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    Today i mostly be buying another project sti scooby, to keep the v1 sti company and my idle hands busy [emoji4]
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    Latest local club run out today...
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    Scoobys do love the snow , nom nom [emoji16] Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
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    Had a lot of fun! Sump baffle solved my boost issues. Would recommend that mod if anyone has track day boost issues. My brakes were rather shocking. Once hot massive amounts of steering wobble [emoji848] Had a bit of a fueling issue late on and a top/head knock which was suspect injector but later the knock cleared. Didn't get to retest the hesitation. It was in 4th/5th heavy load, every so often it would just cough slightly. Gonna whip the injectors out and have them flow tested/cleaned. Even ploughed a field for the boys at brands.
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    You need to do all the oily bits then seek the bug to me [emoji23] saves me having to do it Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
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    Problem solved, Today I had my Impreza in to my local Subaru Dealer for the air bag recall and asked them to run a diagnostic test on the car while it was there. I explained all the things my other mechanics had done to try to fix the running issue. What they found was the ECU memory and something called the OBD memory hadn't been cleared after replacing the faulty sensors.They cleared the system and re-learned the idle. For the first time in a year my subie is running like it should. Happy days...
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    Not one of my favourite jobs tbh [emoji856]🤣[emoji23]
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    Just checked my dB as I keep thinking about doing a track day.... loud pipes save lives 😂😂
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    By the looks of the 1st pic in my last post , for almost 18months I've been searching for a fuel safe suitable tighter 90° bend[emoji52] Hopefully this "racinglines" banjo bolt that fits directly into the end of the cdf rails will be the solution , just need better weather to give it a try . Looks like a well made bit of kit too [emoji41]
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    I would check timing followed by sensors/wriing as pretty sure it cutting ignition once reads sensor correlation off .
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    Ok, hands up if you've never had an exhaust in your living room? 🤔 Cat back, stainless, quad tip, 3" thru. Roll on the weekend! 😁
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    Fitted and hard wired my new Nextbase 312GW dash cam, using a piggyback fused wire and a low profile window mount. 🙂
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    Well all I can say is wow. We've had some serious snow and the XV was great. Don't know if it's the car or the tyres or a combination of both. I live a.mile up a farm track and was able to drive out with drifts over a foot deep. We then got snowed in with 4 foot drifts. The farmer was able to clear most of the track with a tractor but there was one bit he.coukdnt get to. So we just drove across the field and the XV coped perfectly. I just turned off the traction control and it just.goes no problem at all. I'm really impressed. It's got really good ground clearance as well. Norrie.
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    Yup, still reading. 😁 And looking good, I really hate arch gaps!
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    Thanks for the welcome. I have 3 projects tbh. The two scoobys and a 1987 camaro in bits. But who's counting.
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    Bye bye horrible arch gap ... Sits really nice now , although struggling to get set up right recharging bump stiffness getting a lil wheel hop at the front I think need to have a play properly , would be interested to know what how hard soft other people are running their coils , I’m currently running about 4 clicks softer on the rear atm the rear is fine just the front that need sorting now. .. there will be some more progress very soon 😬 should be a special delivery arriving from japan very soon 😛
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    This makes me moist [emoji16] Loud pipes save lives
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    Dry day .... time to play ..... although the v1 sti doesn't look happy theres a bug in its place
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    Pretty sure if it's from a Hawk it should fit. Unsure if the hatch onwards are the same downpipe, probably are but can't 100% confirm
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    Regional county/Borough/District: Thirsk, North Yorkshire Car Model: 2004 Impreza wrx STi type uk Any Mods: Blitz cat back, drilled an grooved discs. Picture: Loud pipes save lives
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    Yeah i seen the pic of you're new set of wheels looks good, will this be money pit number 2
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    Nice progress , glad you seem to be enjoying the learning curve and managed to get that banjo bolt out .
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    Good shout on both oil separator plate and cam cover gaskets/ half moons [emoji106] From the factory the sump is just sealed with liquid threebond (no gasket) but I'd suggest to upgrade to a group n cork sump gasket . If you do change the rear crank seal ffs dont push it in too far (just flush with chamfer). if you do push it in too far it will block the return to sump channel and leak like fook when it get up to temp...... trust me I've been there lol Check the clutch and flywheel spigot bearing for wear too [emoji6]
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    There’s an oil separator plate to the right of the rear crank shaft. The early ones were plastic with Philips screws. The upgrades are metal with hex bolts. The early ones can start leaking over time. You fix one oil leak and another starts...
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    Hi All, Just wanted to post some up to date figures for anyone looking to buy a scoob in the near future. These figures were taken during a trip from the midlands to Anglesey for a track day, so give a wide range of driving Car: 2010 WRX-S, standard apart from a cobra cat back exhaust and cosworth filter - Motorways/ A roads: 30mpg (avg) - Track: 12mpg (avg) - Town driving/ B roads: 23mpg (avg) This may help anyone wondering if subarus are semi good for long drives - 30mpg isn't bad! Thanks Matt
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    Tbh i couldn't tell you what those codes are for without looking them up but any leak between the maf and cylinder head inlet ports , can flag up a maf , map or misfire code . Due to the maf reading air coming in and the air pressure in the inlet manifold (read by the map sensor) not adding up . Give the intake pipework, tmic y pipe and vac lines a visual check for splits or cracks
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    My new subaru will be here in march s202
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    Photo bucket .... 😠 I'm fairly good with a spanner but tech ain't my thing ,for sure . So far I've spent 3 hrs of my time downloading my pic's from their website to re upload them to my build thread , just because they now wanna charge you fortunes for a service thats been free for a decade . 3 hrs ...... and I'm only on page 2 of 18 😕😠😤 !Removed! you bucket
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    @GeoffLeggy and yes all good got my cat back system from cobra and I'm getting my sports cat put on now. Euros don't stock the cat and dealer want an arm and a leg for it so getting a sports cat for £570 at cobra too just want to upgrade the manifolds and up pipe next then I know the whole exhaust is good might even take her down the strip this year
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    Hey thought would join up to the forum I own a fresh imported forester sti sf5 here it is, changed a lot since first bought it :) from the good old north east, is there any other forester owners around? ash
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    . . FULL BLOG CAN BE FOUND HERE - The Project Moff Race Car . . . . Hi All, I will start a blog with all the details, but I have just put this in my R33 GTS-t.. Its a bit lairy to say the least :D Website : The Project Moff Dyno Print out 1.5 Bar 600.8 ATH 466.8 lb/ft Spec Engine RB26 Red painted engine (from an R32 GTR) N1 oil pump ACL Big ends and main bearings Greddy cams and Cam Shafts Polished crank Ported and Poilshed head Tomei Fuel Rail Tomei pistons Rips modified GTR sump, with diff removed, welded, extended and baffled R33 GTR Engine Loom R33 GTR Coil pack loom Bosh 044 Fuel Pumps x 2 750cc injectors (these will require upgrading soon) Nismo Fuel Reugulator Greddy Camshafts Greddy EGT Gauge Greddy Profec B Boost controller Greddy T78 turbo kit (with screamer pipe) Greddy External Wastegate Greddy FMIC (100mm) Greddy Oil Cooler Kit Greddy FMIC HKS head gasket 1.6mm HKS F Con Pro Gold Ecu HKS Oil Cooler HKS Hard Pipe Kit HKS Induction Kit Oil Filter relocation kit Bonnet Pins (Standard bonnet catch removed) 50mm Radiator Air Con Removed Carbon Canistor Removed RB25DET GearboxFront & Rear Strut brace Exhaust Japspeed De-Cat Japspeed Turbo Elbow Japspeed Downpipe HKS R34 GTR V Spec Exhaust (custom extension added) Drivetrain Heavy Shockproof Gear Oil Silkolene Diff Oil Rear Diff From an Auto Skyline (4.363:1) HKS Triple plate Clutch Suspension Front & Rear Strut brace Driftworks Rear Camber Arms Cusco Front Camber Arms Polished Stainless Hicas Lock Bar Driftworks Front Tie Rods Tein Track Rod Ends Tein Track Rods Poly Subframe Bushes Driftworks Rear Traction Arms Ohlin Coilovers Exterior Full Respray Nismo Bodykit Custom front Splitter Carbon Nismo 'B' Pillars Custom Cool Louvres Bonnet Vents Custom Sand Blasted & Orange powder Coated Subframe Dual HID's 600k 55w. Main and Dipped Beam Interior Tinted Windows 2 x Recaro Seats from EVO VI Aftermarket Racing Steering Wheel Apexi Dual Turbo timer Greddy Profec B2 Boost Controller Stripped Interior HKS Boost Guage 2 x 3" 4 Point EJS Racing Harnesses Andy Robinson FIA Approved 7 point Roll Cage with Door Bars Stack Oil Temp Guage Stack Oil Pressure Guage Stack Water Temp Guage Brakes Nismo Front Steel Brake lines Brembo Front Calipers MSU Slotted Front Discs DS3000 Pads Custom Moff made brake stopper RBF600 Racing Brake Fluid GTR Brake Cooling Ducts Wheels & Tyres Volks Lightweight Alloy Wheels Toyo 888’s 255/40/17 front and rear Abbey Motorsport 4 Wheel Laser Align Power At 1.5 Bar Turbo Boost pressure Peak Power 600.8 BHP @ 7229 Revs @ Hubs Peak Torque 466.8 lb/ft @ 6578 Revs @ Hubs
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    Well this arrived today , can you gues what they are ;)
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    When you say "all the parts" do you have the adapters and t piece too?
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    Post isn't on here. Did some asking round last night and it appears to be a known issue - the DCCD control unit needs replacing:
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    Tested the packs with a multimeter there defo done in will be puting back together today or tomorrow so will let you know Sent from my SM-G903F using Tapatalk
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    Don’t get me wrong, not in any way saying that the new XV is a bad car, it isn’t, it’s a very good car. But at £27k for the 2.0l that means there’s better cars out there for towing purposes, the 1.6 wouldn’t do it. i think if it was just a daily driver with off-road capability it’d be fine, but for towing you need the low end torque of a diesel. the dealer was trying to sell me one ad whilst I like the look of the new XV I do prefer the styling of the current model I have. with the annual mileage that I do (circ 8k pa) and the cost of changing to a new car, it makes more sense for me to run my current car into the ground, which I think is what up will do to be fair. They’ve stepped the XV up a level basically to compete with the more luxury market. It has a lot more toys on it compared to the current XV, hence the price. I’m surprised there’s no hybrid option though, most manufacturers have a hybrid option theses days. hope you like your new car, please pop a review up when you have had it for a bit.
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    It was under my skin after 1 mile , great engine the 2.5 turbo 👍 I need the STI version now . Cheers
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    Started to pull the engine to bits today, began with removing the headers Then moved on to removing the crank pulley and taking off the cambelt cover, lined up the oe timing marks then removed the cambelt and when i did the cams moved round but not to worry as have to take off cam sprockets and remove cam shafts to gain access to the head bolts Now i took the rocker covers and the rear sections of the cambelt covers, then the half moons that hold the cams in however watch for the location of each half moon they are stamped to indicate which cylinder they relate to with an arrow pointing to the front of the engine and this is as far as i got today just the inlet manifold to remove now before taking the heads off, this is the first time i've worked on one of these engines so its a bit of a learning curve as i go along but its also been a pleasure so far 😉😉👍👍
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    https://www.autocodes.com/p1410_subaru.html http://www.subaru4you.co.uk/engine/secondaryair.shtml
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    Well wheelnuts were shockingly bad quality but a full refund (inc return postage) hasn't left me outta pocket , just still got ginger nuts [emoji849] On a positive note i think i have finally found the fitting i need to fit the parallel fuel lines, billet rails and fpr i bought ages ago 🤞 Due to "clocking" the coldside of the sr40 turbo i didn't have the clearance to use the normal 90° an6 fittings to connect the fuel lines to the billet rails [emoji848]
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    Subaru do a group n bush kit for the back end https://www.importcarparts.co.uk/parts-info?id=10981&cat=96&sub=3479&sec=0&var=0&dc=&gen=&searchKey=&searchPart= ,they will.be harder than oem rubber but not as hard as Polly bushes would be, That's the route I was going to go down before she went pop Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
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    It would depend on how you want the car to feel - If it was me I would go for a mild upgrade but no the full solid track orientated one - Think they are the black super pro ones not the purple so you get slightly stiffer but not rattle your fillings out
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    Use kyb struts and suplex springs and it cost about £210 use kyb springs and it about £260 kyb struts http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2x-REAR-SHOCK-ABSORBERS-SUBARU-FORESTER-97-02-Protection-KIT-KYB-334191-334192/182324780533 kyb springs https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2x-OE-Quality-Replacement-KYB-K-Flex-Rear-Suspension-Coil-Spring-RA5761/191483547263 suplex springs https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2x-OE-Quality-Replacement-Rear-Suspension-Coil-Spring-SUP032034-/141542632909 Easy job if drop link bolts not rusted mess and brake lines separate and reusable . Will make huge difference to ride and handling as yours totally collapsed . looks tidy for a 98, have fun with your classic station wagon ...
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    400 all in seems more reasonable, Ask if the flywheel is getting a skim & if that includes a spigot bearing, may be worth getting a rear main oil seal on standby too, of its looking tired or weaping would be better to change it rather than have to do the entire job again Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
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    thats not actualy bad, was expecting you to say 4-5k