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  1. Prodrive GT1 Colour Code

    Thats the impression I've got after routing around all of the forums and speaking with people... looks like a bit of guess work is needed then
  2. Hi all, wondering if anyone can tell me the colour code for the anthracite Prodrive GT1s that come standard on the WRX-S. Getting all 4 refurbed and want to be sure it's the right colour! Thanks, Matt
  3. Hi all

    Welcome along mate! Look forward to seeing some pics
  4. Drifting with DCCD?

    Thanks, i'll take a look :D I'm not sure on this either, but interested to see what it's capable of as my last 3 cars we're BMWs and I quite enjoyed taking them to open track drift days etc. and would like to see if a scooby is capable of it! I know AWD is a whole different ball game and enjoying in its own right... but if i can have the best of both worlds, happy days!
  5. Drifting with DCCD?

    Looking for anyone with an Impreza/ WRX STI that features a DCCD and tried to drift with the biased to the rear wheels and how well it can actually slide? Also when fully on rear biased fully, what is the power split? In a year or so i want to upgrade to a 2012 - 2017 WRX STI (undecided which) yet I also like the idea of a BRZ for the sideways fun... so wondered if having DCCD is a good best of both worlds? Any thoughts? Opinions?
  6. Wrx wagon

    Welcome along! Mud flaps are a good look so long as you go all around and don't just do front or rear! Planning any power mods other than exhaust?
  7. My 2003 mica red wrx bugeye

    Welcome, sounds like a lot of works been done! look forward to seeing pics!
  8. WRX Clutch Very Low Bite

    @macadder Mine didn't do it all of the time, it was intermittent. Sometimes it would squeak really bad and not stick.. then other times it would stick on the last bit of travel before the clutch pedal had fully returned to the top (the clutch had fully disengaged bare in mind). I usually had to put my toe under the pedal and pull it that last 1/2 inch to the regular disengaged position. When I took it to ScoobyWorld they adjusted the clutch so that the 1/2 inch of travel was gone and is now more a few mm if that and it hasn't stuck since.
  9. @Phillip1993 Great, thanks a lot mate appreciate the help, I'll take it to a local specialist and then go complain to Kwik Fit once I have some proof that it's leaked completely!
  10. Thanks - I had it re-gassed at Kwik fit for £49 last week... think I can take it back and complain? Surely they have to pressure test the system before refilling?
  11. Key code

    @Dave1975 Hello mate, I spent a bit of time looking into the key fobs on these when trying to code a new one for mine! Try checking this link out: This says if you have the 16 code you can get the 4 digit from your local dealer by showing proof of ownership and the 16 digit code.
  12. Hi All, Last week I saw a puff of 'smoke' or steam come through my vents with a clutchy smell accompanying it with the A/C on. This caused me to pull into the hard shoulder and turn the aircon off and wait a few minutes. All returned to normal and I haven't seen the problem again, however I was scared to turn the A/C on again incase it happened. Anyway.. I finally felt brave enough to hit the A/C button and nothing happened, there was no 'click' of the relay, the engine revs didn't change slightly, absolutely nothing. More importantly the air temp did not change. I checked the aircon pump and it is not engaging when the button is clicked.. it does not spin at all. Any ideas? Could this be related (surely it must be!)? - would this be a relay going or the pump failing? Thanks! Matt
  13. Smoke from vents??

    Ok so now another problems surfaced in the same area... Since the 'smoke'/ condensation whatever it was I hadn't turned the air conditioning back on until today and when I did... nothing happened, there was no 'click' of the relay, the engine revs didn't change slightly, absolutely nothing. More importantly the air temp did not change. If I turn the climate system completely off, then the revs drop and back on they pick up again slightly - so I don't know if the A/C is jammed on, or off! But either way it's not changing between one or the other. Any ideas? Could this be related? Thanks! Matt
  14. Insurance nightmare!

    One day i hope to see £250! haha
  15. Hello scooby lovers

    Welcome! Looks mint!