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  3. You will need to get the fault codes read. All dealers, some independent garages will be able to read the codes, as could you with Freessm program, laptop and suitable connecting cable. There is also a way to read the codes directly off the car by connecting connectors but I'm not sure of the process. Then, armed with the code well be better able to determine the problem.
  4. Me too mate, he's maybe out enjoying it haha 🤣, nice hawk btw 👍
  5. Could not stop him posting questions and now i am impatient to know if he bought one, lol.
  6. So, recently bought 2004 Lagacy Outback 2.5 petrol. Cruise switched itself off and static engine management light and flashing cruise light started happening. Doesn't reset on stop and start. Any ideas? It seems this is a very well known issue according to Google quick search. I'm new to the group and searching for similar artciles doesn't seem to work well in this forum (I might be not aware fo the best way to do the searches of course!)
  7. Anyone got experience of fitting and using mud tyres on the faithful XV? Make, Costs (preferebly cheap), experience??
  8. t2wuf

    xv off road?

    Whilst on this subject does anyone have any ideas about mud tyres for XV? perhaps I better start a new topic......
  9. t2wuf

    xv off road?

    good point - some of the devels pit videos look like the ground is well rutted--- I will have to check.
  10. ernieb

    xv off road?

    you need to check this out I'm not so sure the XV ground clearance would be OK at this site?
  11. One for sale I stumbled across
  12. Surge tank kit assembled and mounted, next bit will be electrical string & relays plus fuel pipe Test fit Trimmed, drilled and bolted down I may add a layer of rubber or part of the boot liner, post cut, for pump vibration isolation
  13. TBF I did not replace the seals as there was no leakage just de rusted, cleaned then chased the threads and replaced with stainless steel items to prevent further corrosion
  14. Wotcha and welcome - yes a very different experience to the caymen, feel free to get stuck in all friendly on here
  15. Hi, buying a Cross Sports Forester, and obv need ins, however my ins can't seem to find what to insure it as, anyone have a Foz with Admiral! TIA
  16. Hi all- I've just collected my new BRZ Limited in WRC Blue. Previous scoobies have been an Impreza Catalunya in 1997, and an SVX in 1999, so it's a long time since I've been in the Subaru fold! Already having a lot of fun despite the 4K RPM running in limitation. Much less powerful than my outgoing 2015 Cayman, but feels very agile :) Neil
  17. Def sounds like power steering related, if the fluid level is ok then i would guess the pump may be on the way out.
  18. Not sure what light fitting you have (HID xenon or not) Check this site for aftermarket options and LED upgrades - eg if it is an H7 dipped bulb you could go for a night breaker which will throw out a much brighter beam Another brand I use a lot are MTEC bulbs which are very bright in my high beam - they give the local chelsea tractors arch eye when I remind them they are driving with high beam on 😆
  19. Wotcha and welcome - keep us posted and a camera handy when you do start, feel free to get stuck in, all friendly on here - loads of Fozzy knowledge 👍
  20. both 5w and 10w are acceptable just ensure they are decent oils - JASO API certified etc plus we get discount at OPIE oils so as well as pointing you in right direction you can get some money off
  21. I know a few ex mechanics who chucked down the tools for the same reason. They loved cars became a mechanic and now hate cars lol
  22. I use 10w40 mate but used to used shell helix 5w40 from euro car parts with no issues was like £20 with there online discount lol
  23. Aw yeah if I had read your post properly I’d have seen that 🤣 duh subaru drivers eh hahaha
  24. Opie oils will advise you if you ask. I use Motul 8100 5w-40 Fully Synthetic. Car takes 4.3 liters approx. 2 liter maybe different.
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