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  2. Tried out a set of 17” OEM wheels and didn’t make any difference on ride over 18” So I think I will stick to 18”. Have just under £800 set aside for a set of wheels now Any advice welcome on what would be a good option to fit over Brembos, no arch modification or spacers but fills the arches as much as possible. Must be 5x100, happy with most colours, don’t need to be super light or anything as I’m not a track goer, used/new/oem/aftermarket I’m not bothered but not ideally looking for anything needing a refurb, tyres would be a bonus but not essential. Any advice welcome cheers.
  3. You”ll need to start bringing your car cover so you can get on with your work 😂🤣😂
  4. Thanks savage your a great help man ✊
  5. Think its 12mm 10mm socket to get intercooler off then its either a 17 or 19mm spanner i used to get pcv off hope that helps
  6. The hardest part will be getting the old hoses off mate you will be fine, Just a few sockets and a spanner man. If ye get stuck ye can pm me and ill facetime u or something but you will be fine
  7. Over in the states they have a lot more companies that offer sub £1k turbo options and it annoys me that they seem to have a heavy "scooby turbo tax " over here . Hence why I gave the arashi a try 😉 The arashi comes with numerous strength springs and I'd fitted a 1.2 bar one that was too strong (possibly with too much pre tension) . So had to rush fit a 0.6 bar spring on the dyno , unfortunately I fitted this (in a hurry) and without enough pre tension . Meaning that we couldn't set the boost any higher than just under 1.3 bar . So in short ,nothing wrong with the turbo or actuator, just me not fitting the spring correctly 🤐🙄😂 I'm going to fit a 0.8 bar spring , slightly over standard but not too strong, to allow the boost solenoid to control it eaiser 😉
  8. When fitting a aftermarket silicone intake it can cause a bit of "hunting " on idle on a newage . Not definitely but can ,so thought I'd mention it . I had some viper hoses on my old 3ltr omega engined vectra b and was happy with the quality. Otherwise give Alyn @asperformance a bell , he will advise you on the best option ,tell you if it will cause hunting and supply stuff cheaper than most .
  9. First 250 miles done and I'm enjoying the commute to work 😎 Although it does keep distracting me whilst I'm working on the scaffolding 😊 still seem to have a coolant pressure issue though ,as its started weaping elsewhere now 🙄 . Only thing I can put it down to is the high flow stat I fitted 🤔 After looking at pictures of the "high flow stat " and comparing it to a standard stat , It actually looks like it might actually restrict flow . So I've bought a oe stat to replace it , hopefully that will resolve the either restriction or increase in flow 🤞
  10. Daryl

    PCV valve

    Got the valve mate, eventually! What tools am I gonna need to do this just wanna make sure I've got everything in before I get started, bit nervous about !Removed! something up but I suppose ya wont learn if ya dont try
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  12. Really struggling to find A silicone turbo inlet hose any one heard of the viper hoses? If i cant get a good used one might try one but there £160
  13. I'm thinking to buy an e-Boxer Forester. The car comes with a flat tyre filler system and on a YouTube videos I discovered that it's possible drive only 5km(!!) on a tyre that has been filled after a flat. Is this correct?
  14. Feedback from the trip, it was amazing. Both the car and the tires performed so good in snow and rain. Especially rain, when going through Germany it was raining and there was only few cars going through with 100m/h, don’t swagger just the fact. Then snow. Very good in fresh snow, no problems at all. The problem was, when the snow lay is up to and above the reg plate is building up as you go through and that’s making it difficult for the engine. But then I discovered the real use of the dual range. OMG. As we were traveling with a friend and he got CRV when the snow build up at the front of his car and stopped it, he would revers and go forward through the pile but I would just plough, so much torque. There was a little problem with the black snow where a proper winter tyre would be a better suit but this worked fine. So far I’ve done 30k miles with the tires and overall they are excellent, very happy.
  15. Hi just bought a 94 wrx the speedo goes to 112 (not 180 like others if seen) and reads correct in mph . But the milage reads in km . How do I change this
  16. Last week
  17. Alright everyone? I’ve just bought myself a new motor. It’s a 95 wrx import - lovely! ...It came with these seats, has anyone seen them before? I don’t think they’re original to the car, but they are quality.
  18. I don’t know where it was filmed but this is pukka, nice upload 👍🏻
  19. I have a gen 5 touch screen sat nav from a car im breaking i also have the set of 3 map cds
  20. Hi , new member here , this is my third impreza , the last being a bugeye , this one has only done 65k and I love it.
  21. Hi ive only got the o/s door mirror left its heated,power folding,and all works. In dark met grey the wheels are silver thanks
  22. I agree Turbos are not cheap for these cars at all I guess you could call it capitalism lol With the arashi turbo that you tried what was wrong with the actuator? Some of the Kinugawa Turbos have an option to choose from for instance depending upon the bar. 0.3bar, 0.5bar, 0.8bar, 1.0bar, 1.2bar, 1.5 bar etc they will fit the waste gate actuator to your spec, What do you think is best? I knew of people running 400BHP but they have disappeared or else I'd be asking them lol
  23. Hello everyone, I recently bought a 2010 hatch wrx and am considering getting it mapped. I am a little worried after I heard the factory tune runs lean and don't wanna get any trouble because of it. Hence I want to get the car tuned. (Obviously the extra power isn't exactly a downside either haha) Who do you recommend going to? I live down south in Dorset but I don't mind travelling a bit. I've read good stuff about scoobyclinic on this forum... Are they the goto people for tuning Subarus? Thank you in advance!
  24. We love the peaks and the lakes although initially we will be looking to do some very local sites. We aren't new to caravanning,we towed with a Freelander td4 and a Saab 93 ttid but the characteristics of the petrol xv are obviously different and it's been four years since we had the last caravan so I'm no doubt rusty. Very much looking forwards to getting away in it and hoping we have bought ahead of the curve. Hopefully you will be getting out to your family lodge at the same time too.
  25. I'm looking for a brand new proportioning valve that sits between the ABS pump and the rear drum brakes on my 07 Forester 2.0L 158hp (UK). I know it may be available somewhere in the USA.
  26. It’s always interesting to see these tests being carried out and even better to see how well the XV performs. Thanks.
  27. Euro NCAP has just updated the XV to include the eXV models. Video below... I used to test seatbelts for an OEM many years ago, when pre-tensioners were just becoming the norm, so I'm interested in how things have progressed over the years.
  28. As above rear window/roof spoiler for classic wrx
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