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  2. BONOSS wheel spacers you choose will depend on the wheels you are using. Use this link to work out what size spacer you need based upon your wheel size and offset
  3. What size would you all recommend that goes great with the BONOSS wheel spacers? I’m a newbie so all the information I can get will be appreciated!
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  5. Gambit

    Japfest 2021

    Once get on a pc I'll also try set up a proper post on here and I'll get it all shared on the Facebook page and group too. Hopefully get a good group going.
  6. Gambit

    Japfest 2021

    @ScoobyBlueClassicOh nice must changed it since I last did it but was about 5 years ago now 😳 I don't mind mate happy to let you sort it if you are. But I can do it if not.
  7. Unfortunately not mate Prodrive seem to be getting less responsive to questions about their prodrive cars 😞
  8. The sf5 Forester's suspension is what I would call(in standard form) 'very much boat like'. Swapping to a kit with stiffer springs would be a good start, like pedders suspension, they do a straight swap standard height kit that's quite good. Then a thicker rear arb fitted from a gc8 impreza would be better because the oem is really quite thin. Oem brakes don't stop very well either.
  9. If you want the geometry correct with a forester that's as low or lower than an impreza, then you'll need to swap the trailing arm brackets to gc8, rear roll bar brackets to gc8, rear gc8 sti pink arm kit, gc8 propshaft bearing housing, gc8 gearbox cradle, gc8 front subframe u bolts with subframe spacers removed, gc8 gear lever assembly, gc8 intercooler undertray, gc8 roll centre kit, plus other odds n sods Iv probably forgotten about. I think Iv got the part number for the whiteline roll bar I got I look for u tomorrow 👍🏻
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  11. Hello all, Newbie here. i run a small engineering workshop on the island of Madeira. We specialise in Land Rovers, Rolls-Royce, Jaguar etc,. But I’m missing my turbos,,l I need to scratch the turbo itch. so I’m hoping to get a Forester s turbo I have found out here.. thanks, mike.
  12. Hello all, I live on Madeira (tiny island in the Atlantic) and the selection of cars we can buy is a bit limited, as you can imagine. i need a 4x4 now to access the land we have bought, my partner has a fabulous little old 2.0 SWB RAV4 which is ideal, but I need something a bit bigger, and, well, something that scratches my performance itch. As much as I love the Landie that we specialise in for off road work, I miss my barnstorming Saab Turbos, and I want a bit of the turbo action again, but it’s got to be a well balanced car and 4x4 ( as good as the Saab’s were, they were very
  13. Thanks, i was hoping so! Mine is lowered too so should hopefully be be able to use the gc8 as you say! just can't seem to find the arms for forester so easily, and the anti roll bar - but i am still searching!
  14. The later impreza gc8 rear subframes fit. You'll just have to make sure to get the forester arms because they are longer than impreza arms because of the suspensions ride height on the forester's being taller. im running everything impreza gc8 on mine because it's so low. I just noticed your on about trailing arms. Impreza trailing arms fit as it's the bracket that's different between the forester & impreza.👍🏻
  15. Involve me pls im well itching 2 get out and about.
  16. Actually just checked the website it’s pretty straight forward. We get a club access code and people can book and pay for club tickets directly using that code, so no risk of non payers etc. Deadline is 16th August and we must have minimum 5 cars otherwise they will bump us to the general display area. Prices are £25 entry ticket per person £12 per person for Friday and Saturday night camping (£10 for the kids over 5, free under) - I won’t be camping I doubt £35 for 20 minutes of track time and another £10 for passengers I’ll be happy to sort out gett
  17. I’m happy to help try and organise this but would just need some guidance as to what to do as never done before. I don’t have Facebook. if we have enough definite interest in doing this I’ll happily pay up front for tickets. If 5 is the minimum I can cover that to start with so we have our stand and we can go from there.
  18. Hi only used Direnza and H&R myself which have been great quality and fit
  19. Look in the tech section there's a how 2 for self checking ECU codes , for classic cars. As Most obd code readers don't work on the subaru odb1 system . If you're just cruising you should get mid 20' to low 30's mpg but when squeezing the loud pedal lot they will drink heavy
  20. Sounds like quite a project but always nice to hear a classic getting some TLC 😎 Not familiar with the postcode ,what county are you in , someone will hopefully know somebody in your area
  21. Some of the sti ej207 have a little bit of piston slap for the first few mins after cold start but that's due to the factory forged pistons. V3 /v4 do sometimes have a bit of piston slap when cold ,due to a different material used but generally run fine . No engine should have knock though and if they do ,its normally a sign of early crank bearing failure
  22. Does anyone have BONOSS wheel spacers? I need some ideas, unless I find a set already done.:thanku: :thanku:
  23. so I still have my 2000 - its currently off road but looking for someone in EN4 area who can sort rear wheel arches ( rust starting to come through ) and also replace the head gasket and renew all the pipework Ideally looking for a long term magician to slowly renovate and upgrade
  24. Hey everyone, I am in the process of running new lines in the rear on my '06 Impreza, but have ran into an issue with the unions. I'm using 3/16 pipe with M10x1mm unions, but for some reason, after I have made the double flare, the unions will not screw onto the brake line or the junction box - well they do, but no more than one thread. If I tighten any further, it just unscrews itself. I have since learned that there is such thing as a short and long shoulder union. I believe the only difference is the thread length - is this true? If this is the case, surely, I would just have mo
  25. Hi there, Parts for sale as pictured below. Not sure of forum rules if i have to post prices, let me know. Thanks, Craig.
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