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  1. Yesterday
  2. Hi new here just bought 55 plate legacy was wondering if any way I can listen to my iPod in it cheers
  3. Collected this gem from the port on Friday to add to my JDM stable.... Now sitting at my garage of choice where the following is getting done over Monday and Tuesday: Undersealed Fog light into rear cluster Oil and filter change Air filter change Cambelt, water pump, thermostat and aux belts all changed Spark plugs changed New brake discs and pads all round Pre-MOT check MOT Then home to wait for the DVLA to do their thang 😎
  4. @DaveRAC I'll have another 2 tickets if they're not gonna be used , pm me how much , I'll pay pal some more funds over and you can chuck em in the post with my stand pass and other ticket 😉
  5. Not much of a update just been enjoying driving it tbh but with the s.o.c japshow finale stand at santa pod being on next sunday . I gave it a "quick clean " and a coat of wax this weekend, so hopefully I can get away with a rinse and dry next Saturday 😊
  6. Yup Hondas use JIS and Vessel are the brand I have
  7. 2002 Forester Turbo Sport for sale. It is with great regret that an impending appearance at magistrates' court will almost certainly result in a healthy ban, which means I'm selling my beloved Forester – a rare Turbo Sport in metallic green and grey. It's done close on 140k, but has just had a new clutch and aux belt (£1k), recon rear diff fitted (£800), plus major service and new tyres and discs all-round (£600). Previous owner assured me the belts had been done at 90k. Got a few scrapes and scratches, but no dents or dings. Thought I'd put it up here before advertising it more widely. Viewing welcome in Peterborough area. No silly offers. Test drive only with cash in hand.
  8. Not getting much interest so price dropping to £4,295 or will do £3,995 with the original head unit only. Cheers
  9. Last week
  10. 2 years of Forester ownership & totally fed up, so time to head back to Skoda, from whence I came. Bought an ex-demo diesel from dealer near Edinburgh in Oct 2017. Since then, 4 trips back there for repairs under warranty. 1. Aircon flexi hose replaced 2. Aircon condenser replaced. 3. Both front bottom arm rear bushes replaced. 4. Section of exhaust fractured at flange, replaced. All visits needed a 100 mile round-trip, fuel at my cost. To be fair, no quibbles about work as long as I had full (any or non-Subaru) service records, which I did. Courtesy car available as & when, all work completed quickly so I was back under way again. However, very disappointing from the reliability point of view, since I bought my first ever Scooby on that reputation, along with the space & load carrying ability I need. Recent test drives in Skoda Karoq & Kodiaq are leading me back there, quality of fit & finish, along with driver & passenger friendly bells & whistles make the driving experience way ahead of Scoobies. Maybe I had a bad'un, but back to Skoda I go. 10 years of Skoda ownership,3 yrs in Octavia estate & 7 yrs in Yetis. 2 yrs in 140 L&K + 5 yrs in 170 Elegance & other than regular services, only faults were a failed sunroof control switch & failed heater element in driver's seat, so nothing compared to 2 yrs of Forester ownership. Adios & I have no intention of going anywhere near Scoobies again, I still have at least 15 yrs more driving left, but by then, maybe all our diesels will have been taxed to the hilt to get us off the roads. Nissan Leaf etc. just don't do it for me, not enough load room or range. Anyone else had similar problems with Foresters, I'd be very pleased to hear?
  11. Can anyone help me locate the connector & wire colour for the vehicle speed sensor wire on my 2010 wrx hatch please? I’ve got a new head unit that requires connecting up to this to enable wireless CarPlay but not having the oem Satnav before this isn’t on the head unit connector. I’ve seen several posts from US sites that say it is pink and green, pin 2 of the large connector in the right of the passenger footwell but this is a brown wire on my car. I’m thinking a right hand drive wiring harness must be different.
  12. I had a classic 2.0 sport and as Jay said they bite ok but faded really quickly. I now have a 2007 WRX and the 4 pots on these with the pad and disk combo were worse than the classic which had drums on the back. I did not want to try x amount of pads and discs (which could have improved them as I have been told by Ian) so upgraded to the smaller brembo kit from godspeed. After all probably the most important part of any car. These I have not been able to fade on the same runs. I also wanted to keep the standard wheels 17 inch, plus the bigger 2 piece discs and brembos look the part.. The thing about the Subaru I believe is the servo assistance is not that much. Any modern car I have driven is the opposite and seems to be over assisted.
  13. I have emailed them already buddy and I'm awaiting a reply. I'm a big believer in admin so to speak, and hopefully that will show up with a reply, thanks for taking the time to reply to me. I appricate it. As for Plymouth it's not super far. I will give then a Google search now. Regards, Rich
  14. No, the footprint of the blob scoop is bigger than the hawk.
  15. V rating is standard manufacturer rating on your model. Technically no issue using H or even T if selecting a more special winter or off road type tyre that limited on speed ratings or has massive price difference One thing you will have to do is declare this with your insurer. I would advise contacting insurer prior to buying just see they got no issues or fees . (you need some proof from insurers that you declared this either via post or email, phone confirmation it noted on records not always enough if did happen have legal issue in a claim scenario) I have nokian weatherproof on 2 of my foresters and both see use in farm fields and tracks and do pretty well in sensible mud situations. They very good balance of what can cope with, anything going have issues in proper muddy situation besides all out mud tyres. Never been stuck in snow, ice or mud but I do play safe side on the mud side of things . The Nokian Weatherproofs are pretty fantastic tyre at very reasonable pricing . Only you know exact conditions you drive in so take your own knowledge and preferences into account .. Hope you have good and safe winter experience with your Fozzy ...
  16. Thanks for your reply and information. I'll have to have a look and see which one I have. Don't just recall now from memory. Appreciate your time. John.
  17. Would this work?
  18. I’ve got a 65 plate XV and it doesn’t have a spare wheel. It’s got 17” wheels. Any ideas for a “space saver” spare that will fit under the cover in the back of my car?
  19. Just a thought a 2007 Hawkeye is £545 road tax, 2006 is £325 (close to) tax, same car just registered date different. How does road tax work with an import 2007 Hawkeye?
  20. Any one going to the modified Scooby meet this Sunday from 6pm???
  21. I think im gonna go up on race day next year looked awsome on the telly but lol We snap of the levorg from Saturday
  22. Hi, My 2010 recently had the same issue followed a few days later by the DPF light coming on. I had the DPF cleaned but still can't get the lights to stay off. The first 2 lights go off for a while but the DPF stays on all the time. Car drives really well since the DPF was cleaned! Alan
  23. Am selling parts from my subaru legacy 2008 I have left sat nav with books headlights rear lights bumper leather heated seats. Dvd player streeing wheel with airbag. All cheap to clear from my garage çall anytime 07889475698
  24. just to add a slight correction, it was my old type r that had ap's, my current car is on brembo's with uprated pads, and given the extra weight between the two they are a bit meh, bear in mind i am running 380/390 and aiming higher and even on a road car the current setup just wont be up to it. price isn't as much as you think, £1700 £1800 although it isn't with proper AP disks. Given the power levels being talked about, i expect the 330mm kit will be plenty although your only talking £100 difference i'd personally go for the larger ones anyway (check wheel fitment), RCM do em at £2500 for 355 kit. alcon kit is slightly cheaper. £2200 tbh its something i wanna look into as its on my to buy list.
  25. Hi Sadly, the answer is no we have not had any success in finding out why our Subaru does not start immediately every time. We find that on a warm/hot day or with direct sunlight onto the bonnet the engine won't start immediately. If we hold the key in the fully on position for anything from 5 seconds to a minute and a half the engine does eventually fire up. On a cool/cold day with no direct sun on bonnet the engine generally fires up immediately. Which correlates with your on road or garage parking experience (probably). Have you ever tried just holding the key in the on position for a while and see if that works for you? It does require some patience, I have to say, but the engine does start albeit sometimes over a minute of holding the key over in the on position. We have given up a bit on this one...have asked the Subaru garage but they have no idea why and say they would need the car in for investigation. As the fault does not seem to register on the system this could be very costly! Good luck with yours...if we ever succeed in sorting this, will post again.
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