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    Thanks, looking good. I've just changed the OEM tyres to CrossClimates in anticipation!
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    After 3 and a half years we have decided it's time to replace the wifes XV, we needed a car that we could carry more in, so I changed my 2007 Forester for a 2009 Outlander, that meant we could change the XV for something smaller, but still 4WD. (it also had to have heated seats, preferably leather and a sun roof, apparently) So after 3 consecutive Saturdays going round dealerships trying an assortment of cars we have finally put a deposit down on........................ . . . . . . . . . . Yep the new 2 litre XV 😏 in metallic grey as in the picture. The only car that we tried that might have swayed us away from the XV was an All4 Mini. But to get a similar spec as the XV it would have cost a lot more. None of the other cars we tried came close. Hope to pick it up in 2 to 3 weeks time, just got to select some accessories like the rear bumper protector.
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    I looked into the cartridge options in preparation and would have an issue using one of the roller bearing types which were up for between 150 - 260 quid. I used the 270 and 360 non roller bearing kits years ago on my nissan 200sx and whilst prices have reduced somewhat today they seem a bargain at 25 - 50 quid I didn't get as long out of them as I wanted - getting the turbo off the nissan on my drive with the engine in situ was a proper ballache, really hard to get to the 3 downpipe bolts so was not best pleased when they failed but the main thing before you start a turbo rebuild is make sure you understand why it failed in the first place, normally oil starvation or bad heat up / cool down cycles boiling the oil off and address that first otherwise your investment will be short lived consider budgeting for new oil supply / return pipes at the same time (lesson learnt the expensive way)
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    quality pistons but pay attention to comp ratio with the group n spec as offsets piston 1mm up bore over standard .

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