What have you done to your Subaru today ?

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On 10/25/2019 at 5:28 PM, savage bulldogs said:

I'll have to have a squint at your build thread , to see what progress you've made on the hatch sti .

As I haven't been logging in much lately, cos works been manic and I haven't done much to the v1sti lately 😏

Well apart from drive it , wash it ,fill it up with v power and repeat 😎

Not a huge amount - dressing and servicing some of the rusted parts, clutch master cylinder today, want to look at surge tank tomorrow..

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I'm new. Well, I'm old really.

Bought a sad tired looking ol'Legacy 2.5 estate 141k, off eBay 2 weeks ago for £900. Actually cost me £600 after my banger was written of and I got £300 more for it so put £50 towards it. I couldn't test drive it as the lad was 19 and had a black box fitted.

It needed a complete full service including all oils, diff, engine, brake and trans needed a flush twice as it was thumping into third, now cured. New plugs and filters.

New pads and belts. New cambelt kit on order. New tyres, Goodyear all seasons. I bought a used door, wing and front bumper from a breaker in wallsaw last Sunday for £160 as it matched mine. Mine had been in a bump and had been rattle canned and badly filled. The used panels are the same colour. The door was from a saloon so the window is being removed to fit.

All good fun eh.

This is my 7th Subaru. P reg 555 LTD estate, 98 Forester STB, Mk3 Legacy B4 twin 4 Door, Mk3 Legacy B4 twin estate, 54 WRX, 

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Well scoobies hibernating, so haven't done anything to that today 🙁

Does Look like I've been volunteered to do a classic mini engine rebuild for my farther  in law before I start on the scooby shenanigans 🙄

So I Did remove the engine and box from a 1960 Morris mini project today . 10 bolts to undo the front subframe, then I picked the body up (by hand) and walked it over the subframe ,with the engine and box in situ 😂.

Not as much fun but Much eaiser than working on scoobies lol 


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Just now, Sandals said:

I bet you can squeeze an EJ in there...

If it was mine and not worth about £30k in original condition ....

I'm sure I'd be fitting something turbo in there lol . A mate has a classic mini with a metro turbo lump in😊

but when he floors it in 4th, the torque steer from the 200hp is horrendous and it will change lanes on the carriageway without any steering wheel input 💩👖😂

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