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On 5/4/2021 at 10:38 PM, DanielKomsta said:

Hi, I’m Dan and I’m new here. I’m 28 and looking to get one. I mean levorg. Spoke to one Subaru garage in Oxfordshire. £16k for 2017. 49k miles on clock. White. I wish some of u maybe can give a bit advice. Cuz I read a lot of different opinions. I would like to know if is easy to get it serviced, r they reliable? Major problems? And does 1.6 engine doing well on estate car? Cuz maybe people and mechanics from my work place keeps telling me it’s not worth it and to expensive to get it fix. I live in Pembrokeshire (south Wales) many thanks for your help guys

Had zero issues with my 2.0 NA engine, have massive issues with a 2.5 turbo that had been built by Scooby clinic - failed after 4K (1K in my ownership) so good an bad experiences. If properly maintained they can be very reliable, many examples do over 200K. You may find the power to weight ratio of the 1.6 engine in the levorg to be not great particularly if you have a full load buuuut saying that I have never driven a levorg and also I do not know what cars you are used to - if you are switching from a renault 5 gt turbo to the levorg you will def have issues as that Renault is effectively a go kart with a turbo strapped to it




Just checked the specs on the 1.6, turbo with circa 168bhp with kerb weight of around 1620Kg - You should be just fine with those figures

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Engine Although STis have uprated engine internals they still need to be cared after in the same manner as the WRX motors. Oil changes should be carried out every 5,000 miles for Classics or 7,000 mi

Great post.    I'm sure I saw you wrote some buying advice for another guy in here but just can't find it now. I've written what I can remember and added a few more suggestions  :)   Check the oi

Another thing to look out for is wear in the front CV joints. Easy way to tell is to open the windows and pull away from stationary on full lock with a bit of welly. Do this in both directions a few

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