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Remap stage 1 question

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Is it a standard car - do you use V power or equivalent? you should be up around 24 - 28? But if you get it breathing properly with a less restrictive pipe and a panel filer you shoudl see some improvement as the engine will be flowing a littel more freely

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why do people talk about stages, what complete rubbish. anyway that said,

is it a full custom map?

Depends where your coming from I suppose, vag, vauxhall, ford, those boys tend to break it down into stage 1,2 3 panel filter, map, then something else after,

Maybe it's easier to describe to their mates down maccy d's [emoji23]

Agreed that low mpg needs addressing, maybe get it on a dyno before you decide to upgrade to see what it's doing and if all is working ok

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It's just had a good service. And it's a standard engine. Got my figures from tech spec on autotrader tbh. I'm using premium unleaded fuel, just wish she wasn't as thirsty ha. As much as I love the car it kills my bank ha. I don't drive it like a nutter either

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That's true, my normal driving was getting me 260 - 280 a tank. I'm driving a little different, shifting sooner is the main one and i'm hitting 280+. Not quite managed 300 mainly because I haven't wanted to get too far from a fuel station haha.


On another note yes with a panel filter and different exhaust you should see better mpg but as to how much better it's anyones guess.

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Yes it will give you better mpg, before map I saw 21-25 mpg, I now see around 28-30 even higher if on a long motorway run, get around 330-350 form a tank (classic size) now too,

You'll get more horsepower more torque and increased mpg,

Mines paid for it's self in fuel saving in the 10 months since I've had it done

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