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  2. Forum just quiet Hopefully wheel bearing, try rocking vehicle left to right and see if noise goes away and note direction you rocking it . also after longer drive feel wheel hubs for heat or use a infra red heat gun if got one . If a manual you can dip clutch and see if noises change speed or stat same to road speed . If is wheel bearing not to big a concern but be sure no other surprises and be sure price reflects faults you find. Hope you buy a nice one, best of luck ...
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  4. Wulbert

    Strip Down started

    Impressed with your dedication. That sounds like a hell of a lot of work. Will the manual box mate with the "auto" crankcase housing ? That surprises me, I thought there would be too many different parts to make it feasible. Best of luck.
  5. Pretty quiet forum this, I'd hoped for some advice about buying a Forester. Is my post offensive in some way I've not realised? I test drove a 2010 2.0l XS toady. Seemed generally OK apart from loud thrumming sound at 40mph +. Wheel bearing I thought or could it indicate deeper problems with transmission?
  6. Tidgy

    2007 STI Limited

    So cars done and i picked it up 😄 Managed 330bhp 360ftlb. Pull really strong all the way throught he rev range 😄 Forgot to pick up the graph so shall get that next time im up lol Turbo is maxed and injectors are at 95% so next step in a few motnhs is prob gonna be swap those out and remap to see what it gets too
  7. Are the journals definitely worn and out of tolerance? As it's fairly common to visually see a ring around the cam journals, from the oil staining and sometimes even a slight build up that can be "flattened off" .
  8. savage bulldogs

    2nd Impreza

    Hi n welcome. It does depend on whether you're after new or 2nd hand parts and where abouts you're based . Most tend to use import car parts for oe subaru parts ,gaskets, bushes ect . Alyn at as performance or mark at lateral performance are normally a good shout for aftermarket or uprated parts . If it's second hand stuff you're after, feel free to post a wanted thread in the for sale /wanted section on here .
  9. Lude-Scoob

    Legacy Parts

    Afternoon all, I picked up a Legacy R estate a couple of weeks ago, got a couple of bits needing done drop links and a wheel bearing nothing major. However what im looking for is the best place to find aftermarket parts nothing major she is going to be the family work horse but will be well looked after. Aim is induction kit, exhaust, window tint and a nice set of wheels. I landed lucky and obtained an induction kit locally brand new so will get that fitted over the weekend some time. Likely wont look to lower the motor so I can still use as intended with the dogs and wee man. Any advise would be appreciated.
  10. Hi Guys and girls I'm new to this forum and thrilled to be here. I could use some help and I know your the people to ask! I'm trying to get hold of an uprated intercooler Y pipe, over the last few days I've been reconditioning my intercooler. Along with this I noticed that the plastic factory pipe is quite restrictive when compared with the factory STI Y Pipe. My car is a 1997 V3 Uk impreza turbo wagon. Some mods nothing too crazy. Will update engine bay pic after slotting my freshly painted and straightened intercooler back in. Any help re finding a STI Y pipe would be much appreciated Thanks
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  12. 2 things that can be done. 1, Line hone the journals (assuming conditions/tolerances allow for it) . 2, machine journals to take bearing shells (good but expensive) You need a good machine shop and they hard to find, we have many local but still take parts 160 mile round trip for proper decent machine work .
  13. Can't offer any advice I'm afraid but curious as to who is doing your build?
  14. Good Afternoon 😊 Needing some advice from the forum if anyone wants to chip in? In the process of having a comprehensive (forged plus new turbo) rebuild carried out on an EJ255 engine from an 06 Forester STI It has come to light that the camshaft journals & cams have some scoring evident - the highly experienced guy doing the build says they are knackered & can't be redone. I've sourced a second hand set of heads but these too have scoring to the journals (not as bad as the original heads) and don't necessarily want to use them after having spent a small fortune to get to this stage with the block being almost done & the new turbo already purchased. I've found these heads on ebay, which are marketed as "refurbished" & ship from the UAE in 3-4 days. I've asked the vendor if the cams/journals are unmarked and am awaiting a reply from them. The question is - Do I have any other options/solutions available ? (other than buying brand new heads/cams/valves etc. etc.) The cash I had put aside for the project has been rapidly diminished and I'm pretty scunnered tbh I'm aware that the heads should have been one of the first things looked at before starting the rebuild, but it wasn't Any advice most gratefully received
  15. murfey

    Fourth Scooby

    Good Afternoon All I've had previously 2 x GB270 wagons (loved 'em 😅) and a Forester XT that was mapped & tweeked back in 2004 Currently an owner of an 06 Forester STI that's in the process of having its EJ255 pulled to bits for a rebuild/new turbo/remap (not thru choice 😶) 100k on the car when the turbo died, thought it would be straightforward hahaha! Needing some advice regarding scored cam journals on the EJ255 heads, so i'll post in the relevant section. Cheers
  16. Ian Powis

    CVT Transmission Oil

    Has anyone any experience of changing the CVT Transmission Oil (Outback 2.0D 2013)? Mine would have been one of the first diesel CVTs I think and the service book says the oil doesn't need changing unless the car is subject to ‘Severe Driving Conditions’ . I do about 3-4,000 miles a year towing a caravan so asked Subaru whether this would qualify as severe driving conditions and they said yes and that the CVT transmission oil should be changed every 2 years/24k. It takes about 13 litres and the service book says must be Subaru oil and doesn't even give a specification. My local dealer says that they have never done one and that the oil is only supplied in 20 litre containers at a cost of about £250 and I'd have to buy a whole container because they wouldn't want the balance siting in their inventory. Just wondered whether anyone else had had it done and whether the same conditions applied. Ian Powis

    2nd Impreza

    Hi all new to the forum I am now on my second Wrx. Loved my bugeye now enjoying a bit of Blobeye action. Can anyone point me to where I can find spares looking for a couple of bits. Cheers Ross
  18. Brack

    New Forester owner

    Cheers mate 🙂
  19. Apologies for just seeking info, I hope to be able to contribute here in time. I once had a 2006, 2.0 , XE manual for a few months which I loved. Only problem was I bought the car after being told it would tow 2 tonnes and then found it could only tow 1.5T. It is the 2009 (Mk 3) onwards which had that 2T capacity. I didn't want a diesel (wife objects) and I'd somehow mistakenly thought that all Mk3's were diesel only. Just discovered that you can get 2009 onwards petrol engined, manual cars that will tow 2 tonnes, so I'm back in the game! I've been eyeing up a 2010 plate 2.0l XS, petrol, manual at a dealer's up north and thinking of placing a deposit on it. Price seems a lot at £7,800 for a 90k, 9 year old car which has full SH up to 68k but nothing thereafter. Dealer has promised to do 90k service & replace timing belt. Does that price seem OK? My question is, is there still a lot of value/life left in a 90k Forester? I like to keep my cars for 8-10 years. Given the underbody rust on my last one I'm not sure this prospective car has that much life in it? I'd like to be able to up to tow 2 tonnes as my work requires towing a range of trailers. The Foresters low-ratio box appeals, especially when reversing with a trailer on muddy tracks/grass. I'll attach a pic of the previous one, which I loved. I think the older one has better looks, new one is a bit of a mish-mash but perhaps a more useful beast? I'm also hoping to get the 3-4 extra MPG from the 2010 model over the 2006. There was a suggestion of a noise a bit like knobbly tyre on tarmac when I test drove the one I'm looking at. Haven't had time to follow it up. Could it be a wheel bearing or worse; G'box issue? I'm getting another test drive tomorrow and hope to evaluate more thoroughly. Any comments, "watch out for"s , advice, hints, tips much appreciated. Thanks, Wulbert.
  20. Jay762


    Wotcha and welcome - yes those things pull off too easily - had one go missing off my impreza a few years back
  21. Jay762

    New Forester owner

    Wotcha and welcome - Nice to see Fozzies in their natural habitat 😁
  22. Jay762

    Hello world! Future owner here!

    Wotcha and welcome - looking good!!
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