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  2. Roof Bars for Legacy Outback. Part no. E361EAG100 ( Load Carrier ). Complete with all fixings. Offers around £20. Buyer to collect.
  3. Full size spare wheel off Legacy Outback un-used with new tyre, Yokohama Geolandar 215/55 R17 94V. Offers over £40. Cleared funds before collection.
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  5. Hi I drive a 2014 XV. I wish to replace my Head light and Full beam bulbs with LED lights. Does this mean that I need a full beam and a low beam set of light, Any recommendations? Thanks
  6. Thanks il take your advice and skip them. The chrome nuts look not too bad,theyl do the now
  7. I've never used him myself but know a few that have and think he's fairly local to you , give "rich at f.b tuning" a google bud
  8. Hi n welcome. Not long now then till you pick it up , don't forget to add some pics when you do, James 😊
  9. Don't really know much about the part numbers tbh but if your thinking about buying a second hand replacement head . There might be a difference between uk or jdm on wrx heads ,plus the sti will definitely have different cams but if you buy a head off a engine with the same engine number it will fit fine fella . If you go that far with the labour , engine out and one head off , I'd seriously consider at least doing both headgaskets ,rocker ect .... Maybe even consider a piston n rod upgrade 😊
  10. As above , either buy the appropriate code scanning tool for your model or get the ECU codes read at a local garage
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  12. I have a pair of forester headlights ICHIKOH 1765 can anyone help me please ...which model are they from...are they Left hand drive, the part numbers are a little confusing Thank you in advance
  13. great, i had pedders ezi fit before, and they are alot better than those, firm but not back breaking hard or crashy. cant fault them tbh. You can also fit edc controler on it which adjusts them to the road if you wanna go full out 😄
  14. Good evening all, I'm sure it's been discussed here 1000 times over. But it's that's special time for my scooby, it's time for new coilovers. I currently have blitz zzr's with 6kg/5kg springs on when I imported the car from Japan. I originally loved the suspension setup as it handled very well. It's now time to replace these units as the rears knock and bang like mad, let alone the lack of rebound controll (very bouncy and harsh). I eventually settled on ordering a set of Miesterr's to find out there's a 12 week back order! So I'm now looking for a replacement to oder. I have heard very mixed things about BC's. I'd preferably want inverted dampers (but not a deal breaker) so looked at BC's RM coilovers, but 1k is a bit to spend on a risk of what the ride will be like. Tien seems to also have mixed reviews and I'm slightly conserened about the performance of the flexz twin tube design as that's lower technology then the original bilstien inverted shocks that would have came with the car. Tien obviously do offer the monotube dampers but these come with 9/7kg springs and that seems a little hard? A set of used bilstien B16 had just sold on ebay so I'm gutted I missed out on those! So my question is for a car that is a daily driver and is driven in the South West so roads are a bit questionable at times! What have people fitted and found to work well? The car does get driven "well" so I do have a high demand of the car, sticky tyres are generally used. Currently running the factory JDM Sti wheels. The car is a JDM spec STI 05 widetrack and as you can see I don't run the height that low. Any reviews of coilovers setups on similar cars would be greatly appreciated! Many thanks, Jake.
  15. All break lights works Sent from my SM-G973F using Tapatalk
  16. Great when you create the sales post I would suggest some better pictures as these dont really do the car credit and include a price 👍
  17. Hi Folks! 🙂 As above, new to all its foibles and still getting to know it. My one is a little bit scruffy but I love it, it's a working car/daily driver, so I'm not too precious about cosmetics, but I would like to get the best out of it performance wise. It has had a few modifications from previous owners (but no re-map afaik)... Larger bonnet scoop (I think from a Hawkeye Impreza), STI intercooler/Y-pipe, Toyosports downpipe, Pedders coilovers, WRX Pro front calipers, drilled/slotted discs all round. there are a few knocks and creaks which I need to fix but despite that, I would love to tweak performance a bit (without risking a head gasket failure) at some point but it has that sleeper look which I'd like to keep. It has gold alloys which at some point I'd like to have re-sprayed black Any advice/tips gratefully received, esp as I'm running it on a shoestring budget. Anyway, here's a photo.
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  19. Set of fairly good condition 17" black original scooby wheels of my 2009 wrx hatchback. A fair few paint flakes but no kerbing or buckles. 2 alloys with budget tyres...5mm tread. 2 tyres at all. £150 ono
  20. Just spotted this item please let it have been due to oversight in pre delivery inspection when someone forgot to remove the suspension travel restrictors that were installed for transport from the factory? it is not unusual apparently!
  21. I have two points that may cause you issues. 1. The rear bumper diffuser shape - does it have the x2 cutouts you will need to fit the rear box? My 2.0RX has the WRX-S style with only a single cutout 2. The diameter of your cat back section will probably be smaller than the STI pipe so the front donut gasket you have ordered will fit the outside diameter no problem but the inside diameter will be too big. This is what I was supplied for putting a WRX turbo exhaust onto my 2.0NA RX you can see the new one has a larger diameter than the OEM RX but the OD was very close so a replacement for my RX work no problem
  22. Thanks Mr B, will do. I did have a number of metal items in the storage between the front seats. I have been advised that there is a sensor under there that can sometimes cause an issue . So ive removed them and will see how it goes will have a look at the diagrams. Cheers Rob
  23. Hi everyone its been a while but the SOC merchandise is available again with a new website. Its still in progress so please bare with me lol. We offer personalised items to. Any problems please message me. Its been a rough few months for us all. Hope everyone is ok and Stay safe. Any new ideas etc are welcome. T Shirts Hoodies Stickers Mugs and more..........
  24. Hi. I need a bit of advice. I have a Forester 2.0 diesel. I get the engine management light and the light of the car with the line slashed through it illuminated. But it doesn't always come on. I seems to happen randomly. The traction control sensors have been checked and I've been to the garage,and they can't find anything. Can anybody help? Thanks in anticipation.
  25. Wow. Just read all this. You have got him surely if the engine turns out to not be what you were sold. You have the advert and spec if it does not match then any court should side with you. You would like to think anyway. I wish you the best of luck.
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