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Hello all, I've got a FXT 2.5 2005/6 and I get a whiff of clutch smoke when accelerating hard. Seems like my clutch needs replacing or maybe just the bearing. 

If just the bearing, is it worth just replacing the clutch plate too whilst I'm at it? Should I replace the flywheel or leave it? Not sure if it's Dual Mass or not. 

Apart from the clutch smell, pedal is very stiff. 

Any clues to getting a clutch kit that fits? There seem to be many options. Getting an Impreza one that fits too might be an idea to widen list of options. 

Cheers, Damian

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I'm not 100% sure but I think a impreza of the same year would have the same clutch . Maybe cross referencing some part numbers would confirm that though , if no body else knows for definite?

Generally any 5 speed pull clutch kit fits although there is a 5mm diameter difference in some later 5 speed clutch plates .

For anything up to 350hp the stock exedy blue box kit is fine ,350hp to mid 400's then a exedy pink box clutch kit ,is the usual option .


The kits come with bearing, spring cover and clutch plate . As for the flywheel if its not grooved or warped it can be cleaned and re used , if it is tramlined it can be skimmed and if it's got cracks it needs to be replaced .

I'd suggest fitting a new spigot bearing (in the centre of the flywheel) get both front driveshaft , prop shaft and rear crank seals (it makes sense to change these while the box is off )

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