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  2. Hi. Are you coming back home to the UK? If you are please feel free to give us a try for import insurance if you wish. Regards, Dan.
  3. Yeah sorry missed that part, I Havnt yet purchased a uppipe but planning on doing that this week. whats the benefits of a 3 port boost solenoid ?? yeah it will be going in for a custom remap as soon as all the parts have been fitted I’ve already installed a heavy duty clutch, thanks for you’re feed back hoping to aim for the 290-300 whp, I will update the thread when I have some results
  4. Long shot but I'm looking for new old stock of these roof rail rubber cushions that go under the mounting brackets. I'm willing to consider used parts as long as they're in good condition and pretty straight, I'm planning on casting some silicone molds of these for reproduction so they need to be fairly straight
  5. Id definetely add an uppipe to this list mate Even a catless sti one will be better and a 3 port boost solenoid maybe all that looks ok as long as you have a remap planned as soon as you have fitted these parts. Be careful you dont push too much power through your 5 speed gearbox, general opinion is its fine for 350bhp max but bear in mind your transmission is getting old now good luck find a good mapper and you should be have a pretty good result from your upgrades.
  6. Probably as much to do with the low sales of the Subaru brand as a whole and the XV in particular? Those of us that own the XV know it as a good reliably car with good driving features and characteristics, however, every review you might have read on the XV suggests it's a "me to" with little to differentiate it from the higher sales pack. Sad but true. Few owners very few on this forum. I was unable to comment as my car is a 2018 so a different build, I do check every day and comment when I feel I've something to add.
  7. Good day lads, proud owner of a 2005 Subaru wrx GDA owned the car for about 2 years now. recently decided I’m going to start tuning it These are the part I’ve already bought... *VF48 turbo *Sti front mount intercooler. *Sti pink injectors. *Down pipe & 3” exhaust to Apexi bore. *Process West Cold Air Intake 72mm w/ K&N Filter. *Subaru Fuel Filter - Under Bonnet. *Raceworks 265LPH In Tank Fuel Pump Subaru. *PERRIN 2.4" TURBO INLET HOSE Looking for some feed back, what do you guys think of my set up ? would you recommend anything else that I’ve missed ? look forward to hearing from you thanks
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  9. Mate,this forum is a barren and desolate land,check out the American crosstrek forums instead,much livelier
  10. This engine has been removed from a T25 as the gearbox was badly fitted. Subsequently decided to go for a diesel lump, so this is surplus to requirements. It has covered less than 500 miles since it was refurbished and was running fine before it was removed. Looking to get around £750 but open to serious offers.
  11. had a problem with rear window wiper motor,seized wiper arm spindle and strip teeth on main gear caused by stuck seized spindle,replaced that with good second hand one and now its fully working,new bushes for the new front arms have arrived,gave it a wash before bad weather came.........just the welding now to do and a fuel filler pipe to get also
  12. Hi Tom, I don't believe it just posted a full message and its vanished. Here we go again, grr. Had two exhausts made there, first time 5/6 years ago was a really long day, circa 7 hours, they'd obviously overbooked which is understandable as they no doubt get a number of no-shows, this summer we were in and out in 2.5 hours, a few decent little cafes nearby so you can get a bite to eat etc. See you are in North Wales, my son had his RA engine and box rebuilt not far from you, but i don't know if the chap concerned is still into Subarus, we are talking probably 10 or more years ago, he used to prepare and rally his own cars and know his classics, if he's still the owner of the business he might have something that would suit you and a lot closer to home. His name is John and its Dutton Tyres, Gronant Rd, Bryn Newydd, Prestatyn 01745 might think a long way from here Northants to his place and it was, but luckily both Russ and i drove car transporters for a living then so whoever was going up there stuck the Subaru on top, if you get to see him for any reason please pass on Brian's (Russell's dad) regards.
  13. cheers for the reply judd the car is in need of work but it will make it im sure as it just keeps going:-) bought it to bring back to life and recently discovered that it has an exhaust of sorts:-) forester down pipe hacked at cat and grafted onto an impreza mid section which is then sliced and diced onto an evo rear section lol have to say its a !Removed! ambitious attempt to say the least.did that place you had your exhaust done at take long to fab the new one up and fit? its 130 ish miles each way from mine so fair old drive. please can i have the details of this place mate? thankyou for your help its appreciated Tom
  14. If you can get to Walsall with the car, MIJ will custom make and fit a full stainless cat back system while you wait, had our XT done recently for under £300 incl.
  15. hi anyone selling a full system for a fozzy 2000 plate s turbo? not in any hurry as car will be off the road for the winter being worked on.would like full stainless system that will pass an mot. previous owner frankensteined the exhaust thats on it so need down pipe right the way back.must fit correctly and sound nice:-) and can collect within reasonable distance to north wales. can sort cash when one comes up. thanks
  16. Hi Folks! My 2010 Manual Outback has developed am issue, looking for any ideas.... Under heavy acceleration, for example in 3rd gear, going to overtake a slower vehicle, foot to the floor, it goes immediately, but then loses power for a split second, then a bang from the rear, the full power and off we go! Also, anyone recommend a Subaru specialist in Central Scotland area? Described it to a mechanic "Thats a job for Subaru!" Thanks for reading guys!
  17. Hi! Exact same thing on mine. Found one on eBay in the same colour, watched a video on YouTube, told me exactly how to do it....
  18. Many thanks for the heads up. I'll check it out now!
  19. It ain’t lost loads of Oil it just leaves a little spot everywhere I park. I am a carpenter not a mechanic but sort of know my way around cars. When the bottom end went before I was ringing around to have it fixed people saying £3000 plus I thought fu#k that lol I found this engine and thought I’d give it a go it’s Only nuts and bolts lol it took me two days (A bit of YouTube helped 😂😂 The only thing I find hard is sourcing parts for it I’ve bought parts that don’t fit the car. When I get some space I’m going to try and rebuild my original engine but looking at piston comrods crankshafts bottom ends big ends it gets confusing what type and hopefully the right ones! Any info or knowledge on good parts I’d appreciate the help mate!
  20. Although all those bits are between flywheel and the back of the block , I was worried I'd contaminate the clutch with oil . So didn't run it again until it was sorted but It did sound worse than yours .. Mine was fine till up to temp , then almost a constant stream of oil started leaking between box and engine 🙄 Needless to say, I've only fitted a crank seal wrong once ,though 😉 I'm sure it will be something simple just a shame its engine or box out and remove clutch and flywheel , just to investigate 😏
  21. Discount Offer Details Your discount code offer will include all our products, repairs & fitting services. 10% OFF RRP We supply and/or fit all airbag-related items such as: Dashboards Passenger airbags Driver steering wheel airbags Knee airbags Curtain / Roof Airbags Front & Rear Seat belts As included above, the discount applies to our in house fitting service at our head office based in Rotherham if you wish to select that option. It also applies to our repair services including seat belts. If your seat belt is; Collision / Accident locked Cut, frayed or torn Slow-release Jamming Don't suffer the main dealer prices and delays of a new belt. We can often have the belt returned to you within 48 hours and at a snip of the price.
  22. Please can anyone help me with my impreza 1994 wrx jdm I need an mot with my decat
  23. Nz has plenty floating around Sent from my SM-G960F using Tapatalk
  24. Don't know if you've made a decision yet, but Tyre Reviews has just posted a new video on all-season tyres... May be worth a watch if you haven't taken the plunge.
  25. This is documented in various blogs, YouTube, home DIY on forums; Perrin and a company in Netherlands who specialise in supplying H6 turbos (forgot their name) with dyno results of every step, etc. Obviously forged pistons and a manual box is an advantage IMO, however there are people who have ran their supercharged and turbocharged H6 on low boost for years in the US without anything else doing to it but a simple fuel map to match the new output. A lot of the bloggers, including Perrin, state that an STI with 400whp is a norm nowadays and is classed as a safe thing for a stock STI engine. Bear in mind that an STI engine is 4 cylinders, so when they compared their H6 dyno test to a 4 cylinder STI, they note that, and I quote Perrin: "With 6 cylinders, and 440 WHP, that is only 73WHP per cylinder. That is almost 300WHP on an STI. Which is very safe, and this is with non forged pistons. This is just showing that the engine isn't under much stress to get this power". I hope this helps ;)
  26. I had 3 parcels turn up today 😎 Linkg4x v1/V2 plug in ECU , link 3 bar map sensor, ramair filter with spun trumpet and a air intake temperature sensor 😊 So guess I'd better familiarize myself with the new link g4x software and swat up on how to wire in the a.i.t and my aem wideband to a link g4x 😉
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