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    Feel your pain - totally sucks when you buy a 'built' motor and its turns out to have been slung together and subsequently fails after a short time
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    Chris can you make use of genuine dog guard and loads pace liners for your outback they are totally free. I am just down in Evesham
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    At last, the car is back on the road. It flew through the MOT with no advisories, even after being sat for so long. My mechanic mate has even painted the calipers and Waxoyl'd the underside after getting rid of and surface corrosion. Handy to have a Subaru enthusiast friend as a mechanic. Only cost £500 for all the work. Drives beautifully, quick as I remember, but now I don't want to sell!
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    Certainly looks like the car " isn't as described " and unfit for purpose . Sorry to hear your introduction to subaru hasn't been good and hope you get your money back ,then find a good example to enjoy
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    I didn't mention this b4 a friend had ra motorsport build him a 550hp type r about 5 years ago .... It cost him 25k and looked lovely but the engine had mismatched cams ,came on boost at 6k and only made 401hp on the dyno . Sounds like you've got a case for being miss sold a performance engined car that's not fit for purpose
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    Finally, I will pick up the car today! Haven't driven it in well over 2 years, so really looking forward to it.
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    The stock oil filter is fine, mines setup as a 500bhp daily and runs stock, i also know full blown race cars still running them 🙂 A good way to check all ok is chuck it on a dyno, can check AFR's, det etc etc that wont be shown up by the ecu alot of the time.
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    Also comments were that the engine is extremely tired and on its last legs. Not in keeping with a fresh engine rebuild, one that has done 1000 miles. sensor replaced with a piece of metal, wheel bolts too short ..... could go on
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    Ok so I got the report back from perfect touch and it’s not looking good. engine check light is for the VVT SYSTEM this time oil leak from the sump and the rocker cover Compression and leak down test. 1 95 psi =6% 2 60 psi =50% 3 80 psi = 24% 4 80 psi = 38% When doing compression test the pressures come up slowly, looked inside barrels with camera and can see damage to barrels and lots of oil is present. there are more issues concerning rust etc i have sent a letter to the seller with the report and he wants court action apparently ....

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