Subaru hawkeye engine change help for big horsepower build

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Hi new too all so need some advice 

Currently have a hawkeye 2.5 but herd these are no good for big horsepower builds 

Wanting advice on what engine would be good as a base point too do a big build looking for 550bhp or around that figure which will go in with out messing on with wiring also what heads too use as well herd 2l closed deck blocks are good but unsure which ones too use can somebody point me in right direction 


If anybody has any blocks that are good for big builds for sale let me know also anybody with stroker kit for sale as well 

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the majority of blocks that come as standard are not good for big HP builds - The exception that is the early closed deck blocks (CDB).

You will need to decide which route to go as the internals will vary accordingly.

The pretty much undisputed best build solution for these motors is the 2.0 cdb block with a 2.35 stroker kit. However doing a cdb conversion on your block then using standard sized forged pistons (look at Mahle 2618 race pistons) with arrow rods and associated uprated bearings (Cosworth, King, Mahle) will get you to a 550 capable build. You will also need uprated bolts - ARP is the norm and uprated head gaskets, RCM ones do not need reaming if you are going for a 14 / 14 size thread conversion.

Heads. Your standard heads will be fine from a sizing perspective however your will need to look at changing the springs & retainers - look at supertech or RCM.

Talk to these guys - in your part of the world and can sort your cdb conversion plus build parts



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