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  2. Is it definitely not a fault in the harness , have you done a ohm check on just the loom to make sure ? I only say this as Subaru ecu's don't often go wrong ,although the short on the coilpack circuit could've well cause a ecu's issue . Could try Tim @ "JTINOVATIONS" as they have just made me a custom engine loom and might either be able to help or know someone who can .
  3. Hi there, thanks for the reply. It started with misfiring - changed plugs, then leads and finally coils ( which were found to be cracked one side ). new coil started getting very hot one side. Checked signal from ECU which was not getting through one side. Fault codes confrimed misfire. Checked connections from ECU 3 times and decided the unit itself must be at fault.I have purchased a second hand unit but was trying to avoid hassle of recoding.
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  5. Ah thanks @savage bulldogs, it’s the toe that’s the problem, and only on the left side. I’m thinking a possible bent lateral arm, but we will see... ill look into the camber adjustments as well, as this definitely hasn’t been done 😕
  6. I would probably think it would be cheaper to buy a second hand replacement ecu tbh . Do you know what's wrong with the current ecu and have you fixed the issue that caused the fault ?
  7. Hi n welcome to s.o.c . Had a mate that made his bug into a hawk , you wouldn't have known unless you'd been told due to the private plate . As for rear adjustments, the stock set up only has adjustable camber bolts on the front . So most buy elbaich camber bolts to give the rear some adjustment during a alignment after lowering a scoob 😉
  8. Cheers Matt 👍 Had all 3 deliveries turn up today , can't fault advanced automotive, jtinovations or racingline for speedy dispatch and customer service 👍 Sparky stuff ain't my forte but Tim at jtinovations certainly knows his stuff and the 25yr old engine looms replacement looks the dog's danglies 😎
  9. Hi everyone, Thank you for viewing this page. I am looking for someone to take my pride and joy on its next chapter. For anyone interested I am situated in Sittingbourne, Kent. The car currently has 93,387 miles on the clock - maybe a fraction over that now since I have used it a little since recording the mileage. I have part Service History, but the car has been in the family a long time and has been well looked after. That said; it does have a few minor issues as follows: Front off-side window can only be opened and closed with driver side controls. Rear windscreen wiper appears to have stopped working The battery probably needs replacing One of the brake pads needs replacing This one isn't an issue as such, but the car was wrapped quite a few years ago and that is now starting to look a bit old. I am looking for something around £3000.00 but will consider offers near the stated price tag. The reason for my selling of the vehicle is due to the fact that I don't really have the time to maintain it, and rather than leave it sitting dormant I thought it would be a lot of fun for someone else out there. Once again thank you for reading through this, and if anyone wishes to get in touch regarding the car please drop me a line to Bradley
  10. no idea about valve springs im afraid, i know mine had supertech valve kit in it, but not sure on the specifics im afraid.
  11. Welcome to the club buddy, nice motor hope you enjoy it once you get it out the workshop 😎👍
  12. Ah, of course, I don’t have many at the moment as it’s spent most of it’s time in the shop 😕 Im Truro way, just moved up from St Just.
  13. If your emptying it once a week I'd be looking at some of the reasons its filling up that quickly, how many miles are you doing in a week ? Mine used to collect maybe an egg cup or two in a couple hundred miles of driving, emptying it was a pain until I bought the petcock kit and drained it from the bottom. Sent from my SM-G960F using Tapatalk
  14. Hi there, I have a problem with the ECU on my 2006 outback. Two different ECU specialists companies have told me they cannot help with this type of ECU, does anyone know of someone who may be able to help ?
  15. Welcome! Where about a in Cornwall are you? Also a few pics are always encouraged 👍
  16. @Tidgy NASIOC is full of swaps like that. I've found Cosworth cams for 850 and Piper for 750, but I don't think I can justify such a cost ATM. I think I'll lower my expectations, forge the internals, and maybe get stiffer valve springs and rebuild the heads after I get them ported. I think that anything below 500Whp is doable on a smaller budget, but moving over 500Whp/700Hp is becoming a lot more expensive, and right now I'd mostly like to enjoy the car in events. Any advice on valve springs? People seem to prefer 70lb springs. I think the goal would be a Borg Warner EFR 8374, not sure of trim, but I'd like mid to high rpm curve.
  17. Hi all I want to lower my subaru impreza wagon sport on coil overs but I can't find the right ones can someone help me
  18. tbh i;ve never heard of anyone swapping 2.5 cams in over here, not that that means it hasnt been done of course.
  19. Hi New to all this and first Impreza! Has anyone an alloy for an 01-05 wrx sti import with Brembos? Need one for a spare, really don’t like space savers!
  20. Just an introduction as I'll probably be posting for advice on all of the bits of my car that break over the next few months! Picked up a 2002 WRX with a front end conversion to Blob, and various improvements including a TD04 hybrid, pink injectors and an STI intercooler. I'm sure there is more that has been done, but slowly learning which bits are which and I have had some expensive bills already.... Anyway, the plan is to restore the car somewhat to decent condition, it's in for undersealing this week and needs a few paint touch ups here and there as well as a wheel alignment issue where I don't seem to have enough adjustment on the rears to get the wheels straight! If I see anyone about I'll give them a wave! 👋
  21. There is the celica club! Sorry I should of said.. this CCUK is Car Culture UK
  22. I'll be honest, I thought ccuk was Celica club uk Loud pipes save lives
  23. Last week
  24. New dei wrapped custom engine loom should be here this week from jtinovations . Got new thermal inlet manifold spacer "O" rings ,icv and throttle body gasket on their way. I had to use a tighter 90° banjo fitting to clear the clocked coldside of the turbo and although the general opinion is that it won't restrict flow, I decided to buy another "racingline " banjo fitting for other bank rail to insure the flow is the same. So that's on it's way too . I've been running the 565cc nissmo injectors since the engine had been run in (46k ago) so seeing as the rest of the fuel system is being renewed, I've sent the injectors off to Clive attowe tuining to get cleaned / flow matched . Had to admit defeat with the trailing arms and lateral links bushes ,as it's taking far to long to remove the old bushes with the tools I have to hand .So I decided to just get the inlet manifold, injector caps and cusco H brace powdercoated for now and leave the rear end for another time. Dropped the stuff off monday afternoon and it was done by Friday 😎 can't fault "Suffolk stove enamelers" for the job they've done for me , will definitely be using them again 😊 Hopefully I'll grab some new bolts for the inlet manifold and be able to start putting her back together at the weekend 🤞
  25. I have a Mishimoto catch can, the small one, and let me tell you; it's too small! Needs weekly emptying. Go for a larger one if you can afford it. As far as hooking it up, there's a lot of options, I went for the simplest one, which is to connect the head breathers with a T in one of the catch can inlets, the crank breather in the other, and the outlet back to the intake pipe. Delete the PCV as they are prone to problems. Others have told me not to upset the pressure system by using two catch cans, but I've had mine for the past 4000 miles and so far it works fine, apart from some condensation which is annoying.
  26. I believe the stock internals should be OK for about 380Hp. Yes I pulled that number out of thin air. I currently have an EJ205 with a seized piston and banana con-rod that was running 360 but had a bad tune. My WRX is at 340 with a VF34 and a lot of supporting mods, but my tuner did not feel comfortable pushing it higher (running at 1.4Bar). It is all relative, and depends on how much you look after your engine. I'd be more worried about the gearbox TBH.
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