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hi guys.

So recently I went out to start my forester xt, but the button on my fob wouldn't work, I can get in the car by using the key itself, but it won't start  im assuming cos I armed the immobiliser with the fob. Now I started by changing the Battery in the fob but that hasn't worked at all. I've had a lock Smith out to try and re program the keys but they couldn't, and they have pressed about a load with the key pad in the car to the point where that now doesn't work. 

Subaru dealership have said they could try and re program the keys but they either need a working key, which both I have are dead  or a working key pad, which now doesn't work. Only option they said I have now is to replace the whole alarm system  which I dont really want to do. Was just wondering if anyone had any thoughts on what to do, or any ideas to bypass the immobiliser. The cars is in good condition and I dont really wanna be scrapping it.

Many thanks

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Have you tried leaving the Battery on the car disconnected for a long period ?

As this might "reset" the key pad ?

I've never tried it myself but it might be worth a try to see if it drains the alarms internal Battery enough to factory rest it .

I had a Clifford alarm issue and used a mobile alarm fitter "Suffolk car alarms" think it was just under £300 . To supply n fit a thatcham certificate alarm with integrated turbo timer .

Mark is based in cambridge but can come to you , within a reasonable distance.  If not it might be worth looking into a more local mobile alarm filter 

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Yea we have tried that but nothing worked. 

Pretty sure the code in the book doesn't work is wrong anyway as it never did anything before.

Best thing to do then is really replace the alarm system? Think its a Sigma one. Just wanted to see if I could get around it before I decide to scrap it or something 

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Unfortunately the sigma alarms to tend to play up but if you give it a google something might pop up .

Fortunately (for me ) I didn't have any issues with my old v7sti's sigma ,so cant really help . Have you checked ,ignition,  fuel pump ect fuses ? Long shot but worth mentioning. 

If all else fails getting someone to rip out the sigma and fit another alarm , would probably be the best option imo .

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simple and cheap to resolve or fix.

you can buy a bypass plug that goes on the harness to sigma main module (behind glovebox) which basically bypasses immobiliser circuits or even learn how do this manually (loads of info on sigma m30 alarms on the net) and gets you running

Now the best way fix this is buy a used sigma module and keypad supplied with at least 1 working fob or 4 pin code and swap the parts to your forester which childs play and then reprogram your fobs using instructions in the M30 doc in many threads on this site .

Generally you can get a used m30 alarm with fob/code for £100 from breakers/eBay and it pretty easy work swap it over and reprogram or swap the working alarm fob board to your key if they the same fob style.

I done this a few times for customers as cheapest fastest solution and keeps alarm spec standard and easy .use .
Need any more help PM me as m30 is that common an alarm any auto electrician or auto locksmith that can't deal with them isn't worth paying ...

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Sounds like it's locked it's self, I'm sure it does that after 3 failed attempts to input the pin, but it should reset after 30mins I always thought. But as Mrb said, if all else fails to work then replace the keypad for a second hand one & ring Subaru for your 4number pin, but if a previous owner has changed that pin then it'll be no good to u. From memory(without looking at the manual) u can then recode 3 or 4 fobs to your sigma. Or rip it out....

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