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    I'm still here and I don't have a subaru at the mo, Just like the people 🤣🤣 Sent from my SM-G960F using Tapatalk
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    First stage of the running in is done 😊. This involves heat cycling the engine whilst stationary, which is basically starting it up , bringing the revs up n down , waiting for the fans to kick in a few times , shutting it off , waiting till the next day (for it to completely cool down) and then repeating the "cycle " again for 4 days . I left most of the plastics off the engine whilst doing this to make it easier to spot any leaks or issues ,Glad to say it's had none at all . So now the cycling is complete it's time for the first oil and filter change ,to get rid of and metal particles from the honed bores , rings and new bearings ect.. With the fresh running in oil and filter in its ready to hit the road (once I've got some insurance) so i refitted the bay plastics over the weekend . Before i started and current pics
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    Hi, I have a fairly standard 2004 Wagon, it has 4" full Cobra ss exhaust, no silencer, just the back box, ss, Cobra downpipe with a small sports cat, K&N typhoon induction kit with all fittings and imported manifold thats it so far on the go faster stuff for now, took it to Xi Mitorsport for dyno and remap, they were astounded by the results, I was open mouthed 310.2 bhp no mechanical upgrades, well chuffed, if I take it easy, its noticeably better on fuel too, though not much.☹ as has been said many times, improve the air intake and exhaust first, loads in, loads out.
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    Just picked up a new (To me) Subaru Legacy GT. This is a Japanese Import and comes with an EJ20 with a twin scroll TD-04, 260 Bhp and has the Spec B wheels and suspension (Coilovers)
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    Calipers painted red. Just need to choose a colour for the wheel nuts and freshen up the wheel cap cover
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    Sadly, made a rod for my own back because the wife wants her gunmetal grey XV doing the same now, another 5 hrs of my life been allocated to car detailing. mind you, if the results on her dark car look as good as mine it should look stunning, I’ll post a pic when done
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    Thats as near as makes no difference 1000miles since i done the head gaskets and got mapped and i'm happy to report not one bit of oil or coolant has been used, the car pulls really well in all gears and boosts as it should so all in all i'm really happy with the results 😉👍
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    Had my car remapped at Roger Clark's Motorsport and took some pictures of the Gobstopper cars. Thought I would share.
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    Hi.. I've been building this over the past couple of years... had to rush the wiring as had to move it. I have crank no start. Engine is from UK turbo 2000 From 1999. Need either e3 pinout chart and wiring diagram or someone to point out my mistakes! Based in Ealing London. Cheers Yeti
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    Well that will be the test. Bit at the minute it has a near mirror finish and is as smooth as glass. Very impressed.
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    I'm north Yorkshire if that counts? Loud pipes save lives
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    Still haven't done the maths on what its cost me yet 🤔 But I've pm'd ya anyways bud
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    Well with this current heatwave continuing, i recon well be getting a hosepipe ban soon 🤔 So finished early Washed the bug sti ,the v1 sti , the daughters ka and half the caddy 😶 Yep it was getting too hot to wash the whole caddy 😂
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    Yeah its same everywhere. Up to you, so much crap ibformstion gets given out on fb is the downside.
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    Thats my classic v1 been mapped at last after all my time and effort over the winter pulling the engine and replacing head gaskets and other stuff, got live mapped on esl and it managed 302.6bhp at 1.25 bar mapper said only thing holding it back is the intercooler as when trying to run higher boost it was starting to knock so had to peg it back, i'm chuffed as f**k and so is the wee man 😉👍
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    Wotcha and welcome - couldn't tell you about off the shelf exhaust but you drop by Cobra and get a full stainless system fitted
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    Hey. No, got a white Classic Type R now 🙂
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    I'm sure I can sort something if we get the numbers
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    I’d be up for a meet again if anything gets sorted. Miss having them, had a good few laughs and a few great drives. I’m Sheffield based
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    That didn’t go as planned as always. Didn’t realise the Brembo bolts were a different size so couldn’t fit them :(. D’oh! Got to order some and try again in a couple of weeks.
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    You will need a STI intercooler aswel for better gains. Sti intercooler, vf turbo, pink injectors, decat, induction kit will see over 300bhp.
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    looking good , bet your loving having it back , just ready the whole thread from the beginning you’ve defo invested a lot of blood sweat and tears in her , you can’t ever let it go to the scrappy
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    Thanks guys, i picked it up last night as had to leave it with the mapper on Tuesday night as the ecu that got sent from esl seemed to be faulty it kept losing connection with his laptop and he wasn't happy to do the mapping session so he got another ecu sent, @Tidgy i haven't got a power graph as been live mapped so not sure how he knew what power its making unless it shows him on his laptop ( this is the first time i've had a motor mapped) or he was just trying to make me feel good after all the stress i've been through having to leave the car with him, however it does pull really well in all gears and it's never missed a beat since i got it back and i've already been through a tank of vpower, I'll have a look out to see if there's any rolling road sessions going on around my area and get the scoob on the dyno and see how its going but i do trust the guy especially with what was sitting in his workshop being prepped for mapping and he had done over 60miles in my car during mapping There was six of them sitting getting prepared for fast road. So all in all i'm really happy with whats been done . @savage bulldogs i did try the old its fathers day trick but got told the kids don't love me that much haha 😂, the little ungrateful buggars never even got me a card I'll remember that when they are wanting new stuff lol 😉👍
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    If the 2006 sti is like the classic impreza the pipes rust as they go through the grommet under the back seat and the leaking petrol runs down them to the joints in your picture.

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