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    I'd be up for this. Im going their spring show end of March see what its like.
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    Hopefully it's either air in the system, iffy stat or header tank cap . As the the interior fans should blow hot if the water is circulating Do the engine rad fans cut in ,is the bottom rad hose and flow /return to the heater matrix getting hot ? Shortly before the rad fans cut in the thermostat should open allowing the water in the rad to flow through the engine , so the bottom rad hose should get hotter . Heater matrix hoses are under the tmic and go through the bulkhead , if the water is circulating both flow from and return to block should get hot . If not could be stat or airlock restricting flow .
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    Hi have just inherited a 1999 legacy estate only done 88000 miles but been standing outside for 12 months. Put a boost pack on it and it fired up 2nd turn of the key . Will clean it up check it over for mot and let you all know how it goes.
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    sounded awesome if im honest haha
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    Cheers, yeah i hope so, the landrover doesnt quite cut it the way a subaru does

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