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Jamie Bellamy

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Hello, I have a Subaru wrx prodrive 2004 , I have installed an sti intercooler, sti turbo, performance radiator, stage two clutch and fly wheel and a full de cat exhaust system including headers . I am going to get it remapped soon along with installing a fuel pump (aem 320lph high flow fuel pump)

I was just wondering what sort of power I would achieve 

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whos mapping it?


really bad as engine will lean out, but decent mapper will see it and stop the run. At that point its a choice between getting what you can and backing off the map, or swappng parts

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oh not good then 

I can’t think of the name but im paying around £450

Would I be ok if I get injectors and have an upgraded fuel pump or would I still need the fuel regulator ?

If so what regulator or injectors would you recommend as I’m a bit tight on budget


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