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  2. Japfest Silverstone 6th May 2018 Club Sign Up On there want Subaru Owners Club Make sure it's all in caps put in password at the start of this page but 555555 should be good mate. Let me know if you're still having an issue [emoji16] Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  3. More Power?

    cheers Dug, i've got the Diesel too. Where did you get that done? Any mpg changes?
  4. Chassis insurance

    Have you tried the usual suspects ? Sky, adrian flux Keith Michaels etc ? Not even sure if they offer it but with a couple of calls ? Sent from my SM-G960F using Tapatalk
  5. Vinyl Wrap Shop

    quick link is.... Hi btw...
  6. I am on the look out for a Front Bumper and N/S fender painted in 02C if possible in good nick to fit my JDM 2003 WRX STI blobeye. They don't have to be painted but it would save me (and the insurance company) more money for repairs. Thanks in advance, Tom
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  8. Just picked up a new daily driver... its a 2012 diesel forester xc . Love the drive of the car but coming from a diesel accord it feels a bit lack lustre - What are the common upgrades that folks are doing to their diesel foresters.... Does a dpf delete make much of a difference? I've read a few different people have gutted the dpf and had it tuned to run without one... my only concern would be that recently diesels are getting bad press , I'm sure it won't be long before the mot test is more than just a visual check on the filter Are there any turbo upgrades? Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  9. Boot leak

    If you can put one of the back seats down, crawl into the boot or shine a torch in and get somone else to put the hosepipe over the back end should be able to pinpoint where it's entering Sent from my SM-G960F using Tapatalk
  10. Yeah, now a days i just wait 2 or 3 mins, even if is still low after that time because is better than from 0 :D and i saw some positive results, also at the small uphill from the -2 to the -1 floor i take a little bit of speed xD What I find it a little bit strange is that... could it be that the 10w60 that the previous owner put on it make the engine somehow "slower"?
  11. Front n rear crank seals <- Yup! And maybe the rocker cover gasket? I had issues with it where it was leaking oil... my mechanic didnt have to take out the engine, just the rocker covers :D Cheers! :D
  12. Hi guys, does someone uses it? Do you guys recommend it? We dont have many alternatives here in Switzerland... :( Will be for the Bugeye sti, but i guess all the EJ20 and EJ25 are more or less the same... xD Thanks in advance!!! :D Cheers! Martin
  13. There's not much going on here at the moment, I used to travel to the monthly meets at Sheffield subaru service. Most people have sold up and moved on Sent from my SM-G960F using Tapatalk
  14. P555 MAL

    Anybody looking for a P555 plate?
  15. 6speed sti gearbox into Wrx hatch

    Bit late but cheers for be response mate, I’d look to buy the full lot anyway diff included. Gearbox is holding up as it is anyhow so it’s been out on the back burner
  16. Morning gents, new to the Subaru game so go easy on me 😂 I’ve got an 08 wrx hatchback with a few upgrades done by myself... running 363/402 mapped by Andy Forrest. I’m gong to forge the engine later this year and I’m looking to fit an sti inlet manifold. Does anyone around the Halifax/west Yorkshire area have an sti hatchback they’d let me have a butchers under the hood at so I can gauge wether it’s gonna be a tw*t or not. Quite happy to travel about. TIA
  17. Yet another newbeeeee

    welcome along buddy! how does someone get GIVEN a scoob haha Whack some pictures up :P James
  18. Went in for impreza brake discs....came out with a WRX.

    I did take one out of the window while I was having a little sit down due to PTSD (opening of the wallet).
  19. Say hi to everyone!

    Bonjour et bienvenue
  20. Last week
  21. Turbo 2000

    Want to swap my turbo 2000 ttd05 to td05 on 2000 model already been remapped any advice
  22. Boot leak

    They can leak through in a number of places mate, the boot seal it’s self, the mastic that glues the rear light clusters in may have a weak spot or the rear cluster it’s self may be letting water through or the rear window... I’d pour water out of a hose pipe or can over certain places and check after each area to narrow it down. Classics are prone for condensation in the boot and moisture can build up that way. Not sure on the later models though.
  23. New To Subaru...

  24. This Site

    Thanks for the advice Didier but when i want to search for posts/Info on my particular model i cant seem to get there without trolling through reams of posts about drive shaft upgrades for a 1999 classic. some of the threads are going back to 2015 which may be useful to some but after 20 years of ownership of 4 different model years it is a tad frustrating. Take a look at piston heads and the categories are simple and direct you to brand and model year with little effort. Perhaps a mod can help me better navigate. Just a grumble but i do want to support this site. My two penneth.
  25. I've attended this show over the years with TVR car club. Any Body here interested in booking a subaru/ jap car section let me know. We need at least a dozen cars in order for chris to be interested. check out cars in the park for previous events.
  26. What have you done to your Subaru today ?

    Had the car in today to sort the gearbox issue and have the v-belts changed. Pleased to say it’s all fixed and good as new :) Turned out the cable from the selector was snagged / trapped. Feels better than it ever has now, so probably had a slight issue when I first got it. Happy owner again lol Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  27. Outback Sat Nav

    Hi 2016 Forester, trying to update my satnav. The dealer sent me a link to the Subaru Toolbox site. This sends you to a website in Hungary who appear to be Subaru`s supplier. An update costs 114 Euros. Well, an outdated satnav isn`t much good so I swallowed hard and paid. Inserted my card and the download commenced but froze at 72% for several hours, when I tried to restart, it suddenly said it was completely updated. A quick test drive over the new Forth Road Bridge (aka the Queensferry Crossing) proved it was still out of date. Np approach roads, no bridge and all been in operation for a year. Can`t contact the supplier because the invoice comes from a `no reply` email address. Quietly fuming; emailing and phoning various Subaru folk. If I get any joy, I`ll post it. Until then do not touch the Subaru Toolbox.
  28. 2007 STI Limited

    cheers, aye its a bit more subtle without the huge wing etc
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