Considering a newer forester

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I'm currently driving a 2006 Forester, it's the standard 2l non turbo, and it's great - I'd like a little better acceleration but the handling and grip are fantastic and I do like the look of the thing. It's costing a lot in repairs however (far more than my 20 yr old 911 over the past 3 years!), and the MOT is coming up soon so I've been looking at replacing it with something else... 

Has anyone on here gone from this era of Forester to the later generations? How does the handling compare? To my eye from 2009 onwards they've become fairly generic looking soft-roaders, but I'd put up with that if the handling and grip are as good as the earlier models. I'd also consider an Outback or Legacy too.

Any advice much appreciated! 

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The 2.0 n/a Forester normally pretty cheap with only rear struts and front window motors being the normal issues.

Newer handle fine but not always cheaper maintain .

If you fancy better acceleration you maybe better going back a year to the 2.0 XT SG model and make effort find proper tidy example with impeccable servicing .

Plenty about and normaly easier find the XT clean and tidy over naturally asperated models that get used like baby landrovers .

I can normally find tidy XT in 2 or 3 months while a SG could be half a year for proper nice one .
Reason going 2005 or early 2006 is purely road tax class ...

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Thanks guys, much appreciated. I'd seen that one actually but was put off by the mileage. 

Do the later models handle as well? I think I might go and find a 2005 xt, I have had my eye out for one but will keep looking. 


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