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  2. That’s great advice thank you. On the subject of the Outback 3.6 is it as rare in the UK as it looks? Due to this rarity it it a mad idea? 120k Full Subaru history. many thanks again
  3. wouldn't expect them be perfect at over 300K but it too early days get idea full potential and with most diesels dead from dpf constant expense or crank failure not many done super high miles to judge rest of systems . It engine out to remove/refit injectors .
  4. Last week
  5. Think Darren at abw sells most panels in fibreglass and a few wide arch kits too 😉
  6. Wasn't sure if anyone had put them on standard wheels on a wagon. I asked on a Facebook group and some people were saying 25mm all round. Some said 20 and 1 said 20 rear 5 front I think... Oh yeah deffo have to be hub centric. I just didn't want to wait to measure. I was planning on getting some so day one I can get a few little jobs done to tidy the looks up a tad
  7. Well at least he has responded now and as you say, either way you get closure
  8. just started to get a petition going to try to get the government to do something about modified car insurance.
  9. I used Whiteline, Powerflex and Super Pro but the strongflex option will sort you out no problem
  10. If you don't bleed the fronts first you run the risk of trying to bleed a bubble from front to rear which uses more fluid and is fine if you are doing a flush but for taht reason I always do fronts first
  11. following as my car could do with a few touch ups.
  12. I'm looking at buying my dream car... a 2003 Subaru WRX STI. I've seen a few for sale around some stock and some modded, I would in the future like to modify the car however any advice on what to look for in both stock and modded cars to buy would be appreciated and also a price range for both.
  13. Thanks for that. I’ll mention the oil separator plate. Max did say there was some water in the wheel well if memory serves me well so I’ll re-mention that to him to replace the seals
  14. I had mine fitted by Black Circle at home, the fitter did a brilliant job, very careful & took his time, And commented Michelin cross climate are miles above top brand tyres due to there tyre pattern that is cut square giving top performance through out the life of the tyre. Hope that helps anyone on what tyre to buy, we are spoilt for choice All the best.
  15. Hi thanks for that just to clarify I have not fitted the new abs sensors as i thought i could get away with using the old ones but have the new sensors will be fitting them this weekend thanks . micky
  16. Ive just decided to sell it ill really miss it but right now I just dont have the time or money to look into repairing. Start saving for a new adventure possible in a sti 😉
  17. Wotcha and welcome - I also almost went for an Evo prior to becoming a Scoob owner and that was after going to buy the missus an Audi .... but we wont go into that - but after chatting to a friend who owned both apparently as a daily the Scoob was easier to live with, better turning circle etc. I would start with a thorough service so you have a known baseline of ownership, change fluids etc
  18. could do, time will tell. hubs are pretty solid chunks one side done, other side is waiting on a bolt. wont know if the sensors are ok untill they road test it.
  19. Wotcha and welcome - It is a little hit and miss unfortunately, I had a standard 2.5 sti and had no issues with it, serviced regularly and whilst all points on the rev counter were used in full there was (as always) a degree of mechanical sympathy. I also bought a 'built' example that on paper looked great but had just been cobbled together and let go 4k into its life (1K with me) I am staying with the 2.5l lump and on the standard one have put the cylinder 4 cooling mod in place, will retain a conservative tune (330 - 340bhp) and service regularly. The project one is getting built t
  20. Hi is this still available? If so could you tell me if it's ULEZ exempt? You can check with the registration number on Thanks. Maxwell
  21. Wotcha and welcome - A few XV owners on here so feel free to get stuck in - all friendly
  22. I've seen them up from , anywhere between £6k to £10k , top end would be bog standard, rust free , low miles with good history. Bottom end probaly modded with rusty arches . One of my favourite versions the v2sti ra , so chuck up some pics if you do buy it 😊
  23. Thanks Jay, I get what you're saying, thanks for the input. I will keep that in mind, and it could sway me to leave it alone.
  24. Mine was delivered to UK May 2018. The dealer did say that there might be another letter with another recall notice, in fact that is what they thought I'd called about as the opening remark was "you got another letter"
  25. Only driven for 600 miles before being replaced with All Season tyres on Subaru XV. No repairs, punctures or damage. Tread depth virtually as new. £100 for all 4. Buyer to arrange carriage or collect. Berkshire.
  26. Just bought 1 month ago.When starting after leaving a few days there us a girning noise from the engine for around 1 minute then car runs perfectly.Any ideas?
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