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  2. I will be doing this also 👍 Just contemplating do I plumb into the supply, or return line, of the heater matrix which are the options I have
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  4. Hi Ian, I'm interested in the dog guard, based in South Lanarkshire, but wouldn't be able to head up your way before the end of September. Would you consider posting? Cheers Euan
  5. I had Yokohamas from new, on my 66 plate Forester & they were terrible at the front, much the same as your experience. Try Vredestein Sportrac5, they are much better. Usual disclaimer, I have no connection with that tyre maker or any particular dealer other than a very happy Vredestein user.
  6. Wee bit late catching your post, but my 66 plate Forester needed an aircon hose & condenser in under 1 year of my onwership. It was an ex-demo from my nearest dealer near Edinburgh, got a good deal. Now had it's first MOT & passed, but the exhaust has fractured at one of the flanges of the y-piece & the TPMS flagging up spurious alarms when all pressures are good. Soon as it's fixed. I'm trading it in & going back to Skoda, a brand I had for 10 years, but needed more room than a Yeti & the then new Kodiaq was a wee bit over budget.
  7. Nearly 2 years into Forester ownership & very disappointed. I bought into the Subaru brand on the reliability reputation. Just under 2 years ownership, 1 aircon hose, 1 aircon condenser & next week, part of the exhaust system will be replaced, fractured & it sounds like an old Fergie tractor. Constant TPMS alarms when all pressures are correct. Not the experience I was hoping for after 10 years of 3 different Skoda models apart from usual servicing, I needed 1 sunroof control switch & 1 driver's seat heater element. Looking for another Skoda, probably a Karoq, or if the budget can stretch a wee bit, a Kodiaq. The original tyres were Yokohama Geolander, but front ones were gone by 25k miles,no grip, steering very woolly & washing out at anything more than a 45 degree angle, particularly on damp or wet roads. I now have a couple of Vredestein Sportrac5, a complete contrast, they have so much more grip & control. Usual disclaimers, I have no connection with any specific tyre supplier other than a very satisfied customer of Vredestein. Very interested to hear of other folk's experiences.
  8. Welcome back Pete , lovely looking scooby chap 👍 Think killer wax does a "blue dream" wax which is made for blue cars , have a look on the "clay cloth company " website or f.b page 😉
  9. There is a company that sells a polished ally resonator delete for the v1/V2 phase 1 Impreza's. As I do have one that was fitted to my v1sti but unfortunately I like to keep (hoard) scooby scraps. So won't be selling it and it doesn't have any manufacturers markings on it either. .So I can't tell you who makes them but at least you know that someone makes them other than just apexi , so you might be able to widen your search . Here's a pic of it fitted on my old set up
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  11. Hi Everyone, I'm in the same situation, if anyone has a Tribeca with FSH and less than 70k in the clock please let me know. Thank you very much! Pete:
  12. Give Import Car Parts a ring
  13. I went to have a look at a 57 plate STi with 45k miles on it and with a 350BHP motor with Dyno print out. Needs a cambelt due to age not mileage. Any ideas??????
  14. Following. Feel free to post any of my stuff on the Instagram page
  15. So happy with it mate. Will be on the road in a fortnight. And I got insured for £500 fully comprehensive 👌🏻
  16. if you go new age then sti will have 6 speed, so will save 2-3k in buying one. 2001 sti's engines are mega strong even in factory form, last of the proper forged engines. really depends what model you want
  17. I’ve decided the time is right to try and sell her. I’ve no time to appreciate it now I have two young kids and would like to see it go to a good home. 84500 miles, near enough standard and another set of alloys are getting refurbished. It’s just passed it’s MOT with no advisorys. I won’t take any stupidly low offers as I know what it’s worth. If anyone would like to know more please message me and I’ll get back to you ASAP.
  18. Thanks! I’ve only had it for a week or so but I really like it. Just need to take it on a trip over to the Cairngorms or Highlands when I get the time! Great looking Impreza 👍
  19. Yea hopefully it’ll help out people in future. I finally got the switch changed today at SSS, the engine light has gone and hasn’t returned!!! Woohoo!! To be honest not sure what to do now. I really need some cash (I bought it at the wrong time really, I’m struggling financially, stupid decision) so may need to sell it and with having these issues straight away I’m already a bit !Removed! off with it. If I can’t sell for a decent amount though I will just have to try and get on top of it and save up for the other bits.
  20. How hard to change a dpf on a 58 plate forester?
  21. Remove the standard pillar, drop your vac hose and wiring down. Then look underneath and boom! Jobs done!
  22. Great to hear - keep us posted of feedback as the weather turns
  23. great photos - I see you are one of those wallflower, shrinking violet types that likes to cruise around unnoticed 😄😄
  24. Depending on how flush the break is, get the end of a candle and heat it up. Press onto the key and let cool. Then pull
  25. Sorry been quiet. Im still ok to come and ill PayPal you the money this week!
  26. As you say simple when you know but what a pain in the !!!
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