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  4. Hello, I recently bought an ej205 long block from a '03 WRX as a spare which I plan to build for approx 450/500Whp for some fun on the track, time attack and similar. I know I'll need to either pin the block or do the closed deck conversion. Following a lot of threads and countless nights of reading on NASIOC I understand that EJ257 cams will fit the EJ205 heads, provided I close/weld the AVCS holes. I also plan on getting them nitridated in order to increase hardness/stiffness of the cams and valves. I've been looking on eBay and I have found 2 RHS cams from a GDB/Hawkeye STI, and theres another chap selling 2 LHS cams from an STI EJ25 without knowing which model it is. As far as I understand, 06-07 STi cams are single AVCS and should all be hollow? Whereas later cams ('08 onwards) are dual AVCS and are not hollow? Is it safe to assume if it's hollow its a single AVCS and therefore an 06-07 STi cam? Can I tell the difference by the AVCS holes instead? I want to stick with single AVCS since the gears should be the same with the non AVCS heads I'll be using? I've tried looking for part numbers or other identification but Google isn't being helpful at all. I would greatly appreciate any help with this, as it's doing my head in, and don't want to buy something on eBay that I'd have to resell.
  5. Hi, Im the proud owner of an 06 Forester 2.5XT. Although within a weeks ownership I've had some warning lights come on. The cruise control light flashes, whilst the traction control and engine light stay on Orange. Anybody have an idea? Heading down to my local private subaru garage this afternoon but thought I might see if anyone's had a similar problem, too. It's an 06 plate XT (stock) with 76000 miles on it and I love it. Cheers, Chris the Paramedic
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  7. Hi Disco - I'll message you with the keypad location - yours is probably the same Sigma system but not sure. If you look in the folder that the owners manual comes in ... there should be another instruction booklet about the alarm system, your pin number should be in there, mine is on two shiny stickers.
  8. I assume the only way to find that out is to strip down the suspension. Thanks for the input guys gives me plenty to think about.
  9. Not sure if the sti strutts are red ,you might have pedders replacements but either way you're probably better off finding out what shocks you have and matching springs to suit their dampening rates . Aftermarket arb definitely helps with body roll especially if you get a adjustable one . Rear camber bolts are also a good cheap addition if you're going to lower or get a 4 wheel alignment done, as gives whoever does the geo a better chance to set car up to your driving style /needs . I've got mostly whiteline stuff on the v1sti as it's relatively cheap and does the job , only thing I'd say is whiteline stuff doesn't tend to stay rust free and after a few yrs , the paint tends to crack . Unsure if elbaich ,cdf,perrin ECT last any better In our salty winters though tbh .
  10. Hi Brack. Question re alarm, is this type of alarm standard on all foresters, and where do you locate the pin,? Is the pad control on the radio or computer thing? Sorry not familiar to subarus as of yet finding my feet
  11. Hello Everyone, Just a heads up for those of you that aren't aware. Car Culture UK are hosting a DYNO day this Saturday and there's still a few places left to apply to run your car. You just need to email with details and spec of your car. But be quick, there's only a day or so left. Also, you'll have the chance to get your hands on the best detailing products on the market as I will be there with a trade stand selling Roar Advanced Finishing products and MPEX engine additives. See you there !!
  12. A thicker rear anti roll bar will sort out the understeer that's built in, dont go too thick though maybe 21mm max ? Sent from my SM-G960F using Tapatalk
  13. Thanks sam i think thats a good shout with the arbs and uorated bushes. Ill look in to a decent set of springs aswell. Ohh the list is growing longer 😂
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  15. Just realised you didn’t actually mention ARBs... 😂. But they will make a difference. I had a strut brace on my legacy, can’t say I noticed much difference but they must be doing something. Plus they add a nice touch to the engine bay.
  16. Some decent tyres will make the world of difference, made mine feel like a completely different car. Upgrading just your springs might be the way to go, most performance springs have a progressive element so they stiffen up the more you lean on them. Regards the anti roll bars, there was a post on here a few years go from @stants if I remember correctly. He changed both front and rear anti roll bars for thicker ones and it improved turn in feel. I think he coupled this with changing to poly bushes as well, which is another area to look into.
  17. So Im on the hunt for any tips/ advice you guys have from changes you may have made to your scoobies handling. Are the Sti struts Red? The ones on the car a red and my last wrx had black struts pic below. First thing on the cards after mot time is a set of decent tyres cause I have what looks like budget numbers on the car from last owner so im sure that is best place to start. I dont really mind the cars nature of understeer bias but id like it a little sharper without being too stiff.anyone know how great the difference is after front strut brace is fitted? Id like a little less body roll but again not too stiff its not gonna be a track car. I dont want coilovers cant go too stiff cause the roads are shocking and I like having teeth 😂
  18. no i odnt mean forged, i mean as in replaced the crank bearings? they often take damage when the HG goes.
  19. Managed to convince the better half she wanted a day out on Dartmoor... gave me a good excuse for a good spirited drive. She must’ve enjoyed it too though, I even got her to take a half decent picture for me.
  20. Forged? No, this repair+parts is about 3.5k and im already paying an arm and a leg for insurance so I don't want to rinse my bank account 😂 I also don't intend to keep the car longer than 2 years.
  21. Had my first experience with the alarm last night ...doors unlocked ok with the fob but the alarm went off when I pressed the start button, both remote fobs have new batteries but neither would turn it off..... had to keep my nerve with the curtains twitching along the street - eventually found the pin number and the keypad accepted it . Looks like I have a bit of reading to do about the alarm system 🙂
  22. Happy days, cheers buddy Loud pipes save lives
  23. Just be carefull as the left bank cams are under pressure due to the cam lobe position at the timing Mark , so as you release the belt they'll spin . You can only turn them in 1 direction to 're align them when refitting the belt , or intake and exhaust valves will make contact (possibly damaging the valves) I'll see if I can find a pic to show you what I mean ,bud
  24. Not so much of a plan, as much of just wing it, there was a knock, but if you YouTube Impreza tensioners knocking it's very similar to what I was experiencing (I wasn't aware of this issue till after I'd stripped it so couldn't really "test" it As you say, correct timing and compression check, not got a locking tool, relying on good old paint pen(it's not failed me yet in 12years lol) Hopefully will be able to get the extra bits I need at the end of the month and get her back together , well finger crossed I will anyway! Loud pipes save lives
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