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Paul Walker


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Who's with me on this

Yes its kind of hard to admit but I love the Fast and Furious im 28 and still sit glued to the tv when its on

I watched #6 last nite and have to say its was Awesome

I think now after Pauls passin it will never be the same from wat I gather he was such a nice fella and im sure he will b missed all over the world

We had a Paul Walker tribute meet in Northern Ireland (LISBURN) and I hav to say the turn out was amazin to see so many people turn up and pay tribute to som1 they probably never met was great

Has there been any other meets in his honour over the uk ?

Thoughts PLZ ??



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So I hear their getting his brother to finish the new movie in his place but still think they would be better off CGI his death into the movie as well. As nasty as that might sound. And yes we are having a massive tribute even at Santa Pod next month with all money going to his charity. Post in the events room about it. 

And it is a sad I don't think anyone realise the impact from the car enthusiast scene his death has had. I have to admit it was like I had lost a friend that I had never met   :(

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very true m8 he had such an impact when I seen the turn out last week it was kind of over whelming but such a nice feeling to c so many people payin their respect to such a nice guy

and I think if they do realise this movie ( I wudnt) they shud b putiin a lot in2 his charity and make sure that Paul is not 4gottin by them being greedy and just thinkin of the money they cud make cause as harsh as this sounds his passin has been the biggest story of this year so I wud say they wud make a fortune with that publicity

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I think that is where it will be hard to do. I'm sure if they kill him off in the movie so they can carry on with another one later, or just to remove him from the rest of the filming and carry on with the film without him people will moan. I have heard this is the last one to be made but who knows I thought it would have ended long before now but they have got better and have enjoyed them. well I own them all even the crap one Tokyo drift. Good car scenes but storyline was awful. 

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Just as and when people come on if they reply. We did have another topic about this so some of them might not reply now with saying what they wanted before :) 


Santa pod was a complete sell out I think I was the only one on here to get a ticket :(  

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So they won't be killing Brian O'conner off to make more movies  :huh:



Paul Walker's character - Brian O'Connor - will be retired in a way that the studio hopes will satisfy fans of the franchise, claims The Hollywood Reporter.



Walker was tragically killed in a car crash last year on November 30 and the studio will reportedly use existing footage that Walker shot before his passing.

The industry magazine claims that lead executives of the film assembled to devise a way to end the character's story but continue the franchise.

It is thought a tweak to the script will be made that sees his character written out, while remaining part of the story.

Mirror Online has contacted Universal Pictures for comment.

* Fast and Furious 7 is slated for release April 10 2015

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