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underbody sealing help


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You can get waxoil in a big tub with a sprayer, but I found that to be more of a hindrance than anything, followed all the instructions and stood in a tub of hot water to soften up but it still went everywhere and I mean everywhere,

The end result was gloops of stuff where I didn't want it, the manifold and exhaust was fun, pulling up to the lights with clouds of smoke pouring off the car.

The following time I decided to use the stuff you apply with a brush, takes loads longer but you get alot better coverage,

You'll need to wire brush the underside to remove any loose crud/ rust then just 'paint' anything that's not exhaust drivetrain related,
For any box sections or places you need to apply I bought a waxoil rattle can,
Its a messy job and very laborious but worth it of you have a spare day,

Failing that you could take it somewhere for a professional job@mfnick had his done that way pm him for a cost

I've a couple of before and after pics somewhere I'll dig out, from when I did mine

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Bilt Hamber is the stuff i use these days, more expensive than Waxoil but little waste and it does what it's supposed to, Dinitrol is another good product probably on a par with BH, but where BH excel is in the applicator probes for their large aerosols, i've never yet had a blockage but it's really too late in the year to be doing this job now unless you have access to a warmish garage and can get the car thoroughly clean and dry.

BH make two types of underbody wax, a harder type for high abrasion areas, and a more liquid type for cavities.

I cover all suspension and subframe components, and the exposed areas of sills and underbody which will suffer abrasion, if you have time its best to prepare the vehicle well and apply a hard coat of chassis paint to well rubbed down suspension/subframes before applying the wax after the paint has dried.

I use the cavity wax inside sills, inside underbody strengthening, inside doors bootlid, bonnet, and inside all wings and quarter panels, and don't forget to remove the spare wheel and check the wheel well.

You'll need about 6 to 8 cans of underbody wax and about 4 to 6 cans of cavity wax to do a thorough job and this will cost around £200, you can save a decent amount by buying the bulk lacks if you have suitable spraying equipment, it sounds expensive but if you do the job right you will have done a better job than the professionals and with better products...i say this because i had a Hilux professionally rustproofed @ some £400 11 years ago and since using BH's products i've done better DIY jobs since.

I have no association with Bilt Hamber other than as a satisfied customer, their website is easy to use and you will find the stuff no cheaper elsewhere.

For brake pipes i suggest greasing them with castrol CL grease, which is waterproof.


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wax type spray, the waxoil does work but you need good aplicator and experience helps.

Bilt hamber is good and easier for DIY user the diy aplicators decent

As above, this no time of year for it, hot summer the best as stuff creeps right into cracks and seems with capillary action and it sprays far neater/cleaner on bone dry car in hotter temps.


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I’d defo recommend a pro to do it for you.
If you can get Krown Rustproofing in Birmingham are brilliant. They basically strip the car, and they get into all the cavities. The stuff they use is like a permanent WD40 which works it’s way into all spaces. Only needs a slight touch up every 3 years and all good. It’s clear too so looks standard still nd doesn’t hide any rust which may be forming without you knowing like some of the others do.
If you really want to do it yourself get in touch with them I’m sure they’ll sell you the stuff if you want. I know you can get little spray cans but not sure about enough to do a car

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On 11/13/2018 at 4:11 AM, Shaqs77 said:

Im looking to seal under the car and wanted to know what people are using and what they are actually covering.




Hello mate,


We sell underbody chassis coating, corrosion protector and cavity wax.

Give me a direct message on here if your still looking for something or want some more info 🙂



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