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    Club stand is all sorted and I have got 10 tickets total in hand right now. We are again in the Orange area . If you would like to join us please post here and I will add you in. Tickets are £12 each (one per car) for the whole of Sunday and Payments are made to me via paypal, just PM me . Passengers can buy tickets from the website separately or on the gate. 1. GeoffLeggy 2. Sclarke01 3. DaveRAC 4. gemlp82 5. Steve mr375 6. savage bulldogs 7. ->K1 8. scottrobo23
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    welcome. oil temp, oil pressure gauges hard to fit? Get a pro to do, it involves routing wiring etc, can be done DIY but you need to be good with the spanners injectors what cc is the best upgrade ? wont need to of your targets does fuel rail/pump need upgrading ? fuel pump is needed, walbro 255 or equivelant worth upgrading to 10mm ignition leads iridium plugs? ignition leads nope, plugs yes, pf7's also does anyone know a reputable gearbox re conditioner or would you suggest just gambling on buying a box as she has a grind into 4th when giving her death. I use scoobyclinic for all my work. is a electronic boost controller worth the gamble? or not worth it until turbo upgrade? nope, ecu controls the boost, no need even when upgrading the turbo best time for remap ? (after fitting what parts?) yes, no point in mapping then fitting parts as will need the map tw3eaking turbo timer worth it? nope, just drive it steady last few miles before you park up, much better for the car as it keeps fluid circulating so they cool evenly hope that helps :) p.s.. your limit is going to be the turbo, anything over 260 is a bonus.
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    Welcome to the club mate 👍 and to scoob life they do tend to get under you're skin, what model of wrx you got
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    All paid, and looking forward to this.
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    As ghost said , have a look in the tech section at the sticky thread on how to self check for ecu codes and reset the ecu . Unfortunately i haven't doen electrical tests on later classics and don't have a service manual for the v5/v6 , so can't help with voltage readings. The idle control valve and maf can be cleaned with electrical contact or brake cleaner , both of which tend to "gunk up". Just bear in mind ,You'll probably need a new gasket for the icv (from import car parts) if you do remove it to clean it .
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    Have you checked the ECU for any error codes? There is a guide on here for how to do it. On classics, there are two black connectors below the steering column. Connect those up, turn the ignition on and count the "check engine" flashes. A long flash is a 10, a short flash is a 1. I'd recommend videoing the flashes so you can watch it back. Once you have your numbers check them against the list on the forum. There is also a guide on how to clear the codes.
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    ok i'll have a look in the week just to double check what iv'e got, thanks for all the help much appreciated, i'll speak to you in the week
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    Hi Everyone, I'm now the proud owner of a Subaru Impreza WRX SL. I have always wanted a Subaru (especially a Hawkeye) ever since I was a child. I love the speed and the sound. The SL version would not have been my first choice but it seemed to be the best blue hawkeye for sale at the time within my budget. I already have a list of modifications I want to make. I've ordered a new front splitter and the STI mini roof spoiler. Next on the list is mud flaps and fog light covers! It's great to now be part of the Subaru Owners Club forum. I've been a long time lurker but now might actually be able to contribute! Will
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    No worries, basically as long as theres a ticket you can come, no time cut offs apart from the time it takes to post you.
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    Thank you for all the advice will write up a list of things to ask before I next speak to him , also ask for a list all parts changed and work undergone . And also make sure the mechanic I send it to knows exactly what the owner has claimed . As before I pay I want a proper mechanic to make sure everything is as it should be .
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    Mishimoto do one they just don't now it fits the sti . Just use the oem subaru part number to see model variants that use that rad, oem cap is the best one to use imo .
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    Any warning lights on the dash lit when the alarm sounds?
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    New wheels 18×8" 225 45, what do you think? Sent from my SM-G955F using Tapatalk
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    I would personally keep the heated seats... I went from having a car with them to not and boy do I miss them when it's cold!
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    for road use it no real benefit . mishimoto is option or nissens for a direct replacement . I believe oem p/n on yours will be 45119SA020 but I not in the shop to check on that 100% . 120 to 350 is rough price range from nissens to oem and mishimoto 230ish . if do fit mishimoto think twice before using increased pressure rad cap, absolute no need increase pressure above factory spec for road use in UK climate and with engines known factory HG issues it not a wise move .
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    No mate, was a road map but after he took it out the first time he came in and said the fuel pump was going at the top end. With his experience he reckons it is at around 330 hp. Coupled with my fuel pump I would of gained 100 hp. Sent from my SM-G960F using Tapatalk
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    Considering the fresh rebuild , b.c coilovers , £1k speedline turini's ,low mileage and 3 owners . I'll be putting it up for £7.5k ovno , bud
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    seems to be depends who you ask. even me and the mrs dont agree hahaha
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    Jamie at Evotune in Durham...expert at what he does. Today he’s diagnosed a problem, fixed it, told me what else needs checking when it’s cold and still sent me away with 100+ bhp compared to when I arrived. My god it’s quick now [emoji41] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Appreciate the response, under the bonnet it the EJ22 as you say, but i think the running Gear is off the version 6. Although i might be wrong. Its a beautiful car and I’m very happy to own one. As they seem to be getting very thin on the ground i would like to make this one concourse. I also have a 2006 Jap import STI Hawkeye in white which is very rare, the 2 lite. Done 75,000 miles in excellent condition. I’m going to put that up for sale.
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    did you put something on the passenger seat ?? it's pretty sensitive so might it be the belt alarm ? or not .
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    Generally i like the idea of new bits for the scoob but yet again it's not me working on it 😕 My insurance company are gonna love me ,when i tell them i need a new front windscreen after just getting it back from the bodyshop 🙄 Don't get me wrong i do like the way the bug drives and it's certainly no slouch either but there's something about the classic, that just makes it feel more of a drivers car . More nimble and raw ,especially with close to 300hp per tonne and no abs 😊 Well she's been demoted to the back garden "spot" for now as we're off too Wales for a week soon in the bug sti. Hopefully I'll get the windscreen sorted shortly after we get back and I'll get chance to enjoy the bug on the road trip.
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    Hi Jay, I got different quotes and to be fair I think TDR are the place to go, others said "I'm not sure how long it will take" and some just openly said they won't do it. I think some of the nuts/bolts might need cutting because they seem too rusted. I've managed to source all the parts myself, some for a bargain price. I'm not changing bushes, apart from the ones that already come with the Whiteline kits (ARB, anti-lift, drop links, etc). Reason is Mark from TDR told me not too since this will be a daily driver it would ruin the ride for me, and it seems to make sense. My aim is to have a very sporty dd, so I've gone with: - STi control arms - Tein basis Z - Whiteline ARB 22mm front, 24 mm back (should make it oversteer rather than understeer?) - Whiteline drop links front (for STi, Mark suggested it is worth an upgrade) and back ones - Whiteline anti-lift kit - Whiteline bump steer kit - Compbrake camber plates (front only) If it wasn't for the need to fix some rusted parts (radiator support and engine cradle) I would have kept it under 1K which hopefully would be a good upgrade. I've also gotten a pair of stainless steel/teflon brake lines because I know from motorcycles it makes a big difference in the braking feel. I might take some before-after pictures for !Removed! and giggles.
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    947 Japanese cars of every variety joined Beaulieu’s Simply Japanese on Sunday July 29th, as 2099 rally participants shrugged off rainy weather to celebrate the machines from the land of the rising sun The varied display in the grounds of the National Motor Museum spanned all manner of Japanese car marques, including Mazda, Subaru, Honda, Mitsubishi, Lexus, Toyota, Nissan and more. From high-performance sports cars and showroom-fresh models, to city runabouts and rare classics, there was something to please every Japanese car fan. Throughout the day, show-goers voted for their favourite car of the show in the People’s Choice Award. The winner was Kyle Miller from Hayling Island with his modified 1990 Mazda MX-5. Although he had only owned it for one year, Kyle had worked hard to transform the car into his ideal MX-5. “I’ve done a lot of work to the car, as it was green with a beige interior when I bought it. I love the new grey paintwork and black upholstery, while I also converted it from an automatic to a manual gearbox and fitted air suspension,” said Kyle. He was presented with a trophy and an Autoglym car care pack by Beaulieu’s Financial Director Phil Johnson. Runners up in the People’s Choice Awards were Kevin Curtis from Holbury and Savontharam Jeganathan from Gosport. Kevin’s 1981 Datsun Bluebird GL was an incredibly original example of a rarely-seen saloon. “I got in touch with the car’s first owner listed on the logbook, who sent me all of the car’s original paperwork, including old warranty certificates and tax discs,” said Kevin. Savontharam’s 2008 Nissan GT-R was a recent import from Japan, with its carbon fibre bodywork making it significantly lighter than standard. Both runners up were presented with special Autogylm prizes. Club stands were at the heart of the show, with the Celica Club showcasing different incarnations of the popular Toyota Celica coupe, while a selection of Nissan ‘Z’ sports cars could be found on the Z Club of Great Britain stand. The Mazda Bongo Owners’ Club turned out in force with an impressive line-up of these popular campers, while the Herts Scooby Crewparked up in their Subarus. Other Japanese cars on show ranged from coveted Mitsubishi Evolution sports saloons and eye-catching Nissan Cubes and Figaros, to classics such as a luxurious 1973 Toyota Crown 2600 and a first generation Mazda RX-7 in yellow and red racing colours.
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    not found my forum post yet, but i did found the pictures on my abandoned Google+ (biton walstra) page;

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