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  2. bishaldinho92


    It doesn't completely overheat, it gets to what could be called 3 quarters and drops back down, sometimes goes over and drops down,sometimes it's when i drive it hard, then I can drive it hard and it's fine, and it will get hot just cruising , I am seriously gettin fukked off with it ! Had the thermostat replaced and it seems to be slightly better if not the same! It's the first decent expensive car i have owned (always had 500 quid bangers) and it I just want someone to have it and sort it the !Removed! out! The mechanic I use seems to make excuses sayin aslong as it's not hitting the red its ok, and the other garage I use which specialise and tune alot of rally /track cars just say HG straight away!
  3. Yesterday
  4. Juddian

    Might Be Selling. Which New Car?

    Neither the good lady or myself would want to go back to 2WD, especially with a motor with some poke. The weather we are about to experience is what makes full time 4WD the best thing since Y fronts, slippery wet cold roads at junctions roundabouts bends no problem, these drivetrains just sort it all out for you, no embarrassing wheelspins, no struggling to put down grip, that grip is worth a hell of a lot of bhp when so much of it can't be used because of grip issues. My tuppenceworth is if you must sell find something that drives all the wheels.
  5. mfnick

    underbody sealing help
  6. razzascoob


    Turbo inlet pipe available?
  7. mattiekane

    MOT fail on emissions

    Unfortunately not, the joys of living in the middle of nowhere haha Loud pipes save lives
  8. Hi bud is the spoiler the oe v1sti one , as i can't tell from that pic and if so would you post to suffolk (east Anglia) Cheers clive
  9. savage bulldogs

    a few pics of my project so far

    Been driving the bug sti a lot recently, which is no slouch and a pleasure to drive 😎 But the v1sti will be coming off the road for the salty winter period soon 🙁 as she's looking good with her fresh coat of paint and I'd like to keep her that way 😉. So i decided to fire her up and take it for a spin to blow the cobwebs off before hibernation time . Eldest daughter doesn't often let me go out in the v1sti , without her ,as i think she loves the scoob more than me 🙄 Hit the slip lane and she turns to me grinning "Dad this thing you've created is absolutely savage , compared to bluebaru" 😂 Bug does sound nice with the haywood n scott turbo back and hks d.v but i will miss the rawness of the v1sti and the savage soundtrack of the fluttering gt28 and old skool Bailey's d.v 😊


    Hi, latest navigation appdate here
  11. gornal wolf

    new to Scooby doo

    hi. just bought a little 1500 hatchback. tbh it was an emergency buy after blowing up my volvo but I have taken to this little car. and have named him scrappy I find the auto box a bit clunky but havn't yet checked levels will do today. will be doing dings and bodywork next summer hope this Intro's me and scrappy to your club and look forward to checking in here for tips and advice. thanks for reading
  12. Last week
  13. Gavo12

    Annoying boot leak 😡

    Has diff spoiler ive had that resealed in the last week, wheel well has always been dry, checked the arch wells and both had a little water in, lights seem dry, really starting to get to me only real drips i can find are coming from were i 1st described besde the boot hinge arms
  14. I've got one of those haha issues: I bought a hyperflow TMIC on ebay for 280 which seemed like a decent deal since STi ones go for 250. Problem is it is larger than an STi intercooler. Much much larger. Since I have a WRX I've got to change the intercooler tray (the metal thingie that sits between scoop and TMIC) and the scoop itself because it won't fit the STi TMIC tray. But even this one is small for the hyperflow, about 1 inch smaller in width and half an inch in height. Has anyone ever run across one of them, installed one of them? Apart from just ignoring the difference in size, I don't know what to do (I'm prepared to ask a colleague to design me a custom one in CAD but that will be super pricey). I'll upload some pics soon. Cheers, A.
  15. Vortex


    I know I'm resurrecting a zombie post. I was with Admiral for 6 years, always around 700-750. Then I bought my WRX and they asked for 1,500 and I tried to negotiate a more realistic price, saying I've gotten better deals, but they weren't interested. I tried other quotes from online sources (moneysupermarket, etc) and they all seemed to come around 1.5K. Then I tried a Sky quote, and it was 380 plus covering the cost of all modifications. It was a no-brainer. I think anyone intending to do or having mods, should def go with a specialist broker.
  16. hello please some advice had my impreza for 6 month car is a one onwer fmdsh gx auto 2003 . when cold car revs upto 3000revs and drops down to 1200 revs when placed into drive revs move up and down a little when driving on cold revs seem to drive car upto about 25mph but once warm seems fine but slight hick in top gear at about 2000revs when you take your foot of the gas . i have had it into garage throttle body cleaned changed idle control valve had codes read old p420 showed but was cleared petrol cleaner and full service this is nice old car but dont want to spend fortune looking at this problem spoke to main dealer a the car had a previous problem when a different garage fitted stainles steel exhaust which has been removed to solve problem sorry if i have giving too much info just have have had nissan leaf for 5 year and cant remember how normal cars drive thanks
  17. Hello everyone my name is Miguel and It's been my dream to own a suburu since I knew of then, I have an opportunity of checking one today at a very cheap price. Its a 2000 Wrx GF8 with 91K, the car is on sale for £1250, any specific issues I should look for while checking the car? Hopefully the car is mechanically sound.
  18. Hi Could somebody please point in the right direction I am looking for a set of Pistons for my 2000 Outback EJ251 SOHC. I cant seem to find anybody who sells/can get hold of them anywhere in the UK Help Please
  19. savage bulldogs

    Halfords tools Professional Vs Advanced

    Tbh i had a lot of mac and snap on stuff from my apprenticeship and working as a mechanic full time but 20yrs on and i seem to have lost a few lol . Last year during the black friday halfrauds sale they'd reduced their 300+ pcs advanced tool set and coupled with the s.o.c membership discount card it cost me just over £110 (instead of £320) . Not as good as some brands but i recently removed, rebuilt and refitted the ej207 in my bug and didn't need to use many of the tools, that wasn't in the new box 😉
  20. Geoffpalmeruk

    Skid Pan

    ok so i have finalised my designs, (quite different to the above) worked out holes and just aquiring the metal and then off to the workshop to bend and drill it 🙂
  21. Geoffpalmeruk

    Just bought my first Scooby!

    WOOP!! Welcome along! i think Savage covered it all really just keep on top of things like fluids, don't pwn it when cold, and imho i would do a quick service just for piece of mind (filter, oil, spark etc)
  22. siwy71

    Forester Cross Sports 2.0T Auto

    it does little over 6 sec to 60 mph , stock
  23. razzascoob

    Rear Seat Covers?

    As we use our scooby (2002 WRX) as a family car with 2 young kids I was hoping to fit a rear seat cover, I bought one from seat covers UK which looks good but doesn't fit lol any ideas?
  24. Mr B

    Forester s/tb driveshafts

    Just buy the end joints/boots as needed, all you need do is count the splines to match them, same joints used on most models and easy source . Blueprint or solidauto do good boots, bleprint do joints but not cheapest but quality good, plenty options on eBay, also ICP should do them and they will do SOC discount . Replacing whole shafts not a great idea and the full aftermarket shafts poor quality and can have balance issues (vibration), we only ever rebuild shafts for subarus .
  25. Mr B

    Parts needed

    👍 one of better options for lowish cost, good move on full set . Will pay you back in less agro . One of hardest things I got push customers is decent full set of tyres, pointless having awd and !Removed! tyres and if like family safety then it small money well spent .
  26. Robert M

    subaru hatch 2.0d breaking

    Hi, Is it £80 for both left and right four pot calipers or 80 each? Thanks in advance! //Robert Skickat från min Pixel via Tapatalk
  27. FinlandChallengesYou

    Your chance to drive Rally Cars on Ice in Lapland

    The events are based in a small town in Lapland, Finland called Kemi, situated on the shores of the Bothnian Bay. Kemi is known for the world´s largest Snowcastle that is now starting it´s 23rd season. Kemi is the world´s only location with ice driving circuits built on the frozen sea ice. The Seaside Glass Villa accommodation that are next to the ice driving circuits was nominated the winner of the World Luxury Hotel Awards 2018 so a night under the starts and the Northern lights will well impress your partner. There are many other winter activities to book if you do travel to Lapland Finland. Snowmobile safari on the wast open sea ice, the icebreaker experience, try the traditional Finnish Sauna or drive a Tesla Model S and Model 3 on ice. The maximum booking amount of 10 drivers per event day can be extended to 20 drivers per day. This would mean a cheaper discounted rate for a group of 20 drivers per group. The price is 490€ per person, when 4 persons are sharing 1 car. This discounted option of 20 drivers per group is available only for the Subaru owners club.
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