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  2. Remove the standard pillar, drop your vac hose and wiring down. Then look underneath and boom! Jobs done!
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  4. Reach out to breakers and they may eventually turn something up - other than that I would buy the kit and sell the filter you have if you want it sooner rather than later?
  5. Great to hear - keep us posted of feedback as the weather turns
  6. great photos - I see you are one of those wallflower, shrinking violet types that likes to cruise around unnoticed 😄😄
  7. Yesterday
  8. Depending on how flush the break is, get the end of a candle and heat it up. Press onto the key and let cool. Then pull
  9. Sorry been quiet. Im still ok to come and ill PayPal you the money this week!
  10. As you say simple when you know but what a pain in the !!!
  11. Last week
  12. Hello all selling a set off morette front lights for a bugeye Subaru offers welcome also looking to swap for standard or sti or angle eyes for a bugeye with cash on top thank you all in advance
  13. Wotcha and welcome - as above, check also for signs of emulsification in coolant - before you get the engine warm 😉
  14. i'd guess they were damaged but bumper was ok
  15. Put a bit of primer on the arch and thought that'll do for today.
  16. Checked hoses, all hot and top hose still squishy :) Sent from my SM-G955F using Tapatalk
  17. What boost are you running? If standard then check plugs, if mapped check plug gaps aren't too big
  18. Does this issue occur round right handers and left handers or just one way?
  19. Lots of tipex to mark the crank pulley and cam wheels. Just need to drain and remove the radiator for access
  20. Hello Post a pic of what you drive
  21. Due to changing the car for track use I have the following bits for sale 3x Black Prosport 52mm gauges, oil pressure and temp and Boost £50 STi steering wheel and airbag unmarked £235 Passenger airbag £100 Front seatbelts with antidive charge x 2 £25 Standard double din radio/cassette/cd player £60 STi radiatr with twin fans and overflow bottle, all tested n working £70 07860376927 for any info Thanks Simon
  22. Final teaser...body work will be complete on Friday ❤️❤️❤️
  23. It may not be so easy to find a Tribeca as there appear to be only about110 registered
  24. Engine tuner are down in plymouth
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