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    I fitted a pipercross filter today and cleaned my Maf sensor, now she’s running sweet again Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Wotcha and welcome - UEL headers do give the boxer rumble however on an NA motor I do not know how it will impact your running as the cylinder vs header length is important due to waves of back pressure. The back pressure is not important on a turbo setup, you may end up with a flat spot in the rev range
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    well the build is well underway....will be on the boat home for Xmas next Friday all being well! Alloy arms and anti lift kit in place Underside after afresh steam clean - getting sprayed 95H now Head fresh back from being skimmed and properly bored this time for the 14mm head studs
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    Cheers - yeah you probably have seen it around. Scott Ad is doing all the work for me now over here. Makes sense as I work and live over here most of the time and the man's a genius so that helps too! In honesty when I took it over from Ireland it wasn't running anywhere near right at all (straight off the boat) so I got put onto Scott by a friend over here and haven't looked back. He reckoned I only had a few weeks left on the engine when I landed with the way it was running due to issues with the map and he was surprised i'd even made it there - air/fuel way too high at 14:1 I think, STI pinks not mapped in, idling set way too high so knocked off the cam sensor every time I took off basically to name a few issues - so when he sorted them right there and then as best he could and I eventually got properly chatting to him it made sense to keep getting him to do the work and I wouldn't change it. It's kind of grew wings from there just and I'm now a few weeks from the next build which will be done before Xmas. I also had a few other separate issues where I had a small engine bay fire and was lucky it wasn't a lot worse due to some wiring melting as it was a mess under there so he tidied that up and it's kind of pushed the plan further on again and I've been accumulating parts since. Some already fitted and just the main engine and running gear work to go now - hopefully! List of parts below I've got so far : Competition Clutch and flywheel side extensions STI Skirts Whiteline Anti Roll Bars Whiteline Drop links BC Racing coilovers Number plate relocate Radiator cover - bronze AVCS Cam Covers STI Engine Loom AVCS STI Heads 2.5 STI RCM Fully Forged EJ257 Block Full six speed Non DCCD Coversion hubs, shafts, prop, etc JDM one piece grill Silicone Coolant hoses Whiteline anti lift kit Alloy lower arms Roll centre adjustment kit Needed: STI Brembos incl discs and pads Air feed from fog light 850cc injectors Short Shifter Fuel Filter Delete Diff mounts - subaru direct Hawkeye header tank Hawkeye Sump - 2007 Pickup pipe Slave Cylinder Neutral switch Reverse light switch 2.5 Valve Springs
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    Oh boy, hopefully works out one way or other in end .

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