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  3. Hi there! When I was searching for mine I did see just one that did have a filler piece for the gap, it attached to the boot lid. I haven't got one either sadly !!
  4. Definitely worth it but shop around as prices vary widely. Sent from my HTC Desire 530 using Tapatalk
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  6. Well that's what I'm hoping for, lol will get the times up after Sunday. Get your car on the track mate and see what times yours does lol its a brilliant buzz😂
  7. Alan Jeffries has been around the mapping scene for many years, he has a lot of experience. I believe its his son Martyn who races a mapped and modded classic Impreza at some of the drag and drift events around here (and is one of the fastest). I would trust them. If you were to look further afield, Scoobybits in the Truro area in cornwall has a good rep, and is a subaru specialist.
  8. Welcome along. Sent from my LYA-L29 using Tapatalk
  9. Cheers 👍 No I’m not doing just getting the stuff and then got to sort out someone to fit it. The belt That’s on it is over 10 years old lol
  10. OSubaru Forrester 2002 failed MOT due to rusted back wheel arches suspension springs. Good engine. Genuine 195,000 miles. Contact if interested. Car is in Leciester.
  11. I had adjusted tps and fuel pressure and it was running bang on yesterday 😎 Took it out today and the afr is all over the place again 😒 I've got quite a few ECU pin voltage differences between the car and oe v1 schematics but it's a phase 1 car running a phase 1.5 tps . So it might have always had different voltages and was mapped that way in the first place . So after numerous chats with Tim at jtinnovations and Clive attowe the only thing we all think it could be , is that the old loom was giving wrong voltages and was mapped with them . Now the looms not faulty the ECU is receiving different voltages 🤔 It was running fine for 2yrs and Tbh I've only changed the rails and regulator. It's' starting to do my Swede in now ,as I've tried n tested everything I can think of and I'm almost ready to flick a match at it . So I'm going to run it up to attowes Monday week ,so he can check sensors, vac/intake leaks and see if a tweek can resolve it . In the meantime I'll have to show the bug some love and ......
  12. Thanks mate - just called them and they can’t work on this engine. There’s something about this particular engine - the rom is locked or something. Appreciate the help though!
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  14. Wanting to know if these blobeye polycarbonate windows would fit on my 2006 hawkeye sti. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  15. Evening all. I'm looking at this part on ICP (, however it says it's for LHD cars only. Does anyone know what the difference is? I can't see how it would be different with the latch etc being in the centre and not offset like the later cars. Or is there's a part number kicking about for a RHD version?
  16. Hello I'm no expert, but I bought a JDM a few months ago. Mine is an STI wagon 2001 -It should have zero rust, ask for the auction sheet, it will give you a score out of 5 for it's condition, the Japanese are extremely thorough so anything above 4 is good, it has an air intake, which means it should have been mapped for, I would ask about that, other than that, the 2.5 engine has a bad reputation but on a JDM STI hopefully it will have either a forged or semi forged engine. An identification plate under the bonnet will give you the engine code and gearbox code, check them for reliability. I have included a picture. I'm in pontefract if you want to walk around mine
  17. Get wiring diagrams and check harness visually and with multimeter, if all in spec ideally want put a scope on that and check signals and timing correlational . Visually checking cam belt with top covers pulled could be wise, you may see belt overly loose (tensioner bad perhaps)
  18. We have some Club T Shirts we are selling at up to 65% off RRP Grab a bargain while you can before they are all gone! T SHIRT SIZE: S / M / L / XL / XXL COLOUR: GREY PRICE: £9.99 (usually £19.99) - FREE DELIVERY
  19. Hi I'm new to the impreza world, iv just picked up my first one been tinkering the last few days with it, it's a 2004 wrx with cat back, panel filter, bov and remap. Anyway I'm going to install a boost gauge that iv already bought along with a single pilla pod to mount it, only issue is how do I get the vacuum pipe up behind the dash and to the back of my boost gauge neatly? Will it fit though without cutting the dash?
  20. Good news, my dealer has replaced the clutch assembly under warranty and the problem has gone.😁 Not only that, the clutch feels better with a more positive, smoother clutch engagement and the pedal is not as stiff as before. The old clutch was slightly worn unevenly and burnt. As I am the new owner of the car, I of course do not know how it had been treated previously. But I am very happy now it is fixed. So it is with thanks to my local Subaru dealer MTC Cars for getting it sorted. 👍
  21. Hello All, I've just bought a 2007 Legacy which I am collecting on Saturday, so just dropping by to say hello! Got a few items of trim I could do with help with on part numbers to get her all looking at her best again, so I'll be very grateful for any support. Thanks! Gawain
  22. Hi...Is this still for sale? Cheers, Carl...
  23. Wondering if anyone has had this happen to them and if there are any known fixes? It's to do with a 56 plate Hawkeye Impreza spec D STi with the EJ257 engine, no mods other than RCM head studs and gaskets. Below 4k rpm, the car feels like it's being choked, with it being more apparent at low oil temperatures. As soon as you hit ~4k the engine picks up and you get a more positive burst of power. It happens more noticeably when accelerating at a "normal" rate rather than foot down, but still happens with the foot down as well. The only engine code I have at the moment is P0410 (Secondary air pump) which I've not got round to sorting, but don't see how this would effect the power as it's more of an emissions thing? Any help is appreciated! PS it isn't turbo lag before anyone tries to be clever! 😉
  24. Wotcha and welcome - as above keep a camera handy and lets us know your progress
  25. Wotcha and welcome - Are you accessing it whilst stationary as whilst moving it deactivates - if so I would recommend reloading the navigation disc
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