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hi all,

Looking for some advice on the potential purchase of my first Impreza.

Car is a 2006 UK spec WRX. It has 105k on the clock which I'm looking at as the potential issue. With that being said online MOT history is showing that the car has only done 30k in the last 10 years, all around 3k per year. Only  a handful of advisories on the last 10 MOTs, 2 low tyre tread, 2 nails in tyres and 1 babyseat install so the seat belt couldn't be checked. Car has full service history and is completely standard.

Question is, what's the lifespan of these engines and do you think I should be put off by the mileage?

Car will be used daily for work, mixture of back roads and A roads, about 30 mile per day and for a bit of play on a Sunday morning every now and again. I'm planning on going to take a look at some point this week, anything in particular I should be looking out for on these models? 

Cheers guys


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18 hours ago, Linx said:

If it's been looked after and has FSH engine should be good for 200k miles.

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Thanks mate.

Anything in particular that I should be looking at from the service history/recipets ie any work that needs done on these that may have been missed?

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Same as any car really. He should have receipts for oil and filter changes at least every 10k. Anyone else please feel free to correct me on the mileage. Personally I do mine every 5k. Can belt should have been changed at least once.

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13 minutes ago, Scoobyghost said:

I'm on 178k miles. I service every 3k or sooner depends on time since last service and what I want to do with it. If it's looked after, it'll do you well.

Thanks man.

Spoke to the seller this afternoon and turns out the car is gone. Bit guttered!

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