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  2. Looks like a nice clean v1 wrx you've found , nice choice chap 👍
  3. I've been at home since Tuesday at the start of the uk lockdown ,so had a few (to many) beers at home on Friday celebrating my birthday and didn't do anything scooby till sunday 🙄 Although most of the parts have been through the hotwash, there's no such thing as being too clean prior to assembly. My teenage daughter's like to get involved so I put them to work cleaning parts , while I dried them with a heat gun 😊 I trust Pat's work but I will still dry build the mains with plastigauge, to triple check the crank clearances . I also want to check that the longer throw on the 2.5 crank hasn't caused the piston skirts to contact the grub screws ,that I used to delete the oil squirters 😉 At least with everything clean, dried and prepped , I'm ready to do the dry build , if all goes well , I might even get chance to gap the rings too Keep safe people's 👍
  4. Cheers @Jay762 funny enough this is the other set that I am considering due to the scarcity of the BBS but I am specifically looking for 17” I found this set a few weeks back: can’t find a clear answer on whether these fit over Brembos, have been advised that the do and don’t fit due to the offset/spike pattern. also quite pricey but are very lightweight as you say and also look amazing. Was looking to spend about £800-£900 depending on condition etc. lot of choice out there for that price range but 17” is proving to be an issue! reason for 17” is to get more depth out of the tyre wall for comfort, don’t want to move to coilovers as these would cost the same as a new set of wheels and would prefer wheels to coilovers.
  5. Hi all Can't believe I forgot to join the club after spending a fair amount of time on the forum before I got my own. Based in Bucks, you may see her rolling on the road. Shout if you have already, had it for around 6 months. Feel like it's an odd time to join with all that's going on. Better late than ever, stay safe all! Here she is: Impreza 93 WRX Import
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  7. The US got an eXV (or Crosstrek) in 2013, so I would guess it will be a few years before the PHEV version makes it over here. Europe, as a whole, is not a big market for Subaru so we're well down their priority list for new models, although emission legislation may force their hand. (Similarly, I'm not looking to change, despite also receiving a £2000 voucher the other day.) I've been looking through the stats and the eXV has a fuel tank that is 15 litres smaller, with a boot that is 45 litres down, so it looks like they've had to find space for all the electrical gubbins. Seems a bit of an oversight on the new Global Platform that it wasn't hybrid-ready, especially as Subaru have had a tie-up with Toyota for many years now. Regarding fuel economy, also found that both our cars display an MPG that is around 10% greater than what the pumps suggest. It was 23.8 MPG for the XV (no, really!!!) on the last tank (I'm putting it down to a 7-mile commute, so barely warmed up, plus defrosting time at the moment), whereas the car reckoned on 26-ish.
  8. Hi I'm having troble getting spark to my motor it's s 2008 Subaru legacy wagon push start model no fuse are blowen I've change the battery in the fob it's not the starter motor could it be a relay Sent from my VFD320 using Tapatalk
  9. Did it run ok for long after the conversion ? Have you checked the ECU for codes and done a ECU reset ? Could try cleaning the maf with brake cleaner before buying any parts . When you changed the spark plugs did they all look the same colour , if one plug was wet with fuel or a different colour to the rest ? it might indicate a misfire on that cylinder , as the symptoms sort of sound like that might be the issue
  10. Right so these are not the BBS jobbies but may suit in the short term Rays do some lightweight rims, on facebook now Subaru - Rays Forged GC-010E Prodrive 18” 5x100
  11. Thanks. Progress will probably be slow as it is just when I can afford things or they need changing. And I don't want to mess with it too much yet, everything seems to be working well (done 140k miles) and I like the reliability I am getting. In the advanced technology department so not racing stuff, but should be a very cool year of work. It probably will get light off road use from time to time. Unlikely to be anything that serious, but keeping comfort and flex should help if I do. Just got to get them changed over now.
  12. A great start to a build thread - Yup @Mr B knows a thing or two about the Fozzie model for sure!! A placement at Prodrive, that sounds really interesting, think you made the right decision with the bushes given your motor could still go offroad etc you have retained flexibility and a degree of comfort 👍
  13. I’m getting an indicated 39mpg but checking against the pump records that’s about 35.6mpg. I do use the ACC a lot when on the motorway.
  14. Any uk owners had a roof basket fitted? I really fancy one,partly for the looks,partly because they will add a lot more luggage capacity when we go camping... Any recommendations/pictures of their xv's with them fitted? I'm a bit conflicted between cheaper versions on Amazon that seem to look great and come with roof racks and a thule system that are no doubt fantastic quality but mega expensive!
  15. I'll be keeping the xv for about five years (well,that's the plan) so it would take a phenomenal offer to change that but when I do,it will undoubtedly be for a full electric car so I hope that Subaru brings out a flat 4 electric motor by then 😂 To be honest though,we have sold one of our two cars and are using the xv as our everyday,do everything,workhorse so I'm happy with our mpg to date (36 combined),I'm savings fortune already on servicing,insurance,tax etc. By the way,I absolutely love this car,I can't find anything to dislike.
  16. Agreed, seen it on YouTube. The boot space pretty restricted and not a great deal of battery range. The boot space on the pure petrol XV is not great in my opinion, the hybrid version (UK) it is more or less level with the door sill and from what I see of the PHEV it’s much more restricted. When I’d originally talked to the Subaru dealer about the new chassis design he’d indicated that there would be space for batteries in the floor pan but does not seem to have been correct. i guess any amount of battery to recover energy from breaking etc., is worth having but at what cost? I’ve just received a £2k offer from Subaru UK against the purchase of a new XV. Not likely to go for that right now.
  17. Hi All, Thought it was time I got a thread going for my car, for all the odd little jobs I do that don't warrant seperate posts. Just to generally document what I do as time goes on. So I bought my 2003 Forester in April last year. It is a 2.0 non turbo that cost me under £1500 to buy, and got an MOT just before I bought it. Had a few jobs to do since, and tinkering here and there. I should say I am a uni student studying Off Highway Automotive Engineering, and this is my first car! So not got the greatest budget at the moment, but I plan on looking after this car and hopefully it will last a while. I hope it will get a few nice parts through the next year as I will be on a placement year working at Prodrive!! Further in the future it may even end up with a different heart when funds allow. Work done so far: When bought to exhaust had already got a replaced back section to pass the MOT, but it didn;t take long for the cat section to cause problems. A lot of rust around a guard meant there were a lot of holes in the pipe. So whilst working at a classic car garage last summer (Wren Classics in Shaftesbury) I was able to buy a new cat section and install it one evening after work, using the 4 post lift. Before Then I had a look at the brakes at some point at Uni. Put some new front brake pads in, as well as doing an engine oil and filter change. Could probably do with some new discs in the not too distant future, but waiting till placement year when money should be more available, and probably go for some slightly upgraded road pads at the same time. The most recent fun, and the reason I found this forum was a failure of my lower control arms. Only one went badly enough I could hear it, but both were very dead when I actually looked at them closely. @Mr B was very helpful showing me some that would fit and so I now have second hand alloy Impreza arms in. Got new ball joints and drop links, but should probably have got new bushes as well. So after a little more research I have bought some strongflex polybushes which I plan to install on Monday, making the most of isolation. Only gone for the standard road replacement strength, not stiffer for now. This car is still my daily driver, gets a lot of miles (About 15000 in the last year) so I want it to still retain the comfort, whilst upgrading things a little here and there. Will be my first time changing things like this so any tips for polybushing the car would be appreciated.
  18. As we go into lockdown in the face of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) threat many people are asking what help their insurance provider can give in these incredibly trying times Help from your insurer when it is needed The ABI (Association of British Insurers) is reassuring people that its motor and home insurance members are offering enhanced help and support to all their customers who may be affected by the impact of Coronavirus. The commitments include waiving any requirements to extend cover for key workers who may need to drive to different locations, people who want to help their communities by transporting medicines or groceries to support those affected by Coronavirus and office workers who need to work from home. These follow on from guidance already issued by the Financial Conduct Authority. Motor and home insurers have pledged to: Support those who need to make a claim Support those who are working from home Support those who cannot work from home Support those who use their cars to help communities Support our key workers Here, experts at Adrian Flux, one of the country’s largest independent specialist insurance brokers, answers your Coronavirus insurance questions. I have been told to work from home because of the Coronavirus, will that affect my home insurance policy? If your work is clerical in nature, working from home due to the need to self-isolate or because you have been ordered to do so by your employer because of the Coronavirus outbreak, you should be covered by standard home insurance policies. However, if you need to have visitors in the course of your work you should check with your insurer as there may be restrictions in the cover permitted. Because of my age I am advised to self-isolate for an extended period. Can I pause my car insurance? It is a legal requirement to have valid car insurance unless you register your vehicle as being off the road and apply for a SORN. In this case it may be appropriate for you to consider laid-up motor insurance cover. Even when unused and parked in a garage while you keep safe from the Coronavirus, cars can be damaged by accident or by fire and they can be targeted by thieves and criminals. With laid-up cover they remain protected but the policies are cheaper because, as they are not being driven, there is no third party or liability insurance needed. Adrian Flux laid-up insurance is available at two levels, fire and theft or fire and theft plus accidental damage, so they suit any budget and any need. I have been laid off because of COVID-19. I’m worried I may not be able to meet my insurance instalments. What should I do? One of the benefits of dealing with a specialist broker such as Adrian Flux is that we can be sensible and offer flexibility in times of uncertainty such as these. Adam Hollinger, Customer Service Floor Supervisor at Adrian Flux, explained: “We’ll do our best to arrange individual payment plans given the current climate. “Individual plans will be based on a client’s previous payment history. If the customer has a good payment record we will do whatever we can to help. But advise us in good time that you are having financial difficulties and we will help you get through it.” My car is booked for an MOT, do I still need to get it during the Coronavirus lockdown? Garages undertaking MOT tests have been deemed an “essential service” by the government, which means they’ll stay open despite the lockdown. That means your insurance could be invalidated if your vehicle doesn’t have a valid test certificate. This may change if the government decides to reclassify MOT test centres as “non essential”. If I have to self-isolate and need someone to drive my car to collect groceries or medicine, will they be insured? In these circumstances you should contact your broker and have them added to your policy as a named driver. If the new driver has car insurance that includes driving other cars and they drive yours with your permission they will only get third-party cover. If you are fully comprehensive and want to ensure damage to your own car is covered when someone else uses it, contact your broker to add the other person as a named driver to your policy. I have lost my job because of Coronavirus. What should I do and what are the financial implications on my motor insurance? Adam said: “Get on the phone to your broker and let them know what has happened and they will do their best to help you. “We’re not applying Additional Premiums for mid-term changes to unemployed customers and we won’t be issuing Road Traffic Act notices for unacceptable risks due to unemployment as a result of COVID-19. “We are doing what we can to accommodate this, please get in touch to talk to a member of the customer service team.” Will home insurance cover the cost of a deep clean to my property should it become contaminated by COVID-19? Most standard home insurance policies do not provide cover for the costs of cleaning a property, even deep cleaning in the event of Coronavirus. I have been quarantined and my home may be left unoccupied for more than the 30 day limit on my policy. Will I be covered? Insurers will be pragmatic when considering those who are quarantined and unable to return to their property within the timescales set out in their policy. However, individuals should contact their broker at their earliest convenience, Adam advised. I have volunteered to drive for those who can’t leave their homes because of COVID-19. Will my current insurance be valid? If you are using your own car for voluntary purposes to collect and deliver medicine or groceries to support people affected by COVID-19, your cover will not be affected and you will not need to notify your insurer. I’m stuck abroad in lockdown and concerned my foreign use motor insurance cover will run out. What should I do? The terms and conditions of your foreign use motor insurance policy will differ from person to person so you should get in touch to talk about your individual circumstances as soon as you can. I work for the NHS. What is Adrian Flux doing to help me? Adam said: “With immediate effect Adrian Flux has decided to waive all mid-term admin adjustment fees and insurer admin fees when NHS workers call to make changes to their policies. We think this is the least we can do to help our NHS workers during this extremely difficult time.” Need more help regards the Coronavirus and your insurance? Adrian Flux customer services can be contacted on 0344 381 6502 – lines will be very busy so please be patient. If you have questions about how Coronavirus may affect your insurance leave a comment below or email Customer Services. Last Updated on 25th March 2020 Original Article Source: Written by: Frazer Ansell
  19. Hi. Just to let you know we are still very much open and hopefully its business as usual wherever possible. As from Monday our quotes team will be on hand for any new quotations as per the below :- Monday – Friday 9 am – 6 pm Saturday – 9 am – 4 pm Sunday 10 am -2 pm Currently our service teams opening hours for existing clients are unaffected. Please feel free to visit the following FAQ link for advice around Coronavirus and insurance:- During this uncertain period you may wish to look into laid up insurance so if this is the case please feel free to drop me a line. Stay safe. Regards, Dan.
  20. Hi - you mention the car is stock but cables have needed adjustment.... I would look at the MAF, when was the air filter and plugs replaced. Are all your earth points good, is there a good voltage from teh alternator to the battery? Some straight forward stuff you could look at as well
  21. Depends if you would intend keeping the car, if so I would go for a stainless steel option
  22. Hi folks- any help appreciated: my oem exhaust on an c reg forester all weather has eventually given up the ghost and I’m struggling to find a twin cat original to replace it. Can anyone suggest a source or better still a stainless alternative? thanks
  23. They do sell the phev in the u.s so I'll try and get the's still awd. I think a full electric version might be some way off and will probably be a clean sheet design. I suspect Subaru won't wish to sacrifice awd in any future car though,it's a major usp for the brand but who knows?
  24. I agree although I’ve driven the current hybrid model before it was launched on a test day. Appreciated the extras and the punchier feel to the drive, but no hybrid range, just a “mild” hybrid. I wonder how much heavier a PHEV XV would be and how on earth they’d fit a decent battery without a major impact on boot size. There is no doubt in my mind that the current all wheel drive might at some point have to be sacrificed for an electronic variant to reduce weight and and facilitate electric motors. Controversial I know but maybe provoke a wider discussion?
  25. Hello, I recently bought a 1997 legacy rs that had a single turbo sti motor swapped in and it doesn't go past 4k rpm it's almost like hitting a wall and it won't climb in rpm. Until that rpm it boosts to around 5 or 6 psi and feels normal. Even when going down a steep hill it will not climb but still stutters away as if it's starving of fuel or lack of spark, done spark plugs, coil and apart from fuel pump I don't know what else It could be? Maf? I've tested for boost leaks but seems to be completely fine, idles a little funny but not horrible, won't hesitate when revving out of gear but as soon as there's a load on the engine it won't climb rpm. Any ideas? Set the title to wrx only because it's a wrx sti motor and that's what I'm having trouble with. It's a v4 motor for those wondering Can post video of problem Cheers
  26. I have a 99 Impreza thats completely stock and I've been having some idle issues lately. Had a look under the bonnet earlier with no real idea as to where to look first. The car when cold starts up at about 2500 rpm and warm about 1500 and when idle it goes up and down constantly. I found out that the throttle cable was wound up a bit too much so i lossened it and it went back down to its normal idle for a little while. Then it started again, but this time it idled at 1500 and went up and down. I noticed the throttle anchor wasnt completely touching the metal rod that stops it I dont know if thats the issue? If so then how can i fix that and if it isnt that what could be causing this rough idle? I have been advised to clean the throttlebody but i havent gotten around to that yet,
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