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New Member - WRX Turbo question

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Afternoon all,

New member and I'm after a bit of advice which is what brought me here obviously! I haven't owned a Subaru since I had a v-limited type R ten years ago and what a mistake that was to sell!

But I'm after seeing a bugeye that apparently only needs a turbo replaced. Trying to get someone to go and take a look at it today for me through one of them pre-purchase inspection things from RAC but nobody has come back to me. The car is in Lincoln and I'm in Invergordon so it's not viable for me to travel down that far today when it won't be able to be driven away anyway because of the turbo.
So the guy has told me the me the "turbo just needs replacing, intake side was full of oil and the turbine wiggles a little". That's all the information I have so without being able to get anyone to go and look at it for me would anyone here be able to shed any light on their experience with this sort of problem based on this limited amount of information? Longshot I know but thanks in advance!

If it doesn't sound like anything major then i can have the car lifted mid-week no problem and transported either to me up here or back home to Ireland whatever the better option is just

Even if I don't get this one I'm definitely on the lookout for one in the very near future.

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