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    Japfest 2021

    I will get a ticket sorry I got distracted by a well needed holiday and work 😪
  3. Please my Subaru shaken when driven on highway. it was inspected by the dealer they couldn't found nothing. What they told me is that I should replace / change the front rotors and brake pads. I changed it, but still doing the same, whenever the odometer reach 35mph or 40 above when 'am driven. So I don't know what to do. Please anyone who have similar problem about this vehicle before. Please do not hesitate to give advise or opinion what to do. Thank you.
  4. Thank god I didn't see anything like that when I took the seats etc out. I would have been devastated. Looks like a shocking job, one for a sunny weekend!
  5. Mine has an Amazon supplied plug into the OBD socket to power the camera. Simple, neat and tidy.. 👍
  6. Hi - From the picture your car looks in top condition and with the benefit of long term ownership you know the car. I dont know what the garage would cost you but if you have a drive I would invest in a decent car cover that wont damage the paint work in the wind and is breathable so condensation does not build up. Also a decent battery charger that will 'maintain ' the battery not just charge it. Consider some axle stands to get the wheels off the ground or so you can remove the wheels all together. This way you can take your time checking for rust coming under arches with no access
  7. Hi - All down to what you plan to use the car for? Performance tarmac, daily commute / school run, towing, off road tracks, off road goat tracks, occasional weekday use with autocross at weekends?
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  9. Just to echo Ernie's post,I agree with all he says there👍 The Xv is such a great car to drive..a fantastic ride,Lovely steering and a very solid chassis all round. The tech is excellent with probably the best active cruise control and safety systems out there. The only downsides to me were the cost of services,some rarity of parts (I had a bit of a mare getting pads from anywhere other than the dealer) and the very limited range of engines,all of which are a little weak in comparison to the competition but make up for it by being exceptionally almost feel as if you a
  10. Called into a dealer today, the problem stumped them. Awaiting their discussions with Subaru UKHO now. They are experienced Subaru dealer and this anomaly seems to have caught them on the hop. I agree Pete it is a bit silly that that an hijacker creeping up on the nearside can still get in. However, having studied the manual further I discovered that the ever searching fob can be put to sleep easily to save its battery life, and it works OK. No need for a Faraday box in the kitchen. (The dealer didn't know about that until I showed him, in the good books for future service costs now🤣)
  11. Thanks for quick replys! I will check the oil level correctly and let's hope that is where the problem is. How big and expensive job is it if it's the shaft bearing?
  12. It’s a great car (2016 Levorg 1.6 GT) 1.6 turbo works really well and you will find yourself going faster than you think. Very reliable too. I love it. See my posts about sorting out the only major drawback, which is the lack of a proper spare wheel! My local village garage services it with no problems (as with my previous Foresters and Outback).
  13. @Rocket Gold Star you’ve obviously gone to a great deal of trouble to source and find alternatives and reasonably priced. I figure the average car owner is not going to do that and will just have to rock up at the dealers and pay the man. Wheel bearings and front pads seem to be a feature that crops up regularly. I honestly can not remember having to think about issues such as these within the warranty period of the cars. (Apologies for going way off subject during this thread)
  14. Last week
  15. The Early Exiga we’re sold in Japan, Indonesia and Australia (Legacy Exiga) from 2009 they have lots of other goodies like lane departure etc. A lot of Japanese go for a top of the range Sony sound system inc TV. Unfortunately they don’t work in the uk so a retro fit unit has to be fitted. The newer ones will be more expensive!! Make sure if you get one you get the cam belt etc changed and change all oils etc. As you will probably get no service history. Still can’t get a drivers hand book in English.
  16. What a lovely country. Looks like rural Wales, but with palm trees. And sunshine
  17. It's finally time to say goodbye to my treasured 1999 Scooby- which I have owned from New- nearly 22 years! Excellent condition for its age with 4 months MoT and still running like new- still puts a smile on my face when I drive it! Used as a daily commute for the first 12 years then only taken out of its garage for weekend spins for the past 8 years! Unaltered from original 1999MY spec, hence reliable and easy to get parts. 17in Gold alloy wheels (I still have the original 16in silver and also another gold set - these can be included too). Otherwise as per photos - I have added vent
  18. Actually I've been posting for over a year, and there are quite a few Levorg owners on here
  19. Not a levorg buuuut - replaced the headunits in the imprezas for an immediate improvement, next will be the speakers as they are not brilliant, still missing some bass though and am looking at an underseat unit for the passenger seat. May end up with an amp but I have been here before and ICE is as bad as tuning, its a slippery slope 😁
  20. Had zero issues with my 2.0 NA engine, have massive issues with a 2.5 turbo that had been built by Scooby clinic - failed after 4K (1K in my ownership) so good an bad experiences. If properly maintained they can be very reliable, many examples do over 200K. You may find the power to weight ratio of the 1.6 engine in the levorg to be not great particularly if you have a full load buuuut saying that I have never driven a levorg and also I do not know what cars you are used to - if you are switching from a renault 5 gt turbo to the levorg you will def have issues as that Renault is effectively a
  21. That would work as an initial setting, you may find you need more, some newage imprezas are running -1.75 to -2.0. I cannot find my last printout (it was a few years back) and haven't had one done recently so cannot help any more than this unfortunately. I will need to get a full alignment done this year and was intending to get a fast road / track setup done down at Litchfield and will share those results with you, so again more information that is no use to you at this point 🙃
  22. Hi all, I recently took ownership of a 2005 jdm wrx. I bought a cheap second had mid section for a new age but it doesn't fit. I have a couple of questions, sorry if they've been asked before. Do I need a classic mid section? For the downpipe will it be twin scroll and would that have to be for a classic aswel?
  23. What do you want / need doing? This will be worth getting an idea on as when you contact different places they will want to to know your requirements. The reason for this is due to soooo many options available - a basic service to full forged rebuild £100 - £3K ++++ dependent on spec
  24. What was failing first, bottom end or turbo, is just as likely bottom end bearing debris effected turbo. The reality is if you want hassle free cheap motoring stay away from subaru diesel and any modern dpf diesel as they all garbage due to the emission equipment that an engineering joke and environmental disaster . The EZ20 diesels are extra garbage due to crank failure and bottom end bearing issues . Used engines are so expensive as demand far exceeds supply due to fact they all will fail terminally due to crank issues that not really been fully resolved . We get loads of 2008 to 201
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