mounted Now for some Rally Armour Mudguards And my Subaru Adventure Team Decals! Then onto Plasti-dipping the front grill bars which I removed before doing I've added some little pieces of additional utility along the way including the coin tray where the fuse flap is and this arm rest inner tray Todays modification; yellow foglight film In the works roughly grouped and in order of attack; - LED's in place of front Amber turn signals to clean up front cluster, - LED reverse light to increase visibility. - 'Dog' guard to stop gear from going through cabin and to make a platform when seats folded for camping. This particular one is head rest fitting, custom made and uses taught paracord in place of mesh which fits with the theme. - Paranoid Fabrications 1'' top hat spacers - Upgraded Anti Roll Bar/ Sway bar (20mm) with new end links and bushings from whiteline - Full Armrest / console rebuild with; - Sliding top cupholders, rear cupholders and sliding armrest - Larger all season AT tires. - OEM underbody protection. - Rally Innovations Light / Nudge Bar -CNC race tow hook install - Hood Damper Shock Kit - Hella horn upgrade with bracket In the meantime however i'm kitting out for a summer of touring and camping, after hyper light bike packing and hiking I'm indulging in some car accessories like a larger camp mat that fits the boot etc so that takes precedent right now. If you've made it this far here's the Xpreza in its natural environment
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    Managed 355 miles before I filled it up... new personal best!
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    Had a break from building my engine today. Been to a friends and helped build his engine instead, :)
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    Went away for the weekend with the Mrs only 150 mile round trip but having the "rev limiter" (mrs in the scoob) managed the whole trip on about a 3rd of a tank 😎. My antique sat nav did find a really bumpy short cut which the meister r zeta-r coilovers coped with really well ...... however I almost stuck the scoob in a ditch [emoji15] But that was the Mrs fault as she had a low cut top on which was far too distracting [emoji23] Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk
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    Budget and driving style will have a part to play . The 2.5 has more torque and low down grunt but isn't as "revvy " as a 2ltr . I forged my 2ltr v1 sti cdb myself for under £1.8 k including beer tokens for a machine shop 😉 Rough guide to what I did on a low budget ..... Machine shop work ...Skim all surfaces, 0.5mm over bore, valves re cut ,crank ultrasoniclly cleaned, and all components chucked through his "hot wash" Standard ported v1 sti heads with new oe stem seals and relapped valves . Mahle pistons, Brian crower sport compact rods ,rcm uprated oil pump , cossie h.g's , arp headstuds and big end bolts , acl bearings , kevlar timing with full belt kit , full oe /group n gasket kit and new block bolts . I bought a second hand aps sr40 (u.s stock location gt28) for £200 and had most of the supporting mods already (fmic ,550'cc nismo injectors ect ) Once run in it made enough power to turn my 5 speed into a 4 speed (on a tdo5 16g) . Now runs the sr40 @ 359.9 hp coupled to a 6 speed conversion. I run apexi fc ecu and avcr (sub £500) second hand which is no where near syvec's capability but at a 1/4 of the cost it works well enough for me 😉 Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk
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    So been lookin at a pedders easy fit kit, do they they do a kit for my wagon, it seems that fitting v groove directional tyres will highlight any suspension or geometry problems you have going on, and my car was feeling randomly flaky before I changed the tyres on a side note, the wife did say to me last night, why is everything you do a rigmarole, but she pronounced it ... marigamarole lol
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    Or to confuse you it could be out of a mk3 ford capri [emoji3] Sent from my LG-D855 using Tapatalk
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    I think it's due to the positive pressure in the fmic pipework and core pushing back at the turbo when you let off the gas. You could fit a weaker spring to the bov so it releases boost to a lower pressure or fit a recirc valve instead of vta [emoji6] Me personally, I like the flutter and have a stronger spring in my old school bailey's to make it do it all the more [emoji108]
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    Gave the Scuubie a thorough wash + clay + wax the other day. Shiny! Pity it doesn't last with all the pollen currently flying around..
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    Yeah you get a lot more induction and spool noise from a cone filter or induction kit . most only fit them over 300hp on classics as most fmic kit pipework gets in the way ,although newage sti's can produce 400hp + with a panel filter ,tmic and air box . Imo (once mapped in) the Only real downside to fitting a cone filter is it will draw in hot air from under the bonnet ,rather than colder denser air from outside the bay (like the standard air box does). You can help this buy buying a induction kit with a heat shield ,making up a cold air feed or position the filter closer to the hole in the inner wing that the oe box uses to draw air 😉
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    Front mount intercooler fitted now time to do some mapping Sent from my GT-I8190 using Tapatalk
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    Fitted my dashcam... front and rear cameras!
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    Fitted matt black sti side badges. Hella Horns. Valve caps. Then made her all shiny. 😊
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    Gave him a wash with it bein nice today [emoji41] Sent from my LG-D855 using Tapatalk
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    I believe it'll make a significant difference. In effect, wouldn't the front and back wheels be trying to rotate at differing speeds?
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    Washed my car yesterday after wiring in a new dashcam then my gf bought me the best easter egg ever... scooby dooby doo!
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    Seen as @Rps is dragging me to some car show tomorrow i thought i best clean up the car: Washed n waxed the body work Gelled the tyres Quick wipe around the engine bay Interior cleaned Properly cleaned the windows and applied rainX (love the stuff) Refitted the Mudflaps Painted the radiators brackets as they was looking worn (pic shows a bolt missing but its back in, thought i would mention incase anyone loses sleep over it ) Ran out of light to do any more stuff lol _____________ I have now decided though i am going to get wheels refurbished as i can see specks of gold where the black paint as chipped away. A massive fan of black on black cars but kind of temped to go back to gold.
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    Got email from lorry company insurance, to go ahead with repairs. Only took nearly three months for a simple decision! Now to get it booked in.
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    Made most of day off and sunshine. Started the process of sealing new paint. Only managed bonnet and front wing though.
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    Glad me got that cleared up Sent from my HTC One M9 using Tapatalk
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    J D M - "Import" Model Codes Type/Version/HP • 1992 - 1995 GC8A48D.....WRX 4 door / 238 GC8A47D ... WRX Type RA 4 door / 238 GC8B48D ... WRX 4 door / 248 GF8B25D =. WRX 5 door / 218 GC8B47D ....WRX Type RA 4 door / 258 GC8B47D =. WRX Type RA STi V1 4 door / 272 GF8B58D = .WRX 5 door / 218 GF8B58D =. WRX Type RA 5 door / 248 GF8B58D =. WRX STi V1 5 door / 258 GC8C48D = WRX 4 door / 238 • 1995 - 1997 GC8C47D =.WRX STi V1 4 door / 258 GC8C47D = WRX Type RA STi V1 4 door /272 GF8C58D =. WRX 5 door / 218 GC8C4ED =.WRX STi V2 555 4 door /272 GC8C4DD =.WRX Type RA STi V2 / 272 GC8C4DD =.WRX Type RA STi V2 V-Limited / 272 GF8C58D = .WRX STi V2 5 door / 258 GF8C58D = .WRX STi V2 555 5 door / 258 GF8C58P = .WRX 5 door AT / 220 GC8D2DD =.WRX Type R STi 2 door / 278 GC8D48D =,WRX 4 door / 258 GC8D47D . .WRX Type RA 4 door /278 • 1997 - 1998 GC8D4ED = WRX STi V3 4 door / 278 GC8D4ED = WRX STi V3 Type V-Limited 4 door / 278 GC8D4DD = WRX Type RA STi V3 / 278 GF8D58D = WRX 5 door / 238 GF8D5ED = WRX STi V3 5 door / 278 GF8D5ED = WRX STi V3 V-Limited 5 door /278 GF8D58P = WRX 5 door AT / 238 • 1998 - 1999 GC8E2DD = WRX Type R STi V4 2 door /278 GC8E2DD = WRX Type R STi V4 V-Limited 2 door / 278 GC8E2SD = WRX Type R STi Type 22B / 278 GC8E27D = WRX Type RA V-Limited 2 door /278 GC8E48D = WRX 4 door / 248 GC8E47D = WRX Type RA 4 door /278 GC8E4ED = WRX STi V4 4 door /278 GC8E4DD = WRX Type RA STi V4 4 door /278 GC8E4DD = WRX Type RA STi V4 4 door V-Limited / 278 GF8E58D = WRX 5 door / 248 GF8E5ED = WRX STi V4 5 door /278 GF8E58P = WRX 5 door AT /240 GC8F2DD = WRX Type R STi V5 2 door /278 GC8F2DD = WRX Type R STi V5 V-Limited 2 door /278 GC8F27D = WRX Type RA V-Limited 2 door /278 GC8F48D = WRX 4 door /248 • 1999 - 2000 GC8F47D = WRX Type RA 4 door /278 GC8F4ED = WRX Type STi V4 4 door /278 GC8F4DD = WRX Type RA STi V5 4 door /278 GC8F4DD = WRX Type RA STi V5 4 door V-Limited / 278 GF8F58D = WRX 5 door / 248 GC8G2FD = WRX Type R STi V6 Limited / 278 GC8G48D = WRX Type RA 4 door / 278 GC8G47D = WRX Type RA Limited 4 door / 278 GC8G4DD = WRX Type RA STi6 4 door / 278 • WRX Type RA Race Altered is a lighter weight Impreza generally they come without underseal, radio-cassette, electric windows & sound deadening materials in the cabin. The RA comes with a closed deck block, shorter gearing & rally flap style roof vent. • Applied VIN Chassis Codes GF4. = 2.2L Impreza Wagon GD2. = 2.0L Impreza WRX saloon GC5. = 1.8L Impreza saloon GC8. = 2.0L Impreza saloon (Classic) GF8. = 2.0L Impreza Wagon (Classic) GDA. = 2.0L Impreza WRX saloon (New Age) GGA. = 2.0L Impreza WRX Wagon (New Age) GDB. = 2.0L Impreza WRX STi saloon (New Age) GGB. = 2.0L Impreza WRX STi wagon (New Age) GFC. = 2.2L Impreza Wagon GME. = 2.5L Impreza Coupe GD7. = 2.5L Impreza WRX STi saloon GDF. = 2.5L Impreza WRX STi GM6. = 2.5L Impreza Coupe • Applied Model Codes (Body) GC = Impreza saloon ,,(Classic) GF = Impreza Wagon ,.(Classic) GM....Impreza Coupe ..(Classic) GD = Impreza saloon...(New Age) GG = Impreza Wagon,,(New Age) • UK Applied Model Codes (Classic) GC8EK8D = Turbo 4 door GC8EKFJ = ,Sport 4 door GF8EKFJ = . Sport 5 door GC8EK8D = Catalunya GC8FK8D = Turbo 4 door GF8FK8D = Turbo 5 door GC8GK8D = RB5 GC8HK8D = Turbo 4 door GC8HKED = P1 Applied Model Codes (New Age) GDABK8D = WRX GDBBKKH = WRX STi Prodrive GDBCKEH = WRX STi • Applied Engine Codes EJ-12 = 1189cc FF Drive EJ-15 = 1493cc FF EJ-16 = 1597cc AWD EJ-18 = 1820cc AWD EJ-20 = 1994cc AWD EJ-22 = 2212cc AWD EJ-251 =2457cc AWD EJ-257 =2457cc AWD EJ-16 = 1597cc SOHC 16V EJ-16J =1597cc SOHC 16V EJ18S =1820cc SOHC 16V EJ20E =1994cc SOHC 16V EJ20G =1994cc DOHC 16V Turbo - Found in early model JDM WRXs and STIs EJ20K ..1994cc DOHC 16V Turbo - Design change from the EJ20G (96-98) EJ20T =1994cc DOHC 16V Turbo EJ205.. 1994cc DOHC 16v Turbo - non-JDM EJ22E= .2212cc SOHC 16V EJ22T =2212cc SOHC 16V Turbo EJ22K.. 2212cc DOHC 16V Turbo-found in the 22B EJ255 =2457cc DOHC 16V Turbo EJ25T =2457cc DOHC 16V Turbo EJ257.. 2457cc DOHC 16V Turbo - new age STi What your Subaru VIN number actually means. Sample VIN. (UK 2002 WRX) J F 1 G D A K D 3 .2 ..G ..XXXXXX Digit Number: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 .11 ..12-17 1. Region: J = Asia 2. Country: 1 & 2 JF = Japan 3. Manufacturer: 2 & 3 F1 = Subaru 4. Series: G = Impreza 5. Body Style: = Saloon 6. Engine Displacement: A = 2.0L 7. Model: K = WRX 8. Restraint Type 9. Check Digit: 10. Year: 2 = 2002 11. Assembly Plant/Transmission Type: G = AWD MT5 12 -17 = 6 Digit Prodution Serial Number • VIN plate location.
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    Well all back together and I now have the floor made up but not screwed down as of yet just thought I would have a little test fit and a teaser of the layout of everything.
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    Pull the thumb off your head and be the alpha you were intended to be! Failing that flowers and a nice meal helps lol
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    car cleaned,new spoiler fitted,car is starting to take shape now,couple more styling mods to go then will start on the handling
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    @Chrisg1989 looks like you've made your mark on it , nice work [emoji106] As for me I'm off for a long weekend with the family . was quite surprised how easily my classic boot swollowed up the cases and had no complaints from the 3 teenagers in the back seats [emoji41] Will admit 14 miles and the first slip lane into the journey. ... sudden loss of power , engine stalled [emoji15] Mrs said my face looked like "someone had sucked the jam outta my doughnut "[emoji22] [emoji51] Turns out the Extra load , 5 th gear pull and 1.68 bar of boost was too much and I popped a boost hose off [emoji23] 5 mins with a spanner and we were back on the road [emoji6]