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Stuartie's v1 build


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  • 3 weeks later...

On 2/21/2020 at 12:11 AM, savage bulldogs said:

Won't be long now then stu , cracking on with it nicely bud 👍


On 2/21/2020 at 3:28 PM, Jay762 said:

Nice progress there 👍

Thanks chaps 👍, its been a week or so since i've managed to get near it coz been away getting my class 1 licence my work kindly put me through it so it gives me more options when i decide to hang up the tools i suppose, anyway got a little more done after work this evening 


Just some filling and flattening while the blacksmith done the sill on the other side, should get the rest done later on in the week 👍

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12 minutes ago, savage bulldogs said:

Nice work 😎

Are those rims v1sti wheels? 

If so they're fairly rare ,dont know how much they sell for but the last set I saw were up for £1k 😲

Cheers buddy👍, i'm not sure what wheels they are mate was just told when i bought the car that they were jdm wheels, i was planning on getting them powder coated in scoob gold as i'm not really taken with them in the white but if they are genuine v1 sti wheels then i might keep them the way they are since they could be quite rare, hopefully someone out there can confirm if they are or not 👍

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The wheels I'm on about ,were a optional extra for the 94sti version. 

I'm just not sure if yours are the same as in this pic of a 94 sti with them fitted


If you think they're the same ? I could probably find out if they have any markings on them to identify them .

I'm not interested in them myself , just thought I'd mention it for your sake 👍

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13 hours ago, savage bulldogs said:

Lol after just posting the pic , I've zoomed in and they look different 🤐

What a rollercoaster for ya ,sorry bud 🤪

🤣🤣 it's ok mate after you had said that they could be v1 sti wheels i had a wee hunt around the old googley and seen that pic you posted, would have been nice if they had been genuine sti wheels but hey ho 👍

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  • 1 month later...

It's been a while now so thought i would update the thread.

Been working contantly since all the madness started as we are having to try  keep all the bin lorries, nhs vans and carers cars on the road but i have managed to sneak in a little scoob time, the blacksmith has now finished the arches and i've filled and smoothed off the joins where the new metal has been welded in, i've also cut that daft spikey thing off the roof which then revealed a few little dings in the roof so got a loan of one of they sliding hammer kits with the different size ends which glue to the panel then just twist off


Then i removed roof and window trims with out breaking any of the clips 😁, then spent a few evening's and a couple of Saturday's rubbing the whole thing down ready for paint 



I will be removing the bonnet scoop, rear spoiler, front splitter and bumper and side window trims but as the trims also hold the window rubbers i will have to wait until i can get it in the workshop coz don't want it to **** down with rain then come in to a soggy interior 👍

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21 hours ago, Neil said:

Getting there and looking good, now you have tell how you got the window trims off so I can remove mine without breaking them 🤔

Cheers buddy, to be perfectly honest i think it was just pure luck none of the clips broke but i have found out that along the roof there are little pegs which the clips slide in to, i think what you're ment to do is use those trim removal tools and unclip it at the front and rear windows starting at the bottom of the trim then slide the whole trim along towards the rear (i think ) to free them from the pegs and the ones along the top of the windscreen and rear window have similar clips but they unclipped from the trim itself then slide the individual clips along to take them off 👍

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Nearly there now, went from this 



To how it looks now 




It's looking not bad if i do say so myself 😉😉, although there are a couple of little runs which i will take out with some wet and dry, then just need to go over it with the polisher and some fine cutting compound to flatten back then over with the polish to bring up the shine 😃👍

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Cheers lads, went back to it on saturday and there were a few runs of clear coat and a few dry spots so i flattened down all the runs and went over the whole car again with clear and this is how it looked out in the cold light of day this morning




There is a little orange peel which i will get rid of with some 3000 grit wet and dry then polish, overall i am pretty chuffed with it considering it was just in the workshop with the heating on to get the place cozy and i've only painted the odd panel here and there on the trucks and its the first time i have painted a whole car 😁👍👍

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On 5/11/2020 at 7:51 PM, ROSSCOSM said:

Looks awsome Stuartie where did you get the paint for it?  

I got the paint from a local paint shop who supply my work with stuff mate, was back at it again today, went over the whole car with 3000 sanding pads using my polisher as it has variable speed 



Then over with some cutting compound and after that some autoglym super resin polish, this is how we look now outside in the light 




Looks ok but there are a few spots where it looks a bit dull so will have to go over again with the compound and polish to brighten it up, just need to put it all back together now 😉👍

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  • 2 months later...

Forgot to update this 🤣, been too busy enjoying the scoob and eating up the B roads but thats it all finished and freshly mot'd 



Pretty chuffed with how it has turned out, at least i know its all solid now and all the rot has been taken care of, going up the highlands next week for a well earned break but haven't decided what motor we are going to take yet, either the scoob or the wife's alfa, i now have a slow puncture on one of the rear tyres so i'm looking to replace all 4 if anyone has any suggestions on what tyres to chuck on, i was thinking of dunlop sport maxx as they seem to have good reviews on black circles 👍👍

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Thanks Jay 👍, it has been a labour of love and a lot of late nights and weekends but it's all been worth it, i still have a few more things on the to do list to get it where i would like it to be but i will keep updating this thread as i go along 

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