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Classic Y-pipe


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2 minutes ago, Scoobyghost said:

Have you tried emailing/messaging anyone to see if it's hidden somewhere?

I've emailed 2 on eBay, (1 from China, so fingers crossed) lol

ive emailed viper and they came back with this is the link to all our hoses..... (Same as there web site) helpful!!! :angry:

emailed sfs, still waiting for a reply........


somethings telling me V1 and V2's can't have anything different other than the factory ones?? Specially when eBay doesn't have one - lol 

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To be honest it's the first place I look for most parts and bits as I know I will always find something....... But as you say it would be perfect, as I've changed a few pipes / hoses and after buying a custom made intercooler cover I thought I might as well change the pipe before installing it back under the bonnet, but no.... ? :unsure:

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Hi mate I can find the page any more, but basically from what I remember, you have to do a throttle body mod, or swap the inlet to a later ver, then cut out the front left hand side of your v1 cooler and get someone who can weld ally to stick it onto the v3 cooler and finally see if you can get the air flowing properly through the scoop to the cooler,

So in short i'd not bother or go fmic if your after power

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8 hours ago, Ash007ks said:

Something like this will do :) however I went full metal , hope this helps


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i did see this one........ but i wasn't sure if this is ok for mine as its down as mk5 and mk6...... and mine is a mk1 / v1

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