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Choices on knocking engine

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Right guys,


I have a 2004 '54' WRX STi Impreza, has 119~k miles on, in reasonably good shape, however, it's developed a knock on the N/S of the engine.

Is this worth a rebuild do you think?

Also any prices and recommendations would be useful


I'm in North Yorkshire


Loud pipes save lives



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I can't really help with any local recommendations but RM performance and A.s performance are probably the only 2 companies I'd use (if I couldn't do the work myself ) . If nothing else, they'd be worth a call to discuss your options and get a rough idea of costing. 

I can tell you that icp supplied new nitraided crank, king bearings, cossie headgaskets, new head bolts and all the oe gaskets needed for a rebuild for about £1.3k but you'd have to add machine costs and labour on top of that.

Possibly second hand block casings if it's a fubar'd a cylinder liner or maybe oversized pistons, if a 0.5mm over bore is needed to machine damaged bores within tollarances .

Other option would be a second hand engine from the likes of mb developments,  I'm pretty sure he's got a couple of sti ej207's in stock atm . You'd have to contact matt for a price and add fitting costs too .

Best of luck, bud 

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