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  2. Hi thanks for the reply, at present she is completely standard, it’s only done 31k so looking to break her in still.... but panel filter, exhaust and remap was pretty much what I was thinking too, will post pics of her on Monday when I’m back home
  3. Apart from remove the torque converter and replace it with flywheel, is there any problem with the sensors?
  4. Thanks for that, using that pin-out you’ve pictured and ea64’s guide I’ve managed to work through them and sort which pin is what. New head unit installed and working perfectly. Cheers again for your help on this
  5. Yesterday
  6. I dont know much about coilovers whats the advantage of these ones if you dont mind my asking?
  7. Yeah Te2800 think imprezaabuser was trying to help you there 🤣🤦
  8. The pcv valves are cheap for my car they are a little over a tenner from ICP probably the same for you. Ive been looking up pcv failure symptoms and it sounds to me that could be your issue. I am NOT a mechanic though so pinch of salt and all that. Good luck mate I have a bit of vibration at idle aswell I thought it could be my crank pulley giving up on life but I too have found oil seapage around the pcv valve on the breather hoses. So im just going to replace mine and the the hose set and see its ancient on mine anyway. Taking it off and cleaning it is also an option though
  9. Hi Does anyone have the above vehicle? Gold auto leather turbo 2000 cc
  10. Hi - pictures and a price generally help to market a motor a little better, feel free to post
  11. Welcome and nice motor. Yes I agree remove the dump valve it offers no purpose until you get into serious power. Do you have PPP cert out of interest?
  12. I used TDRacing when I had this issue. Left the air pump in place but mapped it out and it didn't take long at all. Was also a lot cheaper than getting a used pump.
  13. This is the lower spec unit - it does not have bluetooth capability. There are plenty of aftermarket units - used examples that have bluetooth. If you do go for a double din aftermarket unit you will probably need one of these I did buy one of these but found whilst it fitted you could not use the dial and it did not look as good as the ICP part
  14. Last week
  15. Yes it really is. Thank you. Hi spec and impeccably well maintained. Forgot to say it's a 5 speed manual.
  16. Any meets anywhere down south anytime,I’m Stansted area
  17. I have a Sigma alarm on mine so I am unable to help you there. User manual maybe.
  18. It has a valve protection kit fitted which I presume is same thing? And I fill needed. Thanks for good luck though.
  19. Give these guys a phone call - normally really helpful
  20. No not been rolled..wouldn't even no where or who to contact...
  21. Thanks @Impreza abuser I think I may have been very lucky and someone down the road from me has a spare heater console I can salvage this time. If not I now have a website that looks promising which I will post up if I get round to testing.
  22. Hello mate I’m building my Subaru GC8 wrx if you want to follow my build would love to have as many Subaru owners to guide me on my build.and thanks again
  23. I use PIAA wipers - does not hold the muck like Rain ex but still means water beads and runs off. Prep the windscreen with the wipes first then use with clean water for an initial silicon layer
  24. Yeah you would like to think but on this occasion no - He is an aspiring Tom Cruise - Cocktail not Top Gun, he got back in at 04:00 in the morning from his shift and was back at work 12 hours later so he was well asleep, one of the challenges, he works strange shifts and I work away. He has spent some time with me twirling spanners so servicing etc he is now doing on his own but troubleshooting not so much 😊
  25. Batz


    I filled up with premium yesterday but no change so far. And it's getting very lazy starting in the mornings. I've booked it into Adams Brothers in Aylesbury for a diagnostic. They're Subaru specialists.
  26. I know it's addictive 🙂 That's why I have taken it slow so far. But I will have had the car for 3 years in June and it needs some changes. Not a huge fan of the stock wheels on the 11 - 14 STI so want to change those too. I will keep a camera handy and make sure to film/take pictures for updates. Any other upgrades people think are worth doing please let me know (and what I should look at upgrading first)
  27. This depends what it is plus what type of parts you use to maintain the motor. The RX does not have a turbo so one less element to go wrong, Had mine now about 5 years, have serviced regularly and only replaced brake pads plus tyres and had a weeping bush on the fwd rear diff support bracket (replaced with an WRX alloy item from breakers & saved nearly a Kg in weight) the original exhaust has been replaced by a cat back SS cobra item, other than that the motor has not missed a beat and as approaching 90K I would consider replacing the headgaskets as preventative maintenance as the OEM subaru items are not made from great material. I suppose only other thing to consider for aesthetics is a wheel refurb, or get a set of steels?
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