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Hesitation followed by hard lunge

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Hello all,

I purchased myself a 2006 Subaru Forester XT. It is absolutely beautiful. 111,000 miles on it (for £3200, I'm happy). 😁

Today whilst I was driving it back from town, I pulled off the roundabout, chucked it in 2nd and put my foot to the floor.

It hit 3000revs and then I felt the turbo kick in hard, then it sort of briefly stopped giving me power, for like <0.5 a second. This was immediately followed by a sudden lunch of all the power at once and it quickly got up to redline and that was that. 😨

The trade seller had told me the throttle body was recently replaced and I am wondering whether this could be at fault? 

This is my first turbo car, so unsure where to begin diagnosing. The only last tidbit of info I can give is that if you rev it hard, there is a smell of petrol that gets into the cabin.

Does anyone have some suggestions? 😟

thank you :)

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How full was the fuel tank when you experienced this ?

Could be a fuel cut from the tank being fairly empty and struggling to pick up,

Or it could be boost related, have you run any diagnostics ?

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