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  2. Mr B

    Gearbox swarf in Oil

    Looks normal wear debris to me (see it every day on boxes and diffs), on drain plugs with magnets attached you get what on your rag when wipe them clean or stick finger in around casing at drain point . If oil totally full of metal and got a shiny metal marble streak when stirred then yeh you may got issue. Very very rare have huge amount metal particle without noise or some usability issue . Keep an eye on it and if got doubts get advise from trustworthy mechanic and do quality photos of drained oil and filtered debris .
  3. May I also add they did a basic emmisions test, I know it's an exhaust test but if it did have high HC PPM (which it doesn't), wouldn't that be a hint that something was possibly wrong with the Headgasket or other internals?
  4. Hi everyone, I’m interested in purchasing a modified Forester. It would be a total bonus if it has 300+bhp. Import would be fine and 2000-2005 would be spot on also. Could be tempted with a Legacy/Outback estate if a Forester isn’t available. thanks, Gurman.
  5. Tidgy

    hi im new

    welcome 🙂

    Turbo stall? Is it BOV

    Thanks for that man thats good to know. Hitting a brickwall is exactly how it felt spot on there I will definitely have a talk with the mapper before hand and make sure that stays in, want to make sure he doesn't go for max boost anyway .
  7. peewii7

    Cylinder head rebuild

    Hi, Looking for someone in Essex ideally to take my cylinder heads apart, clean it all up, skim them and put it back together again. If anyone knows please let me know
  8. Tidgy

    Blobeye STi - on the hunt

    10 is a pretty tight budget now adays for a decent jdm widetrack, prices have def gone up in recent months.
  9. Tidgy


    welcome 🙂
  10. Last week
  11. Hi Brand New Pedders Shocks as title. Been told they are same for 4 and 6 cylinder engines. £50 for the pair collected please.
  12. Sorry forgot to clarify collection is near Tring or Aylesbury.
  13. Evening All, Just purchased an SG5 (2004) model Forester WR and love the look of the front bumper lip (the one that includes the bottom half of the fog lights cut out). However, after searching the web I can only find these in Australia or the U.S. Can anyone help me with a company name or weblink so I could purchase one in the UK? My car is the lovely WRX blue with the gold wheels, an absolute stunner! Many thanks in advance. - Hammo
  14. So it still does it in 4 and 5th? Would you say it's rev range related?
  15. GeoffLeggy

    Newbe - WRX STI Question...

    I wouldve done same. There's always another one
  16. Gambit

    New BRZ

    I like the brz mate mine had the gt86 was nice to drive id have one. But i agree given the choice I'd have gone for the impreza also. [emoji16] Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
  17. WideSam

    First timer

    Welcome back! Hope you find what you’re looking for! If you’re fairly used to fettling with the mx then you should adapt to the Subaru fairly quickly (once you get used to the engine layout of course). Look forward to seeing your purchase!
  18. The Notorious S.T.E

    A stupid qiestion

    No such thing as a stupid question! This is what forums are for 🙂
  19. Gambit

    a few pics of my project so far

    Id really like to get more using the forum's. Be good if the local clubs used the regional section to advertise their meets. And I'd use our page to try boost them. But Facebook does seem to have hit the use of forum's. Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
  20. Tidgy

    Hi, I'm a new member!

    P.s. I've just finished running in my closed decked, forged 2.5 engine clinic built for me haha
  21. Hi All Wonder if you can help... I have owned my Subaru Wrx 300 on a 2005 plate for 3 years. Its a bit of an unused car as I use my work van mostly, so I only put around 1500 miles a year on it. Total of 72,000 on the clock. However it has full service history, part dealership mind. When I first acquired the car I took it to my local Subaru dealer for the airbag recall to be done. I purchased the car from a independent garage in Birmingham originally. However they did a so called complementary check on the car at Subaru. They then informed me that I required a new clutch because there is a noise from it, despite the fact it doesn't slip. However the noise, didn't go upon replacement and I was told it was the clutch release bearing which was also changed. Then they tried new gear oil. I was feeling a bit peeved off, as I have a new clutch and same noise. The noise to describe is a whining noise through the gears changing up and through 1st 2nd 3rd, not so noticeable in 4th or 5th gears. Also sounds like an old mini metro going along in reverse. Anyway I got part of the payment for the clutch from the warranty company that came with my car, so not such a bad blow! However to this day I still have the whining noise, car drives fine. I now get the car serviced from a local independent garage, well its been to two, both I know personally and have done work for, as I Install security systems. One guy immediately drove it and said its the diff bearing, the other mechanic said the gearbox needs to be reconditioned. I would like it to be fixed so to speak, but need a proper diagnoses. Have any of you had this issue, comments and opinions really appreciated. Just to add the noise is all front end from literally gearbox area. Many thanks.
  22. Thanks for all your advice guys, it’s a been really appreciated. 😀 I took the car back to the garage which fitted the radiator, after a bit of investigating, they had established, that the radiator had emptied its self, via an oil cooler pipe, which had come loose. They bled the whole system and road tested it. It seems fine now. Thanks again.
  23. Adam

    New Boost Gauge

    Sorry, sold some time ago.
  24. RobsyukSti

    Genome gauges

    I only need the water temp gauge but if you won’t split the set I understand and happy to buy the set. please message me
  25. Op. Would you consider selling the water gauge? Or the lot if easier?

    3 port boost solenoid???

    Yeah mate plan is to have it mapped by the end of February 🤞
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