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XV engine swap


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Hi there,

My turbo recently gave up and more investigation is required to check the sump for any white metal from the crank shaft and main bearings as a precaution 🥴 excuse my lack of knowledge on engines but this is what I’m told by the Subaru garage.

Anyway, I was thinking if it leads to more than just a new turbo required and going to cost a fair bit then it might be a good opportunity/good excuse to swap out the engine 😬

Its a 2016 XV 2.0 turbo diesel. 
So, what I was thinking was SORN the car and convert it to petrol (toying with the idea of a rally car). Now I know it’s not just as simple as engine out, new one in, even when it’s same fuel type. 

My main question is, would a 2015> 2.5L STI engine fit in the 2016 XV engine bay?? I’m guessing both models have the same chassis and hoping that it’s possible 😅

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance!

Mark 🙂

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Not sure about the engine layout as not familiar with the XV but given the Subaru diesel plant is not the best I think the idea of a petrol conversion is a good one.

Not sure how a turbo failure means crank and bearing wear? I could understand if the blades disintegrated and went through the engine there would be damage though - How bad was the failure?

Before you give it to a garage for investigation why not get some of the oil and send it off for analysis - That will then tell you if you have any ring, crank / bearing wear. Its a relatively small cost before a garage starts pulling things apart.


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