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Subaru Impreza wrx 2004 power mods

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Wrxs are limited by the gearbox to the 350bhp mark

To boost power you would need a better turbo and injectors along with a remap plus afew bits

If you looking for over 300bhp you better off selling and buying an sti as itll be cheaper that the cost of yours plus modding also the sti has a 6 speed box and Brembo brakes to name afew inprovements

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There's honestly so many options out there if your looking to reach 300hp.  A second hand STI turbo (VF 43) is a good option if your on a budget or you can get a fresh VF34 for about £1000.  


Here's a few links to guides regarding tuning the WRX .



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If your only after 280hp a exhaust , panel filter and remap won't be far off .

If you want just over 300hp id suggest getting pink injectors and a sti or aftermarket up pipe to go with the turbo you choose.

As Your blue 465cc injectors will max at about 320hp , the tdo4 will max at 270hp and the precat in the wrx up pipe will slow spool a bit .

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