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  2. Morning, all, new to Subaru ownership but not owner's fora. Took ownership of an ex-demo Forester Diesel 66 plate with 9k miles on a few months ago, now has an extra 4.5k miles, economy on the up, was 38.1mpg when I got it, now creeping up to 41.7mpg. That's the good news on consumption, but the oil is dropping slowly, not dramatically, but noticeable over my mileage. There's a very visible cloud of smoke after driving in traffic around the Edinburgh area in the lower gears at low revs & accelerating onto less congested roads & changing up through the gears.It then clears completely on the open road & it doesn't seem to make any difference if it's cold or up to normal operating temp. Is this a common and/or well known aspect of Subaru diesels, or have I got a duff one, any suggestions welcomed. My previous daily drive was a well used Yeti 2.0 TDi with the 170 bhp motor & oil consumption was negligible between services, usually every 16 to 18k miles & that had 73k miles on when I sold it. Cheers for any ideas.
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  4. Does anyone know of a workaround to get more out of the Starlink? like satnav or just better apps than those that come with. I’m seeing that some Subaru’s have apple play through starlink. Is this possible on on my 2017 wrx sti?
  5. Remapping ECU

    So I’ve been watching a lot of these YouTube clips with the WRX sti going head to head with Golf R, Honda R and of course the evo x and it’s lagging in bhp compared to them all. And then I read about how the stock ecu is pretty conservative but with a remap you can get the horses up from 305 to 350 ish. Thoughts on that?
  6. What did you do to your XV today???

    Like the self portrait also in the rear bumper. Or maybe it's the car's spirit caught by chance. Good tyres too for this time if year 👍
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  8. What did you do to your XV today???

    Fitted my new mud flaps. Very easy to fit and look Good.
  9. Hi all. I just bought a 2002 impreza gx the other day and it seems that I can't find parts for it on the internet. Only for WRX. Can someone help me? Thx in advance
  10. 2006 xenon headlight removal

    Job done! Got the headlight out, there was silicone all over the ballast electrical connection so it has been a problem before. I took the headlight assembly apart to wipe away all the moisture and put it back together with sealant the best i could. Time will tell if it is moisture tight! Only disaster was i broke/snapped my led sidelight bulb in the headlight seperation process, another one on order from autobulbs direct! £8 plus postage i didnt want to spend.
  11. Subaru extended warranty.

    Yeah but the 3 year bumper to bumper has a 60k cap hence me looking at extending it. Norrie.
  12. New Member

    Hello I picked up my WRX STi Final Edition today in blue and I'm over the moon with it. I had a 2015 WRX STi before getting this one. I also currently have a MK3 Focus RS and MK3 Focus ST. I'm on a few car forums and attend meets where I can. Hopefully I'll be able to attend some Subaru meets in the future. Thanks
  13. a few pics of my project so far

    Cheers chap ,Soon as spring is here i'm hoping to get stuck in with the bug build ,cos atm the bug looks mint but sounds like a diesel and the v1 goes well but needs a bit of tlc on the outside [emoji849]
  14. a few pics of my project so far

    Couple of lovely machines you have there 😍
  15. a few pics of my project so far

    Promise I won't spam my classic project thread with newage pics , hey i might even start a new project thread to show the bug some love . For now here's a couple of pics of the v7 wrx sti type uk I've bought off a mate , it's a clean example but unfortunately the previous owner had hidden a mild crank rumble [emoji53] So soon as the weather gets better I'm gonna rebuild the engine and save the 77k bug sti from being broken [emoji41] Just means the v1 sti's parallel fuel rail conversion and respray is going on the back burner ,again [emoji850]
  16. What have you done to your Subaru today ?

    Dry day .... time to play ..... although the v1 sti doesn't look happy theres a bug in its place
  17. New owner of a near new 2016 OUTBACK 2.0D PREMIUM. I like cars with a bit of longevity in them and fingers crossed this will be right up there with my previous 2 Volvo estates. Needless to say it's the first car I've driven with so many buttons and bells that half the time I don't know whether I'm coming or going. This is not helped by a dyslexic issue I have and a handbook(s) the size of the bible! But of more immediate concern is whether I'm activating the alarm correctly. On the key fob I'm closing the car with a single press of the LOCK button for which I get a single flash of the indicators. The dealer tells me this is correct. I need a little reassurance. I get no little chirp to advise in addition to the indicator flash and I can't see (if there is one) a little flashing alarm diode in the car. Also, I understand that U.K. models are double locked - and I'm not hearing a reassuring clunk! I'm hoping I'm worrying needlessly as it's a long time since I bought a car of comparable age/quality (18 years) and things move on.
  18. What have you done to your Subaru today ?

    Oil and oil filter changed, fresh air filter and fresh set of plugs, fuel filter to-do tomorrow and then have a look at timing belt and water pump, once service items are all done I'll have a look are getting rid of these knocks and tracking done Loud pipes save lives
  19. What have you done to your Subaru today ?

    Gave her a full polish and wax yesterday going to fit my coilovers and diff inserts today 😬 , check my project thread for updates 🤘🏼
  20. 330s project stealth

    Now today I’m going to fit my coilovers and the rear diff inserts going to get rid of this hideous arch gap 🙈
  21. 330s project stealth

    Gave the car a good old polish and wax yesterday very impressed with my new McGuire’s wax
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