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    I was really surprised just how bad it was in the wheel arch area,they have both been replaced and I’ve coated the inner with finer glass before I send it to be under sealed to hopefully future proof it.
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    Took the bug sti for a dyno at Attowes in Norwich and on the way back took a bit of a detour and Dropped the turbo off to Essex turbos for a rebuild . I used Essex turbos about 20yrs ago when my Brodie Britain tuned Renault 5 gt turbo popped its standard turbo seals 😏 Strangely enough the turbo came back with a few upgrades ceramic shaft ,bigger comp wheel ect . The chap that deals with the upgrades isn't in till next week and I need to discuss costing and availablity of upgrades first .So we'll see if it comes back better or just fixed 😉 Since parking it up for the winter I seemed to have gained a alternator squeal on start up which lasts about a minute. I've tried , brake cleaner ,electrical contact cleaner and even wd40..... its still squealing 🤬 Trouble is ,that I had to hack my alternator about to get it to work with alternator relocation kit that come with my 2nd hand reversed inlet. Tbh I don't fancy having to "convert " another alternator to fit again 🙄 Don't get me wrong its working and has been for the past 4yrs or so but it's tweaking my ocd lol . Alternator relocation kits used to be over £200 and the 2nd hand inlet kit ,throttle body and icv cost almost half that when I bought it 😋 . I have had my eye on a proppa relocation kit for a while and now they're more sensibly priced ,I decided to get one from Chris at cdf in anodized black to match the rails 😊 Got a few local meets next week and the week after , so doubt I'll find a alternator and clean it up or get the turbo back in time , so for now here's a pic of the kit.
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    I been looking at the lateral link bolt and Bush kits on icp those bad boys took me 5 hrs to get out lmao, I kinda have to restore it really I struck a deal with its previous owner he let me have it for £500 providing I got it sorted 😜👍 not bad really considering it's only got 46k on the clock . Appreciate the help dude cheers🍻
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    DaveRAC we've bumped it up on Facebook again to see if that draws in any more punters. Let us know if you have any suggestions of how we can assist further in drawing people in. Cheers, Trevor

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