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  2. Hi Otto, when I got my Forester e-boxer this March I thought the same about the Sound system. So after a while of trying some of my past usual equaliser settings I let Google do a search on the problem. Soon found on other Subaru forums that I (like you now) thought the sound was crap. One or two suggested forgetting your usual settings and go for somethink like the attached, which now I find quite acceptable. I like all sorts of music from 60s 70s 80s 90s now and Club, all sound OK now. Hope that helps in some way.
  3. Thanks, I thought about them, but will see how it goes with the dealers first to ensure no warranty issues further down the line.
  4. Totally agree with you and part of the problem is that these items are badged from other manufactures, e.g. Harman, so the real expertise and possible liability is with a third party. Your claim, however, is with Subaru UK. Good luck and hope you have some success but these things are always trying and potentially long winded.
  5. Not sure you can buy just the Y piece - a quick search and it looks like you can buy the whole mid section which includes the Y section. Cheapest on evilbay is £69 As an alternative you could look at getting one fabricated https://www.longlife.co.uk/Longlife-Bristol
  6. Use them as a point of reference then search uk online parts sites or evilbay thenn if that does not work go for main stealer. Talk to ICP if you are really struggling they supply a lot of OEM and replacement parts for Subaru's https://www.importcarparts.co.uk/parts?cat=96
  7. I expect that this is common but my light comes on , when it flashes the engine is miss behaving but with static light there is no noticeable difference. garage can not find a fault code . looked at sensors before and after Cat . on Amazon found one , comments from customers said that it cured engine light . have already fitted new. cool pack , Leeds and sparks . any thoughts guys ?
  8. Hi all new to the forum thought I'd share my first impreza. Pretty standard example I think just an aftermarket backbox and the speedline wheels and the wing Before and after a good clean. Looking at changing to crystal headlights if I can source some
  9. Yesterday
  10. Fair point. For me now I'd like to sort wr sport mine( I know it wasn't available for this year). And just change exhaust,filter y pipe and remap
  11. Last week
  12. Does anyone know where I can get crystal headlights for my97 impreza? I've seen scoobyworld sell the sidelights but not the main light Will they have to be an ebay job?
  13. Sun load sensor for the temp/aircon.
  14. OK, in that case I'll be ordering a new boot rather than a whole new driveshaft. Thanks so much!
  15. Given prices Subarus are commanding at the moment I think he will not take a really low offer - TBH I think the asking price and what you propose are fair for that motor but that is just my opinion based upon the information I am getting sent through for a 2.0 RX which has gone from 2400 to 3100 in the last 18 months
  16. It looks like the starter for your motor is used on other subarus, might be possible to get a cheaper used item from a breaker? Have a look through this site for ideas on cross model parts - Although US orientated it should give you some options against buying a brand new item ttps://www.1stsubaruparts.com/v-2014-subaru-xv-crosstrek--premium--2-0l-h4-gas
  17. I would go with a mix of aftermarket and OEM - You can get beefier / adjustable drop links and replace the OEM rubber bushes with aftermarket poly items (No need to do the more solid option, some are stiffer than others) Replace your ball joint with a subaru item
  18. Looking for a diesel service manual. Sucross is great buts it petrol only. My 2012 xv 2.0d diesel needs a new starter and not sure where its located
  19. Like every forum there are a lot of questions asked on a repeatedly rather than searching previous questions which for some users is annoying thereby limiting answers when time has been taken to answer previously. Forums are great when there is a two way interaction and sufficient knowledge of the subject matter but I have noticed a lot of queries having no replies and haven't quite sussed out why. Not good practice though to have a dig at members who may have information you realy need and can't find anything from other sources. Your original query was from two months ago and it took seconds to come up with the link I posted although I knew it existed from doing research on the first scoob I had at least 10 years ago. There are a lot of good resources out there from more model focused forums like SIDC and NASIOC in the states and believe me most owners have probably learned most of what they can now relay via this forum from other sites and then put into practice.
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  21. Best advice don’t look book a test drive, it’s a different experience driving an hybrid car. Reading specs and the like is one thing but it’s a different feeling to drive, try to get at least a couple of hours if you can. My dealer was very good and just gave me the keys and told me when the garage closed. Keep us posted on what you decide as you’ve said the XV is good for the next 13 months but it might be worth testing out something different. Good luck whatever you decide.
  22. It might be worth posting your question on here https://www.subaruforester.org/ as the Forester is a very popular car in the US, certainly compared to the UK.
  24. Cheers Stuartie, I will have a look !
  25. Not sure what any of the code numbers are , as I mainly work on the earlier models. I have owned and rebuilt a few 207's though . The previous owner of my old v7sti fitted a aftermarket turbo intake and it caused a hunting idle and slight stutter when "rolling on n off the throttle " . This only went one the intake tract change was mapped in . Avcs is controlled via oil pressure created by the avcs solinoids, these can fail /seize but there is a serviceable "banjo bolt screen" that can become blocked . I'd suggest to inspect the avcs feed banjo bolt filters and replace them . Then see if refitting a oe intake pipe or getting the new intake pipe "mapped in " and see if makes a difference. As the car could possibly be in safe/limp mode , disabling the avcs in the process .
  26. Hi n welcome, looks like its had a fair bit done 😎 The mapper has probably held it back a bit to save the 5 speed , as those mods are capable of around 340hp (pending on the spec of the hybrid tdo5) . Only thing I'd say was unnecessary would be the oil cooler at that level of tune , there really only needed for high hp track cars tbh . Pending on model /year (cars original equipment) I'd probably look into upgrading the brakes , to reign in the extra ponies . Tbh 320 to 330 hp is the ideal sweet spot for classic imprezas, makes for a fast road car but retains a certain amount of reliability regarding engine and box limits . Enjoy and get some pics up 😊
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