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IHI VF28 Ported POLISHED flowed Turbo Subaru Impreza WRX STI

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IHI VF28 ported turbo from classic WRX STI. This has had its turbine housing ported to support further top end power and improved spool

In clean condition, all blades look unmarked. No shaft play at all, in and out or side to side. Spins very freely. exhaust housing has no usual signs of cracks.

This is one of quickest spooling IHI turbos perfect to upgrade any WRX. With it's ported housing and dual ball bearing set up it's spool should be similar to if not better than a standard TD04 but with a whole lot more power at the top end. I would expect an easy 330+bhp with supporting mods

This is a great bolt on upgrade to any newage impreza and front entry classics. I understand that you may require 90 elbows for for the older side entry cars (I would double check this)

I have included a YouTube link I uploaded of this turbo so you can assure yourself of the condition of this. There are too many dodgy turbos on eBay. Mail me if you can't see the vid

Oversees bidders please contact me to confirm postage

Taken from Subaru website

This turbo came on the Subaru Impreza STi Version 5. In terms of its size, it is smaller than the VF22 and about same size as the VF23.  You would expect to hit full boost with the correct supporting mods and a good map any where between 2800-3300rpms. 2002-2005 WRX owners will need fuel upgrades for this turbocharger and using correct ecu management is recommended for all vehicles. 425cfm at 18psi anything around 320bhp is achievable

Video Link




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