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  2. Hey guys, I’ve just done an engine swap in a Subaru at work and it’s ready to run but upon starting we have got a code β€œ13 no cam angle sensor signal. Have checked all connections back to the ecu and seems to be fine. Has anyone had this problem before and can help me out. Thanks
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  4. Need to do a Transmission fluid change on a 2005 Impreza 2.0 non-turbo automatic having trouble finding the right part number for the filter and the right transmission fluid to use - looks like it needs 3.5litres can anyone recommend the right parts please?
  5. Removed the 555cc nismos ,fitted the 740cc nismos and updated the map on the linkg4x with the 740cc deadtimes. Started and run ok but a bit rich with hunting idle . I've learned a fair bit lately about fuelling and lambda targets, so think I could probably get the afr closer myself . Unfortunately, I don't know enough about idle control or enrichment tables to create a base map that's close enough to just need a slight fuelling tweek 😏 I'm sure I'll continue to learn and maybe one day have the experience to adjust everything on the link but for now a quick call to Martyn at enginetuner.... after downloading a remote app and about 20 mins of his time online she was idling smoothly 😎. Then a 15 minute drive around the block and he'd remotely tweeked a off boost map in nicely πŸ€“πŸ˜Š So impressed with his work that I've booked in next Wednesday for a full map by Martyn, not looking forward to the 300mile off boost trip to Plymouth but I an looking forward to the 300 mile journey on the way home 😊 So injectors and apexi f.c are out and ready to be collected when you are @Falcongary πŸ˜‰
  6. Background: I have a 2011 WRX hatchback, previously owned 2 Evo 8's with springs/sways vs JIC coilovers. I went stage 2 with the WRX and have been enjoying the car quite a bit but am bothered by (1) the wheel gap and (2) the floaty-ness of the car when turning or hitting bumps. It just doesn't feel right...under-dampened? I find the stock suspension to not feel right no matter what. It's too soft for any spirited driving, on the highway it just floats but still jars on bad bumps, and generally feels "off" during street driving. So it never feels right. I'm looking at primarily H&R Coilovers for $1200 since springs alone (Swift or Epic) are $300 and only seem to strain the stock struts if you drop the car more than 3/4". I could probably stomach springs + sways just fine but the H&R's contain Bilstein struts which are quality and I have read nothing but great things about the H&R setup for both the WRX and STI. Was just wondering what the ClubWRX community has to say about this. I just want a stock-ish-but-more-solid setup and was wondering what would be a better option: 1 - H&R Coilovers 2 - front and rear swaybars 3 - Epic/Swift springs 4 - swaybars + springs 5 - springs + struts (which gets confusing for me) Any input or advice would be appreciated. I'm leaning towards #1 to just address dampening and get a progressive spring rate. I think that may solve most of what I'm after but could use advice. Getting to drop the car 1" is a bonus.
  7. Car live on Autotrader Priced at Β£8,395 Be really great to sell to a Forum member... but hey ho! I need to move on with selling.
  8. Thanks mate just got to find someone to fit it all can not Wait to get it all fittedπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ
  9. @Falcongary pm'd about apexi and 555cc nismos 😊 Guess I'd better get out there in the cold πŸ˜₯ and get your stuff outta my car πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜‰
  10. Thanks mate I’ll have the injectors as well save me hunting around for some to go with now I know everything will fit on the car πŸ˜πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ
  11. Linkg4x finally fitted 😎 Ait sensor, link 3 bar map sensor ,tps and canbus connection for my aem x wideband all fitted , set up in the menus and calibrated. Maf removed and ram air filter fitted ,along with oe 3 port boost solenoid reconnected. Still got to remove the avcr sensors and apexi map sensor but they're no longer connected . Started off just starting it on the linkg4x base map , it ran with a low pig rich idle but revved cleanly to 3k . Added the rough 555cc nismo dead times I found on the net .... Ran much closer to target afr's and still revs cleanly but does hunt a bit on idle . I've just added the bigger 740cc nismo dead times to the main fuel settings and will fit the bigger injectors before I start it up again πŸ˜‰ @Falcongary Ive been reading up and watching a lot of vids for a few years , as I've always been interested in mapping . Tbh it's starting to sink in now I'm actually changing settings and seeing the difference it makes to afr and general running . As for the apexi f.c , I offered it to you first fella and was intending on p.m'ing you now its removed . Did you just want the apexi f.c , map lead add on lead , map sensor and hand controller? Or the 555cc nismo injectors as well , to bring the current map on the apexi f.c in closer to your mods (save some mapping time) . Either way most of its removed and I'm hoping the rest will be out tomorrow , if its dry 🀞
  12. Oh, and when it comes to servicing, I don't think they're any worse than other modern cars (boxer engine access may be an issue?), although I've read on here (somewhere) that coolant changes can be tricky. Not tried any servicing yet as ours are still under the 5 year drivetrain warranty (at least until next year...πŸ€”)
  13. Hi! First of all thank you to everyone who contributes to this great forum. My problem has become a bit of a headache over the course of 2020. It started with my xenons becoming weak on my 2011 legacy wagon and just wanting to replace both bulbs. Put in brand new bulbs and realized some deviation in color and strength from pass. to driver side. After a little time it became evident that the driver side bulb was dying out so I went for a new one under warranty from the same place. Same issue with the new bulb although it lasted slightly longer before barely giving a tiny purple glow (4 months maybe). Had a chat with the local dealer's manager who is quite friendly and suggested I replace the ballast. Purchased the correct ballast (KDLT002) and 2 brand new OSRAM D2S bulbs. Replaced everything and it worked fine. Then after about 24 hrs came to start the car and driver side HID was completely out. Things I've checked; Fuses (15A) Power from battery to harness connector with multimeter (~14V) Connector from harness to ballast with multimeter (~14V) Socket for bulb with multimeter (~2V which should equal about 30W given a 15A fuse) Putting the old bulb in the socket instead of the new one (no glow) Things I haven't checked; Initial power surge (V) using a multimeter to socket upon switching headlights on. Switching the new bulb to the functioning side to see if the bulb has been damaged somehow. Everything seems to be OK as far as I can see (fuse, harness, ballast). Still 3 new bulbs have now failed on the same side. Battery was recently replaced no issues. What's going on? Any ideas?
  14. Welcome! Tough choice between the two! The Outback is bigger, but the Forester is higher, with 20 mm more ground clearance. Either way, they are both solid cars with good safety ratings. I've also heard that the diesel is iffy (plus they don't sell them anymore, because???) They did do an Outback diesel with a CVT (auto) 'box until a couple of years ago (stopped around 67 or 18 reg), but beyond that you'll need a petrol to get the CVT. Since then most (possibly all?) have CVT as their Eyesight safety system only works with that gearbox. I've not seen wading depths listed but the air intake is on the bonnet slam panel, so quite high. (Whether it will float before then, I'm not sure!) I think the Outback has a greater towing weight, too. MPG sounds about right for the petrol. My wife's XV (2.0 petrol) gets low 30s pottering about but high 40s on a run. My Levorg (1.6T) gets high 20s and mid 40s respectively. I think either would suit your wife. Maybe the Outback is better for chucking a bike in the boot and towing, but the Forester has the ride-height. Your best bet is to take a trip to Stan Palmer's in Rosehill and have a look / test drive them. (Either way, make sure the one you get has Apple CarPlay / Android Auto, as the standard sat-nav is oblivious to traffic and expensive to update.) Good luck and let us know how you get on.
  15. Looking good mate I wouldn’t know where to startπŸ₯΄ It looks like it’s getting closer for me if it is still mine. It looks like your doing The full works!! πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ
  16. Hi guys and girls. Pictures as promised. Feedback welcome. If you want any further details on the history or more photos, PM me and just ask. Cheers, Matt
  17. Spent a bit of time trying to figure out the best position to fit the ait sensor πŸ€” My Frankenstein inlet was originally from a early ra and has the 5th injector port blanked off but it's now not just after the throttle body .Due the the throttle body being on the reverse side of the inlet manifold πŸ™„ I also think that it would suffer from heatsoak and give false readings fitted directly into the ally inlet πŸ˜‰ Just before the throttle body would be ideal but its directly above my "unguarded " auxiliary belt, I've never had a auxiliary belt fail before but was worried if it did fail it would hit the ait sensor and "send it " into the inlet manifold. Other option was above the dump valve but that's a bit too close to the rad and might suffer from heatsoak too 😏 Eventually I settled on notching the fmic to throttle body joiner , so I could fit the ait sensor close to the throttle body but it not being above the belt πŸ˜‰ After taking a list of pins and wire colours I sleeved the expansion board and canbus wires . Unwired the hako interface (for connecting to the apexi f.c) from the wideband and ecu . As it's the first time I've fitted and set up a linkg4x ECU I didn't want to totally remove the apexi f.c yet , just in case I cant get it running well enough for the 60 mile trip to the mappers 🀞 So wideband canbus connected to the ECU canbus pigtail and ait sensor connected to ECU temp 3 /sensor ground pins on the expansion board I don't want race car looking "missile" switches with red covers and would much prefer a more stealthy look . So I'm currently waiting for a couple of classic oe foglamp switches with plugs to turn up . So I've run some wire from expansion loom digital input connections to the dash , ready n waiting for anti lag n launch 😊 So hopefully I'll plumb the link 3 bar map sensor in , plug the linkg4x in , set up map , ait and switches in the menus . Then see how it starts and runs before fitting the bigger 740cc nismos, as the original v1 sti map would only have 380cc injectors. If it runs ok 🀞🀞 then I'll fit the 740cc's enter the latency in the injector set up and try again
  18. Good evening all. I'm complete "Scooby newbie". My wife is thinking of getting either a Forester or an Outback. Probably looking for something 2-4 years old. It would have to be an auto, as it is going to replace a Nissan X-Trail that was written-off in a nasty accident. Her injuries were such that we're looking for an auto. She likes the idea of the Forester because it's bigger and higher-up. Obviously, crashworthiness is important to her! She's likely to do an average annual mileage - maybe a bit less. Say, 8-10,000 miles a year. Our youngest is a keen cyclist, (as indeed my wife was before the crash, and hopes to be again as she regains movement), so we'll need a towbar so that we can fit the bike rack for 3 bikes. When it's just the lad, however, it would be handy to be able to throw the bike in the back of the car. Could I ask for any advice or views on what to go for, please? I hear the diesel engines can be troublesome? As mentioned before, auto transmission is a must. She'd like something with drive to all wheels as we live in rural Cumbria and it can get very slippy on the untreated roads in Winter. We also sometimes see a bit of flooding, so wade depth is of interest. Performance is less of a priority, although I have a 2 ton trailer that we sometimes tow. I'm an enthusiastic amateur mechanic, so would probably be looking to do all my own servicing once the manufacturer's warranty has expired. Looking online, I see that "real world" fuel consumption figures appear to be about mid 30s for both petrol autos and low 40s for both diesel autos. Does Seem about right?
  19. Our 2017 XV lost a lot of DAB channels a year or so ago, as did the Levorg and the portable DAB radio in the garage. I've tried rescanning several times and non of them pick up as many stations as they used to. It makes me wonder if it is a signal strength issue round my way rather than something specific to the cars? You could try driving somewhere open and high (whilst it's still allowed!) and trying a scan as it may be that once they're stored it will find them. Hope it works as R6 is the best station (IMO!)
  20. Mines a 2018 car/head unit, no issues at all and never seem to loose good quality signal.
  21. Apologies for the late reply. Car is now sold.
  22. Just bought a 2016 - XV D SE Premium- been trying to tune in DAB radio to get BBC Radio 1, Radio 2 and 6 music - having problems getting them - when I do a search for new DAB radio stations it just comes up with local DAB radio stations - anyone had the same problem?
  23. Thanks mate. Ive ended up buying a secondary high flow sport cat ( as its underneath where its been de cated) from a company called magna flow. But now i am starting to think it may be the primary cat on the downpipe that has failed as ive had the car 3 years now and have passed 2 years previously on emissions. I am sort of thinking whats the point in putting a cat on underneath when primary may have failed. Its booked in an exhaust garage next week and will have a better idea. May be a bliw or a leak in exhaust system. But anyways cheers for advice pal first post on this forum and i plan to keep my scooby as long as i can but dam its been a pain since i got it.
  24. If you know how to remove the thermostat, cut the internal out with pliers and stick it back in and see what happens. Or before you cut it try and boiling the kettle and pour boiling water over it in a cup and see if it actually opens.
  25. IΒ΄m want to know your opinio about the michelin crossclimate suv 235/55r17. Any problem with the installation? and the TMPS sensor?

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