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  2. I wouldn't bother with the 2.5. You either want a 2.0XT Forester or the 3.0 outback .Nothing major to choose from them in running costs. sometimes paying more for real clean example is money and hassle saved and a car with bit more value when you sell . If you don't want travel too far then you going have accept what in your travel range, you can waste a few quid travelling long way to look at junk so even when find a great deal you spent couple hundred running around and many hours . Don't expect specialists always going have best cars, lot will have bad examples refreshed to some extent . Best cars are generally always found private sales .
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  4. If a carbon metallic pad compound is what your used to , then I'd recommend pfc pads and dba discs . Mine is only a road car but the combo seems very good , I bought mine from Alyn at "Asperformance" . Very knowledgeable chap and well worth a call to discuss your needs and budget . R.m performance in banbury is worth a call if you want someone fairly local . They build road and rally scoobies and although I build my own engines , Mick at rm performance is one of the few people I'd let work on my car , if I couldn't do it myself .
  5. Thanks that worked a charm! since this my car has had a bunch of niggles, ive had both rear wheelbearings replaced, rear suspension bushings need replacing, as well as leaky shocks etc. the thing im actually worried about though is this: occasionally when pulling off i can get a loud knock from the gearbox, i can feel the drivetrain load up slightly (like when you try pull off with the handbrake on) and then theres the knock and its like the gearbox unlocks and i can drive off no problems (besides the whine from the gearbox on the motorway, the mechanic thinks its the input shaft bearing, but im open to suggestions) have you got any ideas or experience with this knock? its the 5sp manual with low range
  6. thanks il get it done soon cleaned the actuator there. and waitin on an upgraded radiator coming so she off road atm anyway til i fit that. thanks il get it looked at asa
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  8. My car has developed a misfire at 4k revs after I gave it some stick now struggling to get it past 4k revs 2003 bugeye wrx
  9. Well, I took the car in for the fuel pump harness recall which took about an hour. I'm not sure exactly what they did but it seems to have required the nearest cover plate (to the camera) to be removed (see photo of underneath the back seat). Only problem was that afterwards the car smelt of petrol for about six days although it seems to have finally gone today. I assume that a small amount of fuel was spilt when they accessed the fuel pump and it wasn't sufficiently cleaned up - not good in this hot weather.
  10. Hi in my 2008 Forester2.5 turbo petrol I have the CEL / traction light and flashing cruise lamp on. Subaru dealer some 70 miles away . Local garage did diagnostic came up with the seized valve fault. They tried to free it but no joy very expensive to renew with no guarantee that will fix the situation otherwise I would just go ahead. I see several cases where some have just removed the valves and blanked of the connection plus tweaked the circuit so it does not affect the cel. What concerns me on that method is the legality though whilst I can't see that a valve that only opens for 60 secs can do much about overall emissions have no wish to break any rules. I am way past my capability date for doing anything myself on the car so have to depend on garage. Any advice /comments would be aprreciated Thanks
  11. Hi Guys & Gals Please see below link for an absolute stunner of an STi for Sale which is Unmolested and Original in every way. Look at this on eBay Subaru Impreza 2.5 STi DCDD Wide Track FSH Unmolested and original Any Question please ask for Jon on 07879 693300
  12. @GGMan, We also use Android Auto and Waze, great combination. But we paid for a Head Unit that was meant to be correct. When we took a demo drive in the 2020 XV e-boxer I meet the Subaru UK MD, nice bloke and pretty dedicated to increasing the dealership, brand and sales. I did speak to him about the Tom Tom maps. I did not side step the problem in fact although I said mine were now up to-date he said his was not as it was missing a round-a-bout when he travelled to Cambridge. I did say the issue lies with the supply chain for the maps, not being under the control of Subaru?
  13. All are chain except for WRX (far as I know) How did your test drive go?
  14. Hi savage, pullers were a bargain mate just over £40 brilliant I had to make a plate to go over the wheel studs tho .
  15. micky


    hi guys I have a 20R hatchback 2008 and just put new 18inch wheels on and changed the front wishbones antiroll bar links and track rod ends can I just get the front tracked or will it have to be the four wheel tracking as I never moved the suspension cheers .micky
  16. Selling my 2008 STI type UK Hatch PPP 330bhp (it’s not a 330s) 69.5k miles. It’s got a few dings and scrapes on it (front ns wing, front os wing, rear ns passenger door and wheel arch and the rear ns corner of the bumper) so I’m not expecting top money for it. It’s essentially stock, except for a pioneer sat nav reverse cam (can supply original radio unit), kart boy short shift and a Cosworth panel filter. It’s got a full up to date service history. Cam belt was changed at 44.5k miles. Mot till November 2019. £7500 ono Based near Heathrow
  17. I've been toying with this idea as well, I took the back box off to see what it sounded like and honestly it made no difference. I've a video on here somewhere. I'm much the same as I came from an SG 2.0XT with an H&S, but with a silenced mid section. I think to get a noticeable change in sound it would need to be from Dpf back. There are a few videos on youtube of folk with exhausts and Dpf deletes, which do sound good, but unfortunately UK dpf regs prevent us doing that. I think hatchback wrx back boxes should fit, but as our exhaust is concealed behind the bumper that could be the issue. Keep me informed if you do decide to go for it!
  18. I was just going by what was shown on the wiki page I linked to. Under SOHC NA for Impreza it shows: 1993-1999 135 PS (99 kW; 133 hp) GC - GF series and: 1994-1999 115 PS (85 kW; 113 hp) GC, GF series It also shows 1993-1999 135 PS (99 kW; 133 hp) BD - BG series( ECU code EURO ,D3 ; Asia 4H) under Legacy. I'm trying to find out what the difference is. Thanks Ben
  19. Hey I’ve recently purchased a 2006 2.0 Hawkeye WRX. However, I can’t really find much (I may be being thick) on an idea on the limits regarding power it can run on the standard gearbox (5speed) and engine internals. Can anyone shed some light? I can find plenty on the STI’s - I would just be looking at light modifications initially and getting a decent map put on. thanks in advance paul
  20. North Wales. Can a sill really fill up then overflow into the cabin? Never had a car do that before.
  21. Hi , Crampy , sorry my not perfect english, by chance you have solved ?? I too have your same problem replaced 2 times egr but still problem 0409 Thanks
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