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  2. OEM or quality parts only. Stay away from cheap ebay replacement parts if copies.
  3. Set of new boots to go with the extra go if they are needed. Set of new boots always feels great after run in.
  4. Only fast Renault I've ever owned was a Brodie Britain tuned Renault 5 gt turbo , thing used to try n kill me with torque steer on a regular basis but wish I still had it 😏 Popped into see a mate who's into his vdubs , this is his mk2 syncro running a longitudinal de stroked ,forged ,low compression v5 r32 engine with a gt40 and dsg 😍 think she's gonna be a bit of a animal πŸ€ͺ Best of luck with the project and keep us posted , bud πŸ‘
  5. You're not wrong there tidgy Β£3k is more than my engine build ,fuel system and turbo cost , sod that lol . My apexi f.c v1/V2 ECU and a few other bits will be up for sale (hopefully) within a couple of weeks..... as I bought a linkg4x on friday . So if you're not in a hurry @Falcongary ? Once the link and 740cc nismos are fitted and mapped, I'll give you 1st refusal if you want bud πŸ˜‰
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  7. thanks jay762 πŸ˜€ ive seen others on saloons do the same,cut into the tower to gain a better access to the area that need welding but first to make a brace/steady fixing...its the only way to sort out the rusty area properly and only way forward
  8. Last week
  9. Yeah its no problem man im just paranoid its my HG one should never google πŸ˜‚ if it is im screwed cause it will be worth picket change and ill need to walk everywhere lol
  10. Certainly wouldn't refuse MIntex at that price, owned by the same people who make Textar pads etc if i recall. IIRC they came like some others with the non swept parts unpainted where some other makers paint the non friction surfaces, when that's the case i apply a coat of black hammerite or similar so you don't see the rust on those parts through the alloy wheels, just personal preference whether you do and which colour you choose.
  11. Steelmate make some of the best parking sensor systems out there, not cheap but high quality with individual replacement parts available which you won't find with the cheapies, we had front and rear sensors fitted to our new Hilux at the time, very accurate, small unobtrusive led display on the dash showing which sensor was being triggered, i could maneuver to within a couple of inches front and rear, thought provoking ''watching'' a child walking across the front of the truck as the leds lit up in turn marking his progress.
  12. Wotcha and welcome - Love a hatch me 😍
  13. I woild like to replace my basic headunit in my 2012 subary xv. Ive seen double din screens for sale from 2015 xvs. Will these fit. Do they need coded
  14. Yes it has an apexi cone filter and I believe it has been remapped with a z4 ecu. is it easy to reset the ecu?
  15. Your welcome Jay πŸ‘ Those radium rails are a thing of beauty, bud 😊
  16. Been enjoying the new geo , seems to work well 😊. Went to a local scooby scooby meet last sunday , sensibly socially distant with a nice selection of scoobies to walk round while chatting. Only took a few pics and they don't do the cars justice tbh Even with the boost and duty targets backed off on the avcr , I'm still getting a bit of overboost 😏 I'd love to think that the trick up pipe and my self ported headers are out performing the old grouppe headers but it could well be that the ported headers haven't got a crack in them and are not leaking πŸ€” Either way I either need to turn the boost duty down more or get the map tweeked again 😏 Then these popped up for sale ... Genuine 740cc nismos ,that should be good for 440hp ish 😊 I know the 20g won't make that sort of power and I've never got caught in numbers but it will hopefully allow it to just break the 400hp barrier 🀞 Although the apexi f.c has done its job well for years 😎 I'll be ordering a link g4 plug in ECU tomorrow .😊
  17. Hello , I don’t drive my car that often and went to take it out today and checked oil , coolant ect and noticed my coolant was pretty low so I put about a pint of water in and went to get proper coolant and could only get pre mixed , will it be fine to just add that on top ?
  18. Sadly i too agree. If this was a petrol powered model then i'd say yes make the greatest use of it, but unless you travel for an hour or so on open roads regularly, giving it a fair chance to regen, then you will probably have DPF issues....if your normal motoring means you get a decent run fairly regularly then by all means give it a shot, if it causes issues then you can get the garage to force a regen then either modify your usage or sell the car on, at the very least you will have discovered if such a vehicle type is for you. This is where lorries are so much better, on some you can see the condition of the DPF via the dash menu (precentage of ash reading), and on some manually trigger a regen when suitable, all will warn you when a regen has started giving you the choice to carry on (i've driven an extra 5 miles once to allow a normal vehicle triggered regen to complete), and almost all of them have a full forced regen facility where you can park somewhere quiet where the much increased heat from the exhaust won't be a problem then press a switch, the engine will go to fast idle and 30 mins later the vehicle has self cleaned the practice after some 400,000 kms with 2 different make DPF equipped lorries i have not yet needed to trigger a forced regen and only had to cancel a normal vehicle triggered regen once due to just arriving at a customer where i would be blowing product into an explosive atmosphere right beside the vehicle, not a place for excess exhaust heat. Now why couldn't car makers have made this type of operation or even the state-of-play info available on cars, OK some people wouldn't have a clue but we're not all as stupid as car makers seem to think (one size fits all again), on most cars you don't even get a dash light to warn a regen is in process so it's too easy to stop regens mid cycle after a shortish run, this could happen repeatedly...after all the driver knows if they are about to embark on a suitable joureny, the computer in reply doesn't know you are only driving 4 miles to the supermarket. I have one other thought for you Urban Forester, it might be possible to get the software (don't ask me where or what i'm not a techie sort) so you can link to the diagnostics port and see for yourself the state of play of DPF, might even be possible to trigger your own static regen if you get any trouble...Toyota owners have access cheaply to a system called Techstream, i have it myself for my Toyota 4x4 use it mainly for checking injector values etc, there's probably something similar where Subaru owners can get into their vehicle's diagnostics without spending a small fortune...hopefully someone on this forum could advise if such a system exists.
  19. I have an Outback 2012 SE Boxer Diesel. The DPF fail light has come on twice, each time the code actually reads as an engine oil error. The oil tests fine & was even changed just to confirm the oil was ok. The DPF is clearing no problem. Has anyone had this issue?
  20. There is a red classic for sale in Wolverhampton - very clean motor not standard by some margin, chap worked at Pole Position, not mine but I had a look over it when looking at a clutch. wants 6k though
  21. Headliner is easy to remove, get some trim removal tools and take your time, the x3 plugs in the rear are plug in plug type so dont just stick you tool in and lever - you need to pop the larger top bit first to unlock them. Dont know about the badge - Think I read somewhere it was stuck on but you will see when you remove the trim for wrapping
  22. cars being broken on facebook or main dealer as dependent which bits you want they get broken
  23. Representing in the F1 Lotus stylee Think that Perrin sticker will have to go.... Plus the force is strong with this one...
  24. yak

    Alloy wheels

    yeah these are 5x114.3 jap fitment, thanks for responding quick!
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