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2019 Forester Dashcam Connections

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Hi I have a 2019 Forester eBoxer and I am going to instal a dash cam system (front and separate rear camera) which requires a permanent feed (even when the car is locked) and a switched feed (that only becomes live when the engine is on) Can anyone tell me the best location to make these connections please ? 
Thanks, Kevin.

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Try this info. The fuse box is under the steering wheel. Lots of info on YouTube or Google

I had  this installed by a mobile fitter, supplied and fitted for the cost of the camera on Amazon!! Only took him about 20mins

Front camera fitted behind the rear view mirror, EyeSight works fine.


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I ran a fused line direct from the Battery into the cabin (my live also powers the GFB electronic boost controller, wideband and boost gauge)

The switched live I got from the fuse box with a fused jumper

Found a switched live using a multi meter. On my SF5 it was fuse 9 I believe.

My 10 inch display also automatically switches to rear view full screen when reversing, I did this by splicing into the reverse bulb signal wire.


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