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  2. Greenmamba

    Brake Pipe recall

    I'd kick up a stink with Subaru. if a brakeline under recall leaks a month after recall inspection, the inspection was feeble - should have picked up imminent failure.
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  4. Hey all, I'm new to the forum and I am in need of some help and guidance. My mechanic has told me that the engine to my 2010 Forester is dead and gone due to the crankshaft shell bearings going kapoot! I have been told I have two options, which are: Rebuild or Replace However, the cost of buying a new engine is looking like a £2,500 price tag plus labour. Any input on the matter would be greatly appreciated as I don't know too much about these things. Thanks again - David.
  5. Mark Washington

    EJ22 in a VW camper.

    Hi, I’ve got a 1993 EJ22 in a 1982 VW camper. (Engine is from a normally aspirated Legacy. ) Had Ten years trouble free motoring from it. Used as a daily driver for nine years. Lately it’s been a git to start, it’s like it hasn’t any “choke” No fast idle either, although it ticks over ok once started. But put your foot on the throttle and it pops and bangs until it’s warm. Then it runs sweet. If it had a carburettor you’d pull the choke out if you know what I mean. Any ideas lads?
  6. Hi all back in a Subaru after few years away from them mick
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  8. hackisfun

    Zunsprt Grill Group Buy

    Currently organising a group buy. head over and register on
  9. Forester_sti

    We're on Instagram

    And just followed the page.. mine me is ricer_forester sti
  10. PandaPete

    Help for a potential Legacy owner

    Thanks for all the help and information everyone, after this and what I read online I requested they get a garage to check it all over before I test drove it. The results, there was an oil leak from the crank oil seal on the gearbox? Anyway the guy said it’s not cost effective for him to fix it so he’s putting it through the auctions. Looks like for now at least I’m staying in the FN2. Once again thank you to everyone for your input. Pete
  11. Mr B


    All depends on leak severity and amount of time been like it and overheat it been subject to and tune/usage of car. I done a lot of 2.5 head gaskets only and only ever had one back and that was ringland failure 10 months down the road. Got be done on individual basis as lot of these imprezas get spanked and with poor tuning/mapping all while suffering early HG failure . Hopefully not too much of a surprise as any standard 2.5 will have HG failure, it inevitable by factory design .
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  13. naz_glasgow

    Glow Plug problems on diesel engine

    hi , 4 months on been to 3 independent Subaru dealers all have talked me out of changing plugs now left with 4 brand new blue print plugs , ill look into it again in spring providing they dont fail
  14. Juddian

    Buyers Guide // Newbie // 3.0 spec B

    The 3.0 litre is a flat 6 engine, very little in the way of head gasket issues, and best of all chain driven camshafts. General rules of car buying apply, find the best cared for example you can, they need fresh engine oil every year and they do need fresh coolant now and again, make sure the service history and MOT history compliment each other, many Subaru owners self service their own cars once out of warranty so don't necessarily expect a full Subaru £££ SH, but a conversation with the owner will soon tell you if the owner was capable and bothered about proper maintenance. The brakes, like all cars but particularly Japanese need to be serviced correctly at least every other year, that doesn't mean peering at them through the wheel and squirting brake cleaner in their general direction either, it means full strip clean inspect and lube up. Corrosion weak spot is the rear subframe, check this carefully, cars that have spent their lives in Scotland or the far north will have seen more salt than those in the south, but given how the online MOT history no longer states the MOT station address this is difficult to pinpoint if vehicles are transported south for sale, SH if present should help here. Suspension is reasonably robust but if abused and/or neglected will suffer like any other car. Check the front inner driveshaft boots, these sit just above the Cats on H6's and can perish and split open, they can be seen from above if you look with a torch, luckily they are a doddle to replace, boots that is. The engine is strong, on tickover it should purr smoothly and you should be able to balance a coin on top, if it shudders or rocks at all something is amiss, this applies especially to cars which have been LPG converted and owners haven't bothered to maintain the flashlube level and valve seats may have suffered. What would i do upon purchase? same as i do all my cars go right through it, full normal service including changing all transmission oils, coolant change, full brake strip out and service and fluid change, remember the parking brake is of the drum inside disc design, so the rear disc/drums have to come off to inspect clean and lube up the parking brake mechanism, then wash the underbody fully once the winter is over and fully rustproof it. If it needs spark plugs, well all i can say is enjoy the experience 🙂, any skin that once covered your knuckles wrists and lower arms will have been removed by the time you have got those in and out, and you will need all sorts of plug sockets drives and extensions as you try to get them in and out in the confined space between the engine and chassis rails.
  15. Title says it all, as new, unmarked, £30 collected ME19 area. Happy to post it but not sure it would survive Royal Mail handling without disproportionately expensive packing. PM me for contact info ☺
  16. shadowman


    And sold. ☺
  17. LowVoltSurgeon

    GX 201 RE Head unit

    Should all the number icons be lit? 1 isnt lit up, seems like it's not even recognised.
  18. mega-h6-fan

    New Subaru Outback H6 owner (and member!)

    Had the seatbelts replaced today. The original beige belts were frayed and potentially unsafe if ever needed. So swapped for black belts from another H6. Rocker cover gasket to be done to address an oil leak, as well as the caliper sliding bolt on the offside rear. 10" Sub and amp on order to improve sound quality and give it some deep bass and component speakers being considered. Next week: HID kit. Overall the H6 is going well, fun to drive and has already been used to shift a wardrobe and 8ft whiteboard to the new premises. Definitely a multi skilled machine! Sent from my SM-N950F using Tapatalk
  19. scottrobo23

    underbody sealing help

    Hello mate, We sell underbody chassis coating, corrosion protector and cavity wax. Give me a direct message on here if your still looking for something or want some more info 🙂 Scott
  20. David Rushworth

    2010 outback caravan wing mirrors

    Hi can anybody recommend a pair of wide wing mirrors for towing a caravan on a 2010 outback
  21. Subaruno

    WRX Number Plate

    Hi - don't shoot me please I'm not in a Subaru, BUT I'm chopping private wheels shortly and have the following number plate coming off: N (for Nippon) 4 (for Flat Four) 28 (for 280 Horses) WRX Please message me if you want to discuss, or have a better idea on where best to post this particular 'for sale'. Thanks.
  22. Mr B

    O2 Sensor issues / P130 code

    Want monitor live data of lambda sensors as possibly help give direction in finding issue . check wiring integrity and vaccum leaks .
  24. Turnerdv10

    Boost figures while driving

    I’ve checked all the pipes I can see . This morning is drive perfect and it felt it boosted fine (didn’t have computer connected tho ,typical ) This afternoon holding back low down .and felt jerkiness accelerating . This evening ran fine . Hmmmm .
  25. Paul j f

    Back in a boxer after 12 years

    Yes it’s fabtastic
  26. Jay762

    Trip computer

    Have you reset it since you have owned it?
  27. Jay762

    Hello! New Subaru Outback Owner

    Wotcha and welcome - yes you should have no issues with the white stuff in that 👍🙂
  28. MackScania

    turbine/whine from rear

    I've bought a 09 2.0D about two weeks back. When I got it I knew it needed at least 1 wheel bearing on the real which the garage replaced before collection. However, after I had collected it I noticed another faint whine coming from the rear... we decided to replace the bearing on the other side and that solved the issue. Now thought, only a few days later I'm experiencing a very similar noise from the front... Surely not another bearing! But you're issue sounds similar.
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