Hesitation and spluttering

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In need of some help right when I'm driving round normal driving without hitting boost the car drives spot on but as soon as I go to put my foot down it hesitates and splutters when trying to boost but all iv checked so far is a boost leak somewhere and boost solenoid and both are fine so now I'm stuck 

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Or 02 sensor,


Look under the steering column there's 2 sets of plugs green & black, connect the black pair (bit rusty could be the green ones can't remember) together and turn ignition on to 1st stage the engine management light will blink out any stored codes, long ones are multiples of 10 and short ones are aingles, so if it has three long flashes followed by 2 short ones would be code 32


It will cycle through any stored codes then stop for 2 seconds before repeating. If it's a steady constant flash then no stored codes



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