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Getting a Gen 1 Subaru this week


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Had these mods done would appreciate your thoughts 


Full japspeed 3” exhaust system
Decat dowpipe
Front mount oil cooler 
Air filter 
Hks res delete 
Link g4x+ ecu with 2 bar map sensor 
Sytec fuel pressure regulator 
Fuji 340lph fuel pump 
Sure fire coil packs newage converion 
565cc Hawkeye injectors top feed conversion 
Parellel fuel line
Td05 16g Hybrid turbo 
Japspeed fmic 
Front mount oil cooler 
Fuji Unequal headers with up pipe 
Mapped at 320bhp
Factory under seal 
Original arches

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Wotcha and welcome - On paper some reasonable mods there, not sure you need a front mount for 320bhp could have retained a top mount but I am not as familiar with the classics as some of the other members.

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Hi n welcome,  looks like its had a fair bit done 😎

The mapper has probably held it back a bit to save the 5 speed , as those mods are capable of around 340hp (pending on the spec of the hybrid tdo5) .

Only thing I'd say was unnecessary would be the oil cooler at that level of tune , there really only needed for high hp track cars tbh . Pending on model /year (cars original equipment) I'd probably look into upgrading the brakes , to reign in the extra ponies .

Tbh 320 to 330 hp is the ideal sweet spot for classic imprezas,  makes for a fast road car but retains a certain amount of reliability regarding engine and box limits .

Enjoy and get some pics up 😊

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