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  2. Here is some information - the ABS sensor is on the wheel but the speed sensor is on the gearbox, they can be tricky to get out as well because the plastic goes brittle. I wouldn't know if it has impacted the Hi Lo function but it would not surprise me
  3. There is no flap next to the fuel flap release, its all electric, no cables Should be a button on the hatch tail gate itself, in the middle above number plate in between the two number plate lights
  4. Yes hoping its enough to keep the pots fed at 8500 - 8600 rpm - as in theory according to the gearbox ratios I should be doing 200mph
  5. The type ra forums have a vin decoder , might be worth a look on there . Not sure if you have to be a paid member to use it or whether it only decodes just jdm vin/model code numbers though
  6. Loving that reversed inlet😍 nice big plenum in the middle to keep the boost in during gear changes 😎
  7. Daily drive, some times 50 miles. not far that often.
  8. Yesterday
  9. Thanks for the replies. I'm glad my old man didn't decide to sell it off cheap then. I'll get some pics over the next few days. Will try and get her fired up and running. He said the fuel pump has packed up. Will need a set of brakes and a body repair on the boot (corroded on lower part). Definitely worth keeping original.
  10. I have converted my hatches to x2 reverse lights relocating the fog lights to the bumper add in cree led 20w units and it makes reversing a little easier
  11. Apparently, according to certain sites on the line, its not about the length more the girth. So reverse manifold setup - shorter tubing but larger diameter bore. 😁
  12. things to look out for are sagging rear ends from failing sls struts and rear end corrosion . Still can have lot of life at 130K but you need be checking repair history and car thoroughly conclude it sensible buy . 105 to 115K nice range, very low mileage not as desirable as people would think, lot of good auto models around if willing travel a bit and not rush purchase. Main thing is learn the car and get idea of good/bad and car characteristics by viewing several, if you not a mechanic and got no proper knowledge with this model you not going know much from vieing 1 or 2, 5 to 10 and you
  13. dollys are fun...i tend to use the 59bhp on tap all the time πŸ˜€
  14. and common sense has also skipped a generation πŸ˜€ in car styling
  15. Most modern cars tend be this way . partly due to neater styling/symmetry but also partly cost as obviously slightly cheaper . I must say if do a lot of reversing in the dark then 2 reverse lights is a god send vs one . Like I say many time old is gold, lot of practical common sense and durability is lost the more new you go unfortunately .
  16. Thank you all. i have actually already raised a question in the Impreza Club section, in relation to a place where I can decode my vin number in order to check the car’s optionals when she left the factory 25 years ago...
  17. Used to own a 1.850cc dolly with twin su's, fun little car that went well 😎 Had a bit of snow in Suffolk too but not enough for skiddy snow scooby shenanigans 😏. Project is coming along well , keep it up πŸ‘
  18. Always nice to see another v1 , some pics would be nice πŸ˜‰ Ally bonnet and front wishbones were factory fitted on all jdm v1's , the uk /euro spec had steel ones . What sort of info are you after ? The early imprezas are starting to go up fairly quickly atm , due to being eligible for U.S import laws (25yrs old+) . So if you eventually intend on selling it ,keep it as original as possible to retain a higher resale value πŸ˜‰
  19. The black badge would be off a uk euro car , have you tried the likes of import car parts . If subaru still make them ,they can probably order one in
  20. Hi n welcome, any plans for the car or just maintain and enjoy ?
  21. Wotcha and welcome - feel free to share photos, ask questions as all friendly and plenty of experience on here
  22. Gene here. Guest got a 2001 Subaru Forester day after Christmas with 211000 miles. Runs great. So far so go.
  23. Sounds like a win - win, always good to look at new motors.
  24. Hello. I just wish to introduce myself. After a β€˜99 Forester S Turbo I am the new owner of a β€˜96 Impreza GT SW. When I bought it I just realised I had been desiring an Impreza since 1994! Cheers!
  25. Last week
  26. I Drive a 2001 legacy GTB. I seem to be coming up with a code 107 (10 long, 7 short) but I can't find what that code is for? If someone could tell me it would be much appreciated if it's the same as the obd2 codes it would be the map sensor?
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