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  2. DaveRAC


    Definitely do this but check for any vacuum leaks and possible wastage actuator issues out of interest how are you getting these boost readings?
  3. DaveRAC


    So I have 2 payments so far @Sclark01 @scottrobo23 Still need to make a payment
  4. marcothio

    90K Subaru XV

    Well, I passed the 90k mark this week and thought I’d share my experiences over the last 45K since Feb 2016. It started a bit rough with a burned out clutch, luckily replaced under warranty (around 49K). As it’s a manual, i started driving more clutch-wary, putting it in manual during stops etc. So far no problems. Other than the clutch, both brakes have been replaced (front around 60k, rear around 80k) and new tyres fitted (at 52k) and serviced at the dealer a bit ahead of the schedule. I am extremely pleased with this now nearly 6 year old car, both on the road and occasional off road. I drove a CRV the other day and, albeit newer and fancier, it just didn’t feel as planted as the XV. Mileage remains at 54 on highway, lower 40 on B roads. I usually drive my cars until up to high mileage (last car did 300K km), so let’s see how far the scoobie will go! Wishing all fellow XV’ers many happy miles!
  5. Today
  6. Raspberryroulade

    Forester steering issue

    Sorry for the delayed response. All have been inspected and all are in good condition. One possibility has been mentioned. A friend had a similar problem with a Kia Sorento fitted with Michelin tyres. Never occurred to me it could be my tyres, she had Vredestein fitted before the Michelins that I put on about a year ago. Could this be a possibility?
  7. nikvik1

    Hi everyone

    Thanks for the info. Good shout for the oil, filter and plugs change before the remap. Do you know whats the best option for these items for the 2001 bugeye?
  8. ernieb

    Making a better sound.

    Tried the link again this morning and by copy and paste into Google and it worked. Very strange? I don't have much of a frame of reference with the diesel engined XV to be honest but from the video clip I'd say the no back box has a deeper, broader sound. It might sound very different with the car under load?
  9. Yesterday
  10. Hi Im moving from UK to Spain and i can't take my car with myself. Im putting for sale my dream car. Very good car for a small price and hopefully it will go into good hands. Subaru BRZ SE LUX SPORT 2012 Milleage 109000mil Keyless system / TORSEN / Heated seats and mirrors / Electric mirrors / Dual zone auto climate system / Cruise control / Leather and alcantra seats. Full Subaru dealer service history (last done in December) MOT till December 2018 New brake pads rear I have never had any problems with the car, i drive it do Europe with no issue. Clear history, no category. Extras fitted to car: -Cobra Sport UEL headers. -Cobra Sport preformance exhaust (Cat Back) -Full LED interior light uprgade -OEM armrest -Front and rear parking sensors -Hands free bluetooth kit -Interior trims in Carbon fibre wrap -Brand new all season Goodyear Vector 4 Season Gen 2 tyres on OEM wheels. PRICE: 9199£ Feel free to contact me for more informations. PHONE NUMBER: 07549292448 PRICE DROP FOR QUICK SALE
  11. Thefatmanwrx

    Acceptable compression test results

    Thanks again for the reply gonna have a leak down test performed and will update when completed
  12. Last week
  13. Hi. I have recently bought a 2004 3L outback. and so far really like the car. But it has started getting a SS or 55 error code with the traction abs lights coming on. It used to happen after driving for about an hour. then was coming on earlier. Now its as soon as I start the car before even driving. I have read that its most likely a abs sensor fault. I have measured the resistance for the front sensors and they both read 29.26M ohms and 29.50M ohms. A friend of mine also has the same car so we measured his sensors and they were 22.6M ohms on both front sides. could someone tell me what sort of reading I should be getting and if the reading I have are within tolerance. I will also test the rear sensors when I find the connectors. But have not been able to locate them yet. Thanks
  14. Jay762


    Almost there!
  15. Jay762

    Info on car ?

    Wotcha and welcome - not seen that motor before so unfortunately cannot offer any more - what mods has it has out of interest?
  16. Jay762

    Catalunya numbers

    Wotcha and welcome - keep us posted as may be useful for other members
  17. Jay762

    New Member - hellooooo

    Wotcha and welcome - feel free to jump right in all friendly on here!!
  18. Jay762

    Subaru virgin

    Wotcha and welcome - does sound like you have picked up a neglected model, shame
  19. Jay762

    Possible new WRX Wagon owner

    Wotcha and welcome!
  20. Jay762

    STI popped cherry

    Wotcha and welcome - with teh drive by wire throttle you should also be able to map in flat foot shifting and antilag should you desire
  21. Jay762

    HI Newbie here

    Wotcha and welcome Steve - that is a very desirable motor, wouldn't mind one myself and dont worry about the Evo - When I found Mitsubishi manufactured switches in my scoob I realised they were both very closely related I haven't seen a Mica blue Type R for some time, 18 months I think, been keeping an eye out and even then I did not know if it was original or had been resprayed. So IMO will be a case of keeping an eye out - and now you have flagged it on the forum that may help as well
  22. Jay762

    Looking to buy first Suburu

    Wotcha and welcome. Here is a thread with a load of good advice in general With the 08 onwards ones check for rear arch rust - it collects there as well, panels are thin so look along the car on the roof line, the upper rear qtr panel can sometimes be pushed in. You can get clunks from the front top mounts and suspensions struts, slow rolling forwards and backwards then braking will throw these out. Usual stuff around full service. Interior trim paint is really thin check the door card handle grips and console trays where keys will have been placed for damage - small negotiating point get a proper 4 wheel alignment done and consider a remap for optimum fuelling through the range and ringland failure protection (not necessarily power) Keep us posted as to your progress
  23. Jay762

    My first Subaru!

    Wotcha and welcome - All friendly on here, you seem to have some great ideas there feel free to set up a project thread and keep a camera handy for progress shots 😀👍
  24. It does make the world of difference! eBay store: Facebook profile: He will customise it however you want, full leather/ full alacantra/ no stripe etc. Or send him a pic of one you’ve seen and he will match it (thats what i did).
  25. moshe_levy

    Overheating 2008 fxt onhot day up hill

    here it is lnstall on the car
  26. gemlp82

    Japshow Santa Pod 10th June 2018

    Let me know if you need anything bringing!
  27. Mikepurse

    Where is P555WRC

    Hi guys, would any one have contact details and the location of P555WRC? I’m sure it’s been asked a million times before... I looks like it’s been off the road a few years now.
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