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have you driven a XV yet..?


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  • 2 months later...

I did, being a happy owner.

Sorry you don't like the wheels, :o but what's important is that despite them, it climbs very well in snow covered / rough routes! That's what I was looking buying a Subaru... :P

In any case, to summarize my impressions: steady, silent and very confortable!

Cheers!!! :D

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  • 8 months later...

I've had one nearly a year now, my only annoyance is the the STOP/start doesn't work in the Autumn/Winter, despite being told by the dealer that it is OK and running. Secondly the squeaky drivers seat took 2 attempts to fix.

Thirdly no DAB radio was available to buy at the time of purchase.

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yep had mine 2 weeks, typical jap finish! very gimmicky with all the computer crap, touch screen sat nav/audio system is poor. buttons/dials are far easier to operate.The touch pad used for deactivating the alarm is totally inconvenient.has keyless entry and push button start, but no stop/start.... why?

the performance is good and has coped with the snowy conditions admirably, as for the halford wheels I actually thought they came from aldi! :D

if you must have a 4wd and don't tow, it's ok but the germans are better ;)

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