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    Postie has been , guess I'd better hurry up and get everything run through pats hot wash 1 evening this week [emoji848] Mind you i could always start rebuilding the heads after dinner done tonight [emoji4] Not the best pic but there's pretty much every subaru gasket and seal needed to rebuild a ej207 , new headstuds ,new nitraded crank ,new rings , king racing bearings and cossie stopper headgaskets [emoji6]
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    Done all booked and paid for 😁😁😁😁
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    Remote is to set colour , brightness , peak warnings and colours . Apparently the "halo ring " lights up when you hit the peak / minimum limits . Which will be a refreshing change from my "ring " nipping when something goes wrong [emoji4]
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    Ahh I see lol that makes sense then and bonnet looks completely different in sunlight now
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    You could try taking the lead out of your right shoe... 😂 my missus has a go at me but I say It could be worse, I could be interested in golf!
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    Very good guess but I already have a whiteline pitch stop ;) , in the laile box is a brake master cylinder brace , And in the smaller box is a Cusco steering rack brace [emoji4] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Old topic i know. I have grimspeed aos installed. I like the idea as it is an easy install and uses the heat from the head to evaporate any water from the oil, some catch cans don't have heat added. Others you have to tap off the coolant through it. If you track day your car a lot then I would not recommend the grimspeed but for daily driver yes. I am sure the car feels snappier and just runs nicer. Maybe placebo due to the cost. When you take it off you can see it has separated some oil. Less chance of knock, detonation and lowering your octane.
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    Yeah this is the first time i've fitted one of these engines so thanks for the tip about cable tying the clutch fork up out the way 👍 and i know about the coolant as i'v already gave it a flush and refill before so i know how much of a pita it can be to bleed, i have a new exedy clutch to go on and i have an alignment tool kicking about in my toolbox somewhere so I'll be fine there aswell and I'll leave the crank sensor unplugged for the first crank over, thanks for the advice bud 👍👍
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    If it's your first time fitting a scooby lump ,Couple of pointers for the engine refit .... If you've removed the clutch (to remove the thrust race) , make sure it's aligned properly with a alignment tool . Cable tie the clutch fork so the clutch pivot pin is out of the way , otherwise it can engage the thrust race into the clutch before the engine and box are fully mated together. Jack the gearbox up to help align the engine and box . Search on here for coolant refill threads , as scoobs are renound for getting coolant air locks . Pull the crank sensor and let the engine turn over a few times to prime the oil pump and get the oil around the engine , before initial start up [emoji6]
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    I did find it hard to believe that a "scooby specialist " fitted all those new parts 800 miles ago to a knocky engine . Let alone fit a new clutch into a bellhousing that was covered in oil without investigating why and where it was leaking from [emoji849] I had only intended to clean the bellhousing but as usual i got a bit carried away [emoji850] mind you a clean bay not only looks better but makes it much eaiser to spot leaks or issues in the future . Your right there stu , i can't wait to get stuck in with the engine build , although I'm not looking forward to the 1,000 miles of no smiles (low boost running in period) [emoji53] I see your build is coming along nicely, engine back in at the weekend is it bud ?
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    Finally Ordered the build bits this morning so once they're here and everything has been through the engineers hot wash again , i can hopefully crack on with building the engine [emoji41] Due to the rear crank seal failure the bay and gearbox bellhousing are quite oily , I'd been putting of cleaning everything for a while [emoji849]. But after a couple of hrs and nearly a bottle of machine cleaner , not only does the bay look a bit better, but the new clutch has got a much better chance of not being contaminated by all the oil [emoji6]
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    Opted for a set of these instead
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    Standard Hawkeye WRX no mods. Green Panel filter replaced before tune.
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    Bit of luck, not only would it cost an arm and a leg in travel but you'd need to sell your house to cover the cost of all the work clinic find your car "needs" doing. Let alone leaving it with them. Have a Google for what they did to another chaps Impreza. Short story, they deliberatly hit potholes to cause damage as video footage proves. Then threatened him with legal action after going public. They mugged him off and ate humble pie for it.
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    Good to hear you had a pleasant experience. Duncan has mapped my car twice over the 3 years I've owned it and at 178k miles it's still going strong.
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    After winter Full polish and wax, in the hope that winter is actually going to end. 🖕
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    I've been looking at some torque by has a few ready registered. [emoji106] Sent from my SM-G960F using Tapatalk
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    Nice...hope to see you there mate; I’ll be on the NESOC stand Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Has it been converted to Miles on the odometer, if so, when?
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    Yeah mate that’s great thanks a lot for that and well I’ll be waiting a lot longer if I can’t get any answer because it will be on fire 😡😀
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    So little updates to what I've done so far. So rear wiper was removed and blanked off. Spoiler got fitted and mounted and did a little bit of wrapping on some interior parts then finally got a mate to make me a vinyl sticker for the sunstrip. All little bits but slowly and surely adding to it. Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
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    Our apologies for the late response. We have discussed breaking the forum down into more dedicated sections for each model but believe that this would be extremely difficult and could lead to many broken threads. However, we are constantly looking to improve the site on an ongoing basis (new front end, news and video sections have just been introduced as well as shifting the site over to 'https' for added security) and will hopefully keep introducing new aspects to improve the overall user experience. With regards to the search facilities. Not sure if you have tried this to enhance the search but if you click on 'Advanced Search' in the search bar, top right of the page and it brings up further search options....may be useful to find what you're looking for?

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