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Hey guys,

 the sti exhaust I have has a 3inch pipe that I want to connect to my own gen 3 hatchback 1.5 ? Does anyone know what f it will fit or what do I need to do ?? Any help at all appreciated , thanks in advance imageproxy.php?img=&key=b6bdb22ade2d07d5






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Here is tye gaskets I ordered for the sti exhaust doesn’t give measurements the guy at Subaru said , hope this helps 


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I have two points that may cause you issues.

1. The rear bumper diffuser shape - does it have the x2 cutouts you will need to fit the rear box? My 2.0RX has the WRX-S style with only a single cutout

2. The diameter of your cat back section will probably be smaller than the STI pipe so the front donut gasket you have ordered will fit the outside diameter no problem but the inside diameter will be too big.

This is what I was supplied for putting a WRX turbo exhaust onto my 2.0NA RX you can see the new one has a larger diameter than the OEM RX but the OD was very close so a replacement for my RX work no problem




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