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Any one up on rodents ... lol

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Deffo a small rat.

My guess they living in loft or under floorboards.if you have a hot water cylinder look around there for any signs as they nest there as its warm.


Im a gas engineer so seen if a few times lol

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Ok. Cheers! I reckon they will be under floor! Bought the house off an old guy and in the process of doing it up slowly (I'm a joiner) there is a few holes and what not in the skirts, floor boards. Will deffo check up in the loft though to make sure but I don't think they have made it upstairs and hopefully won't get the chance!

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You would be suprised how common mouse droppings are in lofts as its ideal conditions bieng warm and easy to nest in.


Set traps dotted around mate and see what comes up or buy a cat lol

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How's it going

What you are best doing is finding the rat run
They are creatures of habits

Set traps unprimed along their run for a couple days at most with a bit of Tesco value peanut butter or choc spread
Let them eat it

Then after couple days
Prime the trap with choc or peanut butter
And you'll catch them quicker

I take it you are near a burn or stream ?

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I think there might be a very small stream at the back of the garden behind the fence but it's a bit over grown so can't really see lol and behind that is fields.

I have been away so not sure how it going but I left the traps primed so hopefully I will find something. I may invest in some rat traps.
I'm just wondering where they are entering

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Is the property attached or detached from others

They could go in a vent hole from outside in the brick for under the house
They can climb up drain and go in through the eaves

If the house is attached to other properties
They may be getting in the neighbours and then getting into yours through the adjoining eaves or through the hole between the houses where the mains hydro cable runs which is in the Solom

If you have to block up any holes

Especially under the floorboards
Use postcrete and broken glass mixed in
And lay poison down

The rats will chew through it cutting themselves in process
Then the poison will make them bleed to death

Keep an eye out for blue bottles in the house if you do this as that's a rotting corpse

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