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  1. Welcome fellow hatch owner! Looks very nice!
  2. Welcome, Looks lovely!
  3. Welcome! 2 problems in 2 weeks... thats good going!
  4. Welcome, lovely car!
  5. Hi Aubrey, I have a 2010 with a 2.5 engine and when I drive sensibly I get 240/250 miles to a tank (avg. 28 mpg). So it sounds about right to me! - Matt
  6. Welcome!
  7. I'm afraid I'm in the West Midlands so too far to travel otherwise I would of loved to help out here. Hopefully you get a good turnout - try some of the other Jap car forums, skylines/ pulsars/ silvias etc. They may be able to bring a good crowd.
  8. +Picture of it
  9. Hi All, My 2010 WRX-S suffers from a bad squeaky clutch which temporarily goes and is replaced with the clutch sticking down sometimes, meaning I need to use my toe to bring it fully up (it never sticks engaged, just the last bit of travel). From reading various threads online I believe the first and easiest thing for me to try is the clutch pedal 'helper' return spring... however I cannot seem to find one on a UK supplier site anywhere?? US shops stock loads of the things, but apparently not in the UK, P/N: 36037fc010. Does anyone know where to source one from, or have had this issue before and know a fix? Also here is a video I found for changing that spring: Thanks Matt
  10. Ok I found what I was looking for in the BRZ section of the forum 35 combined real world ***This can be deleted if possible***
  11. Y Reg Peugeot 206 HDI 90 - Pokey after a remap (for a first car anyway)
  12. I'm thinking of getting a BRZ later this year, currently have a 2010 WRX-S but I was wondering about the real world fuel economy. I do around 200 miles per week with work and currently average 25 mpg... was hoping the BRZ would be a little better. Any owners care to share avg. and real world mpg? Thanks! - Matt
  13. Welcome! Looks nice, good choice on removing the block stickers & alloy protectors.. Personal preference on these kind of things on suppose!
  14. Welcome, looks mint!