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  2. cjeck out my build thread and you'll see i go all the way haha
  3. Boot screen roller free if you can collect from Slough
  4. Dog guard for free if you can collect frorm Slough, Berks
  5. Scoobyclinic do all my stuff 🙂
  6. Scoobyclinic are over at chesterfield, give em a call and have a chat about options etc 🙂
  7. Nice one jay, you really do like to keep yourself busy, looking forward to seeing what you end up with 👍
  8. Yesterday
  9. I have a 1998 Impreza Turbo Terzo & believe that it is possibly under insured as I recently saw a limited edition just like mine advertised for more that twice the value I have mine insured for ! I have asked the Insurance Company to increase the Insured value but they say they want proof and been asked by them to get a 'classic car club' valuation. I have rung the Classic Car Club of GB who say they do not do such a thing, so I am trying to find out the best place to try & obtain some form of reasonably accurate valuation. Any ideas ?
  10. I figured it out in the end and I thought i'd share with others in case they run into the same difficulties. In order to remove the EGR valve you need to remove a 12 mm bolt that is on the silver pipe (box) that connects to the EGR Valve. This way you can pull the pipe back enough in order to remove the valve. If you follow the box down about 2/3 of the way you will see this bolt. You can access it from the top but I found it easier to climb underneath and do it. I have posted up a photo of the cooler pipe box and you can see the bracket in the photo. When this is removed you can pull back the pipe to give you enough clearance. I tied it back with cable ties. Hope this helps.
  11. 98 is a change over year but if it's a early v4 ? (Coilpack central on the inlet )Then any v1 to v4 long engine (block and heads) will fit . Although if it's a v1/V2 engine , you'll have to swap over the watercrossover pipe ,inlet , engine loom and auxiliaries to make it fit in a 98 v4.
  12. You shouldn't be able to push the buckets down very far by hand , so it sounds like they need replacing.However , It could be something stuck in the valve seat , causing the valve not to return/seal properly. I'd do a compression test to rule that out first and if alls ok ,then measure the clearance ,remove buckets/shims ,measure their thickness and buy new buckets shims to match the clearance needed . There's two types of buckets on scoobies , single piece or separate removable shims . The single piece ones can still be bought in different thicknesses from subaru . Unfortunately, subaru have discontinued the type with the removable shims but they can be sourced from the likes of Asperformance in the thickness required
  13. Thanks for the welcome, These are the pics I have so far. I collect it tomorrow. 😁😁
  14. Does anyone know if it's possible to swap a 2005 WRX centre console into a 2004 I prefer the newer look? Thanks
  15. Last week
  16. looks more like somethings scuffed it going by the pic but im no expert on paintwork by any means
  17. Anyone know whether facelift impreza classic front splitters would fit the pre facelift impreza classic??? Cheers
  18. I have a set porsnalised number plate that reeds Sk04WBY and im just tring to find put haw much there woth and were i xud possibly sell them
  19. Evening people, just wondering if anyone knows of an STI spoiler knocking around, fitting on a 95 classic impreza. Any help is much appreciated.
  20. I had that on an NA Classic Impreza. Turned out the cat had collapsed inside the exhaust.
  21. Can anybody tell me anything about this car’s history thanks.
  22. Thanks for all the great information everyone, indefinitely looking forward to this upgrade .
  23. Thank you both for taking the time to reply! Lots of things to consider as I was expecting. Think I'm gonna keep researching my !Removed! off until I'm 100%. I'll be sure to start a thread and update it as and when I make progress.
  24. Prices have gone up recently but sounds over priced to me. Does look tidy but strong money (bear in mind its all opinion of what they are worth) Be aware you will need to chuck some money at the brakes imo as the ones on it are crap. The '16' inch model was a despeced car provided cheaper to race teams to convert to rally cars, so the idea of it being a special edition is horse pish. They put the cheapest nastiest seats, wheels and brakes on it, should have a wrx spoiler as well. From looking at it the spoiler, wheels, interior are aftermarket/mod's as these were the bits they put the cheapest bits on as they were always chucked int he bin
  25. Hi there. Trying to talk myself into buying the missus a 2011 Outback manual diesel to punt around rurally for the next few months whilst we wait for her new car to arrive. I've had a couple of previous shape 3.0 Outbacks which have been completely reliable. Goes without saying the net's awash with broken diesel Subarus for sale and lots of horror stories. Mileage is just over average for the age at 150k but there are obviously two trains of thought with this - If it's come this far, it's probably OK. And, if it's done this sort of mileage it might expire shortly! Either way, it's pretty good value for money so I'm having trouble ruling it out. Really looking for a bit of guidance as to things to look out for when I go and look at it. Or should I just run away and pretend it never existed? 🤔
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