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Hey all, New member here. Just posted on NASIOC and another sub-forum on here. 

Im just looking for some advice besides the usual nay-sayers that will always offer the usual buy a WRX. This is out of the question unfortunately.

As the title suggests I just bought a 2005 Forester EJ20 XT and im looking to engine swap into my daily 2008 Impreza 1.5r Hatchback non turbo.

I have both complete running and driving cars and aim to sell the rest of the forester and my 1.5 engine and gearbox to help fund the project as I go. I have space and some tools but will need to hire an engine crane, anything else specialist etc. I do also have connections with friends and a couple local workshops/garages I can quote to help me but i'm still debating just how much of this I want to take in myself. I did study automotive mechanics at college for 3 years but have no real experience with a project of this size.

Please let me know any advice you'd have for a first timer and any advisory maintenance I should look into pricing for "while it's out anyway" lol.
Would love to find a similar conversion or comparable build that's been done I could use for information but I haven't found much so far on NASIOC, even with the popularity of the hatchback in the USA

Cheers in advance guys.
Pics of Both cars and the EJ engine should be attached.



116306181_336919557703936_7856778983269902694_n (2).jpg

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It's a unusual conversion to take on but I'm surprised there's not much info in the states about swapping a complete foz turbo engine and drivetrain . As they tend to do a a lot of bug /blob ej207 engine and drivetrain swaps into their 2.5 n/a rs (classics).

My foz and hatch spec isn't too good ,so unsure if there's any specific in compatibility issues but here's a few problems that might arise, so you can research the compatibility between both cars .

Outter Driveshaft ,hub and strutt fitment ,probably eaiser to use the hatch ones if the brakes are good enough. 

Clutch type ,some hatches have push clutches (I think) 

Rear diff ratios . if the rear diff on the hatch ratio is the same as the foz box ,there's a chance you can leave the rear end alone and use the foz box hatch prop backwards. 

Rear arb/diff mounts ? .

Unless you're lucky ,the turbo foz ECU won't just plug in . So unless you're confident enough to swap ECU pins and splice the engine loom ?

Fitting the foz engine complete with engine loom and car ecu harness would probably be eaiser but the hatch dash compatabilty might need looking into .

Although the engine and box from the foz should just bolt onto the mounts , things like intake pipework,  tmic depth /height ,rad and power steering system (pump ,pipework, rack feed ect) .

Personally I'd mod the foz or do what everyone else does and wait until you can afford a turbo impreza. 

But I like making stuff work /fit and taking a different approach to building a car , so best of luck with it 👍

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Wotcha and welcome - The reason it has not been done and shared is because it is not economically viable for the amount of parts you would need to buy to make it work. That being said IMO you have approached it in the right way and got a complete donor car with all the bits required to get the transplant complete.

I agree with Savages feedback plus a couple of points.

At the very least you are looking at upping the power by 150 - 170 bhp so some of the 1.5 chassis parts will need upgrading. I have both a 2.0RX and an STI spent more time taking bits off than actually driving them. The 2.0RX as a snarling standard 150bhp ties itself in knots with spirited driving alone. The ARB's (particularly the rear) are small so look at bigger ones. The springs are soft so look at stiffer ones (not necessarily lower). The brakes give better feel in IMO than the STI which I have always found wooden (even the AP racing 6 pots I am running now) however they dont deal with the heat well and fade after a few enthusiastic corner attacks - look at braided hoses decent pads and vented discs flushing through with dot 4 fluid (highest boiling point).

While you have the car in bits look at changing the steering rack for a 15+ model item - gives a better (faster) ratio so you are not crossing your arms as much when hitting the twisties

The clutch is a push item.

The rear transmission diff on the RX is tiny compared to the STI so check that as you may need to use the Foz dif not just for the ratios but to handle the power or you may be looking at a WRX item.

Tools - Invest in a decent impact driver, wish I had got one years ago as I spend no where near as much time trying to work impossible angles in a tight space trying to get a breaker bar on a rusty bolt.

I would suggest replacing the rear diff support from an STI / WRX as it is alloy, lighter and stiffer bushes. That will help support.

Other than that keep a camera handy and set up a thread in the build section.   

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Thank you both for taking the time to reply! Lots of things to consider as I was expecting. Think I'm gonna keep researching my !Removed! off until I'm 100%. 

I'll be sure to start a thread and update it as and when I make progress. 

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