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  2. New Tein lowers springs,spot lights fitted and wired in,rear fog light using led bulb ( it’s a jdm ) and Hayward and Scott back box going on,waiting for new wheels 18 inch rota’s in gold to arrive then to mates garage for a four wheel alignment all on my JDM Hawkeye Wagon ,until then have to use my ppp sti bug,life’s a ****** but off to Iceland tomorrow so hoping new wheels arrive when I come back
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  4.|Model%3AImpreza|Cars+Type%3A1.6|Cars+Year%3A1999&hash=item4694572b1d:g:4QQAAOSwB4BaMCho does this help?
  5. The powerflow franchise may be able to help you out Exhaust Craft in Whitehaven has mixed reviews
  6. Bob Rawle does have a great reputation - shame your investments have not given you a proper return - but I know that feeling
  7. eBay here an example for 1 key sigma 30 type alarm > ** Do check your keyfob matches service you buy ** If you on the sigma alarm be sure you have known working 4 digit pin code to manually control alarm via keypad . ** If you don't have a PIN you can easily reset PIN while have a working remote ** With a working remote or working PIN these alarms easy deal with at low cost, break all the keyfobs and have no working PIN and cost esculate as does hassle/stress . Also realise it easy buy a used good keyfob and put circuit board into your keyfob housing and program it to alram module (as long as have a working PIN or 1 working keyfob) should yours be none repairable .. Be proactive now for the easy fix/solutions and easy life .... too many people ignore alarm issues until it too late ...
  8. could be your MAF - that operates lower in the rev range until the MAP takes over Any error codes??
  9. Never ended up needing anything but spoken to Matty a few times and he is always very helpful...
  10. Hi. Have you got an address to send keys to for repair please? Button stuck in the holder on the circuit board. Spare key works but with occasional sticking.
  11. A slightly belated Wotcha and welcome - as you have seen already plenty of Fozzie experience on here so feel free to set up a build thread and keep a track of your progress 👍
  12. Try Stuart Hammond on facebook, there is a place in Wolverhamtopn that does break scoobs as well but I cannot find their link
  13. Cheers boys :) always been a garage queen and got it for £5500 off a Friend unbelievable price eh, goes in on Thursday for full service and gets timing belt kit done and dccd looked at as its flashing think coil needs soldering but other than that its ready for dryer months :)
  14. Hi Can anyone help me I am new here and I need som help I have just bought a 2003 impreza wrx (cat N ) and I need a new front panel I can't find one anywhere thay do them for a forester.
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  16. Brilliant! It is electric power steering and the battery idea makes sense. As far as I know it's the original battery so it may be tired. I don't seem to have the issue once it's been started and run even if I've not used it all day and come back to it later. I will look into this but it seems a most plausible reason. Thank you. Will post back when I find out more.
  17. Has your XV got electric power steering? (Our 17-reg has, but I don't know about the earlier models as the manual has details for both electric and hydraulic.) If your battery is getting on a bit then it may be struggling to turn the wheels to full-lock just after turning it over. The manual has some bold print about the electric steering shutting down if overloaded, so it may be worth getting your battery (and / or charging system) checked out before looking down the steering column / rack routes. Hope it is as simple as this!
  18. Hey I have recently bought a Subaru Impreza GX Sport Wagon and sometimes when I put it in 4th gear it grinds while driving, I am just wondering if this could be the gear box failing or does the car need more transmission fluid? I always check that my foot is fully on the clutch when changing gear. Any help is much appreciated, Thanks.
  19. Hi everyone I own a 2007 2.5ltr hawkeye and have had some power issues with the car it seems to be between 2500 and 3000rpm in ever gear I get a serious jerking motion with no power but as soon as it reaches 3000rpm it boosts fine (done a smoke test and only leak was through air box clip that is broken) does anyone know what could be wrong any ideas are welcome and appreciated.
  20. Well, had it back since about september. Has not been smooth sailing, had a few problems which should not of been with a well rep builder. 1st up had it overheat about 2 weeks into getting her back, coolant was not returning to the turbo tank. luckily I noticed before damage was done. After investigating I found that the wrong radiator cap had been put back on. (mishimoto rad installed by builder, mishimoto 1.3bar cap on top tank but the header 1.1bar was put on the radiator instead of the 1.37), then found loose clamps on hoses and leaks from coolant system. After that there was a weep from the turbo feed oil hose which quickly turned into a cloud of smoke from the scoop (this was also supplied by them) after trying to nip it up a few times with no luck, i removed to find a home made badly drilled banjo. Have since replaced that and the hose and the leak has gone. But now it seems I am having it randomly fire on 3 cyl and missfires, I think it may be a leaking injector (also supplied and fit) as can smell fuel on passenger side. Oil on the dipstick smells strongly of petrol changed twice in 4k miles. Beginning to wish I had gone elsewhere. Did not make the numbers I expected after buying everything suggested, after first mapping session started to run lean and stall. took it back and made slightly better and no longer stalls but not quite right. could now be running too rich... I have picked up a fmic and will get a short ram induction next and hopefully see better numbers. Made just under 390/430 will try bob rawle mapping next, i think he does it near me.
  21. Thanks. Ok, that is good to know. I am guessing they are probably a bit stronger than the steel arms too? I like saving money, In total was somewhere under £200 for parts. And many hours spent switching bits over and checking them, but I enjoy that so don't mind it. I am planning to do nearly all of the work this car needs myself. Cheaper, good fun and interesting. I have a good collection of decent tools, and happy to buy more as I need. I do plan on making a general build thread for this car sometime very soon, as I plan on keeping it around for a while and inevitably upgrading things sometime. Those links will prove very helpful, thanks.
  22. Good job 👍 Those arms still be in service when you up for retirement ... saved lot of money doing it yourself and using oem used alloy arms . Subarus are actually pretty easy work on so don't be afraid attempt more repairs, just research well and be prepared with good information, parts and tools ... here's a service manual that will aid you a bit ...
  23. Hi I have same model 2007 H6 3 L and like yours at exactly 115K and the Y pipe to rear boxes has finally gone- saw your recommendation of guy in skipton/ keighly- did this work out well for you and is he still around?
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