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  4. Hello, I recently bought an ej205 long block from a '03 WRX as a spare which I plan to build for approx 450/500Whp for some fun on the track, time attack and similar. I know I'll need to either pin the block or do the closed deck conversion. Following a lot of threads and countless nights of reading on NASIOC I understand that EJ257 cams will fit the EJ205 heads, provided I close/weld the AVCS holes. I also plan on getting them nitridated in order to increase hardness/stiffness of the cams and valves. I've been looking on eBay and I have found 2 RHS cams from a GDB/Hawkeye STI, and theres another chap selling 2 LHS cams from an STI EJ25 without knowing which model it is. As far as I understand, 06-07 STi cams are single AVCS and should all be hollow? Whereas later cams ('08 onwards) are dual AVCS and are not hollow? Is it safe to assume if it's hollow its a single AVCS and therefore an 06-07 STi cam? Can I tell the difference by the AVCS holes instead? I want to stick with single AVCS since the gears should be the same with the non AVCS heads I'll be using? I've tried looking for part numbers or other identification but Google isn't being helpful at all. I would greatly appreciate any help with this, as it's doing my head in, and don't want to buy something on eBay that I'd have to resell.
  5. Hi, Im the proud owner of an 06 Forester 2.5XT. Although within a weeks ownership I've had some warning lights come on. The cruise control light flashes, whilst the traction control and engine light stay on Orange. Anybody have an idea? Heading down to my local private subaru garage this afternoon but thought I might see if anyone's had a similar problem, too. It's an 06 plate XT (stock) with 76000 miles on it and I love it. Cheers, Chris the Paramedic
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  7. Hi Disco - I'll message you with the keypad location - yours is probably the same Sigma system but not sure. If you look in the folder that the owners manual comes in ... there should be another instruction booklet about the alarm system, your pin number should be in there, mine is on two shiny stickers.
  8. I assume the only way to find that out is to strip down the suspension. Thanks for the input guys gives me plenty to think about.
  9. Hello Everyone, Just a heads up for those of you that aren't aware. Car Culture UK are hosting a DYNO day this Saturday and there's still a few places left to apply to run your car. You just need to email with details and spec of your car. But be quick, there's only a day or so left. Also, you'll have the chance to get your hands on the best detailing products on the market as I will be there with a trade stand selling Roar Advanced Finishing products and MPEX engine additives. See you there !!
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  11. Managed to convince the better half she wanted a day out on Dartmoor... gave me a good excuse for a good spirited drive. She must’ve enjoyed it too though, I even got her to take a half decent picture for me.
  12. Happy days, cheers buddy Loud pipes save lives
  13. I've got black diamond drilled and grooved on mine, no issues so far and they have been on for nearly 2 years Loud pipes save lives
  14. I'll be up for it but who is organising the events this year ?
  15. hi, sorry can't help with the wiring as mine is 2007 and 7 pin x2, but am intrigued that you are happy to tow with the fridge running on gas. whilst not illegal it's nevertheless fraught with danger so assume you're on board with the possible risks of a naked flame ! btw are you aware that you MUST turn it off if pulling into a petrol station ? and not when arriving at pump but before you enter. also if the fridge is of the absorption type it's very intolerant of not being level and being subject to going round corners, so your food may not be as cool as you hope on arrival ! it's easier to precool overnight on 240v before travelling and pack food in a insulated box (with ice blocks) carried in the car (less towed weight !!) Jmo and i hope you never have a shunt on route...🙂
  16. Hi savage... I don't know, I brought it as is
  17. Keep your side lights on all the time (they turn off with key out) see if that helps. Alternator voltage sits a bit low with them off for some reason.
  18. Could try to release the outter cable tie jublie clip on each steering rack boot , to see if the boot is filling with p.s fluid . The boots should have grease in them but not fluid , unless the rack seals have gone . Just make sure you've got suitable cable ties or that you can reuse the jubliee clips when refitting. If there's no fluid in the boots then I'd say you have a leak and to check pump, reservoir , both pump and rack ends of the pipework and the rack itself . Best of luck
  19. Sorry we weren't able to compete, thanks a lot for giving us a go! Dan
  20. Many thanks I know what you mean about Derbyshire Weather! Shame about TomTom . I will call in to Colin Appleyard in Ashton it's only 45 mins from here , just for a closer look and feel for it.
  21. as above, unless your parking it for weeks at a time you shouldnt have any battery charge issues unless there is a fault somewhere
  22. Gambit

    The Rant! Thread

    Said before their !Removed! insurance companies. Its exactly why i hate the. No fault on your behalf and as you seasod a decade of being loyal and this is what yoj get. [emoji35] Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
  23. Firstly a big Hello to all Members on Subaru Forums. Just joined to ask a few questions regarding my possible purchase of Subaru XV in around 7 Months time , plus need the time to get the Missus fully on board! Our present vehicle is an Alfa Romeo Giulietta 1.4 Petrol Auto so almost as rare as seeing a Subaru on the road! We both Love the Car and it is our third one , and yes they have all been reliable . Don't do a lot of mileage say around 6000 a year bought new and will be 4 years old in October this year. Don't fancy the new Giulia/ Stelvio too big ; too expensive . I have been hankering after an XV for some time only ever seen one on the road and that was a long time ago . Used to have a Suzuki Vitara a few years ago and Loved it's go anywhere ability, One Winter following some heavy Snow went out to have a play and it and it took everything i threw at it still miss it to this day but don't miss the poor MPG. The XV has everything i am looking for ; unique , rugged, reliable and go anywhere ; [ bit like the Missus ! hope she doesn't read this] anyway i have a dealer quite close to me so thinking of getting a closer look , what questions should i ask , is reliability an issue? i note the 5 yr g/t but sure i read somewhere it only covers certain items after 3 yrs is that correct? Price wise it is a little expensive at 25 thow' but when you look at the kit it has it looks like a good deal. I had been looking at Hyundai Kona [ similar style] but wouldn't want to spend that amount on one of them , i think the Subaru is a much better vehicle. How is the space for the driver ? i am 6'4 and always struggle in any Car , would you buy another XV or other Subaru , size wise it is ideal for both of us Love the raised height / safety / looks / fit and finish and not many of them about , the other thing is servicing is it expensive? we would be looking at keeping for five years . Sorry for all the question but i like to do as much research as possible on any new Vehicle , it was a leap of faith getting the Alfa as many people said keep away but all 3 of them have been superb and if a new Giulietta model was due out i would definitely consider it , unfortunately nothing is on the horizon and i think i want a change. Many thanks.
  24. yeh oem genuine subaru branded or straight from original manufacturer unbranded . original bushes can be had under £20 each and are press fit, we do these on car with forcing scre and cup kit . If it is the front control arms bushes then you may want do both bushes on each arm only other bushes likely be possibly bad is swaybar bushes/links. besides possibly the control arm rear bush I wouldn't expect any bushes be that bad at 50K but if been on farm drive or daily patch of bad road it might .
  25. Thanks guys. It's in very good nic for its age, 153k on the clock with full Subaru service history up until 10,000 miles ago. Only things it needs is front tyres that are close, so gonna get new all round this week and the dome light doesn't come on with the doors, (but I'm assuming it's just the bulb, haven't had chance to check). Paintwork on the bonnet is a bit dull and surface scratches but I'm not complaining. I did however have to read the handbook to find the wing mirror adjuster! Lol
  26. No problem, it's a pleasure to help a new Subaru owner/member to the forum. I remember feeling a bit inadequate asking my first question, I found members will always give good advice on just about any problem you may have with your Subaru. I appreciate totally about the cost of servicing your Subaru,and I like to pass my cash to an independent garage if possible. One other suggestion, just ask any other Subbie owner you see parked up at the side of the road,or in the supermarket car park locally, and ask where they get their car serviced, or try posting under another post heading for replies. All the best Disco.
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