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  2. It is from the oil cooler o ring ,there is 2 or 3 o rings. Sent from my SM-A705FN using Tapatalk
  3. Thanks for your advice I appreciate it. Yes when clearing the codes and driving after the car was running smoothly. Even when running lumpy it idles fine. Going to be a busy dirty weekend hope the weather holds off.
  4. There will be a 12v feed from your reverse switch or light itself (if aftermarket)
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  6. Yeh the turbo a joy unless do mpg calcs 🙂 Coming up to time of year you really start loving a Forester . I'll post links to front arm bushes and balljoint, know which ones they are as common failure due to crappy design on later models (earlier design of rear bush way better) pic just so we 110% .
  7. Done it . 1 hours job . So incase anyone else has to change ones . Hear is how to do it . Remove intercooler Remove the rear engine support arm Jack up car Undo centre section of exhaust Put Jack under gearbox Undo both gearbox brackets off car so gearbox can drop . ( only drops about 6 inches but it is enough ) The nps is on the top black plug and wire facing downwards not the one facing forwards that's the rev light switch white plug and wire . Cut a 19mm spanner so about 4 inches use open end crack it off and undo . Reverse is all backwards . Easy job . (Not as easy as 5 speed though lol ) Avcs now working again . Happy days
  8. ok cheers m8, would you go for the vf34 or 35? im not bothered about top end speed as i live in the country so mainly b roads no motorways or anything like that
  9. So I'm looking at fitting some HT Autos bumper lips to my hawkeye. After much searching I can only find pictures of this angle, does anybody have these fitted and has pictures of what they look like from the rear? If possible ones that haven't been lowered, I'm finding it strange that no-ones posted pic's of them as they seem a cheap and potentially decent mod. Thanks for reading
  10. I run a 1999 N/A 2.0 Legacy as my every day car, and as said above, you won't get much in the way of horse power. However, the suspension set up is basically the same as the turbo models but softer with thinner anti-roll bars etc. I've replaced all the rubber bushes on mine with aftermarket ones designed for the Impreza Turbo of the same age, so while it may be slow the handling is lovely and sharp on the corners.
  11. did you find a switch?- I am about to fit a bike carrier rack and need to switch them off ?
  12. I have a problem with the Radio in my 2015 Outback. It's an ordinary am/fm radio but when I'm listening to fm, various things happen; reception cuts out for a few seconds at a time, bits of the radio programme up to 4 or 5 seconds long repeat themselves up to 3 times. Also I have noticed that what I am hearing can be up to 8 minutes behind the real time. ie I hear the 6 o clock news starting at 6:08. This is all happening when the sat-nav is not active. Anyone else have this problem? The Subaru dealer I bought it from has not helped.
  13. Hi Jay i did not even know you replied . I do 9000 miles pa 40 miles a day round trip to work 20 miles country route and 20 miles motorway every day. I dont think the DPF will be a issue . I have been told by Subaru that the crankshaft issue was sorted after the 2010 models .
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  15. Ned Kelly

    XV video

    Oh Wow ! "I'm Very impressed !" as well. And can you imagine doing Iceland in Your XV ? Thank you for posting ! Greatly appreciated !
  16. F10 or F90 m5 will be my next car, simply cos decat and map and its 700bhp haha
  17. It transpires the steering rack was already a 13.1 ratio so spruce up and refit old bushes with replacement Perrin items Brackets before cleaned Painted Painted and Perrin bushes installed Back in situ post all threads been chased and dressed Rose joints greased to prevent the rust that had built up returning, antiseize on threads stainless steel bolts and nuts plus split washers to lock all in place
  18. Just knowing what to ask for is so helpful, thanks. Its running horribly, so bad I will not drive it for fear of doing more damage. Starts and idels fine but, no power below 3000 ish and a pronounced misfire a little above 4000... Then add the general flatness... Just pointed out to the dealer that it is his problem, under UK law, but he dosn't believe me yet. The sad thing is I want the car, or something basically the same, If it can be fixed to a point where it is no greater risk than anything else that age and milage I would keep it but it isn't looking good at the dealership thus far. I work on hydro sites all over the country, hours on the motorway and then miles on steep rough tracks, and oftern slippery fields, all fully loaded. I have, a 2004 that I have run for several years and 85000 miles, its done 190000 now but it only just scraped through emissions last year and one or two less siveer but annoying faults now, hence the upgrade... 2004 available for S&R with 4 good AT's on alloy and Pedders heavy duty struts on the rear if anyone is interested.
  19. Looking good - Good luck with the sale
  20. Depends on what is defined as 'cooler' My auto rx has oil pipes that run to a small modine heat exchanger which does some cooling but I wouldnt call it a cooler. The manual states if the car is to be used for towing a cooler should be installed as it will over heat - by that I interpret to be a multi row goodridge or secal mini radiator type affair that has oil to air flow
  21. Wotcha and welcome - are there any engine codes being generated?
  22. Wotcha and welcome - feel free to share photos etc and get stuck in, all friendly on here. The number you have shared is the transmission / gearbox code - details here The car code will be starting with GC8...
  23. Wotcha and welcome - I know when doing this type of thing for MX bikes I have approached a dealer as they can printout the details from their database. Is it worth contacting Subaru with teh VIN details and getting a printout from them?
  24. 2002-02 SUBARU IMPREZA GX AWD AUTO 1994 Petrol Automatic For Sale 143 935 miles on the clock and still driving so likely to change slightly. Colour Silver. Reg No. OE 02 NFK. MOT: Date tested 28 May 2019 PASS Expiry date 03 Jun 2020 Mileage at time MOT 141,008 Advisory notice item(s) Offside Rear Inner Tyre slightly damaged/cracking or perishing, Offside Rear Wheel bearing slightly noisy (since fixed) Asking price £600 negotiable. Original purchase price £1045. Recently had some work done including new bearings to value £490. However, vehicle requires a whole new exhaust recent quote for replacement with labour £700 new - if you can source a used exhaust this would obviously be cheaper. Diagnostics and checks suggest that the vehicles gearbox and engine are in good working order. Does occasionally lose power with speedometer acting erratically - cause unknown, advice would be appreciated. Would like the vehicle to ideally go to someone who can love and restore her or use her parts to help keep other scoobys going. My family and I have owned this car since June 2014. According to the value is as follows:
  26. I would suggest that grinding noise (which my Subaru Impreza has suffered from) would be bearing and or caliper.
  27. o other thing is they just seem to make it up at times,,, hahaha
  28. Just a slight correction, they are Vmaxx, no Kmaxx. found out when i went looking at brake upgrade options haha
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