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What did you do to your XV today???

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Thank you SebP10. I appreciate it. I've watched both clips on replacing the spark plugs on the XV and it seems the left side rear plug is the most difficult. ( That's Near Side to you. ;>)  )
It does however mean I have to buy a 'flexible' ratchet thingy and 1 x 3 inch extension and 2 x 1 inch extensions to make life easier. (no biggie ! )
Thanks. I need to reduce my next service interval's cost of upwards of R 6 000.00 to R 8 000.00 or £ 263.00 to £ 350.00   (105 000 kms) ;>)

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Finally got tired of the error messages and the fact it had started making a funny noise. Wife's car has been problematic from day one so chopped it in for an identical one but a 66 plate. Hopefully s

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All sounds very interesting.  I'd not considered how difficult it might be to change spark plugs as the car is under warranty (assuming spark plugs are covered?).  It does sounds like a real pain in the a**e?

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Managed to get an indicated 40 mph (60 limit) at the apex (no crossing of the white lines) on the only fun corner on my commute 😁 (it's a K-right, with a very, very slight camber.)

Wasn't trying too hard, just thought I'd see what she could do. Still on the OE Geolanders. Only 3 mph less than the Levorg has managed, too 🤔

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After many, many months of general procrastination I finally got my BTM engaged and swapped the wheels from front to rear on both sides, despite a 3t jack failure (lifted enough to get it on stands but then refused to lift to remove the stands; new seals or skip for that, then!)

After managing to get the height on a 2t jack (not easy with almost 9" of ground clearance) the car is now on charge for more elastictrickery as it's been a little sluggish starting recently.



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It was a job that I've needed to do for a long time, but without a spare wheel it's a pain in the whatnot! Not made easier with a sloping drive, either.

I took it to work on the 24th and it didn't sound healthy when cranking in the morning. I left it idling for 5 mins or so to clear the fog (way more than mist) from the windscreen, but my commute, even taking the scenic / fun route, is under 9 miles so it still didn't get a good charge, so was still grumpy on the 28th.

However the Optimate is now green, so 50-odd hours @ 530 mA (600 mA charge less the 70 mA drain) have topped it up nicely. I'll swap the cars over later so the Levorg can have some 100% renewable electricty too (well, it is according to the recent adverts for our energy supplier anyway!)

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