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  2. Hi thanks for the reply, at present she is completely standard, it’s only done 31k so looking to break her in still.... but panel filter, exhaust and remap was pretty much what I was thinking too, will post pics of her on Monday when I’m back home
  3. Apart from remove the torque converter and replace it with flywheel, is there any problem with the sensors?
  4. I got a BH5 manual with blow turbo engine, can I take the engine off an auto turbo and put it in it instead?
  5. Thanks for that, using that pin-out you’ve pictured and ea64’s guide I’ve managed to work through them and sort which pin is what. New head unit installed and working perfectly. Cheers again for your help on this
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  7. I dont know much about coilovers whats the advantage of these ones if you dont mind my asking?
  8. Yeah Te2800 think imprezaabuser was trying to help you there 🤣🤦
  9. Hi mate hope your enjoying your new subaru. Has it been modified at all yet? A remap and a panel filter is a great start with these cars, maybe a cat back if budget allows, all up to you really and what your willing to spend. Plenty knowledge on here though so ask away and let us see your car we love subarus here 🤣
  10. The pcv valves are cheap for my car they are a little over a tenner from ICP probably the same for you. Ive been looking up pcv failure symptoms and it sounds to me that could be your issue. I am NOT a mechanic though so pinch of salt and all that. Good luck mate I have a bit of vibration at idle aswell I thought it could be my crank pulley giving up on life but I too have found oil seapage around the pcv valve on the breather hoses. So im just going to replace mine and the the hose set and see its ancient on mine anyway. Taking it off and cleaning it is also an option though
  11. Hi Does anyone have the above vehicle? Gold auto leather turbo 2000 cc
  12. Another newbie here, just wanted to say hi.... I previously owned a 95 STI import, followed by a 52 plate bug eye, and just purchased a 2013 WRX STI, so I’m looking forward to lots of advice on upgrades etc.
  13. i detached the hose between the pcv and the inlet, and saw some minor oil grease both in the valve, and in both ends of the hose.. could the car be burning oil through this, if the pcv is going bad? I havent noticed anything in terms of performance yet though. The car had been running for almost an hour when i filmed this, and the temperature were above 0 degrees celcius. And i suppose the noise could sound a bit like a diesel engine in the video, but i assure you it is not. Its a fairly metallic sound in real life - a bit clickety clackety almost. (not as deep as rod knock though). Hope this makes it easier to help me do guesswork! 😛 Thanks in advance!
  14. Hi - pictures and a price generally help to market a motor a little better, feel free to post
  15. Having done a search on the model code you provided, the main connector (White Top left on yours) looks exactly the same as mine (White Bottom right). Now whilst I would not want to make an immediate assumption they are exactly the same it may give you a starter for ten working through the pins themselves. Mine Clarion PF2945 Yours Clarion pf- 3492 Pin out for the pf 2945 highlighted in red refers to the white connector in question - ignore the other connectors as that is for cd players etc
  16. Unfortunate having to sell my v limited Impreza number 575/1000 full respect 2 months ago little mot left 4 brand new tyres 75k mialage anyone genuinely interestead tex 07564394039
  17. Ahh yes no turbo my bad. Interesting link though and true it not really possible to be sure on the smoke/vapour from this picture.
  18. No turbo on this one its NA same as my RX
  19. I cant really tell to be honest - if you video using phone etc then upload it to a hosting platform like photobucket etc and then post the link we should be able to see it
  20. To me it looks like burning oil and if you have over filled it that would be a possible explanation. Post your video on youtube and link it. Or use something like Google Drive and post the link. Yes the coolant will overflow if you have rad cap off when its running. I would not rely on the temp gauge in the dash as they are very slow to respond. I use a OBD dongle to get exact temps. You will get some bubbles in the overflow tank as this vapour from the Turbo cooling when you turn off the engine. See
  21. Anyone able to tell me the color of this smoke? Its after a 25min drive, in 5°C so im fairly certain its not just vapor. Dosent have any particular smell, and certainly not very sweet. As mentioned the oil seemed to be just a little high, so im thinking about draining some of it very soon. Ive also checked the radiator for bubbles for about 2 minutes, and couldnt see any. Had to stop, because the radiator overflowed though (i suppose this is normal). No overheating issues, and the car pulls as it should afaik. Also! Any good ideas on how i can post the sound i mentioned? As said i have owned this car for just a week, and are super aware of all symptoms that may have an exspensive fix (as i used all my money on the car)..
  22. Welcome and nice motor. Yes I agree remove the dump valve it offers no purpose until you get into serious power. Do you have PPP cert out of interest?
  23. Cheers for that Jay, it doesn't list the model number for mine though (PF-3492). I'll keep looking, but many thanks for the help.
  24. I used TDRacing when I had this issue. Left the air pump in place but mapped it out and it didn't take long at all. Was also a lot cheaper than getting a used pump.
  25. Get in touch with these chaps - were active on the forum at one point but I think they just got too busy, they will see you right @stants had quite a bit to do with them if I remember correctly We know them as Sheffield Subaru Services but looks like they have changed their web address
  26. Hi, My 07 WRX sportwagon has a defective secondary air pump and I'm hoping someone can help me find a decent mechanic to remove the pump, install a blanking plate and re-map the ECU.
  27. This is the lower spec unit - it does not have bluetooth capability. There are plenty of aftermarket units - used examples that have bluetooth. If you do go for a double din aftermarket unit you will probably need one of these I did buy one of these but found whilst it fitted you could not use the dial and it did not look as good as the ICP part
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