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  2. Is it definitely not a fault in the harness , have you done a ohm check on just the loom to make sure ? I only say this as Subaru ecu's don't often go wrong ,although the short on the coilpack circuit could've well cause a ecu's issue . Could try Tim @ "JTINOVATIONS" as they have just made me a custom engine loom and might either be able to help or know someone who can .
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  4. Ah thanks @savage bulldogs, it’s the toe that’s the problem, and only on the left side. I’m thinking a possible bent lateral arm, but we will see... ill look into the camber adjustments as well, as this definitely hasn’t been done 😕
  5. Cheers Matt 👍 Had all 3 deliveries turn up today , can't fault advanced automotive, jtinovations or racingline for speedy dispatch and customer service 👍 Sparky stuff ain't my forte but Tim at jtinovations certainly knows his stuff and the 25yr old engine looms replacement looks the dog's danglies 😎
  6. Hi everyone, Thank you for viewing this page. I am looking for someone to take my pride and joy on its next chapter. For anyone interested I am situated in Sittingbourne, Kent. The car currently has 93,387 miles on the clock - maybe a fraction over that now since I have used it a little since recording the mileage. I have part Service History, but the car has been in the family a long time and has been well looked after. That said; it does have a few minor issues as follows: Front off-side window can only be opened and closed with driver side controls. Rear windscreen wiper appears to have stopped working The battery probably needs replacing One of the brake pads needs replacing This one isn't an issue as such, but the car was wrapped quite a few years ago and that is now starting to look a bit old. I am looking for something around £3000.00 but will consider offers near the stated price tag. The reason for my selling of the vehicle is due to the fact that I don't really have the time to maintain it, and rather than leave it sitting dormant I thought it would be a lot of fun for someone else out there. Once again thank you for reading through this, and if anyone wishes to get in touch regarding the car please drop me a line to Bradley
  7. no idea about valve springs im afraid, i know mine had supertech valve kit in it, but not sure on the specifics im afraid.
  8. If your emptying it once a week I'd be looking at some of the reasons its filling up that quickly, how many miles are you doing in a week ? Mine used to collect maybe an egg cup or two in a couple hundred miles of driving, emptying it was a pain until I bought the petcock kit and drained it from the bottom. Sent from my SM-G960F using Tapatalk
  9. Hi all I want to lower my subaru impreza wagon sport on coil overs but I can't find the right ones can someone help me
  10. Hi New to all this and first Impreza! Has anyone an alloy for an 01-05 wrx sti import with Brembos? Need one for a spare, really don’t like space savers!
  11. There is the celica club! Sorry I should of said.. this CCUK is Car Culture UK
  12. Last week
  13. I believe the stock internals should be OK for about 380Hp. Yes I pulled that number out of thin air. I currently have an EJ205 with a seized piston and banana con-rod that was running 360 but had a bad tune. My WRX is at 340 with a VF34 and a lot of supporting mods, but my tuner did not feel comfortable pushing it higher (running at 1.4Bar). It is all relative, and depends on how much you look after your engine. I'd be more worried about the gearbox TBH.
  14. will very much depend on whats due at that service.
  15. Hi, Im the proud owner of an 06 Forester 2.5XT. Although within a weeks ownership I've had some warning lights come on. The cruise control light flashes, whilst the traction control and engine light stay on Orange. Anybody have an idea? Heading down to my local private subaru garage this afternoon but thought I might see if anyone's had a similar problem, too. It's an 06 plate XT (stock) with 76000 miles on it and I love it. Cheers, Chris the Paramedic
  16. Hi Disco - I'll message you with the keypad location - yours is probably the same Sigma system but not sure. If you look in the folder that the owners manual comes in ... there should be another instruction booklet about the alarm system, your pin number should be in there, mine is on two shiny stickers.
  17. I assume the only way to find that out is to strip down the suspension. Thanks for the input guys gives me plenty to think about.
  18. Managed to convince the better half she wanted a day out on Dartmoor... gave me a good excuse for a good spirited drive. She must’ve enjoyed it too though, I even got her to take a half decent picture for me.
  19. Happy days, cheers buddy Loud pipes save lives
  20. I've got black diamond drilled and grooved on mine, no issues so far and they have been on for nearly 2 years Loud pipes save lives
  21. I'll be up for it but who is organising the events this year ?
  22. hi, sorry can't help with the wiring as mine is 2007 and 7 pin x2, but am intrigued that you are happy to tow with the fridge running on gas. whilst not illegal it's nevertheless fraught with danger so assume you're on board with the possible risks of a naked flame ! btw are you aware that you MUST turn it off if pulling into a petrol station ? and not when arriving at pump but before you enter. also if the fridge is of the absorption type it's very intolerant of not being level and being subject to going round corners, so your food may not be as cool as you hope on arrival ! it's easier to precool overnight on 240v before travelling and pack food in a insulated box (with ice blocks) carried in the car (less towed weight !!) Jmo and i hope you never have a shunt on route...🙂
  23. Keep your side lights on all the time (they turn off with key out) see if that helps. Alternator voltage sits a bit low with them off for some reason.
  24. Could try to release the outter cable tie jublie clip on each steering rack boot , to see if the boot is filling with p.s fluid . The boots should have grease in them but not fluid , unless the rack seals have gone . Just make sure you've got suitable cable ties or that you can reuse the jubliee clips when refitting. If there's no fluid in the boots then I'd say you have a leak and to check pump, reservoir , both pump and rack ends of the pipework and the rack itself . Best of luck
  25. Sorry we weren't able to compete, thanks a lot for giving us a go! Dan
  26. Many thanks I know what you mean about Derbyshire Weather! Shame about TomTom . I will call in to Colin Appleyard in Ashton it's only 45 mins from here , just for a closer look and feel for it.
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