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Brake pads for 2006 hawkeye wrx sl

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Hi all, I'm trying to find the correct brake parts for my Subaru WRX SL 2006 (Hawkeye).  Everything is stock apart from aftermarket discs and pads.

I have these discs (Brembo 294mm diameter):

With these pads:

Which seems to be what various parts recommenders and specialists suggest, but the fit is really bad (pictures attached). The pads poke out above the discs which leaves them lipped and makes everything shake and get hot under braking.  Has anyone else experienced this?  Do I have the wrong parts or do people just live with it?  I'm reluctant to get this kind of stuff directly from Subaru because it's a little pricey for bits that are changed frequently.


Chris 😉

But t



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If everything is getting hot and shaking then your calliper might be seizing up you checked it for damage to the piston boots ect? 

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Not on a Subaru but i've had cars before where the pads sat very slightly over the edge of the disc, about the same as those in the pic, never caused any issues but made checking pad thickness slightly more difficult than usual.

Agree with Rosscom i suspect seizing pistons, so check for free moving pistons through all of their travel, include the rears here to ensure they too are doing their job properly, make sure the calipers are firmly bolted in place and the pads are a nice snug sliding fit in those calipers, also check for disc run-out, we assume you cleaned up the hub faces really well before fitting the discs.

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