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  2. Dogconker

    What did you do to your XV today???

    I am consideringbit to be fair, I need to see first if it lasts, if it does I’ll order some more, so far though the car is still beading and anything that lands on it seems to get washed off with rain, it’s not been cleaned for over a week will see how long it goes for
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  4. BoofleGem


    Hello from a fellow blobeye wagon owner [emoji16] Sent from my HTC One A9s using Tapatalk
  5. Good to hear. My only concern is that I don’t believe you can get 5mm hubcentric ones as they’re too small (I’ve looked high and low for some, even emailed eibach) Meaning the weight is on the studs alone, none on the spigot. Whereas the hubcentric ones effectively extend the spigot spreading the weight a Little better. But I’ve read loads of people say they’ve never had a problem with them on for years even and on track. So must be ok for my fast road use. Seems to just be people who’ve never used them saying they’re bad just based on their own theories. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. 2x Black Wing Stiffis Supports Spoiler - Stops Bouncing Easy to fit (with 3M Tape - once fitted they do not move) Cost £120 Looking for £80 (plus £5 postage)
  7. 20mm Really makes the car stand out when fitted Pushes wheels out so they don't look sunken in to arches Cost £150 Looking for £100 (free postage)
  8. Cold Air intake Cone, Wrinkle Red Aluminium Pipe, Heatshield to Protect from Hot Engine Heat... Costs £270 on ScoobyWorld Looking for £180 (free postage)
  9. Fits 2015+ Subaru WRX STI Hayward & Scott 2.5" Non-Resonated Turbo Back Exhaust: Downpipe, Decat Pipe, Centre Section with 2x 4" Rear Exits Was on car for 6000 miles Sold the car (reason for selling parts) * Can email more pics of the individual sections Full System is £1388 on ScoobyWorld Looking for £900 (postage around £35)
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  11. Bazz29

    A sad day

    Hahaha i do live on a big hill 🤔🤔
  12. Paull09

    Blob Catback wanted

    Hi all, Im currently looking for a new catback for my 2005 Sti and was looking for a blitz nur spec if possible but I just wanted to see what was out there at the moment. Will come to collect if its not massively far away if not can pay for post, based in Derby. Can either post a reply here or call/text me on 07498294183. thanks in advance
  13. James hadley

    Ecu help

    Hi I recently became a 2016 Subaru STI owner, standard with no mods.. I went away on holiday for 2weeks and come home to a flat battery, my boy left my interior light on.. so I removed the battery and recharged it overnight, put it back On everything is working as it should no errors or engine lights etc, but when I drive it it seems to be a lot slower from what it was before the intelligence sport and sport# modes all feel the same power?? I’ve heard the ecu has to relearn? Is this true? How long does it take? Or is there something I need to do that can help reset it back to the way it was before??
  14. Scott shepherd

    Subaru Impreza 2004

    Hi up for sale Subaru Impreza 2004 119500 miles full service history 11 month mot , just been serviced , pump and belts changed 98k £3500 Ono look on my profile at old post , for pictures etc cheers Scott 👍 car is in good conditon , drives well engine and gearbox spot on ,
  15. Mr B

    Passenger rear camber fault??

    No camber adjustment on rear from factory . trailing arm won't effect it but badly worn/ damaged lateral links would as does worn strut rod bearing and top mount issue . all easy check, camber bolts easy solution for fine adjustment once suspension accessed good.
  16. Andy69

    New BRZ

    It is amazing how time flies and it will soon be two years since I got my BRZ. The good and bad points of this car can be found all over the internet, so there is no need to repeat it all again here. However, there is one more negative thing that has made me think that I will likely not get another BRZ in the future. Now we have some hot weather, it is apparent just how under powered the air-conditioning really is (like the engine). The system remains in full recirculate mode (not nice, with stale air) and the temperature in the car never gets hugely below the outside ambient. Probably three or four degrees at best, in the shade. The system is only any good if the outside temperature never goes much above 21 degrees centigrade. Yes, the air-con is working according to spec... apparently. Total pants IMHO.
  17. Taken from my 2012 JDM Legacy BRG 2.0GTD DIT. As new, with no damage or marks. Part data shows 91121AJ110 as OEM part number. Typically on the rear of the grille are two other part numbers so take your pick. Postage will be pricey to prevent damage or collection possible if practical. £50 plus p and p.
  18. hackisfun


    It's down to preference oh what you order, So hoses £300, the your probably looking £200 for labour and replacement coolant But priority would be to find the leaking hose and get clip replaced ASAP as if will go without warning
  19. Jesse James

    Decat exhaust Mot Issue ?

    I went to Pole Position in Wolverhampton last week and he said that a decat is the first thing you should do. I asked about the Mot and he said "it will never fail here" hopefully that may help someone Sent from my SM-G960F using Tapatalk
  20. JohnDil


    Thanks, I may go the turbo route, with a front mount cooler, bigger valves, but only being 2ltr I dont want it to go rice crispies, snap, crackle POP! Fine line between tuning and over tuning where you put too much strain on it. Cheers.
  21. david1972

    What have you done to your Subaru today ?

    ETA is 19 July so should be collecting 3-4 working days after that. I went through a chap called Ryan at Club Japan Imports. He is excellent and very knowledgable. If you message him through his Facebook page he responds very quickly normally. If you have specific requirements he will look for you and give you some options.
  22. kershaw-330s

    Forums dead?

    I totally agree with this , I still much prefers the way a proper forum works and would be a shame to see them shut down
  23. kershaw-330s

    Confusing info online (oils)

    You want to use the highest grade fully synthetic you can afford preferably Ester based like a millers or a titan race etc there is a tread on here by opie give you a run down of the best brands etc
  24. shms

    Navigation help

    maybe you need to move....😀 soz i can't be more help...
  25. Dogconker

    Ceramic Paint Treatment - Test

    So car has been coated a week now, this morning it was covered in dust and pollen etc, paint felt quite a bit gritty especially having towed tge caravan nearly 100miles and also down a crushed stone road, but we had a downpour this evening, water beaded on paint even though it was obviously dusty and dirty, just as it did in the video I posted earlier, rubbed my hand over the paint and it felt as smooth as silk again, so I guess it’s self cleaning in terms of dust etc. Even the bug splats on front bumper had mostly come off, just needed a help. But without me doing anything to it it looks like glass again. Actually quite impressed!
  26. Contact the DVLA with a legitiment reason and they will give you the registered keepers details Or ask them to forward your contact information to the registered keeper.
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