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    Bought a copy of Japanese performance magazine. With this and the foreign beggars music video shoot, the old girls had a busy year [emoji41] Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
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    Ordered a sump baffle, gasket, three bond and oil service kit in prep for the old girl doing a brands hatch open pit day.
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    They would be monitoring det on RR, hardly pushed tune enough be over concerned on det . Road run always nice to double check AFR and det and decide on more or less advance etc but most don't do it unless push limits to edge or have concerns that need further testing, have easy local good usable safe road or just have fixed working practice of always doing road test as it a legal ballache having any police or accident issues on public roads when testing/tuning a vehicle so if not needed they won't do it . Best way map is rolling road to start with as can create speeds and load points over and over exactly as need until parameters as want in a safe environment, also can see gains as measured figures which far easier than trying feel it in you pants, AFR's are one thing likely differ a little as intake flow and temps alter in real driving . Every mapper got some skeletons, wouldn't say duncan was the worse and shear volume of mapping he done means he long way from not knowing what he doing ....
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    Roger, I am just in the process of putting my 3.0 on the market, theres an ad on pistonheads just now, but I need to take some pics. its a 2007 3.0R 105k miles meticulously serviced, on new tyres, has a stainless powerflow exhaust. £3299 (ono) - I have a cheap lease hybrid golf heading in my direction....
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    Sorry but it’s just entered my head. If it’s 280hp, then it’s been remapped, 225ish standard. Find out who done it and ask for proof. A bad map can cause problems too.
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    No worries bud. I’m no expert, but I’ve picked things up fast. Also if what Stuart has put above about the mot advisory is true, be very careful. Scoobys do tend to rust at the back end. If it’s been camouflaged, might cost more than the car to get it repaired. One bit of advice, you need to forget what it looks like from the outside. The pic you posted makes it look great and many would buy it on that alone. I’ve done that on cars and then had many problems. Also you should check how often it’s had oil changes. Some people will change it every 2-3k others longer, but (depending how it’s be driven) every 4-5k would be fine. I do mine around that, but I don’t race it every time I get in it lol. Just use you head and not your heart, after all it’s a scooby, so it’s probably been raced around a bit. That’s what they are for lol
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    280hp should be fine on the gearbox, I’m running 285hp and I know of other that are higher. But having said that, my gearbox needed a new tail shaft bearing and the car was only at 250hp when I got it. So just keep you ear on it for any whines. And the two things that stand out there are coilovers, nothing against them but it might indicate racing? And what does it mean by straight through exhaust. How many cars are left? Could be an issue at the next mot unless you have a ‘friendly’ mot tester.
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    Advisory on mot for rear inner sills heavily sealed. Could be masking a problem. Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
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    Just make sure any work that’s been done has proof from a reputable person. You say it’s a wrx, so cosmetically it’s had changes, lowered, scoop etc. All of it’s overpowered and still has the 5 speed gearbox, might wanna Lee your ear on it. They can handle a bit of extra, but not really over 350 hp. Just my pennies worth. Looks nice though
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    Worth asking them to see if they can recover the car on a trailer and bill you a bit extra for it
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    Hi Dave, Just to let you know that the Scooby was sold on Ebay for £2200 to a really nice chap who had travelling from the north of England. Thank you for your helpful advice. Jackie
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    On a high mile legacy of like 160K plus and no record of what exact last timing parts fitted you indeed best doing everything, all idlers, tensioner and water pump, use only japanese sourced parts from same oem as subaru use, for belts we normally use dayco for this type model (and for the forester too) . For the fozzy at under 120K all idlers good idea, tensioner and water pump could be fine BUT need inspecting, both can be checked and is a test procedure for hydraulic preload on the tensioner (carried out to SFSM guidelines) * if parts already none genuine oem then fit new as china bearings and even european are junk compared to japan mainland brands . If do water pumps only buy blueprint, japan aisin or oem genuine subaru . Cheaper pumps bigger risk than old one throwing away as the original pumps are super high quality and last well on standard subaru models. If buying kits/parts yourself then ICP (import car parts) a good bet . likely get some discount buying for 2 cars and stating a SOC member .
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    hi just thought i would introduce myself,joined yesterday and also picked up my scooby yesterday(sunday 19th nov 17) heres a pic....enjoy :)
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    Cheers mate. Just found it a bit odd that K&N was offered and the OEM wasn't under recommends with the kit you know and was wondering why. Think I'll stick to OEM.
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    Hi Steve Yes, at the moment, that will be the best I think. You can use the code CFS for 15% off the Millers CFS, but that won't take any discount off the filter, so I guess it will work out about the same in total. Cheers Tim
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    Nothing i saw made me think they didn’t know what they were doing. Car had id say 8 to 10 dyno run ups and all adjusted accordingly. Nothing outrageous. I appreciate road tuning is a good way to set up a car, but in my circumstances just not viable. Car runs alot smoother than it did pre tweak. My car is a daily driver, not a race car, so for now im happy with what was achieved.
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    @Pixyflash @Demonmack Update guys. I bought it 😊👍
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    There's a few of us going. Should get some good footage.
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    this is the....before when i will wash the car you will get the after Sent from my SM-G610F using Tapatalk
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    My standard 06 fxt had a little tune up... 😀
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    Had the codes removed today by race Dynamix.... and while i was there had a mild map tweak. Happy with the results and would highly recommend. Was all done at Surrey Rolling Road. This is on a standard 2.5xt. Made 250 bhp before even starting.
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    Maxed out speed in the German highway. Nice cars we drive..
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    Only good news about the colder weather imo is the denser air makes it boosting season [emoji16] which means i have gained a bit more boost pressure for free [emoji41] Supposed to be 1.4 bar at 100% throttle Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
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    Thought I'd throw in a couple of pics I had :-) Any other Outback owners out there with experiences/opinions for/against ? Rgds
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    Hi welcome to S.O.C forum :) And as for you're problem probably better asking other sections of the forum really as this is used to to introduce yourselves so many times gets over looked. I'm going to pass the book with this as I'm not to sure myself and I'd recommend ringing a chap up at Sheffield Subaru services for his advice I appreciate not local to you bu hes a top bloke and would maybe be able to advice better than me. 0114 243 0099
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    Had to take the scoob to work today ,as it's booked in for mot . Can't remember the last time i enjoyed "going " to work before [emoji848] but 25miles of b road smiles ftw [emoji16] didn't like parking it in the building site car park though , as its not the flatest bit of ground and i do lack a bit ground clearance [emoji4] She past without any advisories and i was told "its cleaner underneath than most 5 yr old cars " Which aint bad seeing as shes 23 yrs old [emoji41] Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk