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  2. Hello everyone im new here ive had subarus for many years lived in japan for a few years been to gunma and did factory tour.. I have a 2012 legacy diesel and cant for the life of me get a front drive shaft? inner is knocking quite bad but it has clocked 104,000 now. has anyone any ideas where to get one? subaru want £536 ive had two of ebay which were both too short. taa justin
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  4. That indeed looks to be the manual I'm looking for. I'll have to keep an eye out. Thanks for the dealer info too. I might have to swing in to them next time I'm in the area.
  5. Hi Lawdog, I think this is the manual you need, this one sold on eBay a few weeks ago. They come up for sale occasionally: For genuine new Subaru spare parts I've used this garage in Scotland, and they have always been very helpful:
  6. I'd suggest a 2014 (and on) Forester (2014 after the last major facelift/uplift] and petrol. I'm afraid I have no idea what price they go for. Good luck and might I say welcome !!
  7. Almost a year old now this post. Wondering if I can revive the question if anyone has it knows where I can get my hands on a Sumo Service Manual. Just purchased a 1992 Sumo, Japanese inmost to the UK, and while it runs alright it could use a good tuned some TLC as I begin working on it. Any suggestions on manuals and parts supplier would be appreciated.
  8. Hi folks, left a deposit on a cross sports 2 weeks ago, from Quay Vehicles, thanks Russ 👍🏻. Don’t think I will see it until some time in October but it gives me some time to decide on an alarm/immobiliser (maybe remote start?). I’m sure I will be on here with lots of questions 😬 thanks in advance, mark
  9. I'm struggling to find one of these but it may well be the case that the same part is used on UK Legacys and Imprezas of the samer vintage. My JDM part is 28401AJ030. The same part on a UK Impreza is 28401FG030. I've tried unsuccessfully to find the crresponding number on a UK CVT 2.5 Legacy or Outback. Firstly, what does the "AJ" and "FG" characters denote in the part numbers? Secondly, can anyone check the numbers for the UK models or direct me to a reliable online source, and lastly, does anyone have a used part which should fit for sale. All help really appreciated.
  10. Duct tape on rear bumper mileage is actually 71000 not 44000 jap hpi checks out english one mileage?Last mot recorded as km when it’s miles ?
  11. Hi I went down to view the car. Not for me. paint rust issues. possibly filler in the wing. There is some movement on the price nice guy.
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  13. thes things are like the energizer bunny, just keep going haha
  14. FOR SALE....HOPEFULLY!! Silver Subaru legacy estate GU51 ZBG. 1994cc petrol. Used for gardening for many years. Has many features - ropey interior, rusting body parts, 200,690 miles on clock, shabby paint work and will not pass another MOT. Apart from that a nice car. UNFORTUNATELY the engine is still sound and running 'as sweet as a nut'. Can be heard running. would be a crime to scrap it! any takers.
  15. My insurance is due for renewal now, so that's when I asked for an uplift in value, but it was 100% uplift which is why they don't like it I think......It's very difficult to get a value on these things. I've now found a company who will give me a valuation which they say will be recognised by insureres.
  16. When doing my insurance they just asked for the value, I gave a number no problem. It might be that if it is part way through the policy they suspect you may be looking to increase the value then make a claim. I would wait until policy renewal then set the value with a new provider as you want
  17. I would try a mild compound just to see but agree with Tidgy looks like a scuff
  18. Awesome - love a hatch me 😍
  19. Sheffield Subaru Services, on your doorstep
  20. I am reluctantly selling my cherished classic blue and gold 54plate STI with dealer fitted PPP due to family commitments. Owned from 6 months old. Regularly serviced at Roger Clarkes. No expense spared. Bundles of paperwork. Everything on this car is original except K&N air filter and Alpine stereo. Car has been kept off road for a few years. Just been mot'd July 21st. New engine fitted July 2020 so good for at least another 100k 😊Receipts to prove. Car has done a honest 98k. Very good condition. Brand new tyres all round fitted on the original gold 17inch wheels. Still have original subaru stereo. Original STI bucket seats. Fantastic interior. No signs of wear. Tinted rear windows which are sundamaged. I may or may not get replaced. New owner may prefer to leave or remove? I have had many years of fun in this car and it means a lot to me and my family. I want it to go to a new forever home and be enjoyed as much as I have. I am open to offers but do have a figure in mind I need so keep it real.. Especially after spending thousands getting it back on the road for another lucky person to enjoy and experience. I am gauging interest for now. Pictures to follow.
  21. After a low mileage (lower the better) 2.5L Forged lump for my 2007 Wagon WRX. Obviously a fresh build would be nice, but a used, well looked after low mileage lump would suffice! Cheers Nick
  22. 😮 how could you!!!!! ok, prob true,,, hahahaha
  23. Advertised and sold are two different things. When I bought my car the dealer would not budge at first. 2 weeks later he said he already sold it but the guys finance fell through. Well you never sold it. In the end I got him to come down £500 and then he cannot count and I walked away with an extra £100, lol. Paying cash can be really useful
  24. Sorry to hear about HG, good luck. Out of interest is it modded at all?
  25. I have heard that too about you 😉
  26. cjeck out my build thread and you'll see i go all the way haha
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