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Nice work mods :-)

shiny new room for us gamers

How are you getting on with the xbone gambit ?

Has the voice recognition banned you from live yet for cursing at bf4 still crashing lol .

Don't get me wrong I've still been playing bf4 every night since it was released (cos it's quality) but it still crashes on the 360 occasionally

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Sorry gambit forgot I posted on this thread . Don't think I've still got forza 5 ,should have a few records in a 22b on a few tracks though (I'll have to have a squint tonight) . Will admit I'm normally busy on a sunday evening so wouldn't be able to join in the soc league anyways :-(

I'll let you know if I find forza 5 though and might be up for a couple of laps over the xmas break .

Decided to definitely wait until spring before I choose which next gen to get and spend some money on the scooby instead .

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No worries mate if you find forza 4 welcome to join us went with Sundays with most of us trying to get out of watching !Removed! Xfactor :D 

and was voted in too if you add me on live I can check the lap times I think :)

But has to be a 22b with no mods and clean lap without going off the track  otherwise it doesn't register it . :D 

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Gutted :-(

Blew the dust of forza 4 and thought I'd better get a bit of practice in before I try for a lap time .

Already had the 22b although in a mental state of tune :-) de tuned it got a couple of laps in with faults .

But then the mrs got leg lock on her exercise bike , kicked the sleeping buldog in the !Removed! , which shot across the room , taking the xbox controller lead with it , which pulled the xbox off its shelf .....

Disc unreadable .

It was like something outta mouse trap lol I wouldn't have minded if she'd had broken the xbox (next gen here we come) but she's just fubared forza :'(

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Haha  :lol:  you sure you didn't turn into the hulk after getting a few bad laps :D 


No worries mate pretty funny read though I can picture it. I guess you was never meant to have a lap time. Mind you that being said I would have thought could pick Forza 4 up cheap now. Just had a look on fleebay about £7 for it now :)

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