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Single button remote key fob


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Hello.  I'm Roger-M and I've just joined. My interest is in the Outback, as I am on my second one.

My first was a red over gold X-reg, 2.5 manual petrol.  A beautiful car!  My current car is the 2006 SE version of the same, again manual and petrol.

The remote key fob on my X-reg was multi button, whilst my current Outback has just a single button.  I much preferred the multi button as it was clearly more practical.  Why the change?  And is it possible to adapt the alarm system on my 2006 model to use a multi button remote fob?

i look forward to being a member of the club.  Incidentally, do you have a sister club, or a section of this club, that's exclusively for the Outback?

Best regards to all.


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Hi Roger, you've prolly already found it...but if you scroll down the forum page you'll find....




sorry can't help with key,,,but i soon got used to mine after years of multi- button fobs.... someone  wiser may be along in a while !!

welcome btw..:smile:


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Hello shms.  Thank you for your welcome and reply. I have created a shortcut to the Outback site.

I must assume I am stuck with a single button, as Subaru must consider it necessary for the type of alarm/immobiliser that it works with.

many thanks.  Roger-M

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Hello Mr B,

 I do not have photo of my current remote, but it's rectangular, rounded corners, with a single black button. Can't remember the old (2000) control, it's been a few years, but as well as separate lock and unlock buttons, I'm sure it had a tailgate release button.

What had you in mind?

Regards Roger-M.

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Thought it would be . you can't change the sigma 1 button remote to the 2 arm/disarm button type . boot release was only for models that had no boot handle and used key to release latch .
The alarm system is done for subaru uk by sigma and the one button key casing top and circuit board is made by sigma as an alarm control over the subaru standard key design which had central locking built in originally .
Most people including myself find the 1 button far easier. I use both daily and 1 button by far my favourite.

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Thanks for that, it was very informative.  I assumed it was because of the alarm/immobiliser but knew nothing about the reason why.

i suppose, because my wife has a Skoda Fabia, which I drive a lot because it's essentially the family car, and that has 3-button remote, it makes me more aware of the Outback's single button.

All in all a minor thing, and the car gives just the same pleasure once in it.


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