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  2. I’m thinking of having my 2002 sti terracleaned. Wondering if anyone has points of view for and against about it.
  3. I've only ever owned 1 scooby with the original clutch and that started slipping at 95k when I had a remap . At 116k the clutch is probably near the end of its life , if you do decide to get a new one fitted . Make sure they skim the flywheel and replace the rear crank oil seal and spigot bearing. As a tramlined flywheel wheel cause the new clutch to wear unevenly and the oil seal makes sense to change while the clutch and box are off
  4. So I’ve always found the brakes not so sharp on my wrx sti ,front pads are due a change so any recommendations,or do I stick with brembo pads .? And who’s good to buy from online,cheers in advance 👍🏻
  5. No small kurb on one 2mm wise apart from that there mint
  6. Wotcha and welcome - feel free to post pictures get stuck in etc, all friendly on here
  7. Looks to me like the connection is not fitted as flush to the plug and has rusted over time - might be arcing or just moisture, either way not a fun job to have a go at, good luck with it, stacks of Plus Gas if possible
  8. When/if you open up to install the new thermostat make sure you burp as much air out of the system when refilling. The heater matrix sits quite high and can be a !Removed! to bleed.
  9. Managed to squeeze in 2 hrs this morning , before being dragged out prom dress shopping ,for my daughter not me 😘 It's ready to pull apart from engine mount nuts and downpipe to center section . I'd normally have the engine out by now but I've disconnected everything between inlet manifold and engine too . As I will fit a spare bare old inlet to pull the engine out with ,so I dont scratch the shiny one 😉 Hopefully I'll be left to it tomorrow, get the engine out ,on the stand in the shed and start the teardown 🤞
  10. Nice tidy installation jay 😎 Wish I'd have bought some decent cutters and an6 assembly tools , took ages to get a decent cut without them lol .
  11. Sounds like you've been a busy boi then mat 😎 I've only ever heard good reports from Andy's work , hopefully it will be sorted out though . I wouldn't get too caught up in numbers , a well set up and well balanced car makes for a much better drive than some laggy pub figure imo . Nice to hear you've been busy ,keep us posted on how you get on chap 👍
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  13. There is one - joined the forum a couple of years ago - ill try and find the link
  14. Glad to here it was an easy fix 👍
  15. Last week
  16. ECUTEK remap of OEM or Syvecs unit
  17. Having sold my 2010 Subaru Legacy estate I now have the boot tray and fitted dog guard for sale. Offers for both. Original price £145. Betchworth, Surrey 07976 245250
  18. @Flotsam if you are still around the forum, how did you find owning this - did it have the 'subaru burble' or was it twinscroll?
  19. Welcome You will be better off starting a new thread. This one started in 2014. Sorry I cannot add anything useful to your situation.
  20. eBay here an example for 1 key sigma 30 type alarm > ** Do check your keyfob matches service you buy ** If you on the sigma alarm be sure you have known working 4 digit pin code to manually control alarm via keypad . ** If you don't have a PIN you can easily reset PIN while have a working remote ** With a working remote or working PIN these alarms easy deal with at low cost, break all the keyfobs and have no working PIN and cost esculate as does hassle/stress . Also realise it easy buy a used good keyfob and put circuit board into your keyfob housing and program it to alram module (as long as have a working PIN or 1 working keyfob) should yours be none repairable .. Be proactive now for the easy fix/solutions and easy life .... too many people ignore alarm issues until it too late ...
  21. A slightly belated Wotcha and welcome - as you have seen already plenty of Fozzie experience on here so feel free to set up a build thread and keep a track of your progress 👍
  22. Cheers boys :) always been a garage queen and got it for £5500 off a Friend unbelievable price eh, goes in on Thursday for full service and gets timing belt kit done and dccd looked at as its flashing think coil needs soldering but other than that its ready for dryer months :)
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