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  2. bishaldinho92


    It doesn't completely overheat, it gets to what could be called 3 quarters and drops back down, sometimes goes over and drops down,sometimes it's when i drive it hard, then I can drive it hard and it's fine, and it will get hot just cruising , I am seriously gettin fukked off with it ! Had the thermostat replaced and it seems to be slightly better if not the same! It's the first decent expensive car i have owned (always had 500 quid bangers) and it I just want someone to have it and sort it the !Removed! out! The mechanic I use seems to make excuses sayin aslong as it's not hitting the red its ok, and the other garage I use which specialise and tune alot of rally /track cars just say HG straight away!
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  4. Juddian

    Might Be Selling. Which New Car?

    Neither the good lady or myself would want to go back to 2WD, especially with a motor with some poke. The weather we are about to experience is what makes full time 4WD the best thing since Y fronts, slippery wet cold roads at junctions roundabouts bends no problem, these drivetrains just sort it all out for you, no embarrassing wheelspins, no struggling to put down grip, that grip is worth a hell of a lot of bhp when so much of it can't be used because of grip issues. My tuppenceworth is if you must sell find something that drives all the wheels.
  5. mfnick

    Might Be Selling. Which New Car?

    To be honest I’ve been leaning most to the 350Z. It’s Jap for a start, close on power to my scoob (if a lot heavier!) and always liked them. Plus who knows how long I could own a 2 seat car for. Surprised they’re not much to tune up a bit though always assumed they would be since it’s a big N/A 6 cylinder lump. Might have to look into that. Know where there might be some info on that project? Went to see a GT86 today too, got to say very nice car. Think the power might be a issue though. But seen a UE length manifold For it I could get to retain that Subaru burble... which is a MAJOR plus point. Couldn’t test drive it though, going back tomorrow. Will try and get to see a Z too. No local 330’s as yet.
  6. mfnick

    Might Be Selling. Which New Car?

    It’s not even a daily... [emoji23]. Gets used usually once a week, sometimes 2 weeks and that’s usually to keep fluids moving, battery charged and stop anything seizing up lol. Like I say my main issue is it’s a 20+ year old scoob sat outside (admittedly with a cover and £100’s spent on rustproofing) and a lot of my money is in it. It’s just not getting the use it deserves and hasn’t got the garage queen life it needs for its lack of use. Afraid I find most of the VW car group boring as !Removed!. Sorry. Thanks for the input though [emoji6]. I’d be interested in the V7, especially after I’ve seen how much you’ve put into it but thinking of getting something different for time being. Had 2 blobs before the Scoob Type R so may as well see what else is out there.
  7. savage bulldogs

    Might Be Selling. Which New Car?

    Sorry to hear you're thinking of selling, but know what it's like trying to keep a daily mint 😏 Not that any of my input will help you shorten your list but .... After owning my 2011 caddy for a couple of years , I'd probably buy something audi Quattro or vw 4motion 😶 . My v dub bud has a 2014 golf r ,with just a remap and downpipe it's making a responsive 370 hp . But I'd prefer his 480hp 4wd 3.3 ltr v5 turbo mk1 golf any day 🙂 You could always buy my v7sti type uk in the summer next year 😉
  8. Jay762

    Might Be Selling. Which New Car?

    my 2p go for the 350z and tweak it, one of teh mgs has had a long term project and there are gains to be made for not a lot of dosh or the 330i and keep it standard
  9. Long story short. I’ve got a expensive Type R which most of my money is in. But, I haven’t got a garage. It stresses me out, I’m just worrying about it rotting or going wrong from being sat outside in **** weather too much. It’s got a cover over most of the time but that’s not ideal and when I want to use it I sometimes end up not bothering because I can’t be arsed faffing with the cover. I spend more time worrying about it than enjoying it basically. I’m thinking of selling up and buying something else to actually enjoy and not worry about until I can get a house with a garage and then buy another Type R. Maybe even the one I’ve currently got back. Thing is what do I replace it with? Budget maximum £10k, no minimum. I’ve narrowed it down to: Toyobaru GT86/BRZ (high mileage one with my budget) Nissan 350Z BMW 330i coupe Honda Integra DC5 Honda Civic Type R (any gen really it’s not a keeper) 2010+ Megane RS Any other suggestions? Anyone got a BRZ/GT86 who can tell me what to look out for and what they think?
  10. Recently went and got a winter protection detail done. Car looks mega afterwards and paintwork feels like silk. Should help keep winter grime off and repel any salt for the odd time I take it out. Well happy, not bad for a old un :)
  11. mfnick

    underbody sealing help
  12. mfnick

    underbody sealing help

    I’d defo recommend a pro to do it for you. If you can get Krown Rustproofing in Birmingham are brilliant. They basically strip the car, and they get into all the cavities. The stuff they use is like a permanent WD40 which works it’s way into all spaces. Only needs a slight touch up every 3 years and all good. It’s clear too so looks standard still nd doesn’t hide any rust which may be forming without you knowing like some of the others do. If you really want to do it yourself get in touch with them I’m sure they’ll sell you the stuff if you want. I know you can get little spray cans but not sure about enough to do a car
  13. razzascoob


    Turbo inlet pipe available?
  14. mattiekane

    MOT fail on emissions

    Unfortunately not, the joys of living in the middle of nowhere haha Loud pipes save lives
  15. savage bulldogs

    MOT fail on emissions

    Haven't got anyone local that you could swap maf's with to see if it resolves the issue before parting with hard earned?
  16. Hi bud is the spoiler the oe v1sti one , as i can't tell from that pic and if so would you post to suffolk (east Anglia) Cheers clive
  17. savage bulldogs

    a few pics of my project so far

    Been driving the bug sti a lot recently, which is no slouch and a pleasure to drive 😎 But the v1sti will be coming off the road for the salty winter period soon 🙁 as she's looking good with her fresh coat of paint and I'd like to keep her that way 😉. So i decided to fire her up and take it for a spin to blow the cobwebs off before hibernation time . Eldest daughter doesn't often let me go out in the v1sti , without her ,as i think she loves the scoob more than me 🙄 Hit the slip lane and she turns to me grinning "Dad this thing you've created is absolutely savage , compared to bluebaru" 😂 Bug does sound nice with the haywood n scott turbo back and hks d.v but i will miss the rawness of the v1sti and the savage soundtrack of the fluttering gt28 and old skool Bailey's d.v 😊


    Hi, latest navigation appdate here
  19. mattiekane

    MOT fail on emissions

    Yeah I tried that lol Unfortunately (possibly fortunately) the car is pretty standard, just DV and cat back blitz nurspec. £150~ for the maf was the cheapest (definitely)genuine item I found. Found a few denso's for £60ish but couldnt confirm they where genuine Loud pipes save lives
  20. savage bulldogs

    MOT fail on emissions

    If your running a aftermarket "oil'd filter" or induction kit, (like a k&n ) it might have contaminated the element. So you might just get away with cleaning the maf element with some brake cleaner . Hopefully it might solve the issue completely and would be Much cheaper than buying a new maf .Then possibly finding out it makes no difference to your symptoms, cos it's something else at fault 😉
  21. Hi guys and girls, few bits that I've taken off of my car and exchanged for upgraded parts. All in perfect working order, please see descriptions below. Thanks for taking a look and any questions either email me or give me a call. Email: Mob: 07546727158 All parts taken off my Subaru Impreza STI Import (1993 Version1 - 2) Of course most if not all of these parts will fit all versions of the classic GC8 shape. Standard STI Inlet Manifold £40 Front set of uprated grooved discs, nearly brand new and a brand new set of EBC redstuff pads £50 Standard STI 2 pot front Calipers £90 Standard STI v1-v2 Turbo £150 Standard STI oil sump £40 STI Baja Spoiler £55 (the paint does have a few stone chips) Standard full set of boot inserts £65 Front STI suspension set £85
  22. gornal wolf

    new to Scooby doo

    hi. just bought a little 1500 hatchback. tbh it was an emergency buy after blowing up my volvo but I have taken to this little car. and have named him scrappy I find the auto box a bit clunky but havn't yet checked levels will do today. will be doing dings and bodywork next summer hope this Intro's me and scrappy to your club and look forward to checking in here for tips and advice. thanks for reading
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  24. Gavo12

    Annoying boot leak 😡

    Has diff spoiler ive had that resealed in the last week, wheel well has always been dry, checked the arch wells and both had a little water in, lights seem dry, really starting to get to me only real drips i can find are coming from were i 1st described besde the boot hinge arms
  25. Mr B

    underbody sealing help

    Wax type spray, the waxoil does work but you need good aplicator and experience helps. Bilt hamber is good and easier for DIY user the diy aplicators decent As above, this no time of year for it, hot summer the best as stuff creeps right into cracks and seems with capillary action and it sprays far neater/cleaner on bone dry car in hotter temps.
  26. mattiekane

    MOT fail on emissions

    Only just seen this, I've put it into a local garage as time restrictions and a poorly child is preventing me from getting this sorted, everything pointing at the mass air flow sensor been duff now, but gonna wait and see what the garage comes up with Loud pipes save lives
  27. I've got one of those haha issues: I bought a hyperflow TMIC on ebay for 280 which seemed like a decent deal since STi ones go for 250. Problem is it is larger than an STi intercooler. Much much larger. Since I have a WRX I've got to change the intercooler tray (the metal thingie that sits between scoop and TMIC) and the scoop itself because it won't fit the STi TMIC tray. But even this one is small for the hyperflow, about 1 inch smaller in width and half an inch in height. Has anyone ever run across one of them, installed one of them? Apart from just ignoring the difference in size, I don't know what to do (I'm prepared to ask a colleague to design me a custom one in CAD but that will be super pricey). I'll upload some pics soon. Cheers, A.
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