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  2. I’ve seen the YouTube videos of the omex working on yours, any chance you could draw a diagram of how you wired it up to work? Or a video demonstration of the wiring maybe TIA
  3. I'm (still) looking for a good 2009-13 petrol, manual Forester. Last one I looked at had 44k miles, 2012 MY, "FSH", and £9,250 asked. However the vendor ( an ex-Subaru franchise) and the original supplying dealer had no idea if cam belt had been done or not. My probing on this point and my lack of need for a "finance package" seems to have made the vendor dump me for another, later, customer enquiry. Very rude of them I thought. Anyway, I'm wondering if that model year (2012) actually had a cam chain rather than a belt? I see mention on "Honest John" web site that the 2009 revision resulted in a chain-driven cam but I can't see when, and to which engine models, it was introduced. Anyone know when the Forester 2.0l petrol engine got a chain?
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  5. easy done with a DA polisher. not too difficult to remove the headlights once the scuff is gone and the grill has the chrome gone should be looking not too bad.
  6. Wotcha and welcome - hopefully someone will be along with a recommendation - all the ones I know are further afield
  7. yup headlight removal is the way to go - I didnt and nicked the bumper 🙃
  8. Wotcha and welcome - plenty of experience on this forum and all friendly - feel free to get stuck in
  9. Yesterday
  10. Its been a while since posted here, car developed ringland few weeks ago with 1 cracked ringland. The amount of time and effort I have put in getting her like I want I decided to rebuild. Its currently with Andy Williams at WMS being forged. Along with a few other mods: Forged Build Scoobyworx 3 port boost solenoid Omni 4 Bar map sensor Precision turbo 5530 Sti intercooler Exedy Pink Box Stage1 Clutch cant wait to get it back, next on the list will be 6 speed upgrade
  11. Hi Guys, Just joined the forum today. I wanted to treat my car with a diff and gearbox oil change. My car details: Impreza (GC8D4ED) Imported from Japan year of manufacture (MY97) I hope someone in the forum has more experience with Subaru's than me.
  12. I have a 2019 XV Premium and I could use some roof cross rails. only for occasional use so I don't want to pay dealer price / silly money. Dont know if previous versions fit. I have heard that Aldi sometimes do them but never when I go there. based near Bingley West Yorkshire but could travel when I recover from radiotherapy (I.e. stop glowing in the dark!). Bob H
  13. Removed the headlights on the Legacy and polished them up. Some sanding then compound followed by few coats of wax. Gave this and the missus motor a good scrub up. Excuse the colour differences as taken on two different cameras. Need to get the front grill altered/painted and see if I cant do something with that paint scuff, been on there since I bought the motor.
  14. Using a Nextbase 512 and hardwiring kit ( essentially a piggyback fuseholder and low voltage limiter), but similar for most cameras. Remove the driver side dash end cover - small screwdriver / knife etc. Then pull off. Remove the driver side dash fuse cover - pulls off. Locate the required dashcam position, mine is behind and under the rear view mirror, as far up as possible. I am using a suction base for now, then an adhesive base when happy with the position. Clean the mounting position. Plug the connector into the camera. Run the supply wire carefully behind the Eyesight equipment at the top of the screen, ensuring it is well clear of the cameras etc. Push the supply wire behind the headlining on the drivers side where it touches the windscreen and down to the side trim on the driver side "A" pillar. Tuck it behind the top of the side trim along to the door seal. Pull the door seal away slightly and tuck the supply wire behind it all the way down to the end of the dashboard. The door seal can be pulled away completely on that part of the door, it goes back easily. Locate a fuse to supply the camera - I used No. 7, a 15 amp one, it supplies the 12volt sockets. See 12 - 10 in the owners manual, it is the third from the left on the second row down. I used this one because I wanted my camera to turn on and off with the ignition. Using the fuse removal tool from the engine bay fuse box I removed the fuse. The Nextbase hardwiring kit uses a piggyback fuse - push the removed fuse into the spare location on the piggyback, there will already be a 2A fuse for the camera in place. NOTE: The existing Subaru fuses are very short and have plastic between the fuse blades, this has to be trimmed back to fit or a suitable replacement fuse obtained ( Halfords HFS 215 is a small pack of various fuses). A replacement longer fuse is best. Plug the Peggy back fuse arrangement into the fuse box and ensure the fuse holder is located correctly and nothing catches. Plug the other end of the piggyback connector wire onto he camera lead - I secured mine with a bit of tape as well. On the end of the dash, above the bonnet lever is a cross point screw holding the dash trim to the metalwork - remove this and add the earth connector and wire from the hard wiring kit. You may need to cut off the existing connector and crimp a slightly bigger one on. Ensure a good connection to the metalwork of the car to complete the circuit. Turn on the dashcam and then the ignition, the dashcam should operate. Turn off the ignition only, the dashcam should go off after a short delay. Cool all the excess wire and tape it up into a tight neat bundle and push it up at the side of the fuse box. Secure in place. Replace the plastic dashboard end cap. Replace the fuse remover and cover in the engine compartment. Set the dashcam to point in the required direction and go testing! NOTE: You may need to use a ferrite core if interference is found. so far after two days everything seems to work ok.
  15. We have just bught an XV Premium 2 Litre from KT Green in Otley, West Yorkshire via a recommendation from not only our next door neighbours but also another friend as well. Really easy to deal with, test drove a car before they even knew my name. No pressure sales tactics and a good cup of coffee to boot. We needed one quickly because my Disco Sport had just been written off so Matthew the Sales Manager said that if we wanted one so quickly why didn't we buy the demonstrator, only 2000 on the clock and a really good deal instead of ordering one - so we did. This has been a really good car to drive so far - the only things I as a driver miss are the lack of parking sensors but I can soon rectify that! Being an independent garage they are really flexible and helpful, we got a lift into the garage to collect the car at short notice, this was very helpful to us as the loan car wasn't brilliant so got sent back. Matthew even put my cherished number on retention for me. We would wholeheartedly recommend them to anybody. ps I was really grateful for my dashcam, it helped with the insurance claim and was the first thing that went on the new car! Bob H
  16. Yup used KYB shocks before plus my lad running the KYB / Eibach combo on his colt - much improved over standard
  17. Everyone has to start somewhere - The major challenge will be ensuring you dont screw up the timing but there are videos online to sort that. I dont think you have the belt guide on a 2.0NA so no chance of you rubbing your belt away due to incorrect postioning. Take your time and take photos along the way
  18. Last week
  19. Brakes bled, and new fluid added. I decided to tackle my sloppy gearbox, I removed the UJ joint and looked for the bushings online. I cant find any at a reasonable price, so I'm looking into fabricating something.
  20. What's that river water? Prestone coolant is half price at Tesco
  21. Hi. Same issue. Keen to hear if you get a response. Cheers.
  22. Wotcha and welcome - apologies I will not be able to help as I will too far away this week - hopefully someone may be able to help out
  23. I need my full exhaust system (turbo back) installed please including turbo up pipe. I need this done preferably before Tuesday 16 as this is when my mot expires and need to get it done that day but need all of that installed before then please. Can anyone help me me please without charging me an arm and a leg haha?
  24. Today in an effort to get more access to the top of the block to remove oil I poured this from my reservoir tank - not happy And dropped the fluid from the radiator
  25. Hello - I'm very sorry but I've only just seen your message - I thought I'd set the forum to email me with replies but I've not seen it. They're from a 2005 WRX so I think that could have been a blobeye or a hawkeye (sorry i didn't see the donor car, it had already been stripped). Also I think the internal configuration may be the same anyway but I really couldn't be sure. Sorry I'm not of much use on this (I wanted the drivers' seat for my Foz so I didn't pay much attention at the time). But let me know if there any info I can give or photos that might narrow it down.
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