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Afternoon guys and gals just fitted a few mods on my scoob FMIC, Induction kit, New fans, 5 gauges (oil press, oil temp, water temp, volts and boost) already have st/st exhaust straight through from the downpipe. Just started it up and its spluttering big time got a fair bit of smoke out of the exhaust which i never had before the mods, now i know i need to get it mapped which is going in with scooby clinic but i never thought it would run this bad after fitting the mods as i have a decent 3 hour drive to them. have i made a school boy error or am i missing something?

Help is needed lol

cheers guys


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Yeah thats what i thought Jay762 just didn't know it would be that rough, will give him a call. I'm also on the hunt for a new ECU as have the standard Z4 on at the moment. The link G4+ is what i seem to be being pushed towards.

And that vid 😍  

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I'd imagine that the smoke is black (unburnt fuel ) as with a decat and induction kit fitted, the engine will be able to breathe easily and the lack of restrictions in the intake /exhaust will mean the turbo will spin eaiser .

So the ECU will try to stop it running lean and add more fuel . I'd definitely try to keep it off boost until the mods are mapped in ,as the ECU will only adjust minor changes to the map by itself. 


As for ecus steer clear of simtek/acltek as although they're relatively cheap for the functions they have , the aftersales and tech support seems to be almost non existent atm .

Esl daughter boards are another cheap option but they're open sourced software and some mappers don't like using unlicensed software (my mapper included) .

I personally run apexi f.c (old tech) but  I like the hand controller monitoring functions and it works .

The link g4 seems like a good bit of kit and for the v1/V2 it's only about £830 brand new , it also comes with the software and lead .


As jay said I use Clive attowe tuning in Norwich and rate him and his 30+ years experience very highly. 

I think yours is a v2 ? 

If you have grey 380cc injectors, I'd suggest to get some yellow 440cc phase 2 injectors and phase adapters .As the 380cc will max out at 290hp ish and yellow 440cc are good for 340hp ish .

Also get a v3 onward map sensor ,as the v1/V2 only reads up to 1.2 bar and the v3 onwards reads to 1.7 bar .

The map sensor will have to be fitted at the mappers (needs to be calibrated to work) the injectors (if needed) can be fitted before mapping day but it will over fuel a lot so don't drive it to far/often once fitted 

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Cheers for the reply and massive step forward in whats going on savage bulldog, its not my daily driver so it will hardly be getting used at the moment. The list is endless on what i want to do lol.

i think the link setup is the route I'm going to head down and I've emailed clive attowe today so when they come back off annual leave will hopefully have a chat. 

Yeah I've got the grey injectors so will add them to the list with the v3 map sensor and yes its a version 2.

I'm trying to source the de-limeter part as I'm restricted to 112mph which is fine on the roads but ill be tracking it a few times next year so have been told before i get it mapped i need to get that fitted. Could you shed any light on this?

cheers again 


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Attowe will be able to delimit it via mapping and if you go with a aftermarket ecu it won't have a limit on it anyways 😉

if you get yellow phase 2 440cc's make sure you get some new "phase adapters " to make them fit into your earlier phase 1 fuel rails .

As for having a endless mod list ....

Mine started quite short but by the time I'd crossed 2 things off the top of the list 😎

I'd added 4 things to the bottom of the list lol and 8yrs later theres only the front n rear bumpers ,bootlid ,1 door and the driver's side kick panel left from my original scooby 🤐🙄😂😂

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