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  3. Hi all, Likely a question that is asked often, but I'm wanting a little more power out of my STi. It's currently standard other than a Ninja 2 backbox and upgraded K&N panel filter. It just feels a little flat. It's currently justshy of 15,000 miles. I'm ideally not wanting to remove the cats so that I can pass an MOT without hassle, and it's at just a nice sound level as it is. I do have a 'friendly' garage on hand, but can't be bothered with the hassle each year as it currently flies through emissions. That is, unless it REALLY isn't worth mapping without getting into removing cats.. I was hoping to just add a new fuel pump (recommendations? Walbro still the best or something better these days..?) and then remap. What kind of bhp and torque would this gain? I'd be interested to see any before/after graphs from anyone who has gone down this route. I've read about adding a sports cat as a middle ground, but would this be border line come MOT time? I'm really just open to suggestions from the experts and other members who have gone different routes. Graphs would be great to see, as well as full lists of mods and ideally links to recommended parts. Cheers!
  4. Either Mbdevolpments or jdm solutions Suffolk (both on f.b) will probably have newage foglights in stock , much cheaper. I'm sure the loom will have the plugs at the dash and bumper ends but on some classics the foglight mounting brackets have to be removed to fit the covers . So check the mountings are under the covers and buy the switch at the same time , if you have a blank where the switch should be 😉
  5. Mine doesn't have the lights behind the covers, apparently you had to spec them when the car was new. I'm trying to find a pair as I prefer the look tbh. Rumour has it they're the same as the GC8 fogs but I can't find anyone that can confirm that 100%. I'll settle for a pair of UK spec lights as there's no way I'm paying £300 for the JDM ones .
  6. Blue box exedy is standard equipment and good for high 300hp , fit a new spigot bearing and I'd recommend a new rear crank oil seal . As they do wear and are likely to need changing soon ,plus they're much easier to fit while the box and clutch are already off
  7. If it's not been mapped 1.5 bar is about double the boost the fuelling will be set for , so try to stop using full throttle until you suss it . You could try checking the vac lines for splits from the boost solenoid to turbo outlet ,actuator and any other ones on your set up . Also remove the boost solenoid spray some brake cleaner in it to clean it out ,let it dry and refit it
  8. You're supposed to have a black rubber seal "scoop undertray" to make sure the airflow from the scoop is directed through the tmic adequately. If the tmic isn't getting enough airflow it will suffer from heatsoak, basically warming the intake air instead of cooling it . You should be able to pick up a second hand under tray from a breakers "jdm solutions Suffolk" might have one in stock atm . Just bear in mind if you have a wrx scoop and tmic you'll need a wrx undertray . If it's a sti scoop and tmic then you'll need a sti undertray 😉
  9. @Jay762 think as the interior cooled the sun visors shrunk or moved or maybe a insect went between sensor and visor? Either way angling the sensors so they didn't point at the sun visors, stopped the alarm going off during the night and stopped me having to run around on the driveway at 2am, in my pants with a baseball bat 😂 @Newman2213 tbh I'm not sure if the fogs are standard as the v7sti type UK is pretty much as I bought it . However I do have receipts for the jdm clocks ,front grill and his headlights in the s.h folder. So they could be standard or someone's fitted them , sorry I've not been any help 🙄 Maybe someone else knows ?
  10. Somebody must know ha. I just want to know if it actually does anything to help cooling of the tmic?
  11. Nice one mate good luck on the 1/4 mile
  12. Bahnstormer

    Other vehicles

    Necrobump :D My current little project, a 1996 Toyota Glanza V. It was a right pile of poo when I got it, full of mouldy old food and other unidentifiable crud. It had been stacked into a kerb, had no oil in the sump and needed a thorough disinfecting. Shame really as it used to be a really really well looked after little car - my sister was the first UK owner, she then sold it to someone locally who ruined it. I had the chance to get it back so paid £500 for it last summer. Now it's almost ready to go back on the road, I just need to fit some new handbrake cables and it'll be booked in for the MOT. Then it'll be time for new paint, wheels, blah blah's already had a small fortune spent on it since I got it.
  13. 2003 is the changeover year isn't it? If yours is a BP, there's this one in the classifieds. I'm not sure if it'll fit a BH though.....
  14. 2008/
  15. I've been looking for ages for the bit that attaches to the boot lid, it's a nightmare. You can see everything in the boot
  16. Hi need new clutch in my 03 wed turbo any recommends Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  17. Hi I have got a 03 wax turbo and it playing up engine light comes on at high boost it’s like it’s overboosting at 1.5 bar the ecu code say solenoid problem any advise also before this the car would some times only boost to 0.5 bar on and off Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  18. hi guys got 2008 hatchback 2.0R and going to change bottom wishbone track rod ends and roll bar drop links is there anywhere I can get the torque settings for these on the internet or will I have to buy a manual thanks. micky1
  19. Hi sorry if this has been asked before, but I was struggling to find an answer. I’ve just purchased a 2006 import Impreza WRX with a 5 speed box (early Hawkeye with EJ20). Would a clutch kit for a UK 2.0 WRX of around the same period fit? The clutch i was thinking of was the below thanks for any help paul
  20. Last week
  21. I'm having a try at polishing mine for the first time, what's the paint like what did you use a rotating polisher or dual action.
  22. ahhhh really - right ill check that - cheers spent today giving the RX a clean plus the STI a first deep clean and some paint correction with my polisher - looking a good apart from one mirror which I corrected too harshly and now will need a blow over with paint and lacquer 🙄
  23. Sorry - just reread your question (bit late for me!). Has not been necessary for me so far, but personally I prefer to carry a spare.
  24. Hello Ahmed Apologies for my delayed response. I had a look at the article posted last year but wasn't super keen on the idea of shaving a wheel to get it to fit. I think you can carry a full size wheel if it is not inflated but I need to check that. I did raise it with the Subaru garage when my car went in for some work and they seemed pretty confident but we didn't actually put a wheel in the boot. As you can see, I haven't pursued this very far but I plan to as I do not feel very confident travelling wiithout some sort of spare. I have the repair stuff which is supposed to work but thankfully have not had to try it yet. Woud you let me know if you have made any enquiries. At some point in the next few weeks I will make an appointment with the Subaru garage to try a spare. I would be happy with a steel as it is only to get out of a muddle.
  25. I have 7 tickets left now need more people guys I have the tickets so as soon as I have your address and the £14 payment via PayPal I will send the tickets out
  26. I have 7 tickets left now need more people guys I have the tickets so as soon as I have your address and the £14 payment via PayPal I will send the tickets out
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