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  2. Sandals

    2007 STI Limited

    Ah sneaky!
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  4. Hi, We are currently looking to replace a crv. We have driven a forester 2.0 and an XT. We quite like the XT but it doesn't have the eyesight safety systems, but is fun to drive. Is there anything we should be aware of when looking to buy either of these? We currently only do short commutes in the week, with the longer journeys being at the weekends. cheers Rich
  5. rykard

    Potential new owner

    Hi, We are currently looking to replace a crv. We have driven a forester 2.0 and an XT. We quite like the XT but it doesn't have the eyesight safety systems, but is fun to drive. Is there anything we should be aware of when looking to buy either of these? We currently only do short commutes in the week, with the longer journeys being at the weekends. cheers Rich
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  7. I dont no how the garage did the test .i unpluged the sensors to take off the inlet after doing all this I noticed a bad oil leak from the turbo area so must of disturbed on oil line
  8. Mr B

    Timing Belt or full belt/pulley kit?

    If you want be stingy at least inspect each idler gear and the tensioner when strip it and buy what only needed, one that more likely usable is tensioner but the plain idlers and toothed normally have some play or dryness or both. Water pump wants checking too but rare these really need replacing at 90K for a NA road car . I know many insist tensioner must be replaced but actual Subaru guidelines is testing it in spec, obviously if bearing rough or it leaking oil on hydraulic tensioner or it fail the load testing (see SFSM) then needs replacing. With timing belts you almost better off not doing it if not going do it well as bad decisions and work = potential scrap . Dayco belt and japan oem idlers from ICP not that expensive . Whatever you do DO NOT use cheaper sourced parts as that worse than running with old oem .
  9. Scoobyghost

    Potential Purchase

    Ah shame. Keep an eye out. Some good examples out and about.
  10. walkersteve2005

    Wanted, 03-06 Outback H6 or Legacy H6

    Hi Andy Have a nose @ walkersteve 2005
  11. savage bulldogs

    Japshow Finale 23rd Sept Santa Pod

    My scoob was proppa filthy by the time we got there, glad i spent about 10hrs cleaning it 😏 Still enjoyed it and good to meet the few i spoke too and sorry too the one's i didn't get chance too chat with . Took a couple of "hurried" pics of the stand , so sorry if i didn't get everyone's scoob in . I'll try to make the effort to get too a few more s.o.c show stands next year though 😉
  12. Can anyone advise me or point me to a video on how to remove the trim from inside the rear door on my estate. SWMBO complained that the cloth covering was coming off so, as she was using the car for Scouts camp all w/e, I just pulled it right off, thinking that removal of the panel would be easy. Ha!! Prising with a flat screwdriver produced unwanted sounds so maybe I need to remove the whole trim panel so I can get the small (previously) cloth covered panel off to re-cover it. I'm not going to try gluing it back on overhead. I will use 3M77 spray adhesive with it off the car so's I can get it straight. Thanks.
  13. demondriverdave

    What to look for in an Forester STI

    Not sure if I replied already. I’m near Marden in Kent about 8 miles south of Maidstone. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Window motors are common on these, that about £30 used motor and an hour to fit by someone knows how do them the easy way . Certainly not a fuse lol, can be 100% sure it motor with test light at motor wiring plug, want use a 5amp draw so know wiring ntergrity good, multi meter not good really as can show good but wiring corrosion ect could stop actual working current so need test circuit under load for proper verification. You can also add a drain hole in the motor housing on lowest point near the motor spindle bearing on the replacement and replenish some grease/ lube slide rails which helps lengthen life . £400 cheap but check rear inner arches, subframe and trailing link body mounts THOROUGHLY as can rust bad on these and pricey repairs . Saggy rear suspension also common and caused buy failed sls struts but new kyb struts and springs pretty cheap .
  15. GAZWRX

    New here, be gentle.

    I've used import car parts for loads off stuff on my Subaru based not too far from me so delivery is always quick and all genuine parts. And there quite cheap as well. You can't go wrong with oem parts I would stuck with oem for timing belt kit or a reputable aftermarket kit such as cosworth / hks etc. As for the clutch depending on what your future plans or to give it more power etc. Put a stage 2 one in then you won't have to replace it again if you do decide to get more power. Stunning looking car my mate just got a red still 300 one of these last week. I love it. hope the project goes well ! Also first thing I would do to your still is paint the front grille satin black just my person preference but done my mates on Saturday and it looked much hetter. I'll add a pic below.
  16. HI guys ! quick question, anyone removed cubby box for head unit instal ? any advices how ? forward, up ? is it pin type like the rest of the trim I am assuming .
  17. GeoffLeggy

    what shows do the subaru owners club go to

    Welcome! As a club we usually go to the 2 Japshows at Santa Pod each year and Japfest at Silverstone. We usually get 8-10 cars for those. I’ve been to Rallyday myself before but not felt the general interest to go as a club.
  18. Last week
  19. siwy71

    Gutted.. Drivers Window stopped working on my Forester.

    now I will try to clean mine, almost same symptoms , with the only difference that my window closes in jumps
  20. FF-1 1300G

    FF-1 1300G info

    I had something like this in mind (not saying a Legacy is not a good alternative)
  21. Hi all, I did a deal on a Foz today. I'm picking it up next week it needs some TLC but nothing major. I had some questions. I believe the Drivetrain is the same as the same as an Impreza STI, which one? It will need new pads soon, and I'll give it a service so need to know what parts to look for. It only has one key, whats the best way to go about adding a second, is there a flip key option for that will work with the remote locking? One of the issues was a whoosing noise from the nearside front window right in the corner near the speaker the door seal looks fine and I can't feel any air coming through, it does have the window spoiler things fitted, so maybe it is that. Any other suggestions? It is missing the parcel shelf, will an SF one fit or is it SG only? Anything else fit? Legacy etc? The red intake is chipped in a few places, is there a touch up paint people are aware of or is the only solution to repaint it. A drivers side electric window isn't working, anyone know if the internals are the same as an Impreza model? I'm thinking about replacing the rear lights with the Facelift ones, They look like they are a bolt on swap is that right? Any suggestions where to get a set? I was also thinking about the later mirrors, with indicators and power folding, but I am guessing this is a bit of a ball ache to wire up, anyone done this? Here's the car, standard apart from an Apexi Exhaust, Advan Wheels and the STI Defi Gauge Cluster
  22. d..

    Noisy steering issue.

    The heaviness in the steering could also be associated with a clogged power steering hose I would replace the hose also if not already done so Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  23. ernieb

    Simpsons Subaru (not the dealer..)

    I see the copyright was 2016, so must have been around for awhile. Not seen it before myself.
  24. Hi Ive only just joined the forum already been helped out by a member on here so already seeming to be a good place full of knowledgeable people. Anyways I am onto my second impreza now. I currently have a blobeye impreza wrx at the minute. Thaught I would share some pictures of the car and what I've done to it so far. When I baught the car it was basically standard apart from having some pridrive copy wheels and still spoiler and an eBay exhaust and the worst paint job I've ever seen. Since buying the car I've had the whole car painted Fitted coilovers Xxr 527's Front mount intercooler Hayward and Scott down pipe and centre pipe Blitz nurspec r back box Powder coated inlet manifold All discs and pads Wing stabilizers Wheel bearings and suspension arm bushes Full service Auxillary belts and pulleys Thermostat Oil catch tank Atmospheric bov D1 spec gauges De tangoed headlights Short shifter Timing belt kit Walbro fuel pump Poly bush engine pitch mount Uprated speakers and head unit Sti winglets and fog covers. That's all I can think of for now. Don't have any pictures from when I first got it. But it looked like a standard wrx with black wheels. thanks
  25. GAZWRX

    Switchable map ? Help needed

    No problem thanks for the help much appreciated 👍
  26. Mr B

    Subaru engine

    I think you need get better idea of what been done and expected faults before making decisions.
  27. Hi everyone ! Picked up my xv yesterday (2014) , wanted something just a bit different than the usual mummy mobile ! However , how the hell do I switch the passenger air bags on ??? Grrr driving me mad!! And with no hands free , is there one we can add?? Thanks all in advance !!
  28. JamesJDMwagon

    What have you done to your Subaru today ?

    Been cleaning up my spare engine and inspecting it
  29. Sheerbarrylad

    New kid on the block

    Alright there people I am new to the Subaru world and would like to pick your brains to aid me with a project I’m trying to undertake if is of any interest to any of you????
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