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  2. Fully Synthetic I imagine? (Haven't got my manual to hand)
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  4. Looks like a nice clean v1 wrx you've found , nice choice chap 👍
  5. I've been at home since Tuesday at the start of the uk lockdown ,so had a few (to many) beers at home on Friday celebrating my birthday and didn't do anything scooby till sunday 🙄 Although most of the parts have been through the hotwash, there's no such thing as being too clean prior to assembly. My teenage daughter's like to get involved so I put them to work cleaning parts , while I dried them with a heat gun 😊 I trust Pat's work but I will still dry build the mains with plastigauge, to triple check the crank clearances . I also want to check that the longer throw on the 2.5 crank hasn't caused the piston skirts to contact the grub screws ,that I used to delete the oil squirters 😉 At least with everything clean, dried and prepped , I'm ready to do the dry build , if all goes well , I might even get chance to gap the rings too Keep safe people's 👍
  6. Cheers @Jay762 funny enough this is the other set that I am considering due to the scarcity of the BBS but I am specifically looking for 17” I found this set a few weeks back: can’t find a clear answer on whether these fit over Brembos, have been advised that the do and don’t fit due to the offset/spike pattern. also quite pricey but are very lightweight as you say and also look amazing. Was looking to spend about £800-£900 depending on condition etc. lot of choice out there for that price range but 17” is proving to be an issue! reason for 17” is to get more depth out of the tyre wall for comfort, don’t want to move to coilovers as these would cost the same as a new set of wheels and would prefer wheels to coilovers.
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  8. The US got an eXV (or Crosstrek) in 2013, so I would guess it will be a few years before the PHEV version makes it over here. Europe, as a whole, is not a big market for Subaru so we're well down their priority list for new models, although emission legislation may force their hand. (Similarly, I'm not looking to change, despite also receiving a £2000 voucher the other day.) I've been looking through the stats and the eXV has a fuel tank that is 15 litres smaller, with a boot that is 45 litres down, so it looks like they've had to find space for all the electrical gubbins. Seems a bit of an oversight on the new Global Platform that it wasn't hybrid-ready, especially as Subaru have had a tie-up with Toyota for many years now. Regarding fuel economy, also found that both our cars display an MPG that is around 10% greater than what the pumps suggest. It was 23.8 MPG for the XV (no, really!!!) on the last tank (I'm putting it down to a 7-mile commute, so barely warmed up, plus defrosting time at the moment), whereas the car reckoned on 26-ish.
  9. Hi I'm having troble getting spark to my motor it's s 2008 Subaru legacy wagon push start model no fuse are blowen I've change the battery in the fob it's not the starter motor could it be a relay Sent from my VFD320 using Tapatalk
  10. Did it run ok for long after the conversion ? Have you checked the ECU for codes and done a ECU reset ? Could try cleaning the maf with brake cleaner before buying any parts . When you changed the spark plugs did they all look the same colour , if one plug was wet with fuel or a different colour to the rest ? it might indicate a misfire on that cylinder , as the symptoms sort of sound like that might be the issue
  11. Thanks. Progress will probably be slow as it is just when I can afford things or they need changing. And I don't want to mess with it too much yet, everything seems to be working well (done 140k miles) and I like the reliability I am getting. In the advanced technology department so not racing stuff, but should be a very cool year of work. It probably will get light off road use from time to time. Unlikely to be anything that serious, but keeping comfort and flex should help if I do. Just got to get them changed over now.
  12. Any uk owners had a roof basket fitted? I really fancy one,partly for the looks,partly because they will add a lot more luggage capacity when we go camping... Any recommendations/pictures of their xv's with them fitted? I'm a bit conflicted between cheaper versions on Amazon that seem to look great and come with roof racks and a thule system that are no doubt fantastic quality but mega expensive!
  13. Hi. Just to let you know we are still very much open and hopefully its business as usual wherever possible. As from Monday our quotes team will be on hand for any new quotations as per the below :- Monday – Friday 9 am – 6 pm Saturday – 9 am – 4 pm Sunday 10 am -2 pm Currently our service teams opening hours for existing clients are unaffected. Please feel free to visit the following FAQ link for advice around Coronavirus and insurance:- During this uncertain period you may wish to look into laid up insurance so if this is the case please feel free to drop me a line. Stay safe. Regards, Dan.
  14. Hi - you mention the car is stock but cables have needed adjustment.... I would look at the MAF, when was the air filter and plugs replaced. Are all your earth points good, is there a good voltage from teh alternator to the battery? Some straight forward stuff you could look at as well
  15. Depends if you would intend keeping the car, if so I would go for a stainless steel option
  16. Only places I could think to try would be luke at import car parts , as he occasionally gets full rear 1/4 ,wings and other panels in stock . Or Alyn @asperformance as he can source most things ,if asked . if all else fails maybe you could consider cutting one from a clean "breaker " shell and getting it shot blasted . Best of luck with the restoration, always nice to see early rare cars getting some TLC 👍
  17. Proppa tidy install that mate , nice work Jay 👍
  18. Yeah,exactly!! The bumper protector obviously has to be put down to open the cages,so any mistimed jumps hit that instead.
  19. Car enthusiasts, young and old alike, have a little more time at home these days Sorry it doesn't feature any Scoobys, but hopefully your little ones will be happy with pictures of Audi in the short term to keep them occupied Simply print out as many different pictures as you like and get colouring 🙂 Download a copy to print out and get colouring! (click link below to start download) documents_original_6974-AudiColoringBookforonline (1).pdf Original article source: Audi News
  20. Hi all Does anyone know how to remove the blower fans from the centre console housing without breaking anything? I know how to get them out as a full unit but I just want the surround not the actual fins Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  21. Wotcha and welcome - cant answer the saloon question but you are right about the hatches, a lot of people clearly like spending time in them - there are some lower mileage JDM versions that pop up every now and then with the 2.0 twinscroll setup
  22. As part of it is lit and the gauge still functions I would say your rear wiring connectors are fine. It would point to a break where the led mounts the PCB (as it is intermittent) or worse a component that supplies the voltage to the LED is on the way out. As these will all be surface mount components it is not impossible to repair but a large magnifying glass and steady hands is a must have
  23. Wotcha and welcome - liking the profile of the bonnet, feel free to start a project thread and keep us updated as to your progress
  24. the majority of blocks that come as standard are not good for big HP builds - The exception that is the early closed deck blocks (CDB). You will need to decide which route to go as the internals will vary accordingly. The pretty much undisputed best build solution for these motors is the 2.0 cdb block with a 2.35 stroker kit. However doing a cdb conversion on your block then using standard sized forged pistons (look at Mahle 2618 race pistons) with arrow rods and associated uprated bearings (Cosworth, King, Mahle) will get you to a 550 capable build. You will also need uprated bolts - ARP is the norm and uprated head gaskets, RCM ones do not need reaming if you are going for a 14 / 14 size thread conversion. Heads. Your standard heads will be fine from a sizing perspective however your will need to look at changing the springs & retainers - look at supertech or RCM. Talk to these guys - in your part of the world and can sort your cdb conversion plus build parts
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    I’ve just ordered a set of those Rotas 18 s,They are for my hawk wagon to which at a later stage I’ll be putting big brakes on
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