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  2. It was when the wrx went to 2.5 engine that the pre cat in uppipe was was removed. My bugeyes upipe never destroyed itself and it was driven like it had rabies your call with what to do. The sti versions were catless uppipes
  3. I would suggest looking at youtube for xv rear wheel bearing change covering you year model . Video give you far better basic guide . Technically it simple nut and bolt job swap out a complete hub bearing assembly but corrosion can make them difficult slow process without good air tools . Buy a quality bearing assembly preferably japanese, not the lower priced stuff and none of the german sounding brands that actually chinese garbage .
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  7. If it 2.0 it won't be an outback it will be a Legacy Estate . On the Outback best engine is the 3.0 without doubt , preferably earlier the better . The 6 cylinders are subarus best . Plenty good examples around and now winter mostly over the prices go low and market for 3 litre auto estates not great, you do find lot of very clean examples about if look hard and can travel couple hundred miles (potentially troublesome times go buying due to covid restrictions)
  8. Bump. This is still for sale. Will have a new MOT in a couple of weeks. More info and pictures on request to Shame to let it go but I no longer need to drive to work or for work and I have motorcycles for fun and the Honda shown next to it for tip runs etc.
  9. I have a saloon for sale. I know it's not what you were looking for but it has a decent sized boot. I was looking for an estate also but couldn't find one in any where as good a condition as my saloon at twice the mileage and 1.5x the price.
  10. Yh I’ve already looked at that, I’ve only got 1ncb as I was on my second year 7month in and moved to Scotland and it was cheeper to swop to a new Insurance. Long story short I’m almost on my 2ncb and my record has 2 years and 7months and with that and declaring a turbo and all the above aswell as bigger wheels etc it’s coming in at £1300 so I can’t complain. however I own two cars and rent a shed so the Subaru is in storage witch I plan on taking it out November once the build is completed.
  11. Received this from Gaz @cusco scooby wagon Watson - very pleased - looks a lot better than when it left me 😁
  12. As above - sum of all parts, not necessarily just the turbo. I can sell you an SC46 which will give 500+ hp but may not achieve it on your setup
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  14. Thanks Savage I’ll take a look. Roads out my way aren’t too bad for pot holes. Have a nice twisty B road as well a couple of miles away, it’s not snakes pass like but still it’s a bit of fun. I’ll watch your progress WK, good luck with it. I’ve outsourced mine and so far the refresh/restore costs have nigh on doubled with the engine rebuild but it won’t need touching again - do it once, do it right - but still this car will owe me £15-18k (which would have brought a far more desirable model) ah well it was always about preserving something rather than making money at least in the shor
  15. Impreza wrx 2.5 prodrive saloon 07 parts After driver side rear headlight cluster. Interior driver side door panel/card. Any help appreciated. Cheers.
  16. I haven't looked on the diff yet, it's not very accessible at the moment... All I seem to be able to find is that it could be a 4.111 or a 4.444, so not much help... I basically need a 4.444 diff for my Impreza, and was hoping the one off of the forester would do it. Any idea if they're LSD? I'm guessing probably not...
  17. Buying not very old and from crash salvage it should be fine, I do this for a living and would trust genuine low use oem over new aftermarket. If you see how many faulty aftermarket parts (even top brands) we have had in a month you would faint. For starters, alternators, power steering pumps and aircon pumps used genuine best way go especially when talking about parts only 3 to 5 years old. Pump fitting is quick and easy on these but re-gassing is the cost, shop around for that.
  18. Wilmac my 2019 Forester XT ( 6,800mls) first died in a local car park a week after it’s first service. The dealers (now apparently standard) response was a faulty battery, even though this was tested as part of the service and passed? The 60ah Panasonic battery was replaced with a Varta 100ah battery last July and of course this initially lasted longer during the summer months. For the past 5 months I have been charging and running the car to boost the voltage which I check regularly, and, if left, within 3 to 4 days the voltage has dropped from 12.57v to around 11 volts, I.e., close to
  19. I don't have much experience with the 3ltr but I've always drained ej20's via the bottom hose . Colour of anti freeze isn't necessarily the best way to determine what to refill it with . I personally use motul ingul premixed anti freeze (around £40 from as performance) but as long as you use a antifreeze suitable for aluminium blocks (oat) you'll be fine . On the ej20 /ej25 you can buy a oil cooler hose kit , that comes with the 3 silicone hoses and hard pipe that crosses the front of the engine to the waterpump . unsure if the 3ltr has exactly the same set up but worth changin
  20. Hi. I’m looking to pick the collective brain of those who know, whether I should buy the above car. A 2012, 2.0 x with 60k miles. Is it any good? Under powered? unreliable? Safe? What are they like for home DIY? Expensive parts? If it’s too slow , is it easy to modify? Thanks in advance for any input. Cheers
  21. Import car parts stock these new 😉 if the mechanical speedo cable isn't sending a signal to the clocks /ecu ,it will probably limit boost and revs (limp mode) . As the ECU needs a speed reading in order to calculate loads
  22. I'm sure you'll find out once the teardown is done , are you having it rebuilt to stock spec or fitting forged pistons and stopper headgaskets?
  23. Recently bought an Outback, was looking for Forester but good condition Outback was nearby. It's the 3.0 litre pre 2004. Am I right that past 100,000 miles oil change is every 7,500 miles or yearly if less miles? Any recommendations for pads and discs? Also most importantly I need a bike rack to carry two mountain bikes. It has a tow bar and apparently these are best racks for safely carrying bikes. Halfords says not compatible with my car but another website says all tow bar racks should fit all cars. Any guidance please so I get a compatible bike rack for the tow bar, thank you!
  24. Thanks everyone, I appreciate it. I'll stay clear of them!
  25. Hi, I was wondering if anyone could help with the following, I have a sticker next to steering wheel and another in glove box (see attached images) and was wondering if you know what they are saying? They have dates on them so trust is something important? Cheers Hammo
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