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  2. some pics would be good 🙂
  3. I wish it hadn't happened, my fault leaving that blinking gate where it was, it's hardly a surprise when a cocker and sprocker/retriever (appears to have been something else in our cocker's heritage, hence George's rather unusual make up) go bonkers when chasing anything that moves. Whatever the screws are, this is one aspect of Japanese cars (Subaru/Toyota) i really like, even after donkeys years seldom does a bolt or screw fail to undo, unlike other euro makes where you are lucky if anything underneath suspension wise especially comes apart without extensive use of an angle grinder or gas axe.
  4. Jay thanks for taking the time to reply buddy, I hear what you're saying about back pressure, it could indeed be a problem in the NA engine, and I also hear what you're saying about back pressure post turbine in turbos, plus with hot and cold the pressure difference is always going to provide a good back pressure because that is a how a turbo functions, its always going to be greater than ambient, my thoughts to combat this thought was to just use a performance cat whilst removing all other flow bottlenecks? Any thoughts on that? I will admit I'm not completely in the dark here in relation to such things, as I have six motors or various BHPs but I have to admit I have never placed an unequal header before on an engine which has been fundamentally designed to run with an equal header length on it. Scary times indeed. My ideal currently is that standard equal headers on the car currently has both the AFR and 02 sensor living in the header area (as that's where the first cat lives also), the Air Fuel Ratio (AFR) sensor lives there (before the cat), then its the first Cat and then the 02 sensor (known as the Lambda) after the cat, this is so the car knows what products its pumping out to air. This is where potentially things will get messed up in relation to fuel and unburnt products remaining in the camber (if the back pressure isn't scavenging that correctly) for it to all exit as it currently does with the equal headers. My aim is to fit a unequal header, with the AFR in it still as before (before the cat), then a high flow cat (to ensure flow is still keeping things moving) and then as previously (and as it should be), have the oxygen sensor just after the high flow cat. This should in my brain mean I don't need a remap, or to delete anything from the ECU, (I stress in my brain that this works in theory). Any thoughts? Thanks for your time man. Regards, Rich.
  5. Welcome back Having tinkered with NA bikes over the years having unequal length headers will cause performance issues as the NA engine cylinders need a specific length for pressure waves coming back (back pressure) to the cylinder. For a turbo engine it is not as important my 2p go for a cobra manifold back system, sports cat or decat or cheaper would be the cat back option?
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  7. Yh I will probably use one for my Mrs too and that's 5 including me too
  8. No, the footprint of the blob scoop is bigger than the hawk.
  9. Team after selling my impreza back in 2015 I have returned to the fold. I now have an R sport 2.0L non turbo hawkeye model year 07. It sadly curentnly only has an equal manifold on it, I have the parts in mind to change this situation, however I was wondering if anyone can recommend a decent custom exhaust fitter within Cornwall or Devon. I'm aware of the problem adding an unequal header can cause as I don't want to throw any ECU lights up so it may also need a remap. Any advice would be great fully received. Regards Rich.
  10. V rating is standard manufacturer rating on your model. Technically no issue using H or even T if selecting a more special winter or off road type tyre that limited on speed ratings or has massive price difference One thing you will have to do is declare this with your insurer. I would advise contacting insurer prior to buying just see they got no issues or fees . (you need some proof from insurers that you declared this either via post or email, phone confirmation it noted on records not always enough if did happen have legal issue in a claim scenario) I have nokian weatherproof on 2 of my foresters and both see use in farm fields and tracks and do pretty well in sensible mud situations. They very good balance of what can cope with, anything going have issues in proper muddy situation besides all out mud tyres. Never been stuck in snow, ice or mud but I do play safe side on the mud side of things . The Nokian Weatherproofs are pretty fantastic tyre at very reasonable pricing . Only you know exact conditions you drive in so take your own knowledge and preferences into account .. Hope you have good and safe winter experience with your Fozzy ...
  11. not even looked yet. They probably need one or two bleed nipples but otherwise spot on and been used with silicon fluid The disks have NO wear lip and are drilled and grooved Make an offer
  12. Have you a price in mind dude? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  13. Hi everyone I am changing the front disks and calipers for KMaxx on the track car So does anyone want to make an offer on 2 x Nrembo front calipers, 2 x Front disks (5 x 100 pcd) and braided lines. Redstuff pads with 50% pad left Open to offers
  14. Thanks for your reply and information. I'll have to have a look and see which one I have. Don't just recall now from memory. Appreciate your time. John.
  15. No photos - didnt happen 😁 I think scoobs use JIS screws which look like philips but are slightly different, not quite as deep so sometimes, particularly on small screws they can be rounded off
  16. would this work??
  17. Hi the answer is it might - it might not, looks like the cross over year was 2008 - VF50 or VF57. Can you see what model you have? examples
  18. Hello everyone. I have just joined and I hope someone can help me. So I have a 2008 legacy 2.0 diesel saloon. While driving last week I lost all turbo boost. I got home and checked the turbo, its toast, huge play in the shaft, I'm lucky it didn't come apart. Oil pick up was jammed with carbon, I'm blessed that I didnt break the crank! Anyway, im now looking for a turbo replacement and I have located one locally. The turbo I have found is from a 2011 car and I'm just wondering if anyone knows if this will fit my 2008 car. Thanks in advance guys, I appreciate any input. Regards, John.
  19. Would this work?
  20. Last week
  21. I've a subaru justy 2008 1.0ltr steering has just gone down. No power steering. Subaru have said it's the steering ecu it's been sent to subaru. They said they can't repair they have not got any software to repair it. Any one got any ideas I'm stuck thanks.
  22. Sadly selling my Forester as it's being replaced with a more sensible (economical) family estate.. It's in superb condition throughout and has been very carefully cared for by myself. No rust, very few scratches on the bumpers, interior is very good too. Everything works on it and it doesn't have any issues. When things have needed doing I've done them. Vehicle is in Barons Court in London, please contact me to view. £4,995 ONO Also on ebay here: More pictures here Timing belt done in December 3 owners (incl me) MOT till January 2020 Full service history Excellent condition throughout, just the odd stone chip and light bumper scrape, interior is excellent too 2 keys Ecotec tune to 250bhp with dyno print outs Upgraded with a Pioneer Avic F77DAB head unit (this was an £800 upgrade) DAB radio Android auto Apple Car Play Sat nav Bluetooth Reversing camera Integration with steering wheel controls Usual XT stuff: Air conditioning Heated leather seats Cruise control Electric windows all round Power outlet in boot Remote central locking I'll also include: the original CD player and trim pocket. Tow bar included (ball not currently fitted but comes with it) Set of mats and rubber boot liner
  23. I'm looking for 4 new all weather tyres for my 2010, 2.0 litre petrol model. I like the sound of the Nokians linked above but I notice they are "H" rated. I never drive over 90mph and I'm not wanting to waste money on an over-rated tyre. Can I legally drive my Forester on "H" rated tyres? Every tyre-sales web site comes up recommending "V" rated tyres when I input my car's registration no. Also: Would the Nokian "Weatherproof" tyre get a decent grip on mud? Hoping to take my car into a woodland to collect fire wood.
  24. I’ve got a 65 plate XV and it doesn’t have a spare wheel. It’s got 17” wheels. Any ideas for a “space saver” spare that will fit under the cover in the back of my car?
  25. Does that mean there's only 5 of us on the stand ? if so that's a shame ,as it's a good show . If your stuck with the tickets , my wife and daughter were gonna pay on the gate . So If nowone else joins the stand , I could buy a couple more off you but would obviously prefer more scoobs on the stand .
  26. Just a thought a 2007 Hawkeye is £545 road tax, 2006 is £325 (close to) tax, same car just registered date different. How does road tax work with an import 2007 Hawkeye?
  27. Does anyone know where I can find a blob style scoop to fit my Hawkeye? Scoobyworld offered this product a while back but they are now out of stock with no expected date of replenishment And does anyone have pictures of one fitted?
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