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a few pics of my project so far

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did'nt take to many pics of this stage of the build but, made a fair bit of progress instead ;)   cleaned the cams and cam caps , plastigauged the clearances on the bearing caps (which

She's far to lazy and stubborn to be of any help , all she does is get under my feet and crawl under the car to have a kip in the shade

Not much of a update but I've backed off the actuator arm pre tension and that seems to have brought the afr in closer to where I'd like it 😎 I'd also changed the angle of the turbo intake pipewo

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After building the 2.1 ,fitting the alk ,buying and mapping the linkg4x.....


Think I'd be sleeping in it if I spent anymore on my "budget build " atm Screenshot_2017-02-05-10-19-20.thumb.png.a9bd0ab9d621744b20acf4d97dc84cd5.png

but hey it's only January,  so maybe once the dust settles 😊

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Had plenty of snow on the Suffolk coast in the end  😎


 I've played in the snow in the scooby plenty of times over the years .So I didn't bother going out in it, mainly due to salt but also not wanting some ken block wannabe in a fwd slamming into me either 🤐


Ended up looking like a fugly Tesla cyber truck 😥

Started to melt now , hopefully a few days rain to wash the salt off the roads and I can use it for something essential 🤔


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Soon as the snow was gone I decided to give it a quick rinse over and take it for a essential "spin dry " ;)

Started to dry it off by hand a bit and soon noticed blisters in the paint ,about 30 on the roof alone :eek::cry:



Some down the drivers side rear 1/4 and on the front bumper :worried:


It was painted by a reputable company that does bmw main stealer paintwork 3 years ago this april . So thought I'd take it to the body shop that carried out the paintwork , just to see if he had any idea why this happened and how much to put it right .:sweating:

The paint shop is owned by Rick Kerry (ex btcc driver) and he's been painting for over 30 years , so knows what he's doing and has a love of cars (hence why I chose him in the first place ) .


We both think the reaction was kick started by the first ever contact with snow , as it was left 6 months to dry before putting it under cover the first winter and this was the first time it had actually seen snow in past 3 winters .

He said "that in the 30 years plus he's been painting cars , hes only ever seen it about 8 times" (fml) .


He said if it's what I think it is .... it's moisture trapped in between his coats of paint . Basically even though it's done in a oven , the first "pass" skins over due to heat and pushes moisture to the surface.  Then the second pass seals the moisture between the coats before the moisture dries .


Then to my surprise,  he said if that's the case and it's a paint defect , he'll put it right for free :happy::cool:

When he originally painted it , the only panels that weren't painted were rear bumper ,wing mirrors and bootlid . I've always regretted not getting the whole car done ,as the wing mirrors have paint fade and the rear bumper has a few Mark's.


So seeing as he had been so kind after nearly 3 years , I asked him to quote and paint the bits he didn't do first time around . To at least cover the materials for the paint correction,  so it wasn't a total loss for him too  .


I dropped it off friday and Saturday morning he said it's definitely his paint at faults ,as the original coat was sound . Then sends me this pic :eek::sweating:....



Apparently he doesn't do things by half and all affected panels will be taken back to bear metal , primed and re painted :cool:

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