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  2. As above although it doesn't have fins, this is how it should look and is an OEM part. I have seen people delete these but personally I just re-coated mine in temp proof paint so it doesn't stand out behind the grille. I think people delete to make room for hella horns so that they are central rather than both being on the n/s
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  4. Wotcha and welcome - not heard of that model, nice example 👍
  5. Searching for previous owners off my Hawkeye which is now in my hands! Would love to find anyone!
  6. Hey mate! yeah so she’s done some miles 120k.. she’s clean but not perfect has bumps and scrapes but it’s a 14 year old car lol. so yeah STI spoiler, back box, full decat, turbosmart dual port BOV. K&N panel filter, Prosport boost gauge. All sound system upgraded and head unit: exeedy pink box stage 1 clutch and lightweight flywheel That’s probly about it. Now just waiting on a remap for it lol
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  8. Hi Turnerdv10! How are you? I have the exactly the same problem!!! Could you solve the problem? Best! Cristóbal
  9. ^ Welcome to the new eco era .If it inherent issue on new range it needs a recall as battery drain in a week simply not fit for purpose, most manufacturers engineers design capacity and stationary current usage to last months, 7 days is a serious issue and I hearing many owners having drained battery issues ... If you want reliability and do your bit for environment older model vehicles do far better if review it in full spectrum not just tail pipe numbers . New car from pretty much any manufacturer a waste of time and money these days unfortunately .
  10. Quite an emotional subject / content but gets my foot a tapping
  11. Thank you for this this is just what I needed!
  12. The banks are are named left and right as you are sat in the cabin ,not facing the engine bud . Gently removing the belt ,so cams dont spin and then let each cam settle gently individually . This should mean the cams aren't pushing the valves open (should have returned into the seat ) , then slowly rotate the crank . This should rule out the valves being bent if the crank turns freely without hitting anything. They could still be slightly bent and not returning fully but it would at least help to understand if that's the reason its locking up . If the crank doesn't lock , try refitting the belt ,then you usually you refit the idle pulley (bottom left as you face the engine) and then release the tensioner . This helps insure theres the right amount of teeth between cams ,crank and cams on the other bank
  13. OK thanks mate. I'll check that bud
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  15. Hey guys I uploaded my first video on youtube of a compilation of the Subaru Impreza, if you want to help me upload some more, go to my video, I would appreciate it PS: My goal is to buy a discharge valve for my big boy, that's why I have started to upload some video
  16. I don't use polish very often , as the paintwork is now fairly good .I bought some killer wax last year that seems good . As a winter sealer I always end up going back to using colinite 845 , it's for boats and planes, so lasts a lot longer than most of the other car stuff I've used 😉
  17. Looks the same I will message the seller thanks
  18. I'm certainly glad I got most of parts I needed before lockdown, I've certainly had plenty of time on my hands lately so have been putting it to good use 😉 Cleaned up the shed (again),carried the short block in and fitted it onto the stand ,then lubed the arp headstuds and cleaned the oil off the deck face. Got one of the v4sti heads out of the boxes, removed the cams and cleaned the mating surfaces on those too Seeing as I'll hopefully not be seeing the rcm headgaskets again , I took a pic of those fitted too 🤞 Lubed the apr headstud washers and nuts ,torqued the heads down ,temporarily fitted both cam covers and masked up all openings and access bungs Couple of Coats of ally etch primer . hi temp engine paint dried off with a heat gun in between coats , cos I got fed up with watching paint dry lol .
  19. Just posted facebook
  20. Hi all, was wondering if anyone from northern Ireland or further afield could recommend a good mechanic that knows there way round Subaru's Armagh/Newry area preferably. First time owner of a Subaru, long time fan!
  21. Will do. Remap is being done by ap performance here in Ireland. He's very highly recommended within the Subaru community here. Here's a picture of my old type r . It spent some time in the UK and Cyprus I believe. If I remember rightly a UK soldier had it in Cyprus believe it or not.
  22. Hi all, my friend has got a 12 plate Outback and apparently needs to buy a new dpf for it, the car was in the local garage a few months back with dpf issues and after charging around £1400 a sensor was replaced and the dpf was cleaned as it was blocked solid (other tests and work were done) and the garage owner said he thought it would be ok but if not then a new dpf will be needed and apparently you can only buy a decent one from Subaru, he wants to buy one that will last so does anyone know of another supplier that won't charge as much as Subaru please? Thanks.
  23. I own a much loved Forester Turbo 1999 Central locking action used to be confirmed by hazard warning lights flashing ON/OFF a few times This does not happen anymore. Central locking works fine - but just not confirmed by the hazard lights. I have checked all the fuses I can find - all ok. Any ideas / suggestions ?
  24. just noticed this post is in the leggy section and those diagrams are for a impreza, might still be useful but I don't know if they're exactly the same, sorry
  25. p555wrc was re-registered as p18wrc
  26. Thank you for your replies , i dont want it to be as stuff as a track set up up but enough to make the car feel sharper and more responsive , I'd like to replace the bushes and go poly Bush or would you recommend standard bushes? Wider wheels possibly? I've had bc racing coilovers before on another car and I did quite like them , not bad for the price they were but I might give meister r a try this time round or hsd possibly , im basically looking in to upgrading all the suspension and refresh anything that needs doing then some decent rubber and a good geo set up ! As for power wise , I'll definitely change the fuel pump and get a full exhaust system fitted and a panel filter as I'd like to keep the standard air box, and cooling is something I want to upgrade as although I'm not looking for a big power increase I'd like to make sure everything is working correctly and as efficiently as possible before remapping so the engine stands more of a chance of lasting , I like the idea of a baffled sump and a sti top mount , looked in to a front mount but I think itll be overkill for the power I want , I've seem on previous threads people have had these running at 330bhp but I just feel the wrx engine wouldn't cope well in the long run unless it's been forged also the gearbox Where is the best place to source parts ? Sent from my SM-A715F using Tapatalk
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