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Fuel pump


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Sure it's been asked a thousand times, but what fuel pump is recommended? Heard the Walbro isn't very reliable, is this right?

Asking as it feels like the car is starting a bit when cruising at a steady speed, Al.ost like I am taking my foot off the accelerator a little then putting it back on. I wi change the fuel filter 1st, as I am not sure when it was last changed, but failing that the fuel pump was my next go to. Any thoughts ? Was looking at the hrc 290

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Given the age of your car it would not be a bad idea to replace both pump and filter. The stalling could be down to an electrical issue with the plugs or bad earth?? Are there any codes being generated? Check you hoses as well you may have a small leak somewhere

Check this pump put as an option - allegedly built in the same factory as other branded pumps but I have had no issues with ICP service



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Cheers Jay. I haven't checked the codes tbh, I will though. I changed the plugs and leads as a 1st stop, maybe the coil pack could do with changing too. It is barely noticeable, but it is there, almost like a bit of fuel starvation, I'll order a fuel filter 1st off, then get a pump. I'll also check for any leaks, though there is no fuel smell, which is good.

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