Need a favour - Outback 2016

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Are there any 2017 outback owners out there that could do me a huge favour? I picked up a stone chip  in the windscreen that turned into a significant crack and thus needed a new windscreen. After waiting nearly 2 weeks for a replacement windscreen to come into stock through Subaru UK, it was replaced today...

However, I had to be away with work in the STI, so left the Wife in charge of meeting and greeting etc... Now heres the thing, I've just come home and looked at the job, and if I didn't know better I would say there were rubbers missing from the two sides and top edge of the windscreen... but as I didn't look that closely beforehand I can't be sure... it just looks like all the edges are exposed? Now it may be absolutely normal and like that out of the factory, but I have no reference...

Is there any owners out there that can take a close up picture of their own windscreens (side and top edge) and post it here for comparison??? If so I would be very grateful... 

Thanks in advance


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dunno if this helps....snipped from google images...

looks like the black band is in the glass, not a rubber trim..

i thought all w'screen glass was fully bonded nowadays.. rubber is so last century !!!





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Spoke to my local Subaru dealer this morning and they sent me a picture from one they had in stock... Its correct! Phew, panic over!

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