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    Well the bug sti might be off to a new home soon 🥺 started to regret saying I'd ever sell it 🙄 So took the v1sti out for a little b road blatt to dust the cobwebs off and cheer me up ..... Even with the boost turned down to 1.3 bar she's a totally different "animal" and it's reminded me again of where my love of scoobies really does lie 😲😜🤪😊
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    I wasnt happy with my rusty discs showing after putting on new wheels. So I soaked them in a citric acid bath for 4 hours and painted the centre sections gloss black.
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    Removed the headlights on the Legacy and polished them up. Some sanding then compound followed by few coats of wax. Gave this and the missus motor a good scrub up. Excuse the colour differences as taken on two different cameras. Need to get the front grill altered/painted and see if I cant do something with that paint scuff, been on there since I bought the motor.
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    I've collected my wheels today they are in paint code GK1 They are a subtle gold, more of a caramac colour, which I prefer. Top is new Bottom is old The pictures do nothing for them, they have been done to a brilliant standard, and every detail has been discussed and checked before completion. Thanks to BCS Automotive Nottingham
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    Today in an effort to get more access to the top of the block to remove oil I poured this from my reservoir tank - not happy And dropped the fluid from the radiator

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